Just like you guys, im here, to cover an issue igniting flags to the sonic community, the biggest enemy to sonic fans across the globe. Critics thats right, sonic, movie 2, officially had its premiere event in the uk, and the reviews are flying in whats surprising. Is that theyre, just as negative as the first sonic movies reviews, which is shocking and most of the major reputable outlets, are the ones fortunate enough to see it and put the reviews in there? So these arent random nobodys opinions, some reviews you guys will like and agree with some will send you into a fit of rage punching holes in the wall everywhere, like it made a joke about your wife, wow Applause, so theres a ton to go over and ill Start by going through some of these reviews and remember, ninety percent of these are already spoiler, free and im, obviously not going to blurt out a spoiler. If i see one fred, weasley dies on page 637 lets first start at review. Aggregate rotten tomatoes sonic. The hedgehog 2 is currently sitting at a 63. As of the time of recording this and future jaden here, theres an update for this score later in the video, but its definitely not an improvement, keep in mind this score will fluctuate either up or down depending on how the rest of the reviews come in this. Next month, so to feel out the temperature and just dip our toes into the water lets start with a more lightly critical review from variety.

Then we can dive head first into the super low scores and im telling you its gon na be real hard, not to crush your screen with your bare hands. After seeing a couple of these absolutely brainless, critics takes and again not all of them just a couple again. This video is entirely spoiler free and if i come across any spoilers myself, i will 100 not show or share any of that info. I didnt get an early screening, invite so im hiding from these spoilers, just like you guys so before we get into the first review from variety lets, hear a quick spot from todays sponsor this video is sponsored by royal cd keys. The story is 100. True by the way, but growing up literally below the poverty line, i couldnt afford any full price games. So i often used various key services to get games for an affordable price without piracy and todays sponsor royal cd keys is one of those key sites. They even have a ton of sonic games on there. Look im literally buying one right now they have a super high trust pilot score and great customer service, and literally this is all written by me. They didnt even give me a copy read. They only said i had to announce their 50 euro weekly giveaway. They do, which is pretty cool, so go check out royal cd keys and use the code sonic show for ten percent off and it lets them know.

I sent ya alright. So lets start with varietys review its titled sonic, the hedgehog 2 review knuckles and tails joined the sega mascot in rush job sequel, rush, jump im. Sure you can tell from the headline, but theres definitely going to be a mix of some negative opinions here. So lets just jump into it. Well, that was fast. The first sonic the hedgehog movie opened in february 2020, in spite of or maybe in some strange way because of fan pushback to the live action, movies, initial cg, character, design. It turned out to be far better than anyone expected. The bar is exasperatingly low for video game adaptations and, yes, i did struggle to read exasperatingly. The blue blur seemed to be racing towards some kind of box office record when the hit fast forward two years, and we already have a sequel, sonic, the hedgehog 2. That takes what was endearing about the original in a word personality and renders it generic in a hurry. And can you hear it thats the sound of sonic fans storming up in rage over that last sentence? Also, it doesnt even make sense. Sonic movie, one was painfully generic, but lets hear them out. You guys also have to consider that these are from the uk premiere and the british are by far the saltiest group of people on this beautiful, green and blue earth. So they are naturally more angry and hateful than the average person thats a joke.

By the way uk people dont be offended youre, my second highest demographic. I have to appeal to you. A lot of this review has recaps of the story, mentioning specific beats. They liked and im going to skip that part entirely as its not important to the review and more of a possible spoiler to you guys. So next the review goes an hour and a half would have been a perfectly fine run time. I dont know i read it like that, whereas at two hours and change, sonic 2 wears out its welcome well before it turns into yet another phone it in franchise entry. The kind where storms gather a column of fluorescent light, shoots up in the sky and everything becomes apocalyptic. Weve come to expect that kind of world threatening gloom from marvel movies. Technically, it all goes back to the original ghostbusters a depth. The movie recognizes, even as it serves up its own version of the stay puft marshmallow man, which is referencing the death egg, robot weve, seen from all the recent trailers and spots, but it gets tiresome when practically every kitty movie puts our existence in jeopardy. It would have been plenty effective to focus just on keeping the wachowski family together, which i do understand. These save the world plots can feel very samey, but id argue. The first sonic movie was a smaller scale. The entire plot of the first movie is sonic wipes out the power and because of that, the small task force is after sonic and he has to get his rings back.

