Indoor reviews and well its not nice, outside right, now check this out. This was me earlier today, walking around its a little bit, snowy its a little bit cold and its a little bit almost winter, so im indoors and im going to show you a product that would be a great gift for dad, or maybe somebody in your family, A little bit younger who loves the willys jeep. This is a one sixth scale, willys jeep, and this is not the one im going to show you today. I have reviewed this jeep in the past. I will put a link below to my video heres, a picture on the screen of what the video looks like, and i will tell you that this is one heck of an rc jeep and if you are into anything military or old jeeps or the willys jeep Or anything like that, youd want something like this. Its really good and my review is probably the most detailed, most amazing review on the planet earth. So you got ta go check that out links are below now. I will say that this massive jeep is fully functional. You got to watch the review im not going to get into it and it even comes with a trailer and it comes with the canopy that goes over top. But enough said on this one, because this is not the jeep im showing you today. Let me show you what im going to show you, so what i have for you is in this box.

Ive never opened it. You know fms roc hobby sent me this. I dont know like five months ago and i havent got around to review it. I have so many things i have not reviewed on this channel youd be amazed anyways, i got ta get to them, so im reading it on the box. This is another 1941 willys jeep and basically all it is, is the smaller version of the one. I showed you the one i showed you is not very expensive in the world of rc its very collectors item and its its very inexpensive, in my opinion, so that means this is going to be inexpensive as well, because its a smaller version of that one. You know that other one has working headlights and it even has a steering wheel. That turns, as you turn uh the steering wheel. This one uh im told it has two speeds and it has all sorts of modes like crawler mode, its even got the mode on it when youre going up a hill and you dont want it to roll backwards. Its got a mode for that. So, even though its a detailed you know scaled vehicle, it uh its supposed to be really decent. So let me get this open and i can see inside check this out. This is pretty cool all right, so i see instruction manual here, but look at this this. It looks like um kind of like a berry box from well.

I dont know the 40s or something let me pull that up there. We go so check this out even a little rope on top thats, pretty sweet, so yeah the jeeps in here and thats pretty good that they went through all this trouble to make. It look like this so once again, if youre thinking of getting a gift for the man who has everything or the kid in your family who has everything but loves rc vehicles, this might be a good idea. Lets just make sure its, not child proof or else ill, never get into it. So how do you open this thing? Lets open it up and uh wow wow wow wow. This would be once again cool to get on chris this morning. Cause check it out inside. Look what it looks like its packaged really nicely in this case that looks like something from the 1940s. What does this say on the top here military base, american legend, u.s american army, jeep airplanes and landing craft – are our three weapons to win the war? I didnt know jeep made airplanes. Oh, i think theres supposed to be a comma in their jeep, comma airplanes. Okay, so let me yank everything out and were gon na take a close look at it and im gon na wow you with how cool this is. So you get a remote, you get the jeep, you get batteries, you get tools and the instruction manual, i will say, look at this its quite thick.

So this is a 112 scale model. So that means everything is even smaller than what i showed you on that huge 1 6 scale model i had earlier, and i can see right now that they kept a lot of the same details. So i see electronics like a speedometer and then some writing on the dashboard. I also see the brake pedal. The gas pedal clutch pedal and i see all the little gears inside to put in four wheel drive and everything else. The seats are foam. You can squish them theyre squishy seats that they do move a little bit. The steering wheel is connected with a servo up front uh, because ive already seen that in another review that when i power this on youll, see as i turn left to right, the steering wheel will move left to right. There is a mirror. I notice right for the drivers side and its an actual mirror. Moving to the back. You can see the back. You have a nice little bench in the back and you do have. There is no canopy with it, but these little pieces here that go up thats for the canopy. I know that because on the larger scale i have the canopy and you have to put these up to put the canopy on going right to the rear uh. We see that we have the spare tire and its just like the tires that you would see on the entire vehicle theyre all nice and squishy tread and theres some nice writing on them too made in the usa written on the tires heavy duty, pretty cool.

So everything looks authentic even the way the tread pattern goes, thats exactly what you would see on a jeep of that era. So lets go to the rear and look what else we have. We have the fuel tank back here or for some people that were thirsty. They would fill that with water, but thats a fuel tank, and then you have the bumpers and you have a tow hitch here. So there must be and it does work it opens and closes. So if you have some sort of trailer, you could probably use it. Looking at the left hand side going across, they have a shovel and an axe which are detachable. You can move them. You can take them out. Just like a real jeep of that era. Going on the front, you have all the writing. Your little windshield pops up and it does have a mirror on it as well, and you do have working windshield wipers. I believe yeah, the windshield wipers do turn and move there on the right hand, side you have some sort of canister thats there. Maybe that was to fix a flat or its a fire extinguisher. I have no idea because its 1941, whatever they had then and then, if i go to the very front, i can see the headlights uh. You have the little lights for when you drive in blackout and you have the bumper with some decals on it now lets take a look at the bottom on the bottom.

