Jaden'S was first to say first of one of my recent videos and that's ones, this shot at so congratulations good morning. Quite copter 101 here was a review of a neat new quadcopter. The wltoys X K x1. Now looking at the X K x1, you can see that it's another one of these little mini phantom designs. Actually, this looks very similar, but not exactly the same as a recently reviewed drone, the jjrc. What was it x6 air cos? It'S similar, but it is not the same in fact: it's cameras not the same, and the gimbal is a little bit different to air kiss. Although looks similar to this, the the air cos camera. I did not like the results of its video it. It was kind of a blurred camera. However, using this one in the house last night, you know just trying to trying the camera the camera. This is actually very nice. You know it's a 1080p camera. I will go into it here, a little shortly, but let's start from the top bottom I'll. Just let you know this is not another air kisses. Ok, that's, not another x6 air kiss. This is a totally new quadcopter. Now the wltoys xkx one, although small, is not under 250 grams folks for those of you that are wondering this drone actually weighs about 443 grams, so it will require registration in some countries and in some countries you can't really fly it, unfortunately, because of their laws.

But for those that can and still continue on it is a gps drone, it does have return to home capability on command, on loss of signal and also on low voltage. But the big thing about this particular drone. You know other than it's also brushless note, for those of you wondering this is a what size motor is this. This is an 1806 specialist motor on these on this particular drum. So you know, you'll have less chance of these motor failure in its lifetime. These motors should last a long time as long as you don't crash into a bush or a tree and keep and forget to turn off the throttle or shut down the motors. But again, the big thing about this particular drone is the kits camera and it has a two axis: gimbal folks, that's, the biggie, okay, so you're going to get stabilized video and images stabilized video, mainly it's the biggie on this from for this particular camera. Again I mentioned it's 1080p I've seen some advertisements of this as being 4k. It is not 4k for those of you wondering, in fact, what it is is its app. I forgot. Oh yeah, WL, GPS app has the capability of interpolating the still photos from this camera on your phone and blowing them up to 4096 with resolution that's. Why they're claiming 4k? But again it is not a true 4k camera. It is a 1080p camera folks that records at 25 frames per second, but again, I said it doesn't, look very good.

Video we'll see you when we take it out in the field and actually demonstrate it to see how well it worked there. It looks now this get bow, does have up and down remote capability that you can adjust using your remote control. It also does record to a micro, SD card and there's the micro SD card slot in the belly of the camera, so that you won't have any Wi Fi issues such as frame dropping frozen video. That won't be a problem because you'll be able to record directly to a micro SD card. Now it is powered by a 7 6 Bird. Yes, seven point six volt 2200 milliamp per hour battery. This takes quite a while this charge. Actually folks, it's supposed to give you twenty minutes of light time, though, for that long charge, but it's particular and here is its charger is uses a well. It has a proprietary connector for one thing: okay, so you're gon na have to put it in this special charger to charge it, and the other thing is: it comes with European Union plugs for power, the power plugs, so those of you in the US and other Countries you may have to purchase – and this is these don't cost a lot. This is only about dollar 50, I believe from Bangla dand other vendors. In fact, you find them on amazon.com. Also a convergent plug. Okay, you EU to u.s. electric conversion plug these are very inexpensive.

So if you don't have one of these, you are going to need one of these if you're the US and want to use this charger plug. So I recommend buying that at the time of purchase. If you do, it did the purchases drum another thing, I recommend that you purchase at the time of purchase is spare batteries if you wish spare batteries, because these cannot be shipped separately to a lot of countries these days because of the safety restrictions on lipo batteries. Okay, so if you want to have spare batteries buy these at the time of purchase, I got the two battery version, there's, also a three battery version and again, if you don't want spare batteries, the cheapest version is the one battery version running about 150 hours. Unfortunately, these batteries are not cheap. These particular batteries they run about 30 dollars per batteries, expect that if you do get spare batteries, let me see here there they are seem to be a semi smart battery. They show you, you know there's the max power on it. It has no, if those lights are showing up or not, probably not let's bring it up closer, so they do show up, but it does have lights on the front of the battery to show you the the remaining battery power in the battery, and you turn it Off and on by a long press on the battery like, so this also turns the drone on to by pressing this battery 1, once it's inserted into the drone.

