We also have indias latest startup unicorn and more coming up right after this all right. So, first up in the news, simple energy is planning on building the worlds largest electric two wheeler factory, even bigger than ola electrics future factory, which they started building earlier this year and once its finished, its gon na have an annual capacity of 10 million electric scooters. But simple energy is planning on going even bigger once their factory is finished. Its gon na have an annual capacity of 12.5 million electric scooters and theyre planning to finish it by 2023. Now, to build this factory theyre going to be investing 2 500 crore rupees, and this factory is going to be located in dharmapuri in tamil nadu, its actually going to be simple, energys second manufacturing facility and theyre still building their first manufacturing facility, which is also located In tamil nadu, but once these two manufacturing facilities are finished being built and then weve also got ola electrics future factory, which is also located in tamil nadu, its definitely going to establish tamil nadu as a global hub for electric scooter, manufacturing and more generally, india. As a hub for electric scooter manufacturing now, while were on the topic of electric scooters, i wanted to update you guys on the bounce infinity e1, and i should have talked about this last week, but we didnt get a chance to. But it is an interesting scooter and for those of you guys who arent in the loop and dont know about the bounce infinity e1.

I hope that this news item is informative for you, because it is an interesting scooter, its priced cheaper than the aether 450 and aether 450x, and the ole electric s1 and s1 pro at 68 999 rupees with the battery. But without the battery its priced at 45. 099, rupees and thats an interesting feature here. You can actually buy the scooter with or without the battery, because bounce is planning on setting up battery charging infrastructure across the metros of india so that you dont need to worry about buying a battery. If you instead want to subscribe to one these batteries, take between four and five hours to charge, they have a range of 85 kilometers on a single charge and the scooter has a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour, which is probably okay for people who are Just gon na be commuting on this scooter going back and forth between the office and their home personally thats a deal breaker for me i would opt for an 8th or 450 or some other electric scooter that has a top speed of 80 or 90 kilometers per Hour, i know the eighth or 450 has a warp mode where you can hit 90., and personally i like to go on road trips. I like to travel across the city even during before kovid i was going and shooting interviews. So i was on the road. A lot and 65 kilometers per hour feels like a snails pace honestly, especially if youre outside of the city and youre on a major expressway or highway and youve got cars, trucks and bikes flying past you at 100 plus kilometers per hour.

It feels a little dangerous to be traveling at 65 kilometers per hour on roads like that, obviously thats, not what the bounce infinity e1 is intended for, but personally that would be a deal breaker for me. I dont know about you guys. Let me know what your thoughts are on, that in a comment down below. Is that something that you actually think about when youre buying an electric scooter as the top speed? Is that something that would actually stop you from buying one of these? Or? Is that something that you think is kind of a secondary detail and youre, just mainly thinking about the savings that youre going to get for not having to fill up your tank with bitcoin all right? Moving on to some acquisition news now, indias most valuable startup by jews has made their 10th acquisition of 2021 austria based geogebra, which builds interactive learning tools for mathematics. Now this deal is estimated to be worth a hundred million dollars and geogebra is going to continue to operate independently under the buy jews brand. So, with this acquisition, baijus is going to gain access to the more than 100 million students on the geogebra platform spread out across 195 countries and its also going to help them to continue building more engaging and interactive mathematics products all right. Next up in the acquisition news – and this one is quite interesting. Indian logistics, unicorn delivery, which recently filed for their ipo, has acquired california based drone manufacturing, startup transition robotics and through this acquisition, theyre going to gain access to all of transition.

Robotics ip thats intellectual property, which basically means that theyre going to gain access to all of their drone technology. So what im predicting here now that indias drone policy has become much less restrictive, is that delivery is going to be using this drone technology for their last mile delivery out of indias 19101 pin codes. Delivery covers 17 000, which leaves 2101 pin codes that they dont deliver to and its not because they cant its because they dont want to its not economically viable for them, because these places are very remote, theyre hard to reach, especially by road. But if you have drones, you can actually fly over a lot of the obstacles that would make it difficult to reach these places on the road with a truck so im curious to know what you guys. Think of this. Are we going to see drones, delivering packages to remote parts of the country in say the next two or three years, or do you think its further off than that leave your thoughts in a comment down below all right? Moving into some funding news now ride, healing unicorn ola has raised 1′ million dollars in a funding round, led by edelweiss and a 7.3 billion dollar valuation, and this may very well be their final funding round before they go public in the first half of 2022.. Now, in the financial year of 2021, they did see their revenues decline, which is to be expected pretty much.

