So its gone back to autel ive got it back and its now working again, ive now got it in a red color, but ive still got the old orange batteries. So ive got one red battery and two orange batteries, so i dont think youll find another ortel. Nano drone like this with a red body with an orange battery, unique ive not actually flown this drone for quite some time. So i was hoping in the time it was away. We would have new features like the active track may be activated on here now, so we can use it still, not the case. So its got sensors on the front on the back here and on the bottom. So when it actually senses an obstacle, it will notify you and it will just stop now. I was told that it will eventually bypass that object and then continue on its course, but that still isnt an option. Neither is any option to be able to track you, which was a huge kind of selling point of this drone. The biggest advantage on this drone for sure is this camera this one over 1.28 inch lens, but its an f 1.7. So we know from the videos ive done low light is phenomenal on here compared to this, the mini 2. So this is, you know, fantastic, actual camera performance still. Software is something it still needs improvement on for sure from what ive looked at the menus are all right, but theyre, very basic.

We could have more features with all this and ill get to this about the reason why, in a second but yeah, the camera quality on here is great, but is that going to be enough, for you actually buy this drone and thats what the problem is so Im going to put some videos over this screen now so im taking on the hotel some on the mini 2 theyre, pretty much the same shots, the mini 2 with freewell nd filters on and ive got some freewell nd filters for this as well. They both use the same nd filter so really similar location somewhere on the hotel, some on the mini too. Now what i want to look at is: can you tell the difference both in pro mode, both on the exact same shutter and iso is a huge difference and the reason why im saying this is that this actual drone, its not cheap? So there needs to be a decent difference between the two of them, so in the shots here, youll see as its going towards to see first signal wise both are able to get a decent distance away and capture some good video all over the park hear these Shots, you know whats the contrast looking at for you whats the actual attention to detail whats the colors looking like. Do you prefer one color or the other? Can you tell a big difference now for me? Yes, i can tell a bit of a difference, but certainly not a difference between say when im filming on the mini 2 and the mavic 3, or even the air 2s, and this becomes more of an apparent problem because of the new version of this see the Biggest problem with this is that the mini three didnt come out in november last year.

It was delayed, probably on purpose now, weve seen the actual leaked boxes. I said myself, i think its true, the april release, which is about four weeks away and currently lets see. How much is this so, on the ortel actual official site, the standard bundle is 949, so i got the premium bundle now. This is a plus model. There is no point comparing the other one, because if you want to get this, the best quality im showing you need to get the plus model. This will give you the extra batteries, but also this camera quality. Otherwise, i wouldnt even get the non plus just get yourself a mini 2 or mini se. That will be probably better, but the plus model has a better camera. So we can all agree that the actual camera quality is better on here than the mini 2. But not by a significant margin, but the premium bundle is 1099 and this gets you the drone. It gives you this controller and it gets you three batteries, a bag and a couple of extra accessories like were all aware of, but that is not cheap. A thousand and ninety nine dollars for this drone, i think currently its gon na struggle, because if this mini three turns out to be correct, which i think it will be out in four weeks and weve seen that controller has a pro model as well with a Screen built into it, no doubt 100 that that mini 3 will have tracking on this will have some kind of sensors.

It wont have everything because theyre not going to destroy the air 2s, but its going to be an improvement over this mini 2, but this mini 2 is already really close to this, so which would you buy so the price is the biggest problem and the reason Why, currently, i dont recommend you go out and buying it for this price, because if the mini three comes out – and it has everything that you would want for it to have and be priced correctly, i i wouldnt recommend you go out and buy the hotel, the Mini three, its probably the most anticipated drone launch for this year and no doubt will be completely destroy this in a lot of ways now for sure, autel has some fantastic advantages. This is the the actual geofencing advantages, the customer service. The actual camera on here is brilliant. I just think the pricing is too steep and it needs to be less if that mini three comes out to be undercutting this in price, all the same price, but youre going to get more with that pro version with the screen built into the controller rather than A controller like this, you know its going to be hard to recommend that auto. If i was you id probably currently at this time at the end of march, go and find in the attic, your dji mini 2 box and go and find you where it is open. It up get a cloth and go out and dust that box off, get it nice and shiny, then get your mini two and go out and shine and get that nice and good quality as well check.

All the propellers make sure youve got all the accessories, get it all in that box, nice and neat, and maybe start to think about advertising at what price you want. The actual dji drones hold their value really well. So if you see a release of a mini 3 in the next few weeks or next couple of months, its a good time to sell that mini 2 and upgrade if it works out to be the best currently right now, all we know is rumors.