I get this question pretty often in the comments in a lot of my videos regarding recording problems with various cameras or whether it’s, goggles or dvr, and typically has to do with some sort of a problem with the speed of the micro sd card that you’re using So uh, for example, if you’re trying to record 4k video on um one of the high end um, you know aerial drones, like the dji drone, for example. I think those recorded like pretty high bid rates at 100 megabits per second you’re, going to need a pretty fast card and, if you’re getting skipping video or no video file at all, that usually means you have either a bad card. It’S, defective or it’s, not fast enough, so i’m going to talk a little bit about what kind of a card and you’re going to be want to be looking for in order to capture the video that’s going to be nice and smooth and reliable. So, as you guys know, i’m a video creator and i use all kinds of different cameras here: gopros action cameras i also record stuff on uh, fpv, goggles, various different drones, etc. So i go through a lot of microsd cards and i have a ton of these that have you know various issues with some and and not others, but i have an idea of which ones to go for now. I just wanted to let you know that banggood did send me this one at the top.

This is the one from this company called fly: haul it’s a 64 gigabyte card. I purchased the sandisk stream with my own money and also this one down here at the bottom, it’s kind of a new name. I also got off of amazon and basically um. If you’re outside of the us you’re, probably not going to see any sort of brands. Um in the us at amazon like like fly hall and blitzwolf, and some of the other ones you’re going to see on banggood there’s a whole bunch of different sort of chinese brands on banggood at various prices and specs and it’s kind of all over the map. And, quite frankly, i you know it’s not really worth it for me to wait for shipping to get something like this from banggood, because it takes a long time to ship and the prices aren’t, really that much better. In fact, this 64 gigabyte card here is a few dollars more than the sandisk extreme that i purchased off amazon for like 14. I think this one here is like 18., so there’s no advantage for me now, obviously, for those of you guys that don’t live in the us and have the convenience of amazon, you know you might be looking at purchasing something from bingo. Then you know this one. You might want to check out this one. It tests out pretty good i’ll show you the specs and the testing i did and the numbers i got.

Actually this performed better than the standard surprisingly, but essentially there’s, like standards for various cards and speeds. So i found this little graph here that denotes what the different standards are like: v6 through v90 for video speed and there’s, also class 2 to class 10, and it denotes here what the speed in megabytes per second are now it’s saying that for 4k video you Need a v60 card at 60 megabytes per second but i’m. I found that v30 at 30 megabytes per second it’s, going to be fine for most things that are 100 megabytes per second and under so it’s, usually going to be a 4k 30 or 4k 60 video. Obviously, if you’re going to the realm of 8k video or anything more then you’re going to need even much faster cards. Of course, as you increase your speed here, the price goes up um. So the two cards here at the top – the fly hall and the sandisk – are v30 uh cards here, so they’re denoted on the card here there’s. These do like sort of classifications on the card itself, so there’s a really hard to see a u3 for both of these a2 and v3. So v30 is what you’re, mostly interested in, if you’re doing video uh, if you’re doing other things like um atus, relic applications that kind of stuff for using in a smartphone or some sort of like a tablet or pc but v30, is what you most need for.

Video – and this is going to be that minimum 30 megabytes per second, so let me just show you how these two performed in the i use this program called crystal disk mark and so that’s, the bad one. So there’s the fly hall and what you’re interested here is the numbers for the write, speed and you can see here – 79, 81, 4.19 and 3.83. But then, if you look at the sandisk, this is this: the the gold one here, the golden right. One here numbers are actually a little bit lower. However, this is totally fine for 4k video. I was using this in uh cameras that uh the gopro hero8 4k um 60 at 100 megabits per second no problem at these speeds. Here, however, the unirex – this is an older camera or an older microsd card. This one here. It says 50 megabytes per second on here, but you can see it’s the u1 class 10 only, which means it’s really only rated to 10 megabytes per second. So they put that 50 megabytes on there and that’s uh kind of a lie, and it shows in the speed test data so here’s this one here. These numbers are much slower, especially in the random rates here, and when i use this card in my gopro. I usually get no recorded file or an error, or the video starts skipping, which is pretty annoying so that’s. This is basically the bottom line is if you’re looking at uh micro sd cards um.

First, you want to go for brands that you know that you you’ve had experiences with before force. I know that a lot of you guys in the us are going to probably go for sandisk or samsung or something along those lines. Sandisk is pretty pretty dominant in the us, especially on amazon and you’re. Going to get this. You know the v30 is what you’re going to be looking for for 4k video um, and then you know for for bang it. I don’t have no experience with any of the other brands like blitzwolf and all the other ones that are on the store there. This is the only one that i’ve used and it works fine, and the testing has shown that the numbers are pretty good. I don’t know how good it is in terms of longevity. I know that a lot of these uh sandisk ones i’ve had for a long time and used them for a long time, they’ve been totally fine. Of course, i haven’t used this for very long. The fly haul, so i can’t really speak to how well it will do in a year or two from now. So you know if i experience any problems with, i will let you know in the community section of my channel, but and for now it seems to be working, fine and um. You know for me, i again being in the us i’m, not going to be spending the extra money it’s a few extra dollars that’s a little bit faster, but sandisk is fast enough for me for the gopro, hero8 and um yeah it’s also cheaper, and i get A lot faster through amazon, so for those of you guys in the us, video uh, at least at least this flyhealth card is probably not that going to be useful for you, but maybe, if you’re overseas and bank it’s, like your only store that will ship you Stuff, then maybe you want to might want to check this one out over the other brands that are over there but yeah.

You know. Basically, the bottom line is it’s the speed of the card. If you’re having problems with your video and recordings change, your card upgrade the card, they’re really cheap. You know 64 gigabyte cards like 14 bucks, so um. If using an old card in a modern camera and you’re having problems getting things to record, then i think it’s time to upgrade and go ahead and pick up a newer one make sure you have uh the ones that have the v30 or higher speed rating. And you should be good to go okay, that’s gon na! Do it for this video.