Their breakfast lets see whats changed Music Music round one. I do like the fact that a lot more things are coming in, like individually wrapped sealed containers. So this is my dirty rice. So what theyre called dirty rice, its just fried rice hows, the ribs we are dating, so i already told them well. That was a different video. Some people might be watching this new video they dont know. You were here last time right like a year ago, was breakfast 40 something dollars. I thought bricks was like 20, but now its like 40. How much do we pay like 42 dollars? I dont know if that happened before the pandemic or after, because i was here about a year ago. I dont think it was this much before trash. No pizza is good, because this is their hot slash, thai curry. It smells not very curry, but lets see its not that good its spicy, but its got no flavor id rather go back to my typical, fried rice right, just tastes like coconut milk and no flavor so far, the best thing on my plate in round one are These peas, which is snow, peas round two – i am really excited about this. I remember last time my favorite thing on the buffet the bone marrow. They got that for breakfast right here, one of the only things i truly care about in this buffet bone marrow mixed with beef awesome, the meats still a little dry, but this is by far the best thing i have so far.

That is so good idea. Lets make our rice truly dirty Music, so much better. This ride was just really plain to go. Chinese restaurant fried rice before now. Now this is dirty fried rice. Try this so much better right. Am i still chewing it hasnt like went down even a little bit like im, not kidding, i dont feel like the food has been broken down. Maybe even ten percent theres so much tendon in here, thats horrible. How could it be this top? Excuse me? Oh, that was not a good experience. Uh, please tell me this fried chicken is getting better. This is alright. I feel, like my expectations, have gone down dramatically for the food items on this buffet. This is much better than the steak i just had, which im pretty sure has some rubber in there its actually pretty good. I happily report that the fried chicken is very edible, Music, pretty sure egg benedicts not supposed to taste like that. I think that eggs, eggs benedict has been friends with that piece of steak way too long, because its really learned how to be tough. First time, ive ever seen a pigs trotter on a vegas buffet, and i just want to say. However, this tastes i command. The wicked spoon for bringing something this authentic onto the buffet. Thank you so much. Maybe this is better fresh out of the oven. With that said, a lot of the food i ate today seemed to share a common characteristic.

Super super tough flavor is pretty good. They put honey on this, its kind of a unique take on a pig trotter, but this is a tough pick trotter, i dont think its as tough as a steak. Oh my gosh! This is the angry mac and cheese pocket. What did you just do? Wow? That is unfortunate. I got one of these things too. Oh its gooey on the inside. It seems so promising because its still cheesy and gooey inside they burnt it. Otherwise, though, the flavor is really good, but its burnt theres, a hundred percent burnt. Yours is crunchy. I mean the flavor i really like, because they put a lot of spice in here, but first thing that hits your taste buds. Is you taste something thats really burnt yeah thats, not really edible first day back at the buffet. This is the grits. Oh, my goodness, im really not trying to pick on this buffet i like buffets. No, no, i love buff face. I came to vegas every year for buffets im, not gon na tell you guys something thats good when its not – and this is not good. This is the grits its more like a more like a pancake wow. I dont like wasting food, so im still gon na finish the mac and cheese and everything but quality of food. Here at least everything ive tried so far, quality is not there. Im gon na put a bunch of the bone marrow into the grits, see if itll make it better bone marrow does help everything all right.

I dont know whats left lets, go see Music. Finally, saving grace. This is a good taco. Look. How juicy it is meat is tender, spices, flavor everything on point, tortilla is tasty. This is good thats, very good. Actually, i cant believe thats. One of effect, smoked salmon is delicious dish in the bone marrow best thing, ive had so far, thats it for all the savory items. I want time for dessert im actually really excited about this. This is what i feel like im gon na make all my money back on this buffet nutella toast its not too bad im impressed at this point by nutella and bread. I am really looking forward to this molten lava cake. I should have got some ice cream with this. Maybe when i go back for a refill on this, this looks good. Did you get the molson lava cake? That might be the best thing on this whole buffet? That is tremendously good. This is restaurant quality, lava cake and the cake itself is so gentle and fluffy and light that is so delicious. So is this donut hmm, this might be the best donut ive had at any buffet if a donut shop opened and their donut was as good as this, i will frequent it often well. This is good. It was like a coconut yogurt cup. No, this is good. Look at spoons redeeming quality is 100 in its dessert peach. Cobbler peach cobblers, okay, bread pudding is delicious.

