lets jump into it, Music, okay, guys here we are a week out from the release of the famous dji mavic 3 that everybody has been talking about for a long time. Its finally here and im going to tell you why i dont, like it now just to get this out of the way. There are plenty of things that i do like about this drone, but im not going to cover that in this video in this video im. Just talking about strictly what i dont like, and some of the things really really really bother me, so i figured i would make a video for any of you guys contemplating buying it, but lets get into it, starting with the controller, so dji included the same controller That they include with the dji mini 2, which is a 400 drone, so ridiculous for the price that you pay for the mavic 3. Specifically, i did the fly more combo and when im paying that much for a drone, i expect it to come with a better controller than this dont get me wrong. I like how this feels in the hand i like that the phone is on top versus on the bottom, but i dont like that. Its the same exact controller that youre going to get with djis, cheaper drones, which include the mini 2 and the air 2s with the mavic 2. On the controller, we had a data screen. So, even if you didnt have the smart controller, you still had a screen on your controller, which showed a bunch of crucial data so that if your phone lost connection, the data screen was always connected to the drone, and you would know how high the drone is.

How fast its going and overall, if your drone is okay now, if my phone loses connection with the mavic 3, i have no way to see any of the data coming from the drone. So i dont know if the drone just lost connection and fell out of the sky, or you know what the deal is. I just think that it was an incredibly bad decision on djis part to include such a cheap, remote control with such an expensive drone and honestly im very disappointed by that number. Two is the gimbal on the mavic 3., so the gimbal on the mavic 3 is very nice in a lot of areas. It has like a self lock to it, but the one thing that i always did when i was recording with the mavic 2 is, i would put my finger on the actual screen and i would be able to pan the gimbal left or right, and so, if I flew from side to side. I could also pan the gimbal, which would give the footage an orbital type of effect without actually having to turn the drone like this. I could just fly side to side now. If i want to get that same effect, i actually have to fly the drone like this and theres no way for me to unlock the gimbal. I can tell that the gimbal can go further left and further right than the app is allowing me to pan it, but its locked and it wont.

Let me change it anywhere in the settings theres. Nowhere to fix that and its absolutely frustrating for me and its going to be changing the way that i shoot, video um, which i dont like. If im. If im going to purchase a drone of this price, i feel that i should be able to have the same capabilities, if not better than the dji mavic 2, and it is very unacceptable that dji shipped this drone without giving me that same capability or any way To unlock it – and that goes into the next thing, which is the dji fly app, the dji fly app is djis new app. So if youre, flying with a mavic 2 youre using dji go 4, which is a fantastic app plenty of customization lots of different features to it, its a fantastic app. Of course it has its problems and ive had my problems with the go4 app in the past, but the dji fly app is so limited in what it can do and it honestly bothers me a lot. I wish that, with my pro drone, my mavic 3 that i had just as many features in the dji fly, app as i did with the mavic 2 pro, for example, being able to turn off obstacle avoidance being able to unlock the gimbal. So i can turn it left and right and im sure theres a lot more, that im missing and for those of you that came from the dji go4 app and are now using the fly, app im.

Sure youre aware of some of what im saying with the limitations, so im really hoping that with software updates for the mavic 3 that the fly app gets better because right now its just not the same as the go4 app, which is disappointing. Another thing is this: drone shipped with a lot of missing features. Now, if youre watching this after january of 2022, then this could have changed. As of the recording of this video in november 2021, we still have a lot of missing features in my first flight video. I went over this. A little bit were missing. The quick shot modes were missing the uh new video mode that i cant remember the name of right now, um were missing panoramic mode. You cant set waypoints, you cant, like the its just so limited and when you go to click those buttons because they show up in the app when you go to click those buttons, it just says, features coming soon: kind of annoying um that dji shipped a drone That wasnt fully ready – and you know i i personally dont – use a lot of those special flight modes and all that all that often, but i definitely think its very frustrating that i cant play with them or do anything with them. But thats the thing when you purchase a new piece of technology, you have to be aware that there could be certain things missing. You know thats just thats, just how it is like with the iphone ios 15.

There was share play and that was missing in the initial ios 15 update and then with 15.1 came share, play so same thing with this drone. Those features are going to come later, but its frustrating that they dont come. You know right at the time of the release and this one i already touched on a little bit earlier in this video, but theres no way to turn off the obstacle avoidance. So obstacle avoidance is on no matter what, and it is the most annoying thing in the world, because i dont need obstacle. Avoidance ive been flying drones for six plus years as a as a pro drone. There should be a way to turn that off its constantly beeping, it picks up things that are far away from it that it, you know like i get it thats awesome that the obstacle avoidance cameras can see things that are pretty far away from it. You know it just makes it hard to get those tight shots if im shooting video for clients. I might have an issue with that, especially in neighborhoods, where houses are close together. I do a lot of real estate videos and i use my drone for that. So, overall, its kind of annoying that you cant turn that off you know at least dji could have given us the option to turn that off. I think its ridiculous, but yeah. Those are the things that really i dont like about this drone and things that i would like to see fixed.

I feel like these things should have came with the drone and i shouldnt be making a video complaining about it. I think dj. I definitely missed the mark when it came to these things, and hopefully someone from dji will watch this video and relay the message because im sure im, not the only one that feels this way about the mavic 3.. You know its kind of disappointing overall, like i said there are plenty of things that i do like about. This drone so definitely make sure to stay tuned, because i will have a video on all the things i like about it. If you liked todays video, please make sure to hit the subscribe button and notification bell and also please make sure to give the video a thumbs up that way.