Great, to see you today im going to explain why im selling my rc pro controller and instead just going with a normal setup with my normal controller in todays video, so were going to jump right into it. And i know im going to get a lot of comments or people saying you know: why are you selling the rc pro this? This is uh over a thousand dollar controller. Why would you sell it? Well, i have my reasons thats. What im going to talk about today and im, not 100 convinced. So if you can leave a comment below by the end of this video convincing me hey brett, maybe you should hold on to this and not sell it. Maybe ill change my mind, but until then here are my reasons. Why so first thing – and this is the main reason why im selling my rc pro controller – is that i dont quite get the same feel from this controller, as i do my normal controller. So the sticks it has its a spring loaded sticks like this, and it feels a lot like my phantom 4 pro my old phantom 4 pro, which i no longer longer use, but it it. I dont quite have the same control that i do with the normal controller. Now i know a lot of people are gon na, say the opposite say no, the normal controller. I get way better control, but for me i just it just feels right now.

Another thing to consider is that my hands, i dont, have large hands okay. So when i hold this controller, it feels really big and it just doesnt it just doesnt fit right like i, i actually like the mavic 2 pro controller, the best uh and to me this is the second best option and rc pro uh controller is the third Option so this is a lot smaller and it just feels right in my hands. I just feel like. I have better control of my thumbs and i can just i can just do what i want, maybe its, because my thumbs are closer together on this controller, whereas on this controller, my thumbs are a lot farther apart. So, with my thumbs, a lot farther apart, i dont know just something in my mind and the feel of the spring loaded sticks. It feels almost like it moves almost too easily. I cant quite when i want to get those slow movements or ease into a shot or slow it down. I cant quite get it quite right, so thats. The first reason why im and the main reason why im selling this controller now the second reason um then im concealing this controller is the price okay, its over a thousand dollars. I can sell this controller and then i can get im actually gon na thinking about getting another mavic. 2 uh. Sorry, mavic, 3 mavic, 3. um. I have the cine version here. I think the next one im just gon na get the normal version and thatll be my backup.

Drone. Okay, so ill have two drones uh with the mavic 3. I already have the air 2s, but the other mavic 3. With that thousand dollars. I could put it towards that. I could also put it towards more batteries, although right now i have a lot of batteries. I have about five batteries, five or six batteries, so thats plenty of battery uh with this drone, because it flies up to 35 37 minutes. So i have plenty of battery batteries with that, but the money i can get. I can put this towards camera. I can just save, save that money, etc. So thats, the other reason uh. So the range now the range they say this is 03 plus range. The transmission, however, i found i havent – really seen a difference so with the normal controller and the rc pro the range seems to be exactly the same. The signal strength seems to be the same and yeah its weird, because sometimes the rc pro ive flown. This quite far and im surprised at the range and then other times, itll break up uh when im going near objects behind slightly behind the object and im im a little confused by it. So i think there still needs to be some updates with the o3 plus transmission, so eventually it might be better than the normal controller for range and for signal strength, but as of right now its the same and ive flown a lot with it.

I was just out in nevada, i was out in utah, i did a lot of flying and i started out with the rc pro controller, but then i switched over to the normal controller because it just just felt better. I just looked at the the shots and i did both and it just felt better with a normal controller plus i had the bigger screen with my ipad, which im going to talk about in a second, so that was another thing to consider now. The last thing is another reason: im selling it. This is as of right now, itll eventually be compatible. I think, with all all these dji drones, but right now, its only compatible with the mavic 3 and the air 2s. Okay, pretty soon im sure the mavic 2 and the other drones as well. But to me this normal control is already compatible with more drones, so thats another plus, so its not a huge deal but thats. One of the reasons now why i might keep this, and this is what probably a lot of people are thinking in the comments below. Are you know? Why would you sell this? It start for number one. It starts up so fast, so i get faster startup time than the normal controller. However, for me, what i do my type of work that i do for clients and so forth. Ive never had any issues with that. I dont need to get to a spot and be like all right.

