This would be a 85 HD version. This is the box it comes with. This is a little 4s gangster, whoop that's gon na be able to do freestyle and cinema stuff, so you can record with your DJI goggles. Also, if you want to, you can run an analog version. They also have an analog version that's about 125 dollars, a more cheaper than this one. This one comes in at about 250 dollars, but it does seem quite durable. It is very similar to the beta fpv frame, it's, very, very solid feeling. It feels like some kind of hardcore abs, molded plastic, so no prototype stuff here today for me, thank God. So I came back with the canopy all in one piece: it did not break from beta fpv I've got a few prototypes on the channel and we've had some issues with those cracking from time to time, but not this one. Today it took a couple hits during my testing. It came back in one piece and flies extremely well so Ecco. If you want to use this as an acro trainer, an 85 millimeter whoop is a good way to go. If you want something for s HD or analog, so it's cool, they came out with that. They also have two different versions of it that are the 865, so those would be analog versions of it that are much smaller than this one. So if you want to fly this one indoors, you could, if you want to fly the 65 millimeter one indoors.

You could also fly that one indoors it's a little bit quieter than the 85 millimeter version, but we also have CAD X Vista on here with what looks to be a pretty good amount of tilt. You can get that up to about probably thirty five degrees of tilt. We have an antenna coming out the back right here that looks like eye flight branded, with also the UFL connector going to your CAD X, Vista and just below that we have the Sussex F for flight controllers, it's an F for flight controller with 20 amp ESC S, we have two inch props on here and you get an extra set in the box. Well, I can find them for you, you get some extra stickers and you get a toolkit with an extra strap, which is nice and a little rubber pad right there at sticky pad and some extra hardware, which always comes in handy, and these are HQ props by The way these are going to be four blade props that were going to test out today, so the motors are 1204 and I believe those were 4500 kV. Yeah running 4s on this guy and the cool thing about this, is you can run a 4s 650 battery where's it at right here. This one is gon na get you around seven and a half minutes flight time. I was doing punch outs. So if you really kind of cruise around, like an average guy, you're gon na get eight minutes flight time of a 650 battery, which is really really good, so you want to get ten minutes flight time with this quad go ahead and strap an 850 on here With these 1204 motors they're performing really great way better than the eleven of six seven eight series we had before, because with a super high kV, it just drained the battery quicker on the same type of size frame.

So now into the the world of 1204 motors – and these are really great 11 to 12 series motors, so let's go ahead outside do some testing with it. We'Ll come back in and I'll give you my phone on pinion on the a85 from my flight. Here we go guys: let's go okay, my friends let's go ahead and do the flight test for the a 85 HD version. This will be very similar to the analog version. So what you see here is pretty much what you can expect as far as flight characteristics go. This video will obviously look a bit better because it's the digital fpv version, so the analog version just looks more kind of like VHS tape versus like 1080p flat screen, but man. This video looks good, and this is what's recorded from the DVR on the t. Gi goggles now what's great about DJI, is that you can really get in there and see where you're going and it just brings it to a whole new level of exploration and right now, I'm running 500 milliwatts on this particular day, and I haven't run 500 out Here before generally, I run 700 and the hotter it gets outside the less. I tend to run really high power on my VTX because I don't want to overheat things, so you can still run 700 in August, but just be careful, you could burn some stuff up, but as long as you're flying pretty fast it's, usually ok.

But these little guys do go a little bit slower, but I have extreme control and it's great for close in proximity flying. This was like that Star Wars experience that I'm looking for it kind of feels like you're zooming through the Ewok forest or something. But you can see the breakup right here. This is about what you could expect on 500. It'Ll look a little bit better on 700. But honestly, this is some pretty thick canopy through here. So these Christmas trees, they they do a pretty good number on pretty much any btx that I throw out here now. This digital system does do far better than most of my analog systems and mostly because I can just see way better with the HD version, and here let's do a little punch out and show you guys how well it boosts this 12 series motors again lots of Power with those motors but they're super efficient, they're not running a super high 8000 kV, like some of the smaller motors that we've ran previously years past on these same types of sizes of frames. So I love the 12 series motors. They really are kind of a great innovation step forward for micro brushless and for our smaller set of whoops and here kind of coming in a little closer for some hard optical navigation. And this is looking pretty good through here. Underneath the tables hitting a couple obstacles. But it doesn't matter because we have prop guards.