Thats thats, literally the entire plot, no end of the world or anything for the sequel. It only makes sense to go big with it. Then the next one itd be cool to go kind of artsy and weird with it. You know thats always the best way to do a third movie but thats off topic. For now. I myself am tired of copy paste, marvel plots and no stand down. Marvel fans im not saying all marvel stuff is like that, but theres definitely an infamous formula that we all know when we see it. A more positive excerpt from this review that you guys might like is. It should be said that the first 90 minutes of sonic 2 are pretty clever thanks to all the creative ways, the screenwriters devised to honor the games without derailing the plot. These include tails showing up in a bright red biplane and the classic green hill zone theme serving as toms ringtone, and i included these because these are both things. Weve seen from the footage paramount has officially put out in the trailers. The ending of the review has no spoilers and, i think, summarizes their points. Best sonic 2 ends much as the first one did with hints that this blue hedgehog will buzz out his way through more adventures. Stick through the credits to find out which franchise character, paramount and sega promised to introduce next a word of advice to the studio, dont rush. It audiences were appreciative when you took the time to redo the design of the cg sonic and theyll wait as long as it takes to do right by characters, theyve already dedicated so many hours to playing at home, and i havent gone through all the reviews.

Yet, as i was saving most of them for this video, but a common theme ive seen through the couple ive read up until now, is everyone saying it feels rushed now its not clear whether theyre saying that, because they know the first one came out a little Over two years ago, or if its because it visually looks, rushed well have to wait and see, since this is being repeated across literally all the reviews, ive read so before we get to the next one theres something you got ta think about with these. I know a lot of the opinions youre hearing in these reviews will make some of you really mad, but its important to remember im just the messenger, and these are not my opinions. I know it probably seems obvious to most of you, but a very, very small, select of you honestly. I dont even know whats going on up there and i mean like up there. The brain – and this is a very, very small amount of you, but i think perhaps nothing. Some people will even dislike the video because they dislike the review theyre hearing and i i didnt write it. I promise. If i worked for variety, i would be making way more money than i am now so ive never really blatantly asked for it like this, but drop a fat thumbs up. It helps raccoon man a lot with the machines and helps offset the brainless who think these are my opinions, so this video can swim a little.

So the next review is from empire another very popular entertainment outlet. Their review starts with films based on video games. Infamously dont have a great track record. There is often talk of a curse but sonic the hedgehog. The first live action. Take on segas spiky, speedy boy in blue, released in 2020. It managed to overcome initial fan backlash and mixed reviews to become a rare success, at least at the box office, never mind that the film was fairly generic and forgettable family fodder in brutal commercial terms. Sonic is officially the most successful film based on a video game. Ever now, it makes a bid for a cinematic universe with the sequel and the third film is already in the works, with at least one spin off tv show which im mostly including this recap, because they all kind of begin like this, an empire basically hit all The same spots as the other introductions, so you did it empire round of applause youre, the only intro that matters they continue with curse or no curse. A franchise is burgundy and ive heard this word more in the past two weeks than i have my entire life. I remember a couple of videos ago. I was like ive never heard this word before since then. I cannot stop hearing burgundy. Why is everyone saying, burgundy and so in every respect, sonic, the hedgehog 2 is really just more of the same, steered by largely the same creative team as before.

This is simply more fairly generic and forgettable family fodder. A saturday morning cartoon, with the hollywood budget targeted primarily at an audience of 8 year olds, hey dont, forget us fat, autistic adults too. We have right, you know its still colorful and kooky. The cg character designs are still jarringly cartoonish in their live action. Surroundings and the jokes are still on the whole bad. The significant differences are the addition of tails voiced by colleen oshaughnessy, who also voices the character in the video game, emphasizing the kittiness of her the whole affair and knuckles voiced by idris elba whos like a pound shop drax. The destroyer which i dont know if the reviewers regarding that is a positive or negative thing not going to lie next. Paragraph has spoils so were going to skip over that, but under it is their big epic quote about it. Being generic and forgettable family fodder in giant texts which im not gon na lie im not too worried about. In the first sonic movie, they changed sonics disgusting generic hollywood design to a modified version of his iconic game. Look well, they didnt change the story and i liked sonic movie a lot, but at the end of the day, its just a somewhat plain kids movie and i wouldnt have really cared if i wasnt a sonic fan. However, this one seems to be leaning into it. Being based on the games and showing love and respect to those, so i cant imagine this is worse.

