Well, this is the hubsan xeno mini pro giveaway contest announcement, so the company rc going thats the store and the link to that store is below and youre going to find out much about rc going because many of the links in this video for the contest are Going to go to rc going, they are giving away a hubsan xeno mini pro to one of captain drones, lucky viewers. So what are you going to win? Well, youre going to win this box youre going to win this bag youre going to win this drone, the hubsan xeno mini pro. I think this is the 64 gig model, the one that youre going to win. It does come with a really cool charging base here, plus an extra battery, so you get two batteries and you get the awesome controller with display and no im not giving away mine, because mine is right here right behind it see i have two of them. Yes, so if you have not seen my review of the hubsan xeno mini pro, you might want to check it out because its a super popular video and it shows all the cool features on this drone and why it is so advanced in the year 2021. All right so lets get on to the contest. The contest has a few rules. Rule number one is, you must be a subscriber to the captain, drone youtube channel. So if you dont subscribe to this channel, you cant win, you can enter, but you cant win its that simple.

So i would highly suggest that you become a subscriber rule. Number two is that you must answer five questions. Five questions in the form of a comment, so youre gon na go below this video youre gon na click on add a comment or whatever or post a comment, and in that comment will be the answers to five questions. I am about to ask. So what are the five questions? Well here we go. Let me find a spot ill. Stick it over here, youll see something fall down here with the five questions, question number one: what is your first name? My first name is steve. So put down your first name, the reason i want to know your first name is because when you win, i want to say congratulations. John question number two put down the country you live in. I live in canada. So the answer to question number two for me would be canada. Please dont put canada if you dont live in canada. The reason i ask your country is because, when you win im going to announce the winner – and i want to announce which country won because a lot of times people think i only give the drones away to people in you know. One country now questions three four and five are located below this video in the description box. Go check them out. Each of those questions has a question followed by a link. You read the question and then you click on the link to find the answer.

Its that simple, so for an example, just so youre not confused a question could be. Please tell me the flight time of the hubsan xeno mini pro. You click on the link and it will take you to a specifications page where the flight time is listed. Theres your answer now, please note the following: you can only enter the contest once yes, only one entry per subscriber. So if you answer all five questions once and then later in the week, i change the questions. Do not answer them again, because that would be two entries and you will be automatically disqualified, so please only enter once and yes, as the week goes on, i will change the questions because theres a lot of people out there who, unfortunately just copy other peoples, answers And post them as their own without doing any work and thats not really fair, so i catch them a lot of times by just changing the questions. They post the answers to the old questions and they are immediately disqualified. Finally, one last tip to ensure success of winning this contest. Please try to use a laptop or a desktop when you click on a link, because if you use your phone a lot of times, the link is different for a cell phone than it is for a desktop or a laptop, and i will be using a desktop To create the questions now, the date a winner will be picked is right here.

I cant say it out loud because i dont know when this video is being posted, so i dont know when the end date is so right. Here is the end date and on the date, whatever i listed here on that date, im gon na randomly select a winner. Its too simple, im gon na go on to the youtube random comment: generator picker website, im just going to click, search and pick a random comment. Its going to pick one of the answers underneath my video randomly and then all i have to do is just check to make sure all five answers were answered correctly and i just double checked to make sure you are a subscriber now, if you hide your subscriber Status from other people who view your channel thats, okay, because i can still see it, i have software that lets me see if you are really a subscriber to my channel now, a lot of people are gon na ask: is this open to the world? Well, its open to parts of the world where i can ship the product to because i have gone to my canada post system and apparently there are certain places. I cannot ship a product with batteries and everything else. Certain countries, you know theyre very, very minor, those countries. So if you live in a country that you get your mail by donkey or something like that, youre probably one of those countries – i cant ship it to so.

With all of that said, i say a big thank you to rc going for providing this uh theres a brand new one in this. Where is it theres a brand new one in this box? Never open so yeah youll get a brand new one uh, so rc going. Thank you for that and good luck to everybody. Whos entering this contest so take care and well catch you in the next video bye. Music.