We can see it is a leaf spring suspension, so thats quite authentic front and backs and its uh yeah a leaf spring, so thats pretty decent. It will give you that sort of jeep ride of that era. You have metal, drive, shafts front and back for the four wheel drive. The frame is metal, yes, im putting my fingers on it and its cold metal, so thats metal, so thats pretty decent. So it looks like its quite durable and they even have a tiny little exhaust over here, which i dont know why, but they put it on for detail, looks pretty cool all right, so lets open the hood. I see a little sticker that says peel me off for first time use so im going to get rid of that. Looking inside the hood, i can see up here theres the antenna for where you communicate with it with your remote control, and you probably get about 100 meters range, so ill. Just leave that down. Then i see the electronics inside on off switch the escs. Everything else are all there which tells me that do not dunk this under water. You could drive it in. Maybe some rain light rain, but i wouldnt get it too wet. You could definitely drive it out in the snow because im going to do that. So i see that they gave me one battery its a 7.4 volt at 380 milliamp hours. I believe youre supposed to get 30 minutes of runtime.

You have the usb battery charger and then you have the tool, a metal tool to remove uh the wheels. I believe and a few other things and then finally, you have the remote that you will have to put batteries in to get everything working four batteries in there and lets see if i power this on the little lights at the front, should power on lets see If it works yeah so thats good, they blink because theres no reception, yet all right. So i have not charged this battery. So what im going to do is im going to stick it in the front. It fits in nicely im going to connect it and were going to run it because wont use much power to run it here and then ill charge it up and then im going to take it outside for a test ride. Whoa thats on hang on a second turn that off there is a switch in here to keep things off so that doesnt happen. Normally you would keep it off plug in the battery, then turn it on, but thats all right, all right. So since that didnt run away on me, thats a good thing steering wheel works there we go as i turn the wheels left to right. Our steering wheel turns thats pretty sweet. Now i havent changed or adjusted any settings on this. I just put the batteries in here powered this on uh checked out that i can turn the wheels left and right and now lets see how it moves thats, slow, thats, slow, so that must be crawler speed or something.

Let me see i cant change gears. Oh thats, a pretty cool, sound, whoa, okay, okay, okay, so there we go thats, not slow, thats fast, so yeah its a two speed vehicle. So for in here i just put it back on low gear. There we go, and apparently you have like even lesser speed than that you can make it go even slower, its called trainer mode and its on your channels, because you have a lot of channels on here. It shows you right here, it says, put it in trainer mode lets, try it channel 4 trainer thats trainer mode. We are moving so fast, so i guess that would be learning to drive the jeep or something you could sit here and time it with a calendar. It goes so slow but thats what you want if youre crawling uh up and down hill so ill take it out of that there we go and then there we go again all right, so theres some lights on here. Let me show you how they work. So let me just show you the rear, so the rear, you have two lights right here and i dont think anything happens with them. I try yeah theyre staying solid. I think you might have brake lights. I forgot yeah if i have it on this. If i put in reverse its gon na fly off, kids stay in school dont end up like me with a youtube channel. So in here you can change uh the lights.

So let me find the button led lights, so well go through them here. So i have them on next. One might be high beams high beams next one. There is a third light and its on one of the sides. Where is it there? We go. I couldnt even see it its over here so theres, our third light, so you have lights on then high beams, then the third light and then third light only and then i believe off. I think for lights. I like that one that looks pretty cool. So when i drive it outside, i might leave lights on like that now there are no signal lights on here that i can tell. I do see spots for them, but i guess they didnt have enough channels to make like a signal light then again in 1941. These jeeps, i dont, think they really had signal lights because they were used out in the war on the field. Didnt really have to tell your enemy, which way you were turning. So all in all im, gon na say this is a highly detailed jeep. It is something very different, something you wont be able to find at your local walmart or anything like that. Its really good, so the next thing to do is take it out for a spin outside now it is snowing and well maybe the snow is stopped, but theres snow on the ground and its kind of dull out but yeah well see how this looks outside so Check this out: Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, all right so whatd, you think of that baby outside.

So that was the 112 scale version, and here is the one sixth scale version and the one sixth scale version has the working lights and all the same cool little things that this one has takes a bigger battery, though, to run this one im gon na put Links to both of them below go check it out see if either of these are for you, as i said, theyll make a really good gift for somebody, because, honestly, this is a really nice product either one is a nice product and, as i mentioned before, i Didnt find the large one to be expensive for a detailed willys, 1941 willies jeep. I didnt find it expensive at all, so you have the option of that one or you have the option of this one. I think as a gift. This one comes in a really cool box, so because of that, i think presentation, this one looks pretty darn cool for a gift under the tree at christmas, in that 1941 berric box type style thing all right, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up, i will have more rc car videos in the future, because every time the weather is poor, i cant go fly a drone or a helicopter or a plane. So i do something i can do around the house here and yeah. More of those videos will probably be coming up because we are coming close to the winter season and its getting pretty darn cold out all right guys, thanks for watching take care catch.

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