Whether it is aviation, whether its civil engineering, uh large scale, agricultural research, we need to find a platform that could do a little bit of everything and do it at a level that would actually fit and meet the needs of our researchers. The wing tread is the platform that we selected, and i am so glad that we did during covet. I was able to map at research levels with the multiple different types of payloads, whether it was the mica sense autumn and red edge to the rx1 rgb. With the ppk module. We were able to create the research level data for over 21 000 acres, even among all the challenges of covid. It has been able to fly throughout the state of ohio. It has handled winds extremely well and one of the things thats most impressed me about the the wing trap is its resilience, also the ability that wintra brings, that they can do things uh and learn from from past flight experiences to make changes. So originally, when i bought it, its max wind was 18 and through a software change it all of a sudden has the ability to fly up to 26 mile an hour sustained winds and ive done it, and it is amazing at the the predictable outcomes.