So this is the mavic mini over mavic pro uh clone drone uh pretty cheap. Its got two cameras, one of the motorized camera here and one on the belly of the uh drone. But just before i get started, make sure you follow me. One of these social medias are those part of sneak peeks on what to expect and also and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit. The bell notifications so wont upload. Any video youll actually be notified, so i am going to first unbox. This drone show you what comes with and then were going to take it out for the test. Flight and ive got to say its, not its, not what it looks like its really really cheap, so lets get straight into it. Whats happening people lets get straight into it, so here is how it came no box just in this packaging, which we are right here with cardboard all over it so lets open it up and lets see what we get inside. So this version, actually you can get it in a few different versions i put for the highest camera, hd, 4k, camera and one. I think it says here: full hd, camera, 1080p apparently, but were going to check that out later and also one battery. You can actually get more batteries, but im not going to use this, so i thought whats the point again. Spending more money and getting more batteries lets just get one and see how it is, if its better a lot more batteries, simple, as so straight out of the box, we have two manuals.

Now it comes in two different languages. The first manual which we have right here if we just skip a few pages and go into the english one victory up here. So this is the software instruction and you have to download the app onto your phone with this qr code, and it just tells you a bit more information about where you can fly and some of the functions you can use on the phone once youve downloaded the App because this is not the main one, this is the main instruction manual so, like the same again, youve got two different manuals in two different languages, so this is the user manual, and this is how you actually set it all. So, as you can see here, that is the drone youve got the drone on hd cameras. This also has two cameras, one at the front and one on the belly of the drone, which ill show you later its got propellers around its got. A spare set of propellers here, which ill show you later as well and its also got a remote control which gives you some of the information on how to use it. So if you want to pause that and check it out, you can actually check it out. The reason why were checking this manual is because this drone is an updated version of the previous one that ive done. So if you havent seen that i will leave the link in the description box below and then well, you can check this one out and then after you can check the previous one out.

So this is the updated version, as you can see here. First thing you need to do is take out the battery and put it on charge. The battery is right here and its pretty similar to the uh original drones. To be honest, so its just on charge getting ready for the flight and then it goes just fell on the floor. So that is the battery and, as you can tell here, it says, take out legs and also the propellers and make sure you calibrate your drone before you use it basically, so that just tells you how to calibrate it and that just tells you how to use It from the remote control up down left right, basically and yep, so you can actually change the speed. Its got three different speeds, slow, medium and high its got headless mode as well, and also one key return photo and video as well uh, lens angle control. So if you want to check out, it is more tries as well, so you can put if you press these buttons on the remote, which i show you. The motor of the lens goes up and down, but thats only with the front facing camera. You can also use the spell uh lens on the belly of the drone, and that just tells you information on how to put the phone onto the remote control if you want to so here is some of the specifications of the drone diagonal axis battery capacity charging Time takes around two hours: uh make sure your phone is support above android, 5.

0 and apple 6.0. Definitely is so flight time is 18 to 23 minutes. Now. Keep that in mind, because when we take this out for a flight test were going to see. If that is actually true, so well probably try and get 18 minutes well, 15 minutes because im going to have it on speed, the high speed so ill definitely charge for two hours. So the weight of this is 188 grams. Wi fi frequency is up to 5g. Video frames per mm is 25 frames per second remote control. Frequency is 2.4 g. Remote control, distance of aircraft is 4k km. Annoyed im, not gon na, actually try that, to be honest, wi fi transmission distance is 4km faster speed. Flight is 7m fastest. Rising speed is 7m as well and fasts. Descent speed is 2 and it comes with some parts and just fly safely. So that is the manuals good about. They showed you, because if you get one of these, then you definitely need to know so. First thing. The second thing we get out the box is the usb type micro, usb charging wire and a few propellers and also screwdriver, and take off the screws here to change the propellers. Next, we have the remote control, so its pretty basic, cheap plastic as well definitely looks similar to my um original dji drone and they try to copy as much as they can so youll open these up and youve got four leds that just gives you the battery Percentage of this right here, which you just put in your batteries in uh, so that is uh, come home mod return, that is the gps, that is the camera lens to change it up and down, and that these two are to calibrate it as well.