Now this drone does have follow me circle me and Waypoint capability, but you must use the WL GPS app to use this. You use those features. You can fly this drone without the app and still record video using the controller. But if you wish to see fpv, video and use the follow me feature to circle me and wait with feature. You need to use the WL GPS app and with that in mind, this drone uses 802.11 AC Wi Fi. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my other reviews or drums that have 802.11 AC Wi Fi, not everybody has such type of Wi Fi on their phone, so before purchasing this make sure that your phone is indeed 802.11 AC, Wi Fi, capable where you will be disappointed. Now, the way to check that, if, for those of you were wondering just Google, your phone's name, Google search your phone's name along with the terms 802.11 and also specifications and then look in the results to see if 802.11 AC Wi Fi shows up in the specifications. For your particular phone that's how you find out? Okay, other things you get in the package let's go over, that you get a user manual that's in English in Chinese with very tiny lettering. I swear folks, these user videos that I'm getting these days. I every one of them. I have to use a magnifying glass to read it with my old eyes. Unfortunately so that's a downside. In my opinion, you get a full spare set of propellers and you actually might need these, since this is a.

This is a little phantom mini phantom style drone one thing about these: sometimes they tend to tip over. Although this one does not seem to feel like it can tip over easily, but they can't tip over on landing, and if that happens, you can damage a propeller. So you may need spare propellers some people put the prop guards on to eliminate that problem. I don't like to put the prop guards. These are the prop guards you with it. The main reason being these greatly degrade performance of the drone and greatly reduced the flight time of the drone, and also, if you end up in a bush or a tree, this your drone may be end up being up hundred feet up in the air. Is it Christmas permanent Christmas tree ornament and that tree so that's? Another reason that I don't use these because they do oak on your branches and rather easily again I mentioned you get a full spare set of propellers. You also get a little screwdriver with two little screws and these two little screws or for those countries that require you to screw in your batteries that's another law that I don't understand, but fortunately the controller does not come with those batteries or their screws inserted. There'S always bugs beyond controllers, so we're moving the screw. So I can assert battery in here. Let'S go over the controller, real, quick, the buttons on the controller in the upper left shoulder button here.

A quick press is for changing rates and, if you hold it down for two seconds or three seconds, it enters the drone into compass calibration mode. So you can do the compass calibrations, which are simply horizontal and vertical, turns until the lights become solid. On the right side, you have a switch for turning off the GPS. If you want to fly an altitude hold mode only you know speed up. You know using this as a sport drone. In other words, you turn off the GPS, going down to hold mode increase. Your rates and you can do some sports flying with this particular drone, although I don't recommend it since it's just a camera drone, I would stay in the low rate and GPS for if you're intending to get video both of these buttons down simultaneously will do an Emergency stop on the motors will shut the motors off immediately don't do this in flight. Drone is flying, but if you do crash into a tree and it ends up hooked up in a tree or a bush, then press this button is to shut those motors off immediately, so they don't damage the motors or their EEOC's electronic speed controllers inside other controls. Throughout all, this is boat to throttle yaw pitch and roll along with trip buttons for each and these buttons down. Here this one, you press this button, hold it down and that will unlock the motors and put them into idle.

