We have snow, we have lots of snow, but the rain is now mixing with the snow and causing slush. So that means i cant. Go out with a helicopter, i cant go out with a drone. I cant go out with a plane or even an rc car. Well, i guess i could take some of the big rc cars out. Itd be a lot of fun splashing around, but the camera lenses and everything else would get all wet so thats, not the greatest thing so im indoors today with a video with products. Some of these are new on the market like these two over here, and they might be great as christmas gifts because theyre all under the hundred dollar range or maybe slightly over. They are remote control, 176 scale, rc cars, they have working headlights uh, they have proportional steering so on the remote. When you turn the dial to turn right or left your steering turns as much or as little as you wish. They have multiple speeds uh. What else do they do? They have a run time of 30 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to charge them up if the batterys dead, so thats pretty decent. So if you have more than one its pretty cool – and you can also get a mat – you can see ive got everything on the mat ive had this mat for a while, and i really like it so lets get into this now the cool thing youre going To see in this, video is how technology has progressed so im going to show you this one super fast.

Then the technology from this one moves up to this one and then the technology from this one moves up to the latest model over here. So lets start with this one now this model ive done a review of it before, and you can see what the video thumbnail looks like im, showing it to you right now and its a really cool video go check it out. If you havent already watched it, i will put links to it below, but just to show you the differences between all these models. Im going to take this out of the box im going to show you right here and then ill progress with technology gets better and gets better. So here we go so in all these products. You always get an instruction manual, a quick start guide, and then you usually get uh your car plus you get two other cars that you can customize yourself. So these are shells and they go on the body. You take the body of the car off and you put these on and everything functions you put stickers on it, but you paint it with colors everything, so you can make multiple cars. So if you get this as a gift for somebody theyre, not just stuck with the one model, they can paint up their own models. You also get a usb cable to charge everything and you get the remote which just snaps together its really simple there we go so were all set to go so with all the models im about to show you, the remotes are all the same.

So, as soon as you know how to use one remote, you can use it for all the models. In addition, the little car charges up by usbc underneath so you can plug that into any usbc and they do include the cable or, if you wish, on the bottom of every single remote, is a little usbc charger. You see, i just popped it up right. There im showing you a close up and then you take your car and you put it on that. There you are, and then you put it in charge mode and youre all set to go. So all we have to do is hit the little power on switch at the bottom, and our little car has headlights here ill, bring it closer. You can see it, so you see the headlights in the front and there are tail lights on the back. So i just put it down and i could drive it. Ive got it in the slow speed right now. So its not going to go very fast, go reverse drive it all over the table, so indoors, kids can have a blast with these type of cars. Why do i say that? Because i have driven these before with adults and weve had a blast now, each car has three speeds and its controlled on your remote, with a little switch up top. So you have twenty percent fifty percent and a hundred percent, so heres twenty percent ill put it over there.

You know thats manageable. You can drive around a course nicely and if you have a super fast cat, thats, not too fat, then put on 100 said your cat will never catch this. Well, there we go. Hang on a sec. Go. Do that again its its gone, so you can have some pretty cool races on the floor with the kids. You know you know doing whatever you do in the wintertime when you cant go outside, because its terrible day, like today, all right so thats card number one and its pretty cool and, as i mentioned theres a full review on this car at the link below go Check it out now, the next two im going to show you there is not a full review on them, but this is the review on the next two. So let me show you the next one. Next one i want to show you is the c72 model, and this is the one youre gon na want. If you love cars that are pimped out, this is the pimped out version check it out. So this one comes in two colors. You can get it in the purple, color that i have and you can get it in green and inside you get a little construction paper so that you can cut things out. You get a pile of stickers, so you can customize everything you get the instruction manual. You get the quick start guide and then just like the other one, you get your car in the middle and two shells here that you can paint up or put stickers on or anything else you want to do and then finally, at the bottom, you get a Usb cable and then you get the same remote.

Now all these remotes are the same and on the bottom they have a little dial. You turn and you can pull the bottom straight out here we go and you can see, i have batteries in it, so it takes four triple a batteries you just put them in and they last quite a long time, even with the charging so put that in Lock it in place, the batteries are not included. Oh, i forgot each car. You also get this. So if you look at that, this is extra pieces. So if you make a new car, your bumpers and your lights and stuff like that, are all in the bag. So whats different about this one is that it has pimped out lights on the bottom. Let me just turn them on there. We go so i dont know if you can see that im, probably showing you a close up right now. The bottom is all lit up in like a purplish color and when you drive it around, it shows up that way. I dont know if you can see it on the camera here: twenty percent speed there we go so theres, my pimped out car. You know the lights, the studio lights are bright here, so i dont know how much is showing up but uh yeah there. We are pretty cool right, also on all the remotes. If you look at the side, you have a channel 3 button and the channel 3 button will do different things like right now.

