How about some one handed pov, Music, so Music, Music? I lost it there, Music, whats up everybody, peter mckinnon, here, welcome back to yet another video. Now this i was supposed to be off this week, i was taking a little break, shes gon na be home with the fam and then the day i got home a box showed up at my door with this inside this new gopro creator edition with this volta Arm that is brand new to their lineup, that i thought well. Im gon na have to go back to the office and make a video about this all right, first time using the volta so im in a dark corner windows that way, but i dont want window light. I want. I want trash light that is super bright. Okay. Come back near the window very easy to hold thats full arm extension. How does the audio sound at full arm extension and then how does it sound close up now? What is this? This is a bundle, a kit aimed at creators powering the entire thing from the middle is the gopro hero 10 black inside a media mod case with the led mod on top now powered by this new arm, which is supposed to give you a full days worth Of battery so that youre not switching out all the time with gopros, as you know, you got to bring a whole bunch of batteries with you, so their aim here is to create this vlogging setup filmmaking creator kit that you can just take with you on the Go in your new little zip pouch, this fits inside.

It came with this. Well look at this in a second, and this is all you bring with you. Youve got your mic. Youve got your light. Youve got all day battery. Ultimately, this also detaches, and then you have a wireless remote up to 98 feet away. This is a very small, easy setup and it is not intrusive at all. I really like the audio plug in thats very interesting to me. This is my first time using this by the way youre seeing live. Footage from me, just figuring this out, so lets do a little close up and run through on. What this actually looks like here is. The camera mounted now coming out of the back of the arm is a cable which connects to the media mod if youve never seen this before. This is a housing for the gopro, which gives it a better mic. Youve got a headphone jack, a usbc jack. This little led just slides on the hot shoe on two brighter three 200 lumens, and then this strobe mode, and then you hold it to power off and youve, got that cable coming out of the volta and thats whats going to attach to the side of the Media mod to connect everything and you are good to go. You can control everything from the side. You got a battery indicator up top. When you hit that its going to show you the status, bluetooth connection, you can flip through all your gopro modes start and stop.

Now this also swivels all the way around to orient the camera on this arm controls at the side. You can have the controls in the front. Whatever you want, you have an extra mounting point right here. They flip up and that folds back down stowed away, and obviously this is also a tripod, so these legs flip out that can set down on the table. You can lift this up and if that was the wrong way, you can turn that around bend it back. This way and now youre able to film yourself and it works pretty good look. Then you have a little a little tripod and it came with this cute little sling bag. But this little tripod thing is pretty handy and then you just kind of pick it up, and i guess you just rotate it back so gopros aim with this is to make it your run and gun your go to your one and done vlogging creator kit and That slides in this new little bag, theyre calling it sling they workshopped that one there is a big old mesh pocket, all your gopro bits and then youve got one big pouch here and one big part is handy its nice. I think they did a good job with it that goes inside Music zipped up, so that would be technically all you would need, and this to be honest, like if im going out on a quad im going out on the sea, do im going out on the Dirt bike: this would be handy, but i was messing around with this at home.

While i was trying to have my week off, and i thought what does it look like in horrible conditions, because we all know the gopro looks great in great light. It looks great if youre going to be outside doing action, cam gopro things it looks great, but if im gon na be vlogging, that means im gon na be in situations where it doesnt always look great like in a basement and the only lighting i have are Pot lights and the only mic i have is the mic thats on this media mod. All right lets set this up right here, that that should be good. A little tripod that works well. Hi im in my home office downstairs, and this is something i like to do all the time and i figured it might be interesting to see what the audio hookup sounds like with something thats overpowering like a drum set Music im in a basement. The light is not very good, but this is just such a small little setup. Music im really stoked on it, thats really hard to do with one hand, but set you up on the bass drum without you falling off all right. Oh no chance, Music! Try not to hit the bass drum. You see a weird drum sound without a kick. My biggest challenge right now is looking at the screen. I cant i got ta look at the lens you hi, i got ta address. You ive been vlogging for five years now.

This is the first time its kind of tripped me out so thats, something to be said, im also very out of breath. Right now, Music, i lost therapy Music. The audio with the media mod is actually pretty good. It was better than i thought it would be ill be honest. I was expecting it to not be good, but it was good Music that is way harder than it looks folks. So theyre saying that the volta battery inside the volta controller will give you four hours of 4k 30 recording, but i think if youre shooting 4k and then youre gon na be doing some higher frame rate stuff. That battery is definitely going to drain. So i dont think itll entirely remove the need for bringing extra batteries at all, but i would i would still with this big pouch. I would still probably bring a few gopros are notorious for running out of battery fast, but they are making strides if youve seen this battery. This is the white gopro battery. This was designed specifically to give you better longer battery life in cold weather, thats, cool gopro. No and theyre doing things about it, and i like that. This volta is a perfect example now, if you do run out of battery its a little bit of a pain because youre going to take the camera off. This is what would happen if you ran out of battery if the stick died and the battery in the gopro died.

This is as fast as i could do it, Music, so, Music, Music. Now the battery is changing the gopro, so that was just a realistic time. Not not horrible theres, a lot of work and a lot of steps. Thats, thats nitpicking, thats, an extreme situation. This arm this volta stick bar the volta bar its supposed to eliminate that, for you, i think its cool. I think, if youre someone that uses gopro a lot as it is, this would be something i would i would recommend. I would say one of the things that im iffy about is the placement of this cable to where it plugs into the media mod. The functions on the volta right now are off to the side, but i feel like the most logical place for them to be is in front of me, so i can rotate that that way, i can see the mode i can record from here. I can check the battery. I dont have to look anywhere else. I have a screen its all good, but it stretches this cable its furthest, so the cable is stretched the most when the controls are in the best place for me. So i could, i could rotate it this way, but now its stretched even further, so im not going to do that back to the side releases that tension, you can see. Ive watched the cable a little bit tighter youre just winding it so the best orientation.

For this, cable, not being taught is with the controls on the back, but i dont want to control the camera like this and then flip it around. Now. I dont have this in log mode. I didnt change any of the settings. This was stock. Gopro settings you take a gopro out of the box, you turn it on thats. What i recorded with in 4k, i didnt change any of the sharpening. I didnt change any of the contrast i didnt change any of the color profiles. I didnt shoot and log those things all make a difference for quality, but i will say, just bone stock settings out of the box in a basement in a big echoey room lit top down from pot lights, it looks good but thats, also the hero 10 black, Which we know is a good camera and, if theres anything ive learned with five years of vlogging and making videos its that the quality of the video really doesnt make a difference. If the story is good, if you can hear the audio and its clean it doesnt really matter what youre recording with. I use my phone a lot for different little inserts within vlogs. So i think this is a perfectly acceptable means of vlogging and it makes it pretty easy im a fan, gopro. I think you did a good job. What do you guys think is the gopro something you would entertain, making a vlog with and if you did is volta the kind of accessory you think would make your experience better.

Let me know in the comments down below id love, to know your thoughts, but that is my preliminary first thoughts of the new creator edition from gopro, including their four products merged into one. Let me know what you think hit the like button. If you like this video subscribe, if you havent already to see more content like this, all things cameras, film and whatever were feeling subscribe. If you havent already and and well see you in the next video also that point of view, one handed drumming was difficult. I was drumming like this thats.