It is the second generation of the famous wizard with which so many people began to learn to fly in fpv a year two years ago by the specifications. This wizard is a tank. Look: what carbon are we talking about? Well, let’s, get to know it first and then we’ll fly. It let’s see what you think … Forward video. How This is the drone box a little dented, as you can see, I think the carrier has sat with his buttocks on top, but hey if the inside is fine, and the first thing we have is two sets of propellers spare hardware, some shiny antenna stickers to Put on it. something for a mount: the tool is useless. Some foam is for landing screws for the propellers this I suppose it will be for the battery to hold it and finally, the drone ete good, because all this has come to me and now, as always, we are going to look Let’s see what the drone tells Us well let’s see why this drone is said to be an initiation drone, because it is recommended to us to get started in this topic of fpv first, because of the price, the price at the moment is on sale. I think it is A price that will be maintained is 126 euros. There is only one model, it is this one. Then we also have the option of buying it with a station.. I do not recommend it., It is not the best station.

. I see other options. Like the elite, one, for example, that comes out a little more without quality. You will earn a lot. It is not so toy. Therefore, we stay with this version because it is also an initiation version. That is a tank. You see that it is a tank. The first thing you call attention: the arms are arms of 5 millimeters little drones are already seen with arms, so fat, you see that it is super rigid, whether you are not going to break this. You have to be the incredible hulk and after giving the milk, whatever you are not going to break the plates. Super inferiors are 2 millimeters. They also look quite thick and what is the distance between axes? The diagonal is 225 millimeters. As I said, it comes without a receiver. Therefore, there is only one engine version. You see that the super protected man engines are some without 22 072 1550 kv. Therefore, it is motors to fly with 4 s that are quite good. According to the manufacturer, they can withstand between 3 and 5 s with 5. That has to be a rocket, and I would not even test it. It has a maximum thrust of 1180 grams is not nonsense and we will see how about where, of course, for 5 inch propellers. It is curious. Nowadays you no longer see drones with this assembly. I do not know that you do it at home. As you see the csc go separately, It is 30 amps, bl lee s, support batteries from 2 to 4 s and has a peak current of 35 amps, of course, shot 600.

Without any problem here below you see that, on the first floor we have a p. Must this is a plate to distribute the current, and the signal to the motors is pdv, then it will be connected to what is the controller? This little came of this type. It is no nonsense in the end, if you burned one sc, you only have to replace one sc and not all. Therefore the cost maintenance is much lower. The controller, the first thing that catches your attention. You see that it has a usb connection efe. I do n’t have many drones that have this type. A connection of this type is an efe controller 405. It is not an f 7 but good to begin with.. An f 4 is enough. The client has, of course, a 6 thousand m turn. They have a barometer, it has a 5 volt time and a 9 volt one or sd incorporated, of course, and well in principle. We can say that it is a fairly standard controller. The video transmitter that goes up here is a tc 5804 pro, and it has emission powers from and 25200 and 600 thousand watts for a freestyle drone is enough and the camera that it has here on the front that you see is a fox and micro arrow. You have the most of the most, but it is a quality of Pretty good image. Then we will see how it behaves, and a little more is that this drone does not have anything else.

This is this on the basis of what more, if it has engine protectors, so that you can give it the milk you want or get it dirty and the engine inside that every time it does not suffer landing gears to protect the frame. It has some more pieces printed in 3 d because to put an antenna on it mind you have the antenna. That is a lollipop 3, as you can see here. What is the battery goes in the upper part and in total? Well, he makes a fairly robust set as you can see.. Yes, no do not pretend that it is below 250 grams because it is a mazacote. It is a tank without propellers we stay at 386 grams. It is not as much as I thought. I thought it would be something more but good.. It is quite in general, because we have a strong drone, it is a tank. I think that is why they say that it is for beginners. You can give it a lot of milk and in principle nothing should happen to it. You see that here we even have a double layer: carbon on the front, so that it is less damaged, totally inflexible. No, you cannot bend it even backwards and then in the good frame, because you have the option that you can disassemble this area here without having to disassemble the camera area with the which one you have easier access to the entire interior let’s test.