Yeah molten, lava cake, donuts, im gon na go back for more of that. You know they say if something works, dont fix it if something tastes good at a buffet get much more of it. Oh, this is amazing. Pistachio gelato, incredible dip it in some of that molten chocolate, good, huh immersion going. You could just pop down your mouth like continuously thats, how good that donut is theres custard in there too, i mean ive been to donut shops like that. Just do donuts. This is better than a lot of donut shops. Ive been to seriously wicked spoon whoevers, making your pastries bravo. This gelato is so creamy and smooth. This is an awesome. Gelato started off. A little disappointing cannot lie about that. Pretty strong finish. I dont know if its worth forty dollars, though, would you would you come here again for forty dollars? No, so this is considered, i guess your brunch buffet now so thats, why its forty dollars, you got a lot more savory items honestly, if you guys really wan na try this buffet, i mean i might have just been having a personally random bad experience with some Of the foods im sure, if, like i got there when the mac and cheese was fresh and maybe not burned, it would have been different or the steak would have been cooked better. I dont know this is just my experience. I didnt really like the savory items. Much and i thought it wasnt nearly as good as what i was here last time and for 40.

Honestly, you could go to the border grill. You can go for an all. You can eat mexican brunch. I feel like that. Quality is much much better, so yeah im not really worth what i paid for this buffet, but if you do come bone marrow, carnitas, tacos and, of course the dessert and dont forget put the bone marrow on the fry rice. Trust me hows that for a view, its just surreal like every time i see it its just so surreal. I remember the first time i came here. I was in college. I was on a trip to the malibu to help build houses um and on the way back, we went through the grand canyon and just it still, doesnt look real to me only thing i wish i had done today. I wish i ate before coming here. Theres no fruit here so im like starving and im, just only filling my stomach with the view wow theres a thunderstorm in this. Oh, you guys see the rain heres the ring right there, its raining right. There hey little guy thunderstorms, coming getting rained on a little bit right now, all right on to the next destination. Wow ive never seen this before. So these are the cliff dwellers stone houses, so people actually live here i mean how would you feel living underneath a big giant boulder like that, but this is it. This is so interesting. Look at this look at that house.

Ive never seen this place before its actually my first time at the north rim, so this is a really cool place to stop and explore. Unfortunately, suns gon na set – and i got ta – get to horseshoes been next time wow. This is just oh. How amazing is this Music, theres dust, storms, weapon scene in my eyes, but just to see this 50 off steak after i think 8 p.m, or something like that too close and right now its about 12 30 a.m jammed packed in there. I really want 50 off my stay too, but thats way too many people for me. So im going to show you guys another late night, vegas cheap, eats secrets, Music, so theres a ton of late night specials around vegas 10 ounce top store line, steak 7.99, and this is the best deal steak and eggs 11 p.m to 11 a.m. 6.99! Thats! What im going for all right? Well, they wouldnt! Let me get anything to take away and it was really packed in there. So i think im good its a little late, its about 1 a.m. I got a flight early tomorrow, so im just going to go and call it a night, even though im hungry, but if you want 6.99 steak and eggs thats the place to get it Music, i thought i could just go to hotel and go to sleep its Too hungry, so this is the only place thats open around chinatown ramen show homemade noodles, okonomiyaki bonito flakes and an egg on top thats new.

I got ta eat quick because i only have about five six hours to sleep before i have to get up for the flight, so this is the superman its pretty good. This is really good. This is very good. Noodles taste fresh, they taste, homemade, very, very al dente. The broth rich and thick got that nice anchovy flavor to it hmm. Was it like ten dollars eleven dollars for this okonomiyaki is delicious too. This is a really good place. I was just looking for anything that was open. I just want to take a couple bites of anything to go to bed, but wow. This is excellent. Sure is nice and smoky. Sorry, the show, though hundred percent, these noodles and this broth. This broth reminds me of my favorite superman place in in tokyo. Im surprised, never been to this place before this is absolutely delicious. You like succumbing right. No, i never had it. You know before there were not times together. Like you tried mommy, you tried sukim and it was opening up a whole different like world of food with this relationship for you. Maybe i should be charging you like. A food tour guide me or something huh bear in the mood for ramen 100 common. Try this place out – and this is a perfect good night meal for me, all right, see you in the morning Music. Oh, i just got off the flight. This is my first meal of the day.