They will start spinning idle. This only works once you have sufficient satellites to take off if you're, pressing this and it doesn't go into idle. That means it's. Not your drone is not ready to take off. It will not take off unless you have sufficient satellites to take off. Well, I think, if you turn off GPS mode, you might be able armed in GPS mode. You have to have sufficient satellites, and you know, and again you armed the motors by pressing this button here and then to take off. You have to give it throttle. It does have. It says unlock landing I'm, not sure if it's well also give you auto take off because I haven't tried it yet for auto. Take off. I did start the motors with this, but I have not tried auto take off a lot of landings. Supposedly this button can do that too. Now it does have one key return: return to home and landing on command, and you activate that by pressing this button here, ok for a return to home and landing, you can fly this in headless mode. If you want to do panning shots by pressing this button here and this these next two buttons are really weirdly labeled in Chinese in English. But this one says on the head and this one says under the head and what these buttons really are folks is for raising and lowering your gimbal. So if you want to go, raise your gimbal, you press this button here and if you want to lower the good ball, ends press this in here, and this button here in the bottom is for taking video by long press or taking photos with the drum by A short press, if you're using the drum to control the camera, you could also do that with a WL GPS app in the app you could turn off the start.

The video and stop the video in the app and, along with the photos, so that's a controller it's powered by four double A batteries, two on each side, again with a little screws that you could put in there for those countries that need it. So. Finally, let's get this everything out of the way I want to show you. This comes with a very nice. Let me put this around here very nice carrying case okay, shutting up folks and for the drone it's. You don't normally see them coming with drones these days, but this one does have a nice carrying case for the drone, so you can start to drone in there, along with all its accessories. However, you won't need to remove the propellers on the drone to store it in this case, because the drone will not fit in the case with the propellers install that's about it. Folks, that's the wltoys xkx one it's, a camera drone in the brushless camera drone with gimbal in the 150 class, around 150 and price increases. Of course, as you add batteries to it, but let's take this out into the field folks and see our fly so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quite copter 101, here at a beautiful winter day out here in the desert with the wltoys XK x1. Okay, we are ready to let's get this thing ready to fly, actually we're, not ready yet, but to turn this on again, you have to let's put this on the ground on a flat level surface and then hold this button on the battery until the drone is Energized, okay, then you turn on the transmitter and move up or down to connect the controller to the drum.

Now we need to do the compass calibration and to do the compass calibration. We need to press this shoulder button and hold it for two seconds or three seconds till you hear a beep like so now. The light should be flashing on the drone and they are flashing rapidly. Now they tell you to actually do the compass dance with this particular drone and the reason being you don't want to mess up the gimbal by turning this by hand. But you do a cup of stance like so by rotating the drone until those lights slow down. The flash showing you there okay now the flashing has slowed down, and now we put the drone vertical like so and continue the cup of stance with the camera point upward. Until you get solid lights and the compass calibration is completed, you need to do this with all GPS drones. Folks, it's, just something you need to do now: I'm gon na connect, my Wi Fi to the drone and we'll start the flying so hold on folks. Okay, this is the WL GPS, app available on Google Play and iTunes and we're let's see. How are we ready to go yet? How many satellites do we have? We have 18 satellites, so that tells us right away. We have dual GPS, also known as GPS GLONASS. We have both the Russian satellites and the u.s. navigation satellites connected to the drum now to start the video let's start the video camera first, which button what's that again hold on folks lower right holding the button done, and I see that we are recording right now And to start the motors we hold down the unlock button and to take off let's see if we can do an automatic take off by a quick press, how about a long for us? No, I guess we got to give it throttle to take off taken to the air.

Let'S put it right about there. Now I'm gon na lower the camera a bit by pressing under the head that's too much I'm going back up a bit. Okay, more MORE! Goodbye! Get motion to back up just wanted that much okay! So there it isn't here, let's bring it down a little bit lower, get up a little closer to say. How do you like my shirt today, folks, a little bit of 1000 but one and a half seconds of lag but that's to be expected with most Wi Fi Flyers? Okay, we should be good to go, so let me put my glasses on so I can see this drone from a distance. Turning to the left a bit, I want to point it to word. Oh and speaking, the distance going up a bit higher and heading up on try to turn it to where don't speak and going out behind again going up higher and let's see what type of distance we can get on it. I'M gon na go out to about a hundred meters or so then stop it slow down. There check you get stability it there and how far are we? Let me look on my screen here this day: it's 321 feet so close to aren't meters. The distances are measured in feet on this, and let's go up a bit higher a lot higher. Actually, because I want to make sure I get good range and then pushing forward and I'd finally go 366 feet 400 feet.

