We didnt make the floor stiff enough, because i just didnt consider the forces to be so high. They lift a one ton structure, five feet into the air, and so, while that attempt did yield a new guinness world record of 60 feet, i couldnt stop thinking about. Just how high it could have gone, if only all that stuff that came out of the bottom was actually forced to come out through the top like what would happen if i spent the year designing and building something that weighed five tons and was basically bomb proof And then, what if we could just go on to make the worlds most epic surprise party, by building a massive slip and slide skateboard ramp, along with the 26 million orbeez pool, plus a devils, toothpaste, explosion, two and a half times bigger than previously. Then the only thing that would be missing would be someone to throw the surprise party for and thats where my new friend brody comes in now to understand who brody is all you really need to know is that as him and his family were going through an Incredibly difficult time in their lives, as he narrowly fought through his battle against blood cancer for three years, brody used his one and only make a wish chance to buy a brand new atv for another kid with cancer. He didnt even know when he heard that kid had his atv stolen by the way, i told my friend mr beast this story and he had some thoughts on what we should do about this situation.

So now that we had a plan for the surprise party and a kid who definitely deserved the worlds, most epic surprise party, it was time to return to my buddy dales walnut farm in the small town of gridley california, and get to work. And while id love to take credit for single handedly digging out the entire orbeez pit, the truth was, as word got out about brodys story. The good people of gridley came out to help in droves, so arnie here whos been operating a backhoe for 60 years volunteered to dig the orbeez pool, while dave the town master carpenter started working on the skateboard ramp. I even harnessed some child labor to prep the devils toothpaste troughs, although it sort of backfired when they began to protest against their harsh working conditions, which just left my nemesis, the giant, elephants, toothpaste, flask, and this time i was taking no chances and so for the Base we laid a concrete pad which would be attached to the flask, with 30 three quarter, inch bolts with a total clamping force of 80 tons and then, instead of a structure made of two by fours, the plan was to use five tons of steel. All fused, together by the town, welder jeff, on top of that, we designed the flask to be 20 bigger. So now all we needed was a 20 second build montage to get it all done Music, and so, as the party construction continued on for several days in the 105 degree heat.

Let me take a moment to try and debunk a myth about elephant toothpaste floating around on the internet. There are some wildly popular videos on youtube, some with over 30 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes which demonstrate that when you simply add a bunch of soda to some orbeez and then create a mental sprite solution and pour it over the top, you get This, which is pretty impressive, look at that this also works with mentos. Why didnt mark robert tell us that maybe he didnt want us to break his record true now i had a slightly different hypothesis, which was that these guys were faking the science and lying to people for youtube views so as firm believers in the scientific method, science, Bob and i tested that hypothesis and as it turns out, if you follow their exact methodology, then combine the mixtures and run real fast. Exactly nothing happens, and even if you dont trust our demonstration. Well, then, youre gon na have to explain how the balloon shadow somehow stops right here at the edge of the hole and where these orange globs are splashing up from and how the hole itself completely changes shape from this frame to this one once theyve removed their Layer mask the way they actually did. That is the same way. Elephant toothpaste is always made and thats to mix the correct amounts of hydrogen peroxide soap and food coloring. Then you just add a catalyst like potassium iodide.

In preparation for this years party, we also played around with the devils toothpaste formula we discovered last year with at times very interesting results, Music. Now, as a reminder, this is normal elephants, toothpaste, and this is devils toothpaste. It reacts insanely fast and i dont give out the formula because its super dangerous, even if you are, for example, wearing some very nice protective gloves and so back in gridley, with brodys arrival slated for the next morning. The afternoon turned into the evening as the feverish pace of work continued late for the third night in a row. If this dang mega flash, somehow bested me again. At least i could console myself in the fact that it wouldnt be from lack of effort, and so when morning came with only a few last minute bits of preparation left to go. I headed to a doctors office about an hour and half away where brody thought. Hed, pull out to see some more specialists for a day filled with medical tests. Okay, thank you. Fletcher and his incredible hair also came back out to help with a surprise, and i just want to preemptively say i know im quite possibly the worlds suckiest actor. We got a lot of stuff to uh look at tess um, because today this actually isnt a doctor appointment at all and while i think, im being all tricky here, he later said he figured out was me as soon as he heard my terrible doctor accent.

What up buddy? I actually brought someone to help us out today too. This is fletcher im glad youre. Here he was with us last year. We did a big party, so today were gon na. Do another party and uh its gon na be fun. You brought someone with you: yeah gavin lets go meet gavin hows it going buddy. Here i saw you when i was like six. Oh thank you. This is fletcher nice to meet you and thats ila fletchers sister. All right lets bounce. Here we go so step. One is to get in the tesla, so we actually have and ill leave this guys up to you guys. We have two ways to get to gridley option. One is to take the tesla. Does everyone want to prematurely just say they want option one, or do you wan na hear okay option? Two and again, you guys get a vote on this uh private jet option. Two. Have you guys ever ridden on a private jet? No lets ride on a private chat. Your guyss private jets, ready private jets ready, remember guys, act like weve done this before, and the private jet was definitely out of my budget, but a generous benefactor caught wind of what we were doing and let us use his which actually helped because it cut the One and a half hour drive down to just 12 short minutes, so guys uh, we just landed. I knew i heard it Music and so after a short trip in a sweet ride, brody had arrived Applause, Music, um, Music.

