0 from hdlrc. It is a little two inch cinewoop that you can get with attachment for dks hero from gopro, or you can put an insta360 go to on there, which i have ive really been enjoying this little camera, its so much better than the original go that i had Very nice image stabilization and it actually does pretty well in low light conditions. So im gon na put some links down there for my top five favorite dks cameras and insta360 go. I also have tbs crossfire on this little guy. I have two inch props and recently you guys were kind of saying like i wish. The smart 16 had two inch props make one with two inch props. Well, this is kind of pretty much that it has avon props on here. They are nice, quad, blade, props, and i was saying when i first got this and i unboxed it at home, diego. I was looking at it and i said this things going to fly really good because it has these von quad props on the bottom and theyre inverted center, whoop motors, so its going to fly extremely smooth and thats pretty much. What happened here? Im going to show you some of the dvr from the analog camera on board and im going to show you some of this insta360 go footage on here in a in a parking deck, because, again its been raining all week. Long and ive have nowhere to fly except parking decks right now, so another micro on the channel today in the cine whoop category, pretty cool xt 30 on the back and a 4s 850 will get you eight minutes flight time um.

The 4s 1100 on here will get you like 10 minutes flight time, so this is the battery that im going to recommend its just a cheap eachine battery ill put some links down below for that one and my recommended props and things like that. As always in this review all the details, all the specs after we get back from the flight break and uh well, do some ripping, hopefully no mall security kicks me out here we go lets, go Music been running from hope. They wont shoot me down Music. Try to catch me hollering at them Music. What is up to my chin, Music, many many Music hope they wont screw me down. Um Music. Will you find me hope you find me Music when the sunrise, Music, im all security, all right guys welcome back from the flight test. I think that went pretty good um. I did get called out by the mall security came over and theyre like hey. Do you know this private property im like uh, yeah, okay, um? You know me and my toy drone breaking the rules again uh. This little guy is under 250 grams and it is pretty much everything that you guys wanted outside the smart 16 design. So smart 16 is smaller with the 40 millimeter props. This has a little bit larger two inch props, like some people, wanted. It also has larger motors on here, which are pretty efficient. I i thought maybe going up to the 13 size series motors might be a little more battery sag.

But actually you know ive been enjoying 12 series motors for quite some time. You know like um and 13. I just thought might be a little bit too much, but you know what they ended up being great. These are 1303.5 4500 kv motors, along with the zeus power system on here for the flight controller and escs that will accommodate up to, like, i think, its up to like 6s. You would never run 6s on this because the motors arent rated for that, but the flight controller can handle in the escs, which is kind of crazy. It is running firmware, zeus, f4, evo firmware on here, and the first thing that i noticed about this particular quad is that when i pulled it out of the box yeah it had that like go, kart, look to it, it is all encompassed and the biggest thing About it to me was that it looks kind of bulky, but actually, when you strip everything off here, you take the battery off you. Take this mount off. This is a really lightweight well made machine. They really trimmed a lot of fat off of this little sin. Whoop, it looks bulky, but it is crazy light this little bottom plate right here, its probably about one and a half millimeter carbon fiber, and we have a zeus: 350 milliwatt transmitter under there running out through the back. Ive got my tbs crossfire right here with my full size, immortal t i mean this thing could go out for miles the way its set up.

I have my 5.8 hammer antenna right here. I wish that was kind of a little bit taller. You do also have built in leds and i think thats, how the mall security just got me. So quick. I mean i was about a minute into my flight and this guy shows up hey uh, just to let you know its always like comforting to have someone talking to you, while youre in the goggles right. But you know these things arent, like a huge big deal. So you know i just kindly uh left the area pretty quickly. We also have a 4s 1100 on here fitting very nice. You can fly 850 thats kind of the standard battery. We have a little rubber grip right here and we have the usb port for betaflight right here, its a standard, android plug, and it looks like the top plates about two millimeter so top plate unibody with the inverted motors. Again, we have the zeus 10 aio, which is a super nice flight controller, and i have to say that the tune on here was, like very nice, great tune, great components, much better vtx handling in the parking deck than ive had recently. Recently i tried to take something out and do some tiny whooping in there a while back and it was complete white out static everywhere. I believe it was one of the beta fpv quads, but i couldnt see a damn thing and with this one i turned up the 200 milliwatt man.

I was good like the video was great and i love the little go kart look. This has. It looks like a little mini, go kart racer and its not super loud. These props are really actually pretty smooth and quiet and ive talked about ivan props before theyre, very, very tough, theyre kind of like the skateboard wheels of props for for two inch, but the eos motors those look really nice blue anodized. You can see theyre 130. 38.5. 4500 kv hdrc branded motors, and i had no problems with this quad guys. So i think if you wanted just a little bit bigger quad, that you can comfortably carry a dks gopro or an insta360 on the kt 2.0. For me, the kt2o for me is a really rad quad, so 4s 8 minute flight time, great vtx on here handles even in a parking deck and is not much bigger than like a computer mouse, so very compact size and freaking great great great performance. It will also freestyle, so you can do cinema or freestyle and youre, even if youre a beginner. You could start out with something like this and really have a lot of fun, but i want to thank you guys again for hanging out on my channel. As always, we have another podcast coming up by the way. If you want to get in on our podcast this week, it will probably be wednesday night uh, because friday well friday is going to be christmas.

Eve so well be hanging out with the kids and uh doing our thing with santa so um. If i dont see you the rest of the week, i will see you after christmas and hopefully you guys get all of the fpv stuff from fpv santa that you want. I will do my best to bring you some more reviews this week and get out there and fly ive got some really awesome. Five inch quads coming up and a six inch quad, so stay tuned on the channel for whats, new and whats up coming for more reviews, tips, tutorials and, as always fun flying right here.