Let'S see what type of fpv range can we expect here on this signal from this drum five hundred fifty three feet still got fpv 621 feet: 671. 681. So over 200 meters now see if we can make it past a thousand meters or a thousand feet. Okay right there eight hundred nine feet, nice. Okay, I got the signal back again and the drone is just above the peak there in the distance. I could still see it so I'm pushing up on again pushing forward continuing that bond and ever less signal. Apparently I have lost signal. Let'S come flying line of sight right now. Folks, I can still see it, but we're gon na go a little further see what type of control range we can get. As long as I can see it in the distance, I can fly it pushing for it anything that bad signals getting weaker on the controller right now, I can see that right now, it's just I'm pushing forward and so that's about the max range. There was the last distance we got measured here. You don't 66 feet so around 300 meters, I'm, guessing where we're at right now, let me push a little further see if I can go any more there. It goes it's going up on turn to the left. A little bit going up higher let's go ahead and have fun right above the peak still going at bond. So this got good good control distance, but the fpv range is about 300 meters, I'm gon na call it right about there, where I'm guessing we're about 400 meters out I'm going a bit higher here increasing the altitude.

So I could maintain sight on this now. We'Re going to press this return to home and see how that works, it's flying back fast is that I can see off in the distance here so yeah we're about we lost fpv range, just under 300 meters and i've continued flying it. We still had control range 400, i'm, guessing maybe 500 meters it'd probably be about the maximum for the controller, so fpv range about 300 meters and control range to about 500 meters, which is reasonable for this little drone. It comes back, let's see how accurate its return to home and landing is I'm stepping back and watching it come back overhead doing its automatic return to home and landing just holding up the transmitter to show that I'm, not flying it. You coming overhead let's see how close this landing is to the pad coming down. Coming down. Psycho be okay, reasonable, maybe don't even touch the pad, we'll see getting done, yeah about to be year and a half off, and it didn't tip over. Thank goodness, okay. So long distance flying now you can stop. The motors is starting by also bringing both sticks down and out whoa. No, you can't emergency. Stop! No! You can't! I think you need to press the automatic stop button to turn it off. Let'S may confirm that. Okay, let me stop the video recording first before I do that: okay. I'M starting the motors this time by bringing both sticks down and out and pressing the unlock landing button, and does that stop the motors yeah that stops the motors too.

So I would recommend using the unlock landing button instead of down on out to stop the motors, because that tilted the drum okay. Let me double check these props to make sure I didn't damage them. No, thank goodness they did it. They didn't damage. So the motors there's a feedback – I guess from some of the motors, if there's any blockages, it'll stop the motors immediately that's good. Okay, we got eighty seven percent battery left this time. I am going to take off and I want to lower that gimbal all the way down. We'Re gon na do a manual takeoff this time starting the camera again. Camera is started, bringing both sticks down and out this time manual takeoff and giving it throttle setting it up now. Can I lower that give all the way let's see if I can lower the gimbal all the way? I just turned a GPS off wait. No, I did okay I'm gon na lower the gimbal pressing under the head. Oh yeah, I can get directly under it and we're doing a rocket and away we go okay. This is a rocket launch, turning it turning it. This is going up so that's a rocket and it works okay, coming back down again this time I'm pushing forward, and also I want to raise the gimbal back up by pressing on the head. Okay, that's, showing the mountains in the distance here pushing forward then come the backyard. Next thing I want to do is: do a headless mode cream, shot, bringing it back dad.

I always go forward folks what I'm descending? The reason being I want to avoid going into what's called vortex ring state where you enter into the propwash of your own propellers here, which can create problems. Okay: I'm, going to press headless mode now, headless mode is activated, pushing forward to see which directions headless mode direction. That way, lowering the gimbal a bit reason being I'm gon na go again up in a way. This time, crane shot it's just like in the old, Easy Rider movie, the ending up in a way Creed shot like those okay and then turning off headless mode that's. What you do with the headless mode folks, he had these things like that: panning and crane shots similar to that that's. Why you would? What headless mode on a camera drum the way I used to advertise headless mode. It was like a wait up for beginner fliers to fly it's it's, better it's best for doing painting shots like that. I feel okay, stopping the drone right there and raising the camera back up a bit and how much battery power do we do we've done a 32 percent battery, but while we're at 32 let's see, if we can do a follow me pressing, follow okay, where's it Going stop it follow me. I don't know why did that folks, it flew away over there for the follow, be okay to stop it. From doing that, I had to turn it off.

