If you want to see me, go over all the differences um, what it really boils down to is the big difference is the motors, so you have a 2809 size motor at 1250 kv on the pro and then the original, its a 2806 and a half um At 1300 kv seven inch prop on the original seven and a half inch prop on the pro, and the frame is virtually identical. Now you have these side pieces here covers on the pro version that the original didnt come with, although i think these are available for purchase separately, so you could add it to the original im, pretty sure. Now, as i said, the frames are pretty much identical, so one of the questions i had was: can you use a seven and a half inch prop on the original, and i dont see any reason why you couldnt, because the arms are the same length. So you could do that, but then youre kind of over taxing the 2806 and a half motor so um. You know the thing that people were pointing out to me was that this pro version is kind of useless because its inefficient and for long range. That would that wouldnt make any sense, and if you just look at it comparing the same battery, it is less efficient. So this is a 3300 milliamp hour 6s that i typically fly the original on and i get about 19 minutes 20 minutes of flight time.

On this you know, depending on the conditions and how im flying and just cruising around thats what i typically get on the original. Now, when i put it on this new pro version with the bigger motors, i do get less flight time. I get roughly 15 to 16 minutes. I lose about three or four minutes of flight time on this battery on this setup here, because it is a bigger motor with a bigger prop. So, if youre using the same battery overall, yes, it is a little bit less efficient, because um youre going to be draining the battery faster. So well so whats the whole point of getting this then well. I asked around and the reason theyre calling this. The pro version is for people that actually fly uh long range and for super long distances. So the advantage of this setup here is not with this smaller battery. This 3300 milliamp hour battery is not the best case battery for this in terms of efficiency and long flight times. What they designed. This pro version for is for those professional, long range, pilots that are actually building their own large packs and theyre theyre, using like um, uh, lithium ion cells and not the 18650s that you typically see these. I cant even find where youd were to buy these theyre 21 700 cells, typically theyre, diy packs, theyre built by these pilots and so theyre 21 700 cells, two basically 12 cells in a built in a 6s 2p pack, and i think those 21 700 cells are Like 5 000 milliamp hours, ive seen a few that are in the 4 000 5000 milliamp hour.

So you put this into a 6s 2p setup, its going to be like a you know: 8 000, 10, 000 milliamp hour pack way more battery uh than this 300 milliamp hour battery, and so but the thing is that battery weighs a ton its like 900 grams. Its ridiculously heavy, so in order to carry that much battery, you need a much bigger motor and thats what thats, what this is for. So for those of you guys, are really serious about going for 30 minutes, plus theyre building. These special packs that i cant even find or to buy them theyre, basically diy packs 12 21 700 cells in a 6s2p setup very heavy, but you need a bigger motor bigger prop to carry that weight. The original, with a smaller motor and smaller prop, is not enough to carry those bigger batteries so thats the difference. I dont have access to those batteries to test that, and i dont even know how to build that myself. I know you have to use a spot. Welder and all that im not even going to bother because this its just not its just not my thing, and i i really not interested in flying for 40 minutes and i dont do that kind of mountain surfing. So, yes, it is less efficient. If youre, comparing apples to apples on the same battery, but this bigger setup here is meant for a much bigger, much heavier battery that this smaller motor is not really going to be able to handle that.

Well. That being said, i did fly it quite a bit on this 3300 pack. You know getting 15 minute flights um. I did. I took a trip up to san francisco and went up to pch hit a bunch of spots ill show you some clips here: im not going to post any of the full flights ill make them available to my patreons. If any of you guys are patreons want to see those ill put, those up there but ill put some clips up here, you know maybe im already showing them in the edit while im talking about this but yeah, you know in terms of how this flies compared To the original uh because of the bigger motor prop setup on this, basically a smaller battery, it feels a lot more powerful like it. Just has a lot more agility and capability and more control just because it is a just a more powerful setup. All around pitune is very good, even with a smaller battery. I dont think its intended for this one. I think theyre actually intending it for like a 5500 6s, which is much bigger, which i dont have, but the pitching seems totally good on this one. As you can see in the footage, you know its totally fine, i didnt i didnt feel like i was um having any issues with oscillations or vibrations, or anything like that. I fight, as usual, have theyve done a very good job. Pid tuning this, and even though it had this one, has the new bmi 270 gyro, no issues with that whatsoever.

Theyve obviously retuned this for the new gyro with the proper filters and everything and its uh. You know it flies really well, i feel like a very good control and it just you know i get very good footage out of this. So the main difference for me on this battery is, i have a little bit more power, a little bit more agility. A little bit less flight time compared to the original um, but i can still get the same fantastic footage i can get from the original now you know if youre just going to be flying like a smaller pack. Like me, i would say this pro version is not going to be for you. I would get the original with the 2806 and a half motor and just deal with the 10 to 15 minute flight times totally fine. With that you know, i mean im good with 10 minute flight times, but if youre, you know looking for more professional long range 30 minute flight times plus and you youre one of those guys that can build those uh diy 21. 700. Uh packs that this is going to be able to deal with a lot better than that go for this one, because thats what the long range guys are doing theyre. Actually, you know this came about because uh people were buying the original uh camaro 7 and then not putting the 2806 motors on theyre. Putting like, i think the more popular size was the 2808 size.

I believe so. This 2809 is actually a little bit bigger than um what most people are actually going for, but i think in that case its going to be able to carry even more battery so yeah again. I i didnt do any of this testing and with the bigger packs, because i dont have access to that kind of stuff, but thats really, what im being told is you know if youre going to be getting this youre going to want to be carrying a lot Of battery a lot of weight and thats what the burger motors are meant for and when youre carrying that extra weight that extra battery youre going to get that extra flight time, so you know thats going to do it for this one im going to you know. Obviously, keep flying this one and i am gon na give away uh the old seven inch frame from uh forget that video. It was a custom, build that i put together a while back um. I will post that on my instagram, so yeah those you guys are rushing out of the comments about this ive mentioned. The word giveaway, i wont be on here, itll, be on my instagram, and i will um yeah just have to wait for it to pop out im, not sure when im gon na put it out just depends on when im ready to do that and that thatll Be a seven inch frame giveaway over on my instagram, but yeah, you know um.

I will have you know a long term review on this camera. Seven pro later on. Yes, its a great platform for doing you know a kind of long kind of cruisy type flights kind of like you know, and it has a really fast um cruising speed, its actually a little higher cruising speed compared to the uh, the original camaro 7. But not that much difference i prefer to fly slower anyway um – and this is totally fine for that. You ha has really good control. You can fly fast or slow all around its very good anyway. So hopefully you enjoyed these little clips. Some of the footage ive showed you some of the places i flew at. If you want to see the full flights uh join my patreon thats, a link down in the video description and check out the um khmer 7 pro down in the video description as well. Obviously, i think its only being sold at ifly right now, but uh there might be links later on at pyro jones and racetoy quads et cetera. Some other favorite stores ill um, add those down there when they are available. So if you want, if you dont, see that today then maybe check back later and uh, those will be down in the video description, okay, thats gon na.