My channel 3 on here turns the purplish stuff on off and on all the remotes, your channel 4. You can play with the headlights on your car, so you can turn the headlights on or you can make them flash. So you sort of see it happening right there. So leave the headlights on and drive around lets see. Can i drive ill put them right here. Lets see if i can do two at a time. You know i am multi talented, so lets go oh thats backwards. I got ta think whoa whoa. I got my finger stuck in there right im, not that talented. Apparently, oh. I know why ive got you on 100 here we got to put them both at 20., all right. So here we go and were going to race there we are whoa, i cant steer both anyways, so theres, two of them. So once again, this version uh the original version i showed you links will be below to it. I cant remember what they call it but ill put below, so that its identified easy underneath this video. This is the first version. It does not have the pimple lights. This one has the pimp out lights, they are the same speed with the multi speeds and they all have the same trim, controls and the charging system and everything else. Let me show you the newest model on the market, all right, this ones, the monster truck version and turbo racing says this is the smallest monster truck ever made thats remote control and theyre, probably right so its a 176 scale and its a monster truck.

So go open, it up take out my little monster truck there. It is right here its got really big tires and let me show you a comparison against one of the other vehicles. There we go ive, got them held close together and you can see the monster truck. Has the big tires its going to go over more stuff than the other vehicles, but the cool thing about the monster truck version is what comes inside. So let me open the box, you can see the box is bigger. This is the part your kids are going to love or anybody else in the family who wants to play with these at christmas time. You get two jumps, you put your jumps there plus you get two more jumps, so this would make the monster truck, go up and do flips and then land on the other one and these other ramps. Here. Let me just figure. This is more for like just getting it do a jump from one to another. You could use it for with all the cars. If you want what else do you get? So let me get rid of that. You also get the manual you get some sticker strips. You get a quick start guide and you get usb plug and you get the remote that is fashionably colored in orange, so you can see right off the bat i have headlights in the front. Lets see what the switch does channel three and it turns off the headlights.

So there we go headlights on headlights off and then i have channel four which is going to put the headlights on the back. I think lets see put those on there. We go so now. I got headlights in the back, you see theyre on off headlights in the back and i can go all the way to make them blink. I believe, if i go here to four blinking headlights, there we go so let me just put them on so i got front and back lights and then lets get rid of all this all right so say i put a little jump here. Can you see that i didnt think ill just shoot it this way? Can you see that in the camera down here so this camera might pick it up, but this one im not sure so anyways? Here we go thats at 100, so yeah shell go off that no problem and if you put two of them together, i think i was playing with it earlier today and uh. I have a slo mo of this going over one and landing on the other im. Just gon na stick it right on the jump, so i dont have any takeoff room but whoa. She went over and shes on the floor and i was driving around anyways. I got it back now. Youre wondering hey. This would be fun at night with all the cool lights on it right so uh. Let me turn off the lights.

I must look really weird, because the aperture on this camera is not designed for lighting like this, but here we go there. We go so im driving around here at night. How does that look were gon na get the lights happening. Put this one over here lets. Try the pimped out one there we go. So i think this is the pimp, though yep here we go 20 theres, the pimped out one pimp that one looks cool there. We go so pretty cool little cars. All right. Let me switch the lights back on all right. I have the three cars right here and, let me say again: these would make a great christmas gift for somebody in your family. I know kids love these uh adults. Well, if, if youve got the little tablecloth thing like this ill put a link below to where you can find this as well, then yeah you can have a lot of fun with your kids but uh over christmas. I think they have a blast with these things and, like i said, ive had a lot of them. I have more of them that i give away to my in laws that are indestructible and they have cats and the cats chase them and they have a blast driving them around and have the cats chase them. These do not get the little. You know like some cars will get the little hairs off the ground stuck in the wheels, and then the gears are all messed up.

The way these are designed, you could just yank out the hairs its nice, its not that sort of gear system with all the gear mesh and everything gets messed up its its much better than that the covers come off. You can look inside and check everything out yourself, its theyre, very, very good, so turbo racings been around for a little while and theyre very popular. So again i have the links below go check it out. If you have any questions on these cars, well, you can ask away and all the remotes are the same and you can have multiple ones, and i just drop that down there. You can have multiple, multiple remotes, uh and theyre all on different frequencies. So yeah you can have the races and everything else. Life is good. All right guys.