My name is malik amjad. This technical best youtube channel Vivos latest technology. Mobile phone is going to be launched very soon. The special thing about this smartphone is that a drone camera has been installed in it.. This drone camera will come out from inside the smartphone. What you see right now, All the specifications of the smartphone price and launch date have been confirmed. And what will be the price of this smartphone in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and United States will also know Friend. If you like, Vivo smartphone, this video is for you, But if you are the first time on the channel subscribe to the channel like the video share, The first number will talk about the specification of this smartphone. The price and launch date of this smartphone will be discussed on the second number And on coming. I will give my personal opinion about this smartphone. First of all talk about the display of this phone. The display of this phone is six point: 5 inch. Screen to body ratio at 5 point 5. The panel of this phone is super amoled 3D. This phone has a refresh rate of 120 hz and has a resolution of 10 plus full HD.. The protection that is there in the display of this smartphone is Corning Gorilla, Glass, Six on the front and back.. Overall. If we talk about the display, then it is very good. I, like it very much. two variants of this phone. The first will come with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM.

. The second variant of this phone will come with 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM. Snap Dragon. 765G 5G chipset has been installed in the smart phone., The four camera setup on the smartphones main camera of 64 megapixels.. The main features of the smartphone is the drone camera of the mobile phone, which will emerge from the front of this mobile phone., And this drone camera will be of 200 megapixels, which will be able to record 8k video.. But the main camera of this smartphone is 64 megapixels. With LED flash, are given and can record 4K video from the main camera. The smartphone has 6000 mAh battery 67 watt fast charger has been given.. Software in smart phone will give good performance to Android 12. Now lets talk about the price of the smartphone and the launch date. The price of this smartphone will be close to 100000 in Pakistan. And what will be the price of this smartphone in India, Bangladesh and United side? It has been told on this screen.. This mobile phone will be launched in the year 2022. This smartphone is Vivos concept, mobile phone and you will get all these features in the new upcoming smart phone.. My final opinion is that this smartphone is very good, especially the drone camera of this smart phone. I really like it Told you all the specifications on According to Internet information about this phone.