Tbh but again my opinion, doesnt matter, because i havent seen the movie yet lets get through. This then get to a more positive review, because i need to cleanse my palette and whatever screen youre watching this on is dangerously close to cracking, so the guardian ends with a small excerpt. Sonics second outing is a little more than a half baked half term distraction tool, though jim carreys outrageously committed performance nearly saves the day and ive had enough of it. Goodbye guardian see ya, now lets sprinkle in a little positivity. These guys arent established film critics, so they arent listed on rotten tomatoes review list, but sonic stadium got invited to the premiere and made a non spoiler review, so lets get into the first excerpt from that as its gon na be a nice palette cleanse because after This is the real negative one. Okay, so lets start youd be forgiven for wondering if the success of the first sonic, the hedgehog movie, was a total fluke. After all, were it not for the intense community feedback and eventually the artistic talents of tyson hess, the blue, blurs big screen debut, would have surely flopped, but with a car crash swiftly avoided and the fan base on site. As a result, it would have been easy for paramount to rest on its laurels. Is that, like a british thing and phone it in for the sequel, especially with the introduction of rival knuckles echidna, to automatically guarantee fan support, they continue? Thankfully, there is no need to worry about such a cynical, follow up isonic.

The hedgehog not only goes out of its way to respect the fans time by focusing the majority of its action on the characters they cared most about, but it does so with a jam, packed story that is much improved over and builds upon the prequel. This is a rare movie that is both an excellent video game adaptation and a sequel thats better than its predecessor, and this is quite high praise and makes me more excited, as we are both in the venn diagram of hardcore sonic fans, but to be completely fair. I wouldnt expect a sonic fan site to go. It was just okay, but they were very fair with their review of the first sonic movie, even going to talk about the very formulaic plot, which was my main issue. So this hyper excites me. It should also be noted that, while these are both sonic stadium reviews, they are written by two different people, so their perspectives and criticisms are certainly different. They go on to say the most interesting thing when watching sonic 2 is discovering that, despite the huge attention, the sonic, tails and eggman are rightfully given, or rightly, the filmmakers managed to find plenty of room for the human characters to have meaningful involvement. In the movie tom james, marston and maddie tina, sumpter, im pretty sure its tikka whyd, they write tina wachowski spend their time in a b plot that involves the wedding of maddies sister, rachel tasha rothwell.

I dont know if they got that one right too, which is inevitably disrupted by sonics world saving antics. This is something we saw from the final trailer which i covered here ill read the next excerpt. I always struggle with that word excerpt, but i dont want to read too much of this review after that, because it summarizes a lot of scenes that i want to leave to you as a surprise. So, after that, they write rather than be a forgettable side story that distracts from the sonic knuckles action. The hawaii based wedding ends up becoming surprisingly pivotal to the main plot, with tom and maddie, giving plenty of room to contribute to sonics adventure and its rather well written too, with sumter and rothwell in particular, being handed some great comedic action to work with. If you enjoyed rachels loudmouth antics in the first sonic movie, youre going to really love her character in the sequel, thats, not to say there isnt some storytelling turbulence in the movie, while a lot of the sequels key concepts and characters needed little explaining owing to the Groundwork laid in the first film and i removed the spoiler part here, but there are some areas that stand out some clunkiness in scenes, where the filmmakers clearly realized that additional exposition was necessary for audiences to understand. Whats going on these moments feel a little tacked on, but with so many different story, threads going on in sonic 2, its difficult to think of other ways in which the producers could have handled this, and this is a problem that edgar wright had to deal with.

When making scott pilgrim, which is a film from six books and the sixth one wasnt even finished, but scott pilgrim ended up being slept on by reviewers and turned out to be a cult classic among us internet losers. And yes, before you comment, i said among us in a different context. Sue me, so i think, as a sonic fan theres a lot youll like from this ill read the end of their review, then get into the polar opposite. The source that hated this movie in almost every way possible its actually kind of funny. I think their mom might be like dating azuka or something so sonic stadium ends with as a sonic fan sonic. The hedgehog 2 has everything you can ask for its an action. Packed experience joe rogan, that puts the focus squarely on the mainline characters that you care about with spot on characterizations that draw you in to the constant rivalry between sonic and knuckles, and the friendship between sonic and tails, with a satisfying final act. That will give you goosebumps till the very end with some well timed chuckles and game references in between, despite some narrative wobbles, it does the characters, justice, it does the sonic universe, justice and it does the franchise justice blue justice. You might say amazing yen. I actually i do think that was pretty clever. I will say, though – and this is my view from the trailer and maybe its because im 23.

