First, it come off of the axles. Now these weigh one ton: each they cost forty thousand dollars each and ive. Had these custom made to be a little bit wider than a normal monster truck, where do you want it? Music work, hard, Music. I can see your butt its like in youtube. So here we got the body, and this is a chevy c10. So here weve got the tyres. These are 66 inches tall 44 inches wide, and this is what makes it a monster truck. I think youre one person actually appreciate it. So in this shipment we have nearly everything that we need to finish. This monster truck. The only thing were still waiting for is the engine and the transmission, and that should be here in the next few weeks, its not very often to see you doing a bit of manual labor, oh its christmas. Every day this is the most fun unboxing ever the last time i was excited, oh ready, you ready ready, look at that um Laughter instruction manual instruction manual for your rear, steer, kev. Ah result. These are sway bar blocks. I believe whats, that how are we going to build this? What is it well, its got tanqueray surprising that that actually holds the extra one in it thats the first box. It doesnt weigh anything. I think these are exhausts. Oh wow cables, always those little bits break cylinder, probably the monster truck harness bag. Eight, i think its all pre made look at that.

I better be heavy. I dont know what a jack shaft is. I know its part of this side. I think its this. So here weve got the transfer box. Thank you. Oh look at nuts that bolts, oh thats, the cage, yeah Music. What the hell is a rotor, i guess its part of the driveshaft safety cage. So i think the first part Music here weve got the four link bars that hold the axles on im: a tripod Music. What are you doing there im playing with you, nuts kev? Oh arent, you happy about that. Well, im playing with him as well. Can we find the egg there? Next we put the axes into position ready to mount them its nice enough, so here im just cleaning out a little bit of paint in the holes to make your bolts slide in Music. So far, everything is coming together very easily. Thats almost exactly the right place, isnt it. How can it be so perfect now this ones not going to be easy Music. This is too easy get rid of the skinny Music next, the front axle. This is too easy. Its too easy. Who said this is hard. Its just like a lego stuff is exactly the same as a as a tlx4, no different Music, so these small wheels are just here for working on it and for transporting it. This is funny i feel bad Laughter, Laughter, wow, Laughter, Laughter next, its time to mount the shocks.

The fronts of 26 inch travel. The rears are 30 in travel right, hang on. If you lean on the front im, not heavy enough Music again or something oh uh, i dont know if it goes this side or this side. I guess it goes that sides that go through the hole. So here weve got the sway bars. So we have a minor problem and the angle grinder takes care of it. So thats it for day one of the build we got the axles on weve got the shocks on. We started off with the sway bars, but theyre messing about a little bit. So we got ta, do them a bit more tomorrow. Rear axle on rear shocks are next, were gon na put the rest of the sway bars on so weve got almost everything that we need to finish up. Build weve got the body who would have brake cylinders. The gauges steering wheel box of stuff weve got to weld up tank, radiators, coolers more stuff, but were still waiting for the engine and the transmission, and that should hopefully be here in the next few weeks. But in the meantime we still got plenty to get on with the interior. To put in there. Weve got electrics, weve got hydraulics, got the body to mount and thats all coming up over the next few weeks so subscribe and smash the bell.