Oh theyre, already throwing oh carls getting wrecked youre going down die! Oh oh, my god we kill each other. Oh come back. I mean im. Rubbing the hole yeah: this is your gaming debut nolan dont suck. No one sucks. I dont have my hammer anymore: nolan chris and chandler have one point: nolan and carl have zero and whichever team loses gets pelted by mcdonalds, burgers youre going down nolan no server spawn the lasers. Oh, my these lasers can break blocks, hurt each other begin. Go go! Go i im going after nolan because hes the worst im going after carl carl? Do you see him? Oh carl jacobs, with this flank hes going down, i can get chandler out. I cant move. Jayla is the type rope? Oh. Could i move? Yes chris? You left me im dueling nolan. I made him. Oh yeah, you better run. Nolan Music come on 1v1. Now you can clutch this. Who is the better gamer? Chris has more health? Oh nice, nice, nice chris. If you lose youre bad watch, this come on got one one heart: oh, oh, my god, its nice, nice, nice, nice, blue team, has two points. Red team has zero. This is an arrow cannon that shoots 100 arrows and since red team is getting stumped im going to give you both your laser cannon and your thor hammer back, hey losing works sometimes go all right, listen nolan, which one are you better with im thinking im bad At aiming so, the crossbow is probably pretty good yeah.

You use the crossbow theyre playing cautious too. They shifted all right use the building for cover, oh shoot, theyre shooting the laser all right. I am shooting crossbows. Ah, i hit him im shooting up his cover im. Getting rid of their cover. Okay lets be aggressive. All right! Oh he hit me. I push push push all right, theyre, pushing theyre, pushing yeah. I know im shooting oh hes on me, hes on me, im shooting him go for chandler, keep pushing with the lasers im, getting a kill. This time, im hungry, nevermind, im pushing so hard right. Now. Oh i got four hearts. I dont need you to kill you just cant die okay, pushing push and push him getting old, hes chasing me, hes right here, getting old and getting all the nolans down one more one! More get him get over here. Theyre two be one of me: theyre almost dead back up back up, hes lazy and hes lazing watch out. This is jordan. Boyce hes got you pinned in the tightropes. Ah, oh hes, just gon na use the laser like a nerd. What a nerd! How much help is chris on? I need to kill chris wow use the op weapon. Yes, with no handicaps at all, kristin chandler, 2 carl and nolan won this battles. Op weapon is the mega sword. This things huge, oh my god, carl. I think you should sneak out of your room and switch computers with nolan.

Oh thats, a good idea, Music. You are now nolan, everyone take your ginormous sword and start whacking. Each other go go! Lets go whack! Him all right! Lets, go wait! Nolan twist chris go for carl jacobs yep come on. Oh my god, im hitting him no ones. Focusing me. Oh im down im down hard, so im down hard. Sorry, chandler rentings in the lead, yo yo, who turned the hacks on hes on seven health. Six carl plays minecraft so much hes sweating, so hard im gon na get chandler, oh carls, even back off back off back off cheers at one. No, i got chandler, i got chandler. Oh no way lets get him lets get him. We won. Carl plays this game. Every night it is now 2 2. You have a 50 50 chance of each walking away with a 10 000 pc or getting pelted by mcdonalds, burgers fun. The next weapon whoa this weapon right here is a shotgun, but it shoots, grenades have fun. Boys go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Nolan, dont! Follow me if youre not shifting, im, shifting im, shifting wow theyre shifting in a gun game. When do you see them now? Do you see their name tags you got ta run? Are we? Are we attacking oh yeah yeah? I got him once nolan up top up top of the dock got carl all the good old bait switch nolans flanking, no got him.

No ones dead, oh my god are you kidding were pushing carl, pushing carl im flaking right im. Flaking right got him again: oh whats up destroyed were getting free, pcs, chandler and theyre getting mcdonalds. The next weapon is this rocket launcher. You are all now standing on top of a building in this beautiful city, character, shreds have fun. Okay, were gon na stay on the roof as much as possible boom. Hey it jump up. Yo im launching at him im shooting at him im going to give chris a little region, all right, chandler chandler. We got to regroup, theyre shooting at me. We have the high ground stay up here, whoevers on the roof. Just sniping me youre dead to me come over here they have the high ground and theyre wailing down on you. I know. Ah i hit him. I hit him. I hit him here. I was just gon na give you guys: ladders theres ladder. Sorry, oh now, im one shot: hey you guys should try to shoot a hole under them, so they fall. Oh hes shooting up through the building carl im im. Ah girl got him girl. He rocket jumped to save him. Did you fall in? Yes? I fell in oh yeah, no ones so bad youre. The only human thatll lose on high ground. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Carls! Here i see him hey hows.

He up here now hows he up here: Music, oh nice, nice, nice! Okay, where is chandler? Oh hes, on the ground im shooting from above im, shooting from above, oh okay, theyre trying to double team im running away. Go go! Go! Go go: go, go! Push! Push, push, push, push, push ill, keep suppressive fire, you just keep pushing him. If he hits me once im dead, one of them is pushing and one of them is literally just shooting at me. Im gon na try to pull away and then get him alone. Oh my god, bad rocket jump come on. He! Oh, he got me. Okay, all right, thats, 1v1, now, Music. How does he have 13 health? What? Yes? Yes, i hit him so many times, carl just 2v1 them yeah blue team has three points and red team has three points. Wait that means were tied. This is the final round with max mr red team. Can you please get in your mix suit? On what button do i press again, carl dolly cant, even figure out how to get in it? Oh, i mean all right im in store nolan, all the mac anime. You watch prepared you for this. I dont watch mech anime nolan push this way shut up about anime, ah im dodging bullets. I need help. I need help. I need help push back left chris. I havent hit you a single time. Oh bye, take it back, watch out all right, hes shooting all right im coming im coming its carls on me, hey trailer! Where are you im here? Oh chris is getting double teamed, yo hes getting messed up.

This is ours carl. This is us. This is us. Oh carls is coming after you. I got some good ants. I got some good hits. We got this car, we got us in the bag, its low. I think, im up three health. I got to get out of here. Hes running hes, running hes bailing. All right push on him, no, its going all the way. No one does not care im distracted, keep pushing him. You need to kill me, or else we lose ah dead, shot, im low, im, low im low on low aim on the front, one ah im dead. Chris is out hes pissing me hes on me, no ones on me. Oh lets get him lets, get him get challenged, come on theyre pushing back up back. Oh my god, we came back yes, wow red team got the dove. You guys just want ten thousand dollar pcs. What are you gon na do with it im gon na learn how to play minecraft better yeah, since you guys got the dump, you get to pelt them fun time. You got ta, be better.