Win a Lume Cube Air for your Drone or Camera

Win a Lume Dice Air to your Drone or Digital camera.
Contest Particulars & dates: Contest runs from December 21st to midnight on December 28th. Winner introduced shortly after. All it’s a must to do is title the four completely different colours of Gels which are obtainable for the Lume Cubes (title all four colours that you just see). They’re proven on this web page:

Right here is my Full Evaluation of the Lume Cubes on a Drone:

Lume Cubes and equipment can be discovered on AMAZON at this hyperlink:

GoPro Hero 7 on AMAZON may be discovered right here:
GoPro Steel Case:
Rode Mic:
GoPro Audio Adapter:

DJI Osmo Pocket and plenty of equipment may be discovered on AMAZON right here:

  1. Traditional primaries, Red, Green, Blue and secondary, Yellow. Love to try one out!

  2. Mary Christmas love to win that for my Drone

  3. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Love the Lume Cube Air!

  4. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Hope I win!

  5. Red, green, blue and yellow! I have the original LmeCube and this air looks AMAZING!! Thanks for doing this – you and Trevor both!! HoHoHo!!!

  6. Hello from Connecticut Captain Drone. The gel colors are red, green, blue, and yellow. It’s an awesome product, and website. This product is a good, well priced lighting solution for photography and video. Thanks for introducing me to it. I’m fairly new to your channel but you have become one of my favorite reviewers. I like that you not only review higher end drones but also less expensive drones and even toy are easy to listen to, you get to the point and you keep it fairly short. Also the use of the Go Pro Hero 7
    Yields great looking video. Looking forward to many more videos to help me decide what my next Drone will be.

  7. Rouge / Vert / Bleu / Jaune

  8. Whats it going to take to win the WHOLE VLOG SETUP? 😉

  9. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow! I just give it a shot lol.

  10. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Your unboxing & review has really peaked my interest!

  11. Red, green, blue , yellow..pretty awesome video also!

  12. Red, green, blue, yellow. Looks exciting

  13. Red,Green,Blue,Yellow I hope I win.

  14. Red, Green, Blue, yellow, light house white .. would look awesome on my Mavic air and my Gopro 5session on our fat bikes 👍😉

  15. Pretty cool accessory! It would work great with my DJI Mavic! 😊 COLOR GEL PACK FOR LUME CUBE LIGHT-HOUSE: RED / GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW.

  16. FOUR COLOR GEL PACK FOR LUME CUBE LIGHT-HOUSE (RED / GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW) for $29.99, These lights are Awesome I use them on my Mavic Pro and I am glad to see the have the mounts for the Mavic Pro 2. They work great with a cell phone and they make easy to see my Mavic Pro when fly at dusk.

  17. The 4 different colors of Gels that are available for the Lume Cubes are RED / GREEN / BLUE / YELLOW
    Thanks Mark

  18. Four different color gels that are available for lume cube are 1) Red , 2) Green, 3) Blue and 4) Yellow. There's also a warming gel pack and man that osmo looks crisp. Seriously. Instant subbed and liked the video too 😛

  19. The colour that are available for the Gel Pack Lume cube is Red,Green,Blue and Red. Love your videos and tips on Dji Drone..looking forward to get one soon.. all the best Captain Drone 👍😊

  20. Blue, red, green & yellow are the 4 gel colours

  21. I saw red green blue and yellow. This would be a great edition to my blog kit to help me get started.

  22. Hello Captain… I see Blue, Green, Yellow and Red…. good luck to myself and the others

  23. The Lume Cube has a variety of different gel filters and covers. The gel covers come in standard RGBY (red,green,blue,yellow). These covers allow you to adjust the color of the light coming from your Lume Cube. There are also four CTO (color temperate orange) gel slides. These gel covers allow you to adjust the temperature of your light from 6000k to 3500k and inbetween.

  24. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

    The Lume Cube Air looks like a great way to get some very unique shots. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Not sure if I’m to late but,
    The Lume Cube RGBY (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) Color Gel Pack consists of four Color Gels which allow you to adjust the color of your light.
    Still a pretty cool light, even if I’m to late.

  26. Captain
    Did you get the weight of the cube? I can't find it on their site.
    Thanks for any help
    Mike W

  27. Hi, wonder if you can help …Lume Cube say *Not recommended for use on Drones due to built-in magnet …have you had any problems ?

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