It is also a very good vantage point of gothenburg, so if you ever visit go here, Music in the area that we live, they have a big factory that are creating like cinnamon, buns and stuff right now. It is a very good smell outside Music. How tasty does this look starting the day out with a uh consulting call together with my buddy john beer here ive been helping him with his youtube channel for what is it like the last three months? Yeah, you want to say hi to the boss, hey everybody! How you doing its an honor to be here head over to his channel and check him out Music todays vlog is uploading and vlog is 11 14. thats, pretty good right, Music, its. Finally, my favorite workout day of the week push pump those back Music 10 times. 70 kilos, Music Applause, Music Applause lets pop off this fresh as a pine cone and Music. Oh, my dad bought a new phone yesterday, so we can try to fix that because he cant do it in on his own. What do you think about uh technology today? The technology today is very hard to handle. Yes, i am stoked that we are finally gon na go out and test this bad boy out and that i can actually show it to you, because ive been flying this now for around one and a half months and the shots that you saw in todays, vlog And yesterdays vlog and since ive also been using the mavic air 2s for a pretty long time.

I thought we should go out and do a comparison between these two and see like exactly how much better is this than this, and if this is worth the money that you pay, because it is one expensive drone. I would say that this is the more portable drone when you fold, together its very small compared to the mavic camera. The camera, on the other hand, is way bigger on the mavic 3, as you can see here, because you can sport, two cameras in the size of one. I want to see how good they are when youre flying. I recently bought the old smart controller for the r2s so that i can have a better screen when im flying. I definitely think that the old smart controller feels a lot more clunkier than the new one and when it comes to responsiveness, the mavic 3 feels like an entirely different drone to fly and ive been using the air 2s for approximately six months and the mavic 3. For around one and a half months, so im not saying it because its a new product im saying it because ive actually experienced it over a longer period of time, Music, im starting the disconnection of the smart controller. So what air to us flight was good. Can you hear that the hum is way like lower than whats with r2s? The new sticks are so incredibly responsive compared to the old ones, Music, just after flying them side by side.

I can say that this smart controller is by far the best one, because it is so much more responsive and i havent lost connection once with this as compared to the other one where ive lost it several times. Both drones tested extensively. You want to know the worst part is that the clock is 3 34 p.m and starting to get dark, i thought it was going to be a really good sunset, but clouds oh swag. You know what time it is now Music. The first thing that i want to look at is going to be the price versus image quality, because this is going to be crucial when youre buying a drone. The mavic 3 cine is coming in at 499, which makes it a very expensive drone, but the overall image quality is also incredibly good, and i also dare to say that its possibly the best drone that you can get with that kind of image quality and that Kind of size so were going to put it all the way up here. The air 2s, on the other hand, comes in at 1299 for the fly more kit. It still sports, like a one inch sensor with 10 bit color space and all that good stuff that you want its basically on par with the mavic 2 pro, so were gon na place it somewhere around here and then over here. We are, of course, going to place the mavic 3 baseline that you can buy as well.

Lets talk about the value compared to the price that you pay and im gon na attack this as a content. Creator, not a filmmaker because doing films is an entirely different level than doing youtube videos, and i think that we have to look at what is sufficient to be able to make these kind of videos for a good budget. The mavic 3 cine has probably the absolute best image quality that you can buy in a drone that size, but the amount of value that you get of that drone might not be defendable when you compare it to the air 2s. The air 2s. On the other hand, is probably going to land somewhere around here, in my opinion, when you see the amount of value that you can get out of the drone in that price range, you cannot reach this point of diminishing returns when you look at the drone side By side, because it doesnt provide you with that, much of extra oof to be able to defend the price unless youre, actually in need of the tool that is the mavic 3 cine. So it kind of depends on what use that you have for the drone that youre about to buy. But my recommendation right now is that this drone is going to be more this efficient for a long period of time, and this is something that filmmakers that want.