It. You see that by removing three screws we already have all the central staff in view, so the construction is a proven, robust construction. It has nothing. Special. Al is typical. It is quite simple and good novice proof. It seems but let’s see if, apart from the novice proof, to see how it flies take one thing into account: we have what is the support for the go pro that would be fixed here. We can fix in this area and then these landing gears that don’t make much sense if we already have the 3 d printed ones well, I’m, going to put it now on the receiver. You configured the channels in beta flight and we’re, going to fly it to see how the Installation of the radio receiver is very simple. We remove the cover that we have with the three screws and take the cable. The only thing I have done has been good to use a little heat shrink tube instead of insulating tape, so that it is cleaner. But it is very easy. We solder the three cables of what is the receiver ls bus, the positive and the negative, and then what I have done has been to cover those connections with the heat shrink so that they are isolated once this is done, and it is perfect, with the x Plus of ha To close it to the cables, what you have to do is solder them directly to the receiver.

. It is very simple: once we have everything ready, we put double sided tape and put it in place. We pass the antennas first so that it is well exposed and when we have passed the antennas, we have taken a measure with the double side. It sticks and then the jsp connection is inserted in the hole where it was, and it is done. All we have to do now is this is to connect with the receiver button on We put it video mode, and I at least caught it right away. In this case, it is with a jumper, r1 receiver, but below I put other alternatives such as saying it is me plus, for example, we are already in our spot as always a little bit of fog as you can see, but It is not going to prevent Us from flying this bug – and we are going to take it off to see what sensations it gives us good. First, the camera was a bit dark, but hey just high power gray does not have the logo. The ga is falling. Fas is quite fast. The glasses, with permission to review the video we are going to do the typical one of the tree to see quite well. The power goes very well in bed. It is a bit dark. The truth is that today is also a dark day, but but it is going very well In the setup. It is not bad. I miss a bed with more light, but if not, what is flying? It flies very well, you see what to react.

Well, if we put anything in it, it is very soft. It is super soft, rather I like it no longer shows It is a wizard. You can see that it is a 5 inch, of course, but not that it is a wizard. It is going very well. It is going very well. Materials are being roasted careful with the fence that I have of 1300. The batteries are the beautiful ones. I see it very well, and the truth is that they respond well. Soft soft is a 5 inches very similar, for example, because to live light because, yes, the image is what fails. But what is the dynamics I like in the position? The dog is already working noisy, it is not. It is not as smooth as other drones that we have arrived, but what The control is quite decent. I like it to start with. It is very good so much more. I hope you have already started with one like that, but we are doing well the price that has 126 euros now man described above 80 that came out at that price. The exaggerated 126 euros that I have now seems to me A more than correct price. 140 euros is good for 5 inches. These will be many of those that go to 6 and we are in liquidation of the cheapest that there may be and the answers as perfect. It is soft. It is not doing anything strange to me.

It is that it is flying the video well a little off but hey. It is true that today I have been flying digital drones until now, and then that difference is normal. We are going to access for tight, turns to see how he responds. Rather not his thing is not the races of later, but It is going well, it is going well, it is a spin to enjoy a little and to learn what it sees, because in the end it is a mazacote. It is a tank. It has a lot of protections I am going to lower it now and the carbon at the top. There is no more carbon and a c Aldera. We are going to lower it and make another flight to see how they are invading. The field of flight therefore have one more flight and see how it goes for that i are, the cows, do not get me very close to them. They have annoyed the site, but Well I don’t know I like to start flying. It is a drone that seems fine to me. We say it is hard. It is not very expensive. There are better, of course, but hey for this price. I see it a very good option. You will tell me in the Comments to see what you think if you liked it, you did not like it and tell me I am going to upload this quito pino excess power. You know what it is image very well, it is quite far and it goes well and it goes to 25.

It is unchanged it is to 25 thousand watts. The basil invades us good recovery. What do you think to say the least comment that is yes, it is ok if it is not. Ok, see you in the next video that I am going to continue flying and enjoying a little of this little hockey good and without problems. It is flying me and it is going of mother at dawn that It is I like it. You can fly, then it would be easier. But what do you think of Oscar, as I am seeing it? They are swallowing the batteries which is nice, but it is hard. It is heavy. I will have finished what the list is. Surely I am without battery, but what released in element and this I already believe that it will land for everyone a little more. I, like 180, a lot he did not say it was worth it of course, 1 for this price, because, as out on the back of the cow, see you analyze that already with so much cow for Here, poor people.