We just kind of push through grass no big deal, and I want to try a really small gap here. Underneath the charge stand. Looking good bumped a chair, no problem keep going, keep going all the way to the end of the benches here, a 85 looking pretty good I'm, really feeling it at this point, and the greatest thing about this one so far is that since we're running those 12 Series motorists are way more efficient and I'm able to get like close to eight minutes on a 650. That is actually pretty good. So I can imagine that you guys are gon na get 10 minutes on an 850 milliamp battery, so just trying the smallest gap right there and was able to just kind of squeeze through there without crashing without prop guards. I might have broke a prop going through they're, really nice lines on here. So I'm feeling like the tune, is not quite as bad as I thought it was, and it is tons of fun to fly instability mode. You can really kind of get in there getting close through that canopy exploration. We didn't do any big tree canopy exploration with this one, but this one would absolutely go up inside the trees if you want to fly up and take some chances and some tall trees. But out here, if I crash no big deal and just walk over and pick it up and I'm loving the way this flies so let's go ahead back into the studio now and let's talk about some final thoughts about the a85.

Here we go. Alright guys welcome back from the flight test. So what do you think about this little guy? That was the stock tune that was on here, so let's talk about the tune. First, the tune is pretty good. I think the tune could be just a little bit better, but I was also flying with a little bit of wind. So, whenever you have, when opposing forces on the flight controller on any type of ducted setup, you're gon na get a little bit of kind of kickback on the flight controller, and that happens in wind conditions. So it was blowing over 12 miles an hour today. So take that tune with a grain of salt. It might fly butter smooth for you also, if I feel like that is an issue with this quad and continues. I have just that little bit of jitter in the flight at higher into the throttle. I'Ll go back in tune. This will, for you, guys and I'll, put a link down below for a Google Drive link for the CLI and the Pitts from me. So we'll try to put some drone camp kids out there for the a85, but I think that the performance was good. I feel like you could freestyle this one all day. It probably flies, maybe even a little bit better than the 85 X from beta fpv. So people are going to ask me that which one you do preferred you prefer the beta fpv 85 X or the a 85 well as of right now, the making in this video this one is, it seems to to fly a little bit better, but we also Have to experiment with more rounds of props on here, so you can get some other 2 inch props play around with 3 bay props.

You can also put 2 blade on here. You can mod it and go people go crazy with mods with props, but props or anything for the tune. So moving on to the next part is the durability. The durability is like 2 thumbs up. It is really good. It'S, durable the extra frame and the abs molded canopy here, it's really really really really rigid. So I don't think you're gon na have a lot of problems with durability. Fun factor also is 2 thumbs up, because this quad can freestyle and it can do cinema, but what's most impressive about it is that I have so much control with this quad, like just going into the trees flying around in between the trees, the bushes and I'm, Able to really really see where I'm going with the HD version. It has way less break up than most of my analog versions run in like 600 milliwatts. So you can crank this one all the way up to a thousand milliwatt with the mod up to about 1200 milliwatts. You want to to mod your DJI kadek syste, also available on the air there's that same type of mod and hack. You can do to increase the villa, but I run 700 and it does pretty good for today's tests. We ran 500 milliwatts and it seemed to do pretty good out there. I was going down some long rows, and the greatest thing about this unit right here is that I haven't had a fail safe with this one.

Yet I have failsafe with the air module out in the same exact field, kind of low and way over into the trees. So I do prefer the cat X Vista over the air module smaller lighter, and I can still get all the power and different power settings that I want. I just don't have an on board DVR, but you have great DVR and your DJI goggles. So a lot of good things about this one, the pin, tunes, ok, durability is great, fun factor is really high and I think you're gon na have a really nice quad when you're also done with this one, because no cracks no damage came back and survived. My flight test guys thanks again for watching my channel guys. Please do take care out there and stay safe and happy fpv and happy flying guys. It'S summertime let's get out there and do some flying I'll see on the next one.