, but some of the jokes seemed uh uh. You know a lot of them. Didnt blow me away. They didnt have me laughing, while a lot of the ones from the trailers are funny theres, some that definitely lean towards the cringe side of the spectrum. I know you guys hate the word cringe, but i dont know how to describe it. Unfunny painful to hear disrupting my brain, so they scored the movie a 9 out of 10.. Now again, they didnt do a score for the first one. So i dont know how theyd compare, but a very high score for sonic 2, regardless now lets get into the darkest of reviews, one that will make your skin crawl and make you want to do things. Not even your therapist should have to deal with hearing about and thats little white lies a top critic reviewer and to give you just a glimpse of what were in for the tagline on rotten tomatoes is the shortest of anyones and its just a cold money. Making machine and nothing more now, as you can imagine, this angered twitter, they were furious. How could someone dislike the movie that i havent even seen yet well lets get into it as odds are? You guys will finally relate to the angry twitter people, which i am an angry twitter person at sonic, underscore show that was a shameless plug but im addicted, and i need more people to feed my addiction, so lets get into little white lies review.

The first excerpt. Well start with is theres a joke where people say this films plot could have been written on the back of a napkin. Yet for sonic 2, a napkin seems like the equivalent of a multi volume, antiquarian tome, as there is so little substance to this depressingly rote endeavor and im just gon na be open unscripted. This is one of the most obnoxious things ive ever read. Dear president. Yes, more than that, it sees the punchline spouting blue spiny mammal whos. Basically, the satirical poochie from the simpsons taken at face value up to his old monkey shines in rural seattle, where he is taken to independent crime, fighting its just the writing. Ah now i started here because literally the first two paragraphs are nothing but them whining about. They gave me a spoiler warning. How can there be spoilers for a stupid kids, movie, stupid, stupid, stupid and its because youre right, its its a kids movie and yeah? As someone whos, not a kid seeing which characters actually show up and if our theories were wrong or right is all very fun for us, theyre spoilers because were not kids thats the point, so this is just embarrassing because, like if youre a movie reviewer, you know Obviously, spoilers can be for smaller things and not every movie has to be no country for old men. Another excerpt is the rest of the movie is fill in blanks filmmaking, where all elements clearly could have been done with a few more months, if not years in the oven, the script feels like a poor first draft.

The performances are phoned in even carrie is just sticking hard for a paycheck, desperately attempting to find some subtle variation on his standard arsenal of guerns gurgles and wacky enunciations, but he rarely if ever hits the comic bullseye and if you thought that was bad, thats thats, Not even the worst part of the review worst of all is the quality of the computer graphics, which in many cases looks incomplete or at least not ready for audience consumption. What, as the animated characters dash or engage in complex interactions with a real environment? Their figures appear blocky and indistinct, as if not properly rendered the shoddy visuals exemplify much of this films, low bar quality control, but its bizarre to see a hollywood product. Looking this ugly, i mean, is it? Did you not see cats, one sequence in which sonic and knuckles are conversing on a beach after throwing sand over each other? It looks like the effects. Artists have literally forgotten key parts of the animation. Oh no, the grim reality is that the makers know this is sonic 2 and no one is really going to care. Oh, my god, i have to keep reading this this review sucks. Now i thought the cg looked great from everything shown so far, but lets give the benefit of the doubt and say maybe in motion. It might look rushed. I mean this movie did have an extremely fast and efficient production time, but they didnt have anything here that needed some high level entire reworking, like the first ones, designed so kind of, makes sense, thats, faster, plus, with how honestly generic the first ones plot is they Basically have endless possibilities of what they could do in the sequel and no that wasnt an intentional pun.

But it worked out. So this movie in all indications will still be a family kids movie, but with the addition of a lot of content, specifically for sonic fans to enjoy im, not expecting some ultra dark, sonic, beheading, robotnik scene and yes, im very aware of what i signed up for Its a pg ill read, the ending excerpt from the little white lies review in a film where literally, the only good bit is when sonic falls over and says ow my pelvis, a pregame spoiler warning is bad form, to say the least, the best way to make Sure arrogant, audiences dont spoil your movie is to not treat them with borderline contempt, which is such a back and forth point. Do you want it to be a kids movie or not like round of applause for this dude? It appears 99 of their critiques are. I was wanting pulp fiction, but this is just some baby coco melon garbage next time have the courage to just kill off tails. So yeah, regardless of me, seeing this movie or not im just going to straight up, say this review is trash not because its negative, but because its negative, without any reason, all the criticisms here make me go. Are we talking about the same movie? Also update thats right future jaden here morning after editing and were now at 10 reviews whoa, and you guys wont like to hear this, but the score didnt go up at all.

