You normally don’t see on my channel i’m going to show you my dji wine cellar check this out right over here. We have a little bit of history, so we have the dji mavic air right there and then over here. You know that came out in 2018 and then over here we have the mavic air 2 and that came out in the year 2020 and now and now dji. If not already, it depends when you’re watching this video is launching the dji air 2 s and i’m, going to give away a free one. So check this out. Now a lot of you watching this video right now are probably thinking i want to buy the dji air 2s, but then you’re going to look at the price of it and go. I do not want to buy that drone it’s too expensive yeah. It is kind of expensive, you know the mavic air 2 when it launched it was 800 u.s, 800 u.s. The air 2s, obviously is more expensive because it’s newer technology, but you get a bit more. The question is: do you get enough to make you want to buy it so that’s? Why i’m doing a giveaway, because i know not all of you can afford it’s pretty expensive now, if you’re watching this video before april 15th, and this drone is not launched. You’Re probably wondering what is this drone and and what are the specs? Well, i can’t tell you all the specs, because i want to keep the video short, so i will tell you the following: the camera is upgraded to a 5k camera.

You know, like we’ve, been using 5k cameras for a while in the fpv hobby we have the gopro hero 9 it’s, 5k, insta 360, pro here, it’s, 5k and you’ve. Seen me, i fly with these 5k cameras and then i take the video 5k and i squish it down to 4k and put it on youtube. Certainly the image is better. The resolution is better. Can you tell a difference and probably not unless you crop all the way in and also i have to tell you right now in case you’re, a newbie at this? You need a powerful computer to take 5k and manipulate it in a smooth fashion. The 5k is at 30 frames per second. If you want to shoot in 4k, then it’s at 60 frames per second having the one inch camera sensor means that if you’re going to film in low light well, then the low light is going to look pretty good, because your dynamic range is going to be Much better than this model here, the mavic air 2. It will not have the same dynamic range as the newer model, which will have a much better dynamic range, and the final feature i want to tell you about is the extra two sensors up front, that is, for the obstacle avoidance and the active track, and dji Has a really cool autonomous feature coming out as well as some other really cool features that you’re going to see on april 15.

. So now you’re wondering how the heck do i get one of these for free, well, it’s, pretty simple! First off, you must be a subscriber of the captain. Drone youtube channel. These giveaways are only for subscribers and yes, yes, yes, i can check if you’re a subscriber, even if you hide that you’re a subscriber, i can still check, and the second thing is you just have to post a comment below this video with the answers to five Questions and i’ll tell you what those questions are question number one is: what is your first name? The reason i need to know that is just in case you win. If you win the contest, then i want to say: congratulations mike ralph, frank. Whatever question number two is: what country do you live in the reason i need to know your country is because of the following when you win this drone, i am not going to take the dji air 2s from my house, wrap it up and mail it to You that costs me a fortune, so what i do is i just go on the dji store and i order it and i have them, send it to you it’s much easier that way now. Dji, unfortunately, does not ship to every country in the world. I do not know why they must have some some reasons for not shipping everywhere. I have no idea. Why take it up with them? Don’T take it up with me, so i can only ship to the countries they ship to.

So what countries do they ship to? Well check this out: these are the countries that are eligible to enter. Here we go so if your country was listed there. Well, then, yeah enter this contest. If your country’s not listed there well, then you can’t really enter unless, of course, you have an uncle a cousin somebody who lives in one of those countries that can then receive the drone and then can ship it to you now for questions three four and five: Those are all listed below this video so below this video you’ll see everything i just spoke about how to enter the contest, the rules and all questions one to five you’ll, see, though, on questions three four and five that there’s an actual question. You know what color is the blue sky and then there’s going to be a link to where you can see a picture of the blue sky. That’S, not the question but it’ll be something like that. They’Re always really easy questions. So take note. I often change the questions halfway through the contest. That does not mean you have to come back and answer them again if you’ve answered them once you do not have to come back and answer the new questions. Oh, and also, i should mention that please only one entry per subscriber, if you try to enter multiple times youtube, will notify me, because i can just look for entries that are repetitive from the same email address or the same ip address.

And then i can just delete them or mark them for deletions, so try to only enter once per subscriber and you have plenty of time to enter. I am not picking the winner until may. 1St may 1st is a saturday so i’m gon na let this contest run for about two weeks, maybe a little bit more than two weeks and then i’m gon na randomly pick a winner i’m going to use the youtube comment: generator it’s, going to run through all The comments it’s going to randomly pick a winner i’ll, make sure the person’s a subscriber who won. Who has the correct answers? If you have an answer wrong well, then you probably can’t win. I have to go on to the next person so make sure you get them right and then i’ll notify. Whoever was the lucky winner and you have a free drone coming to you and people who have won in the past. They are always amazed at how fast they get their drone after the contest is over because i have to ship them out right away through dji, so it’s a quick process all right, so these contests are usually pretty popular. I mean there’s thousands of entries in these contests, but you have just as good a chance as everybody else who enters to win. So don’t look at how many people have entered and say i have no chance so i’m not going to enter enter. You probably have a really good chance to win.