Okay, so for everyone who's watched this channel, you know I'm a big fan of the Telo. It is a fun little drone to fly flies well with both a bluetooth remote like this one. It also flies well with a phone or tablet using the app it's. One of the few drones you can actually fly with a phone that's, pretty decent to do great little introductory drone for having some fun learning, how to fly and also taking some decent pictures and video. So all of that said, a company out of Denmark, called maker, has made this kit that allows you to race the drone and actually time yourself in competitive races, using infrared or IR sensors that you fly over each of the markers, and it tells you basically if You'Ve hit the marker. So if you set out a course with four markers or three markers, it can tell you that you've hit each of the markers, and then you can time yourself using an app. That maker also makes so I'm going to demonstrate that and then, at the end of the video I'm gon na, tell you how you can win a Telo plus a maker race kit from maker and it's. Pretty simple so stay tuned and let me show you this stuff. So, first of all, this is the maker kit. Here there are three markers that you use to set out. So if you're gon na make a race course, you would set these out in your yard or in your house or wherever you're gon na fly.

These all emit an infrared light, and there is then this marker that actually goes on the Telo itself. Now this also emits an infrared light, it's kind of like your remote control on your television when it passes over and the infrared light sees the other infrared light it. It activates the beacon and tells the app hey you passed over the right spot. So if you're flying on a course you'll know if you actually hit the right spots or not also, if you're trying to do precision flying it's, also good for that now, this thing the best way to get it on the bottom of your Telo is to act. We connected via velcro, but before you do that you're going to want to take this provided USB cord, which has four micro USB chargers at the end, along with a USB, a the regular USB and here that you plug into your wall or into your computer or Whatever and then you're going to want to charge all of these up, so you charge up your transmitter, is what I'll call it the one that goes on the drone, and then you charge up your three beacons one two three: each of these has a little micro Usb slot that you put the that you put the charging cable into and plug it in now, I've already charged them, and you might be able to see that blue light blinking there that's, because I just turned this one on the blue light – indicates that this thing Is actually going now that these both have the light on they're both transmitting? What you have to do next is download the app which I'll put a link in the description it's both for Android and for iOS I'm gon na use it my iPad Mini here.

I'Ve got the app running already and you'll hear as I go over each time. It'S telling me that I've successfully I've successfully passed over it and it's, counting that as a lap. So you can use just one marker fly out, fly over it and fly back, and then that would tell you that you reached your goal, the distance you want to go, but with three markers again you can set up kind of a triangular or any shape. Of course you want, you can always add more markers to it, so we're gon na go ahead and stop this. Stop. This guy hit reset I'm going to turn on these other two. So now I've got three markers and just again to demonstrate that they're working the way I want I'm gon na go see how, when I run over them now, if you, if you go out to the side, it doesn't work, there's a certain amount of accuracy. You have to have there's a cone that comes up from these things. You can be fairly high too, as long as it as long as it passes directly over it. It'S gon na work. So what we're gon na do is we're going to stop this hit reset and we're going to put the marker on the Telo via velcro, and if you do it right, you don't want to block these two sensors, because these two sensors here are your positioning sensors. On the bottom of the Telo, so you don't want to block those, but you can be pretty close to them, but if you do it right, the teller will sit just like that on the on the marker.

So what we're gon na do is place these at some various spots around the yard and then I'm gon na try flying over them from here and see how well I can do it all right, bring it down a little bit line it up, and here we Go three two one up. You heard it now I'm gon na go over this one kind of interesting trying to do it line of sight because I'm not quite sure how far back I have to be up there we go. I got it I'm gon na go to this one got it so that was one lap remember. The teller does not have obstacle avoidance, so you don't want to hit anything now. I'M gon na. Try it again. Actually, if I do it a little faster there's one. Oh missed it go back. What am I doing wrong? Got it going over to the third one got it coming back, then it stopped bring this over here for a second look at my results, a little bit. So if I say this is going to be, I don't know if it matters what order you do them in, but this is going to be marker, one, okay, Marco, two and marker three. Okay, stop! So now one two, three! Okay, all right here we go there's marker one. Oh, it is a lot easier with the game controller, doing line of sight, there's marker 2 and marker three and then I'll go back to marker 1 and let's see if I can do it smoother again.