It actually dropped to a 60 now, but remember, theres, only 10 reviews now theres 8. Before now, theres 10. expect the score to fluctuate for the next couple months. Theres two new reviews – one is positive, one is negative: one is the south bean chilling morning post who, upon further research, actually seemed pretty genuine and the other one is some dudes blog called the jam report and it didnt even have the https security certificate. You always see it in the top left its like the lock box. It makes it like yeah this websites secured. I go to the jam report and opera is like this dudes trying to steal your data, but these two both arent, some massive organization. I think the latter isnt even an organization at all so thats important to remember as more reviews come in youll notice. The credentials lower significantly rotten tomatoes discerns these by putting top critic near the ones from the big sites youre already familiar with, so that helps out weed out these dudes literally in their moms basement. Just writing whatever even my website, sonicmovie2.com has https security. So last lets cover the hollywood reporters review as they are respected as one of the top teams in movie coverage business and they officially partner and work with most of these big movies releases for exclusive coverage so lets just get into it. The first excerpt ill read from the review is overstuffed with frantic action in framed by sonics wisecracking commentary.

Sonic. The hedgehog 2 will appeal to family audiences seeking holiday distractions, what holiday, even if it doesnt break new ground, elaborating the franchises sprawling universe of intersecting characters and plot lines, which is fair. They continue with director jeff fowler returning for the sequel minds, his enthusiasm for the sonic games, but mostly resists any misguided inclination to mimic the franchises famously manic gameplay, with the exceptions of a few satisfying matchups between sonic and knuckles or dr robotnik in his menacing drone Army as the evil scheming genius carrie relies on an array of facial tics enhanced by an outsized, mustache and erratic body language characteristic of the expertly timed physical humor that he perfected over a series of similarly outlandish comedic roles. Just reading this is exhausting another reason i dont want to be considered a journalist. Meanwhile schwartz nails, the animated, hedgehogs, snarky impundent attitude and unrestrained thirst for thrills. Even if sonics frequently frantic tone grows increasingly warying, which trust me ben, even though youre putting on a character and im, not i get told the annoying voice thing constantly, so its fine dont, let the people get tia ben you have beautiful vocal cards and throat. Game is on point and i skipped all the synopsis parts, because the goal here is to avoid spoilers. Oh next, they write together. They set a furious pace that marsden and sumter attempt to match, but tom and maddie consistently return to emphasizing the importance of friends and family as a method to manage sonics youthful impulses.

Its a strategy that directly influences their unruly young charge, inspiring him to reach out to tails and knuckles, with a similar gesture of acceptance, and straight up, i i dont know what that means like it sounds nice, but it sounds like. Oh, they all learned their lesson. It sounds like the end of a my little pony episode and with dozens more characters and plot lines available in the sonic universe. Its likely theyll be back again to pass along similar life lessons and their ceaseless search for adventure, a pretty fair review, id, say and again im saying that is someone who has not seen the movie, so it could literally be all cap. What is cap? One thing i think a lot of you arent aware of, but i have heard this mention between friends, but this movie features visual production from sega sammy original film. I dont know what that is: maybe its a typo, probably not marza, animation, planet and blur studios, and you likely know those last two marza is the current animation giant. They use for game cutscenes and blur is the former one now on more of an assistant role for them, blur is a high level team. Their halo, 2 anniversary cutscenes from i believe, 2015 blew my mind and theyve likely only increased in quality. Since then, i might cover more reviews in a month or so once the dust settles and we can look at what the final score will be after everyones written theirs and i do think itll go up with the original only sitting at 63.

But who knows? I mean it did go down last update, ive, seen a lot of people. Try to minimize these scores by saying who cares about rotten tomatoes, but rotten tomatoes is an aggregate of all reviews, so if the score is low, its indicative of a majority of movie reviewers saying this is garbo which, by the way, thats not being said here. These are mostly respectable reviews and keyword mostly, but just because something isnt positive doesnt mean its biased and unobjective. Also, people think gamer viewers have a weird bias against sonic games and thats fine, but i refuse to allow the narrative that movie reviewers have a secret opposition to sonic is a brand, because this is definitely crossing tinfoil hat territory. I think the score will settle somewhere in the 60s to the 80s, and i do think this is an appropriate score again. As someone who hasnt seen it youre, probably sick of me talking and shoot, i forgot to self promo again. I guess im just gon na have to save it up for a rainy day, so make sure youre subbed and build specifically set to all right thats thats. What the bell matters since i dont upload much, and i cover only the freshest and most interesting sonic news out there, thanks for rocking with raccoon nation, i named it just kind of stuck.