Look at these people here they know the right place for the photo shoot cinquecento and you get the photos of this little view right here, amazing spot here in florence now the dji 2, the mavic mini 2, looks pretty much the same as the mevik mini one. There are some subtle differences inside lets. Look at it there. It is there and theres the beautiful sunset there. You see the big difference its 4k. You see its written right there on the front of the little gimbal lens instead of 2.7 k. This thing shoots in 4k at 30 frames per second, the same as the mavic mini 1 30 frames per second, but this does 4k. The other thing is the transmission 100 megabytes per second, instead of the 40 megabytes per second on the mavic mini 1. up front. It has this led light that you can program, you can have it flash the rainbow colors, you can have it any color. You want its a blinking led light, which could be handy when youre flying around other drones, and you need to identify your drone. The mavic mini one didnt have that on the back: whats cool, no longer the old, usb style charging port, but now a usb c charging port and with the fly more combo, also that battery pack has the usbc charging port as well. The wing tips look different. They have an orange little tip on them, so thats a big difference.

The reason why is its easier to spot now and the other thing is the wing design is slightly different. So is the battery pack in the back, so you cant use your mavic mini one batteries with the mavic mini 2. and youre not going to see it here, but inside its got a different motor, a better motor which means better performance longer flight times, just more Efficient overall now lets look at the controller. Look at this beast compared to the old one, its heavier its got a bigger battery inside the antennas up here in this phone cradle, where you put your phone, its got the usb c as well. Usbc ports all around big thumbs up there, so a bigger battery means longer lasting time, so youre out flying you dont have to charge this thing as much the little knob controllers theyre in here, you screw them on and youre ready to go here. It stacks up, antennas are out on the old dji controller, the mavic mini 1 controller, the mavic mini 2 controller, see the differences, see the fiat 500 classic. Now lets go fly. Look at this thing, its already out of range aircraft not connected to rc its not returning to home. It should be landing soon. The dji mavic mini 2. Well, it has a better range. Listen to this thing, so much more quiet. I like that. Already about the mavic mini 2., look at this im doing one of these quick shots and this drone.

It has those quick shots. It has the 4k. The 2.7 k i just havent run out of range, yet i havent pushed it all the way to the limit, but i havent run out of range and the other thing is ive. Had no wi fi or signal interference, thats forcing me to bring the drone back home, so this is much better its getting dark its time to land. This drone Music now be careful when flying and landing this thing. I already made another video how i crashed my first dji mavic mini, and with this one i got the extra package, the combo that included two extra batteries included the extra joysticks extra propellers as well. Also with that package, i bought the refresh care package and that that covers me in case i crash it or in case i have any problems with this drone im going to put all the amazon links down below, as well as a link to that video that I made already on crashing the mavic mini one, hey just a quick note if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you havent yet subscribed click on the subscribe button now back to the video. So why is two better than one one is down here on the bottom twos up on top, you can hardly tell the difference. Why is two better than one well simply put its the ten kilometer range. The number one only has 2.

5 kilometers of range. This has 10 kilometers of range now ive, never flown this 2.5 kilometers. But that means that it should go that far. If you dont have aircraft interference and a lot of times, especially in city areas, you get a lot of mobile phone. A lot of wi fi interference and you cant get very far at all, maybe only like 200 meters. Now this thing has a range of 10 kilometers its not that i want to fly it 10 kilometers. It just means its going to have a more robust signal and thats thanks to the connection difference. This worked off a wi, fi connection, this works off of ocusync 2. and that data exchange structure is the same ones. Thats used in the bigger brothers, the medvik air 2.. All this means, that is when i go out on location im. Getting my shot. Mavic mini 1 users will know the frustration of remote control signal, lost, return to home and thats just too much. So, for me, two is better than one. So why get this drone as your first drone or your travel drone? Well, its the perfect size to throw in your backpack the mavic mini one. I always had at my backpack for the last year and its great when youre on location, to throw it up. Ive used it all year at events at bike, races to get that establishing shot when youre up there and at this size you can easily put the controller and the drone in your backpack, and you always have it now.

The mavic mini one and the two dont have obstacle avoidance or object tracking like the bigger brother, the mavic air ii, but the lightweight the size wins me over and remember. The mavic mini and the mini 2 are 249 grams. That means theyre under the 250 gram limit that forces you to get a drone pilot license in many areas. So with this you dont have to think about it. You just get out there and you fly so the mavic mini 2, with this new range capacity.