I have no idea where to go so eating center. Just kind of popped in my head, so here i am, i just want a bolster finding nose. I cant even think straight right now i dont think ive been more hungry in my life. I didnt want anything on the plane, its now. 7. 30 p.m. Local time. This first meal of the day, crispy noodles, with with seafood Music, hmm sure, finally feel alive again, must be even better with some spikes. I always forget to bring my hot oil after a flight. A shaken beef drinking beef is good too. I love this plush. Music. Hmm sure can be really good. Both of us we havent eaten since uh got off the flight. This is just like primal basic instinct showcasing. We got food all over the table, just stuffing it all into our face. Do you feel finally alive like like where we just been? We just been like sitting on that flight and nothing to eat, and finally, getting here, one luggage was lost. I had to go through that whole process. This is your favorite, a little spicy id be in heaven right now, im already in heaven, but higher level have that exists. Spicy heaven, oh thats, pretty in dc to attend a praise. So, every year, around 720s july 20th 1999 is when the persecution of fallen alpha began. If you dont know, falun gong is a meditation exercise that i practice thats helped me immensely in my life when i was going through just such deep depression.

One of the biggest reasons im still here today is a meditation exercise based on truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. In 1999 july 20th, when uh, there was a huge crackdown on anybody who tried to step so every year around july 20th practice will go to dc and raise awareness about the human rights atrocities thats still going on in china to this day, so thats. Why im here and thats what im gon na do tomorrow? So this is what i do. Every year around your life come here, sit let a candle for all those who have lost their lives, not just falun gong practitioners, but anybody whos facing persecution just because they want to have and exercise their basic human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs, freedom, just Basic freedoms – and i talk about this because a lot of times, whatever happens in china, doesnt get reported in the media. So just trying to do my part to bring to light the atrocities thats still happening in china right now and you dont have to believe me. You can just go. Google, china, working harvesting, look up all this information for yourself im going to continue to do what i can and im going to continue to talk about Music, it Music. I went to the airport today because today, im flying to dallas flying back to dallas from washington dc. Can we know if this ever happened to to you guys, because this is so freaky.

This is incredibly freaky, so last night im trying to figure out what time i have to get up so im. Looking at my uh united app to see when this flight was – and it said, 11 30 a.m, so im like okay so go to bed. Wake up in the morning go into the airport on the way check the flight time again, just to double check. There was no reservation available so that i freaked out im like its did. I book it under united or american. Did i do that? Im, absolutely minus, so im checking out these apps and nah reservation. Doesnt exist, get to the airport and go in asking them. Does this reservation exist? They said no, how did i get 11 30 pm last night, then how? How did i see that this is either me getting like early? I dont know early dementia or something war. Is the mandela effect and like that was like a whole different dimension? If you dont know what the mandela effect is ill link a video down below for you, but something something something happened, just saying: im kind of happy now, because now i get to eat im starving. Of course, my last meal in dc has to be ethiopian food. It has to be ethiopian food christina. You never had ethiopian food before try it try the injira i love. This is a vegetarian one. This is uh. What is this? Oh, this is so good.

This is all vegetarian yeah. This is ginger in the middle, like sauteed. In japan and then eggs on this side, theres no meat in here but im loving it. These eggs are so nice, like the eggs. I love like 70 dishes here, im going to come back and try all of it and owner bim such an ice cream fish. Some mint tea im glad i hallucinated my flag and i dont have to leave for another few hours. Im glad imagine leaving without eating here one last time dont want to fathom it arent you glad youre. Here it all happens for a reason. It all happens for a reason exactly thanks. Man take care wow. This is my second attempt at going to the airport and flying out of here. I should have left earlier this stuff. Just came down hard whoa, major thunderstorm right now. Flight might even be delayed. Well see ive been checking my uh flight updates every five minutes just to make sure i wasnt hallucinating my flight time. I hope im, not dallas home, sweet home. I really need to go get something to eat its windy out here. Its about midnight. This place is still hopping: theres theres, a speaker plan theres, a nightclub vibe here in the parking lot theres some runaway dishcarts over there, some asians sitting around having a good time. Pretty fun ive been wanting to come here. Actually, so they got skewers they got. Noodles got a bunch of both in a stomach that hasnt been filled since about 10 a.

m, since about 10 a.m, so a little hungry a little more hangry, i think theres a leak somewhere. Oh here it is thats a lot of leaks Music. I never just have flat out grilled leeks before those are pretty good spicy its got a lot of cumin beef tendon. I like this, have you had leaves before, like just grilled, never had like that before right, ill, try it this one: a mix of lamb and beef, any nokia, mushrooms, Music. This place is pretty good. Hunger tried the beef center, not the most tender thing, but flavor is really good Music. I thought they were going to cook it with cumin. Oh they did they toasted this with cumin. Oh lamb wraps. Oh, oh, this is juicy. I, like this good barbecue plus you get to eat outside, not feeling like my life source is slowly coming back into my body.