So in this video we can unbox them and see if theyre, any good or if theyre bad or if they suck the one that looks the most interesting, is probably this little drone here um. It looks like its probably going to need setting up so well. Thats going on vinnie can set that one up and were going to unbox these ones. What do you got? There? Mate drone troller all right, so vinnies going to get this set up on his phone and while he does, that lets have a look to see what we have here. All right, so lets have a look at this. The eachine eats Music. How do you know? Do you do that hey Music boom there you go by the way, guys if you want to know we can get all this stuff from in all the techno babble link down below down below oh christmas every day that is grade, obviously guys its not going to Be anything like any of these cars that we got in here? These are some of the worlds cheapest rc cars. We just want to see how good or bad they are. So weve got a little body clips here that are made out of plastic. Oh thats, it wow look its got suspension on the body suspension test, thats good guys. The best rc car is which everyone puts their biggest smile on your face and that look at look at his eyes that smile look at that it comes with three batteries.

Wow must be good. Car on, oh, were off course quite lively in it, Music Applause Music. How do you make it work on the phone? I dont know thats a radio. You know when somethings a toy grade, because its got screws that hold on all the battery covers boom. Hey were off you ready, you ready, ready Applause, we lost it. Oh there it is yeah its, not fun. Yeah all right stay, calm, dont come come, come here, come here, come gotcha. What can do on and off so this would be perfect for stem, go and throw it flat out on off. Yeah, hey, oh, and it takes it. So there we go there is that one link to that we can get it from down below lets, have a little damage report. None its fine five out of ten three out of ten. The smart was massive, so its got to be up there in it. I dont think that works. No. I dont work on that one. No, no! I dont think so. All right so vinnie is now setting up the drone to work on his phone. Maybe all right so, while hes doing that lets have a look at the next victim lets. Have a look uh weve got two more drones here. Lets do oh look, weve got a stunt. Car ive got to show you that one lets do that, one that goes in there, and that goes into a. What do you call it so that goes into us thats that charging up well get to that in a minute.

First, we have the drive working hes got it working so hes scanned the wherever its gone. He scanned the instructions went to wi fi got the app working search for something with ky in it, which was uh there, yeah, yeah and thats it. So they got flying ive gone to the app and its fpv Music. So look at that screen. Do you know what that looks? Pretty? Can you record i dont know? Maybe oh its got video recorder here. Look! Oh well! We are recording! No, no idea! What k were on because, on the box, look 480p, 1080p or 4k weve got no idea. What were on thats, where we go Laughter, whoops, Music, it Laughter, oh tape, measure Music Laughter, i dont know huh. How could it be where gone it down there there? He is oh well, how do you go down there? I have no idea whats up in hes messing about with that. This thing should hopefully be charged by now. Jesus thats, pretty quick Music. I cant keep up with it by itself. Is it really yeah look? Oh, i pressed the auto button. Ah, you know what some kids could be over the moon with that yeah. Is that the recorded footage thats the recorded footage yeah? What do we have? Theres the monster all right next to victim were gon na. Have a look at this one vinnie has just learnt a new trick. Show us a trick. Oh, i hope you even got that its so close, hey 360.

whats that other button do they make it more lively, gon na make it more lively. Laughter. Oh look. Weve got two bodies with this. One weve got a live on this one in double wishbone suspension. Look at that. That is actually thats like a schumacher there. You go check it out. We get two body shells, so you can choose the color. It looks a bit rough on the edges, but that normally means its got a film on there. If you pull that film off its gon na look shiny, yeah youre on oh look at that shine, its got a stimpy switch on it again, isnt it simply esc. Should we do the um workbench of doom yeah go on the drone Laughter go Music. This is the durability test to see if it survives, if it survives to stay case of doom. Its probably a good car does not sound good its a lot, though yeah thats, fine, it looks isnt it it just didnt sound good. Did it yeah, put it pop it down, then its got metal drive shaft. Is it really yeah? Well, then, probably down lets see it doesnt flip ready, standing back flip yep next lets have a look at a drone yeah its got no controller, one of them once you put your hand underneath it. Ah look at that batteries. Batteries are probably in it. Would you just turn it on and it goes maybe would your cats love it uh theyre, probably trying to swipe it? Maybe would they or run away, i dont know yeah mine would probably run away as well.

Howd you make it go. Is that a sensor or light or what i think like instructions, flight power on the drone? Oh so hes doing that by itself and apparently hes got these sensors here. Oh, he didnt like that. No hes, not happy Laughter ive got an idea. So next we have to eat 09 thats. Probably my favorite, looking one so far. Batteries in and were gon na go ready. Boom lets have a go. Give me the back on the back. I think its what uh its my favorite, one of the cheap, its probably better than what we had when we were kids and then a good idea. What speed run speed run yeah yeah? What do you want to do for one an hour? Maybe five. So here weve got the gps and were gon na. Do a speed, run. Im gon na go with two mile an hour four youre working four miles an hour, yeah and then weve got another drone were gon na give that a whip right shut up on there. Oh, look at the front wheels oh staircase of doom yeah. Anybody right so were on three mile an hour, so we have to reset see why you ready yeah five. What did you say? Five five. I think i said five. What does that say? Yeah five. Two! All right staircases: here we go yeah. You ready you ready Music ill ready supposed to do that again, no ive got soft spot for this one right, thats, my favorite one.

So next, the e 008 triple as ready, ready, ready, ready, batterys in all right. Here we go. Oh, oh, maybe maybe the batterys dying thats, why its not doing lets, give it a bit of a charge. Yeah all right. All right! We are all charged up. Lets give it another, go cameramans gone, so you want a tripod. I think its got obstacle avoidance yeah, look at that. Oh all, right hold on. Let me get. Let me get you come here. Come here! Oh yes! So in theory it shouldnt crash and then, if you hit this button here as a speed button now, if you tilt it forward, it should go. Oh one way: oh, oh! No! No! No! No! No! You had to go up there. Didnt you had to go all the way up there all right, so you hit this button here. It makes it faster. Look at that. You know nil.