It turns out that this process is way more complex than i thought. First of all, weight is an issue if i wanted to add this to a drone, let alone the bug spray its a lot, especially for a dji mini 2 that i got at the apple store. So i started by sourcing the smallest can of bug spray. I could find it was very important to use the aerosol cans for continuous flow. I then tackled the most complex issue, which is the ignition source. My first thought was running high current through a spring to create a heating element similar to how the old filament light bulbs work. Unfortunately, the spring would either deform and move out of position or get too hot and oxidize to solve this issue. Ive created my own plasma arc generator that can be powered and controlled directly from your arduino or rc receiver. This worked perfectly for our application im. Also, making these available to you all make sure you check out in the description below next, i had to design the actual frame that will hold all the parts together. I did this by first digitizing, the bug spray and then creating a frame around it using fusion 360, which is my cad program of choice. Once done, i sent the design to the 3d printer and when the printer was done, i took extremely good care of it. First, i cured it properly in an oven using uv light.

Then i carefully removed all the supports and finally assembled all the parts. I was doing everything right because i was so excited and of course, ah, the servo was not strong enough to press the bug spray. So i repeated the process to incorporate a bigger servo which had no issues pressing down on the bug spring, so lets rock and roll it works. I cant wait to throw it on my dji mini 2., so here we are at test flight number, one Music. The drone can lift the weight but theres too much weight below the center of gravity, making the drone tailwind. We need to make everything smaller and lighter. So i went on a hunt and learned that you can get this tiny hairspray bottle in the travel department of any store. I installed all the parts onto my newly designed frame and the completed flame. Thrower looks beautiful and weighs half the weight of the original concept at only 184 grams. So we tested our ignition one last time as well as our hairspray, and we were ready to head out to the field. Oh yeah, Music. Our first test revealed that this flies perfectly. The gps holds it rock solid in space, despite the added weight. So, if youre all ready to turn up the heat around here, lets, do it Music hold up before we light the fire. You viewers need to understand that were highly trained professionals with extensive academic, industrial and hands on experience.

While you may not see it on screen, we have safety all around us from fire extinguishers in every corner to safety, glasses and blast shields. Do not try this at home, oh and subscribe by, hitting the subscribe button below contender number one, no name, drone Music! Well, coordinating was way harder than i thought so: Music Music note how the flames are curving with the motor wash into the propellers. This eventually caused the drone to crash when the propellers totally melted. So i redesigned this one last time i first angled the spray downwards. Then i closed off the sides to prevent air turbulence around the nozzle and lastly, i added a funnel to direct the flames. This design is way more robust and looks extremely attractive, so we went back to the testing field and brought along contender number two: okay, thats, not cool Music Music. Now i dont know who makes this drone, but you need to get it for your kids. Look at it its still on. After all, that abuse this dji flamethrower attachment is also great for many other applications which we havent really tested. So there you have it a flamethrower attachment for a dji drone, make sure you share a video with one or two friends: theyre gon na love. This also subscribe and like our channel and dont forget engineering is supposed to be fun.