So now that the party was rolling and we were feeling refreshed, it was time to head over to see some explosive chemistry in the form of six massive devils, toothpaste troughs now. I need to pause here to make two points. The first is that, because each trough holds two and a half times more volume than the barrels last year, we couldnt just dump it on the top, because it reacts so fast. The catalyst wouldnt even make it to the bottom before it was launched out. So each trough that contain the mixture of the hydrogen, peroxide soap and food coloring basically has a massive syringe attached to the site that contains the catalyst. Then we put a big fat pressurized air tank here. So when you open this butterfly valve, the air would rush into this chamber, thereby sliding the piston over and causing everything to mix really well, and, as you can see in real life, this happens pretty fast and the second is you might notice. It looks like one of the troughs already kind of went off and the truth is when i walked up things. Look like this. We tested for so many different things to prepare for this, but one thing we didnt think to test was if the food coloring manufacturer added some new ingredient only to the purple color. So now it randomly reacts with hydrogen peroxide all on its own. So, after a bit of leaf blowing, we were ready to power through, even if we did lose two of our six troughs to that little mishap.

Here we go here. We go three, two one: Applause: Applause! Oh my gosh, look at the house: Music, Music, Music, hes. Coming for us, Applause lets check it out. Oh my goodness, oh you can feel the heat. Oh, its hot closer. We have a camera, go, get the cameras right in the middle. I got it whatd, you guys think crazy, and so, while i helped clean up like a bonafide ghostbuster, we had to get all hands on deck to prepare for the grand finale megaflask like last year. The idea was to start the reaction by having these troughs dump the catalyst into the hydrogen peroxide pool below. So chemicals had to be loaded in super carefully because even if a small amount, splashed out prematurely wed, have an even more disastrous situation on our hands than with the purple food coloring, but brody still had no idea that was coming. So we distracted him with a different surprise. First, in the form of some quality time in 26 million orbeez, Music, Music and submersing yourself in millions of orbeez, is such a wild feeling because its like having a squishy slippery weighted, blanket compressing all around you, no matter where you move and while we could have Stayed there for a few more hours soon enough. We got the message that the flask was in its final preparations, so we all headed back over and word apparently had spread at this point. So quite a crowded gathered, including the mayor of gridley, so the pressure is really on for me to finally avenge that l from last year and to get brody a dang world record, look at this huh hi youtube, and so with that all that was left now Was to place all our hopes and dreams on our engineering abilities and dump the troughs Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

We actually had a pressure sensor in the flask and it turns out the force pushing all the elephant. Toothpaste out. The top is about 50 times the force. You feel when pushing against a fully inflated football Music, my god Applause Music, that was so cool the mannequin, the mannequins. Still there wow. Oh look at that. Its like a volcano whoa see its still like barfing out the top. Oh, my gosh is that better than going to the doctors office, how far over it with wow the flask stay together, you got me once elephants, toothpaste, you dont get me twice and in fact, when you do a side by side comparison of the max height from Last year to this year im happy to report. We absolutely destroyed the previous record by nearly a factor of five rising to the height of a 25 story, building at 250 feet and so with a new guinness world record under his belt. I still had one grand final surprise for brody, so back at the house, while science bob distracted the crowd with liquid nitrogen powered exploding, watermelons, Music and trash can rockets nearly taking out our drone pilot nerk in the process. I called up a friend of mine what up buddy hi? What up mr beast uh! This is my friend brody weve been hanging out all day today. Hows it going. Did he do the orbeez thing he totally got 25 million orbeez yeah yeah. Is that more orbeez than you did? No, we had a pool, though i think mr beast has one more surprise.

Do me a favor and turn around real quick? Oh my god thats your hog right. There delivered by none other than dale himself well get on buddy, its, not mine, its yours and whats cool here is. This is the exact model he wanted to get for himself before he gave it away to someone else, and he didnt do that expecting to get something back in return. Just like those who worked so hard to put this party together for him, didnt expect anything either, which is why i believe, when you try to be a good person, it may not always come back to you immediately, but somehow it always comes back Music. This just might be the most expensive video ill ever make, but it was for a worthy cause and only made possible with support from the folks at draftkings. Football season is here, which means its time to get your friends together to pick your fantasy football team. My cousin matt really likes leonard fournette now that hes at running back with tom brady, but ive got my eye on alvin kamara with the saints because theyre probably gon na, have to run the ball quite a bit this year and look im. Definitely right and hes. Definitely wrong but im looking forward to proving that if you dont know, draftkings is a great app for playing fantasy football, with your buddies with great prizes and free to play pools every week of the football season so hit the link in the video description to get Started and be sure to use the promo code rober when you sign up so thanks to brody for coming out to hang out thanks to the monster mega flask for not taking off like a rocket this time.