If you entered the contest of course, which was about a week ago – and today is the day im picking a winner, so in this box, can i still see my head in this box? You get uh the drone. You get two batteries, you get the controller. You get a battery charger that does four batteries a case to carry it around in and some instructions and odds and ends and accessories, extra props and other things. Also. The winners gon na get some captain drone stickers right here, because im the one whos gon na mail, this off to the winner. So what im gon na do right now is ive already taken the plastic off you can see. The drone is new in the box. In there still in the wrapping and uh im gon na put the stickers in the lets see, you can see it right here, so whoevers gon na win this. The next time this box is opened, is hopefully not by customs but uh by you, the winner. So captain road stickers are going right there, pile of them close this up and lets pick a winner. All right, so take a look at my laptop and you can see the youtube contest that you would have entered and im going to scroll up theres. The contest questions im going to go over to my other tab im going to show you what the time is right now in ottawa, ontario, where i live so right now it says its uh 1009 47 a.

m, and it is tuesday october the 5th and im about To pick a winner so lets go back to the contest, read the questions and then see. If you have the right questions and if you entered correctly so here we go so question number three: if you buy a drone from the rc going website, do you have to pay taxes on the product if you live in the u.s or europe? The answer is at this website, so im going to go to the website and there it is right over there on the right. You do not have to pay taxes on products shipped to europe or the united states thats. Why rc going is pretty cool? Also rc going is a type of place that pretty much only sells drones. So if you have a drone question or a question with your product, you can ask them a question. Unlike other sites like banggood, they sell everything from womens underwear to drones. So if you ask them a drone question, they dont have a clue. What youre talking about question number four captain drone uses this landing pad in most of his videos. This landing pad has a different color on each side and its true. I have a pile of these landing pads because i love them. You can see footprints and dirt all over, so its blue on one side orange on the other, so thats it blue and orange. And if you go to the site uh here we go thats a pgy tech one and it shows you right there, its blue and orange.

So if you have blue and orange, then you are correct. Oh last question: what is the maximum flight time of the soon to be released? 4K hubsan, xeno mini sc. You know im im going to have one of those for review. I think rc going sent me one of those. At least they sent me an email said. We sent you one, i hope you dont mind. Im like yeah, i dont mind sure, send it ill review it its basically just a stripped down version of this one. So lets go find that because they took out the obstacle avoidance on the sc version, it doesnt use up a lot of power and they took out other sensors. So it gets like right on the title. It says 45 minutes of flight time all right. So now the easy part lets pick a winner, so im just gon na copy. The url from my video and im gon na go to the youtube random comment. Generator picker thinger stick it in here and then this next part always takes a bit where it says, get your youtube comments, im just going to click on that at the bottom, its going to take a while because it has to go through all the comments below The video and gather them together, theres, usually over a thousand or two thousand or three thousand or four thousand, so it takes a while. So uh pause and come back and see me.

Okay, there we go amount of unique comments is 3661., so that means its taken out. The duplicates or people whove entered more than once. I should also mention that i did mention earlier on in the contest that i would change the questions part way through well. Ive been so busy, i have a day job and ive been so busy with my day job. I havent even got the drone videos that much so im just sort of trying to get everything done. So i have it. I had no cha no time to do any of that anyways, so there we go now. It comes to the easy part – and this part here theres all these ads at the bottom, and i want to get theres an ad right there nail your comp competitors analysis. I try to get rid of those ads when im hitting the start button because they mess up the whole contest, so anyways im gon na go over here, oh good. Ah, its come back so im gon na hit the start button and were gon na see who the winner is so im. Looking so im looking at you youre looking at me and im clicking on the start button with my finger right now, there we go going through going through going through whos going to be the winner, who is the winner, chaos cassidy from united states, so uh no Taxes, colors are orange and blue, which is correct right here and 45 minutes of max flight time, so cassidy pointer as long as you are a subscriber to my channel.

You have yourself a new hopson, xeno mini pros, so you will be one excited. Guy plus captain drone stickers. Dont. Forget that so im just going to say a quick thank you. Ive got to get to the office, so im going to say a quick. Thank you to rc going thanks for providing this, so i can give it away yes, its up to me to mail it to the winner, so cassidy it might take a while to get to you because im pretty slow getting to the post office and yes, it Is going by post and not courier, because i got ta mail it the cheapest way, so youll get that soon. Im gon na get in contact with you and get all your details, but to everyone who entered. Thank you very much, theres going to be more giveaways. In the future, as we get close to christmas and also im going to try to give away captain drone stickers again – hopefully that comes through just like i did last year, so everybody can get a sticker, doesnt cost you anything. You just send me an email and i send you a sticker, but wait until i get to that dont. Send me an email now because ill just ignore you all right guys, thanks for watching this video and thanks for entering until the next contest, take care.