Let'S bring it back over again. I had to turn follow me off, but that was weird, so be careful with that. One folks follow me seems to be a issue with this let's plop it right there again. Let'S go up a bit higher this time and let me make sure I have my GPS turned on, but the way we could do that the check is going into the maps. I believe yeah we're GPS is working on my phone, so let's try follow me. One more time and I'm gon na turn it off again after that backs up again, I'm stepping back this time. It'S flashing follow me it's flashing, so I don't know maybe it's actually working right now, no pressing in again press in the feature so follow me I'm. Not quite sure why that's not working how much circle position? Okay, oh I don't, know why that brought up, but circle position might turn off. Okay, I'm. Having some issues with this particular app, so let's bring it down and we're gon na finish this off. I do have one more battery, but before that let's let's go over this way and see if I can go up the road okay, I've seen Dover lost fpv signal. No, I haven't. I got they're raising the camp. Raising the camera up and let's go up the road see how far up the road we go with this now am i okay we're we're hitting a geofence right now and the reason being right now, I'm, at 17 battery.

So there is a geofence it turns on when you get low battery appears to be house what's. The distance of the geofence 8 24 145 feet. So what is that 30 meters about 30 meters geofence? So essentially, we can't fly greater than 30 meters once the battery gets below 20, and I got another battery for this since I do have the two battery version we're gon na pop in in shortly here when it gets down to about 10 percent or who see, If, if this actually aligns itself let's turn off GPS, pressingly turn off GPS button going to higher rate let's see this then fly high speed. Oh my, it is sporty look at to go so you can't turn off the GPS and turn this into a sport. Quadcopter – and I shouldn't be doing this a low battery right now, so everybody back on again we'll, try that and uh okay. Gps should be back on again and it's, holding its position so yeah so let's bring it back over batteries 14 and bringing it and the red light starting to flash. In the back tell me we are low battery. Look at that folks there's a low battery light. So you can see it so we got confirmed low battery, but while we have still some remaining battery power, I'm turning it toward me and pressing let's take a camera, a picture photo there's one photo another photo one more: okay and starting the video camera back up.

I'M, not sure if I had that on or off, but we are dying to 13 battery going back up again upper right there and panting panting panting, just showing the camera will do it slow paying around in a circle. Well, one good thing: you know when I flew out of range and the Wi Fi seems to have regained itself automatically. I just can't do that, for you know when the Wi Fi signal is lost and you lose it, you have to usually restart the app, but I didn't have to do it in this case, for this particular drone coming down going around and around within this 30 Meters circle: we got a fly in and flopping it over here. Okay, I'm gon na be in here as soon as this thing lands low battery I'm waiting for it to see what it can do on low battery right now. The app is telling me that we are nine percent battery power, which is pretty low. Okay. Sometimes these apps are not very accurate, so that's. The reason why I'm waiting to see what is this actually going to do on low battery? Is it going to do a return to home? Is it going to climb before doing return to home and then descending or just going to do it straight? Okay, that's. The important part thing I want to know that. Excuse me we're, just gon na keep flying it but locally here low low to the ground.

In case it does drop from the sky on low battery. Oh there's, what it doesn't low battery, okay, okay, it's landing itself! So keep this in mind. Folks on low battery with this drone, let me turn off the camera I'm low battery. With this drone it brings itself within 30 meters circle. You can fly continue flying within that 30 meter circle. However, once the battery is depleted, as you saw there, it will land wherever it is at, so be careful with that folks, hi quadcopter 101, here again hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to My channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out so give it a try.