Every ride healing company in the world saw their revenues declined because of the pandemic, but they also became operationally profitable as they diversified their business and also cut their costs. Now, speaking of that diversification, ola electric has also raised some funds. This week, theyve raised 52.7 million dollars in a funding round led by themasec at a 2.7 billion dollar valuation, which is actually a drop from their october of 2021 valuation of three billion dollars. So i think the reason for this decline in valuation is multi fold. We have aether energy and simple energy, both announcing that theyre setting up new manufacturing facilities and increasing their output. We also have the bounce infinity e1, so it looks like ole electric is starting to feel a little bit crammed here by its competitors, theyre starting to lose a little bit of their market share and then at the same time they failed to deliver on their promise Date of delivery of the ole electric s1 and s1 pro and they pushed that date to december 15th, now thats right around the corner, so we will be covering it one way or another whether they do actually deliver on that promised new push date or whether they Extend it further, they push the date of delivery further because of the problems that theyve been happening. Having they said that they had some chip shortages is that going to be resolved were not sure, were going to have to wait and see, but it looks like.

Investors are looking at the situation with ola electric and thinking that perhaps some of the hype that had been surrounding this company back in october of 2021 might not have been justified all right next up in the funding news, bizongo, which is a b2b startup that provides Packaging solutions to e commerce companies has raised 110 million dollars in a funding realm, led by tiger global management at a 600 million dollar valuation. So bizongo has a network of 1 500 manufacturers who provide boxes, crates, bags and pouches to their more than 120 enterprise clients, and just recently, in september of this year, bizongo became profitable and theyve achieved an annualized revenue of 200 million dollars, theyre planning to increase that Number to 300 million dollars by the end of this financial year, all right next up in the funding news lets talk about indias latest startup unicorn, the 41st of 2021. By our count, healthcare startup pristine care has raised 85 million dollars and theyre planning to raise an additional 15 million dollars as well in a funding round, led by sequoia capital tiger global and winter capital and theyve raised these funds at a 1.3 billion valuation, which is Up from their april of 2021 valuation of 550 million dollars, so in a nutshell, what pristine care does is they offer end to end surgery, services from finding a doctor to getting a diagnosis to actually having your surgery done and then also post surgery, care, theyre, currently Operational in 40 cities and they have a network of 150 clinics, 700 hospitals and 300 in house super specialty surgeons, all right.

Next up in the funny news, agritech startup agrostar, which we actually covered in the video that we made about indias top 10 agritech startups. You can find that video up here has raised 70 million dollars in a funding round led by evolving hero, enterprise, shoulders, capital and cdc. Agrostar helps farmers to increase their yields and their profits by offering them advisory services and also access to high quality agricultural inputs. The startup is currently operational across five indian states. They have five million farmers on their platform and they also have 1 000 offline stores where they sell agricultural inputs to these farmers and theyre, going to be using these funds to expand that number to 5 000 stores and also to enter into new geographies. All right that is all the startup news that i have for you guys this week. I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope you learned something from it and if you did, it would mean a lot to us if you could hit the like button share this video with a friend or two, and also if you havent, already subscribed now, would be a great time to do so. We post new videos every single week about indian startups entrepreneurs and the latest news also, i wanted to say a big thanks to all of our backstage with millionaires members, the people who financially support what we do here, our unicorns, our decacorns and our hecticorns. All of you guys are amazing people.

Thank you so much for your financial support. It really does mean a lot to us and also thanks to everybody, whos been sending super thanks our way in the comments, but even if you cant afford to financially support what we do here, just the fact that youve watched this video through to the end, the Fact that youve watched the whole thing is pretty incredible.