So make sure you calibrate these two first before you actually fly off, so that is a one key takeoff and thats to switch your remote control on and off, and these are just controlled up and down. And if you want to go left right or up and down in the height of your drone, that is the remote control, really cheap plastic. So put that back. This is what you have come to look at right here. Lets move this aside, so you can have a better look. Look at that, so this is actually a clone of the mavic pro mavic 2 pro or the mavic pro 2, whatever you want to call it. So, as you can see here, the legs come out. Applause and this one right here, but it has got a a name here, so its cool shadow one and, as you can tell here, youve got full hd, wi, fi camera thats, the first motorized camera. The second camera which i dont know if its hd, not which well check later in the video, is the second camera which is on the belly of the drone, so you can see here, and that is where the battery goes. So this is the drone. Ladies and gentlemen, these are actually free, they dont stay in one position and if you want to change the propellers with this spare one, so you just take off these phillips screws with the cheap screwdriver you get and there we go.

So you have sensors at the front and also the sensors at the back as well, which we have right here and to calibrate these first off youll get the sensors at the front and once its all calibrated theyll start flashing from the front and the back thats. What ive read on the manuals but were going to check that out when we go out on a flight test so to switch on, of course, is this button right here now that is it for the drone now, what we need to do is take out from Flight tests and uh try and make fly and also not lose it, because ive always done that in the past. With the previous clones, the drones, i always actually lost them. So if you want to take pictures and record with this theres, no slot for your memory card, everything just gets saved to your mobile phone, so you can actually use it from there right. Ive got the phone on bluetooth, is on im, just going to switch it on first, so you have to switch it on and youve got flashing lights right there, christmas flashing lights, as i always call it, and you have to switch it on from here. As you can hear that noise, so you its calibrated with some noise first thing you have to do is calibrate it. So you got to push this button in right here and it will give you some flashing lights, push this button in right here and it will give you some more flashing lights on here.

So yeah weve got flashing lights on the back of the drone and on the front of the drone, and now what you need to do it says is calibrate it by turning it. So weve done it actually done this on camera, but im just showing you. So what youve got to do is press this button right here on the remote and then press the right button, and hopefully youve got the lights turned on on the front of the drone. As you can see – and i dont, if you can see, they are lightly faded lights on the back so now what we need to do is connect it to that which im going to do now. You need is h phone pro, i dont know. If you can see it right, there so lets click the app and, as you can see, h from pro app instructions lets start it. So what im going to do is put this drone weve got it connected, as you can see, gps mode and battery is all lit up green. So what we need to do uh is just tap in the uh one button take off there. We go one button. Take off first, you have to push it in 40 degrees. One button take off right there and take two right so lets uh calibrate it there we go so as you can see, they are going fast, well off camera theyre going fast. So one button takeoff lets go there.

We go Music Laughter, take three uh were doing it from the palms, so im actually uh lets calibrate and put the propellers on right. Im gon na do one button takeoff right now, so here we go but check out the drone because it just goes anywhere ive calibrated. It lets go Music im, not even doing anything. Look hes, remo, hes, the remote and the drones going down. Look at that yo! Wait leave it leave it right. Let me do an intro now, whats, the hey guys Laughter, get it get it get it get it get it Music. Applause take four! This drone is just going crazy. The propellers already broke its cracked, but uh were gon na. Try again lets uh work on the propellers and one button take off, but look where the drone goes: Music Applause, Music, whoa, oh Applause, its still good, its, so good Applause, okay, so uh you saw the drone in action and even though i calibrated it and everything And tried controlling it from the controllers. This drone was just doing what i wanted to do it kept going around in circles. As you saw uh, one of the propellers is broken on one of them when it had that hit so there we have it, but weve still got uh replacement propellers, but overall, its not really good uh, just even theres, not a lot of wind as well. Today and its still going in its own direction, you cant control it properly and for the quality of the camera.

I will let you decide but thats what you get when you actually buy fake drones, so my advice is always stick with the original, as you would known on my original dgi.