WLToys V686K V686G Wifi/FPV Quadcopter Drone Review

V686Okay Wifi FPV: http://www.xheli.com/28h-v686k-wifi.html V686G FPV: http://www.xheli.com/28h-v686g-58gfpv-4gb.html We have now V686 collection from WL Toys, …


  1. Hello,
    Quick question, I just purchased 3 V686g recently. I noticed that one of quad is pulling to left and rear right out of the box. How do I fix this issue and get stable flight?

  2. Can I connect the v686g directly with my phone?

  3. this guy is humming and hawwing thru this crap. chinglish instructions and 2 hour charge times proves his pitch wrong. you can now get this pos for $29 currently, which makes it a fair deal, now…finally after all.

  4. Hi does the v686g have altitude hold?

  5. Is the 686k camera 5.8g like the fpv model

  6. Mine takes a whole hour to charge

  7. what is the range of wifi fpv

  8. Name of apk for v686gWIFI

  9. thanks for saying all that,i will buy firsth

  10. whats the difference between V686g Wifi and V686K Wifi?

  11. Now i thinking wich one to buy? I need to know, is the range viewing in phone or lcd monitor is same or no? Witch have beter signal? Pls, anwser :/

  12. I have the FVP monitor…

  13. Could you help me troubleshoot? I have this quadcopter and can record photos, but can no longer record video. I had been recording video in the past. What should I try doing? Any help would be appreciated…
    I'm reaching out to you, because your video review was excellent! Thanks!

  14. Let's say I get FPV version but can I still use my phone like WIFI FPV version?

  15. where does the fpv wifi come from?

  16. The charging time is not 15-20 minutes it's about 2 hours, get your facts straight.

  17. Hi, thanks for the video, quite clear to understand how they work ! Got a question though, I was considering getting the J version (just with the camera) can I then upgrade later to the G version for example to get the FPV ? Or can't you adapt other features than what's included in the pack ? cheers pal !

  18. Could you recommend a drone controlled by wifi using the phone that can carry a camera? other than the parrot.

  19. V686K and V686G with one better and if V686K is better than V686G can you tell me about cash?

  20. Guy/Girls – just got one today. I'm about to unpack and fly for the first time. Wish me luck. Oh yeah, I got the wifi version and a Nexus 6 phone…

  21. I just love how these guys verbally stumble around their BS propaganda about this POS product. This QCD is manufactured by one factory in China, which quite frankly does has very crappy quality control protocols in place, but it is marketed under at least three different retailer names that I know of. Good luck getting the controller board to survive more than four or five flights, and the WiFi transmission of the half-assed FPV feature is slow and unreliable with low-definition image quality. Totally not worth the $70 they're asking for it. In fact, based on my personal experience with this product, NitroPlanes should be paying customers to take the stock off their hands.

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