Let'S, do then get marker 3 Music all right, so I do want to say a couple things about the actual pieces themselves. They are very well made they're plastic, but they're like not a flimsy plastic they're. They seem very well fitted like the fit, and finish is really nice. The lighting on them is really cool. The way it kind of lights up around the edge, the recess of the USB port is, is nice and in some cases on cheaper things when you put in the USB plug it pushes the little recess in which it doesn't do here. It'S very solid. The button feels really good and they also have these little holes. So I imagine you could hang them from something if you wanted to so that you could use them as a sideways sensor, there's, nothing that says they have to face up. They could face sideways anything. You wanted to activate, as you went by with the marker with the transmitter here, would would work and you can see the transmitter itself is very lightweight. It doesn't really impact the drones flight at all. It seems to be just fine with that and again it's. Also well made the light on it is, is very apparent and it actually lights up when when you, when you roll over when it's on you roll over one of these it lights up now, I don't have the app running right now, so you see how it's Lighting up that's, because I'm running out that's when I'm over in the in the infrared area, actually that's interesting, so you'll see when I'm in the infrared area, it lights up, blue and then, when I'm out of it it.

It goes off so that's where the infrared area starts and that's where it stops, and I imagine if you get higher yeah, you can see there it's in the red and then it's out infrared, so really cool tech in this stuff. Okay, one other little thing. We thought would be fun: we're, big frisbee people, love, throwing the disc love playing ultimate. We thought we would try putting a marker right in the center as close as possible of this disc, turning it on and seeing if we're running the app. If we can actually get it to beep by throwing it accurately over the marker, so the one another thing I didn't talk about is the precision mode where it keeps the timer going as long as you are hovering over the actual marker. So in this case, you can see the timer is counting it's at ten seconds right now, because I'm over the marker. As soon as I go off the marker, the timer stops counting so basically it's gon na. Let you know how long are you able to hover in this little range to keep the thing engaged like that, so I don't think that's what we want for this, though I think we want the race mode for the frisbee. So what I'm gon na try and do is actually throw the frisbee over a marker, that's sitting over on that table and we'll see if the thing actually beeps. If I do it accurately enough, yes, you heard it okay, so now, Tate and I are gon na play catch with the frisbee over the marker and see how many times we can get it over the marker, as we throw it.

Nope missed that one okay. So as a frisbee accuracy tester, it actually works pretty well wouldn't, you say yeah so now. The big question is: how do you win a maker kit and a brand new Telo from maker? Well, it's, pretty easy! All you have to do is follow the link at the end of this video to the video that maker made about the Telo and this kit that i will link you to subscribe to the maker youtube channel and leave a comment in that video. That says: win Otello, wi n, a te ll o and from everyone who leaves that comment win Otello and it's a subscriber to the maker youtube channel. We will randomly select, actually maker, will randomly select a winner, and we will do that on New Year's Eve will pick the winner and then on my next first Friday, which would be the first Friday of January 2020, which I believe is January 3rd. Don'T quote me on that, but I think it's January 3rd 2020 we will have the winner announced and then maker will ship you one of these kits with everything you see here, as well as a brand new Tello I'm. Also, really curious, what's, your ideas of how you could use this thing would be what would be some cool things you could do with it in terms of gamifying it or just having fun or testing your accuracy. Leave those in the comments below again to win the Telo just go over to the maker video that I'm gon na link to leave the comment.

Win8 ello and subscribe to the maker youtube channel and you'll be qualified. We will draw the winner on New Year's Eve and we will give it away on January 3rd 2020.