I need to shoot right now. No, i usually get i arrive early, so i can set up. I have everything planned out. I work more methodically, thats, my more my style, but if youre like oh, i need to get this shot and really quick. Then, yes, this controller definitely starts up faster, but its not a huge deal, its, not a huge difference for me all right. Another thing is, this: is: has high brightness a thousand nits, so in midday sun. If i look at it its going to look im, never gon na have issues where i cant see my screen. Okay, so that is one of the main reasons why i might keep it, but you know this: this screen with i just have a normal ipad. Ive always used a normal ipad. Ive never had any issues with it now. The reason i use just a normal ipad is because the an ipad mini just seems a little too small, and it you know its almost like. If youre gon na go, if youre gon na get an ipad, you might as well get it significantly bigger than this screen right. So having the screen. Real estate of a normal ipad is really helpful. Helps me nail the shot and you know some people say: oh the ipads, overheat or or lets talk about screen brightness. So some people say you know, i cant see the ipad ive never had that issue. Ive always been fine, you know, even in midday sun i can just turn away from the sun and i can still see it.

Fine ive never had an issue, and if you want you could get a hood ive never used a hood ive always had you know you could find a tree and overhang a building, something to shade yourself and see the screen so ive. Never personally never had that issue. Okay, um. The next thing is uh, you dont. So with this setup now you dont need the cable okay. This mount you dont need to carry all this and the tablet thats kind of annoying. I agree with carrying the mount having the cable and the tablet can be a little annoying, but ive been in production for so long. So for me, this is kind of nothing. You know i carry around light, stands and tripods and lighting modifiers and all this other gear uh throughout my whole career. So i to me this is actually pretty simple, pretty light and it all folds up and goes in, and it doesnt really take that much time to set up so people i think, make a bigger deal about it than it is or you could just leave it. Like this, and just put it in your car or just put it, you know in your bag, if you have another bag and just roll with it like this, so to me, thats, not that big of a deal now, this controller ill put links to all this Equipment in the description below this controller is uh. This tablet holder fits the newer controllers.

Okay, and i really love it its nice and sturdy, and it fits up to goes a little wider, like ever so slightly, but not much like a few more millimeters. So this is, this: holder is good for a normal size ipad. Now, with a bigger ipad like a on the ipad pro youre, probably going to need a different mount. Personally, i think the pro is overkill. You dont really need it, but you could go. I also have this as a backup. If i ever wanted to get a bigger tablet, i have the mav mount, so the mav mount its significantly bigger. If i put it next to it, let me just put it next to i dont know if you can see it here there we go its like. You know its hard to show it here on screen its significantly bigger all right. You can see how it stretches out, so you could easily fit an ipad pro with this mav mount. However, i i dont really thats, not my setup. I go just plain simple ipad, this controller normal controller – and this is my favorite setup. Okay, i think the ipad pro is overkill. I dont need a bigger controller than normal ipad. I dont like the mini, because its a little too small okay. So this is my setup. It feels great like this. I dont need to look at the control sticks when im flying ive memorized, where all the buttons are okay.

So you might want to practice a little before you do that. But then, once you get used to the setup its great, i love it. So thats the one i recommend and thats why im selling my rc pro controller, okay, so im gon na take that money im gon na put it towards. I could get another tablet if i wanted to, i could get you know whatever. I want so thats. My thoughts on it, if you have different thoughts, id love to hear them, because ive im, considering maybe keeping it uh its just as having a backup but im. You know if i dont use it whats the point of of keeping it thats a thousand dollars. I can be putting towards. I can get another drone, all right or the next drone that comes out. I can put it towards that or i can get another lens, camera etc. So appreciate you watching lets see and we are doing the live stream so im, seeing if we have any questions here. Okay, so trini week says what about a triple tech. 8. Pro okay, ive, never used that im, not sure about that. If it, you could try it out. Personally, i, like i just like the normal ipad, and then i use my ipad. Another great thing about the ipad is that when i want to show my work, i go to a client and i can show them my work on my ipad.

So i just bring the ipad by itself – and i have all my my portfolio on here and my videos photos that i show them and its really a professional presentation that i can show them so its versatile. Whereas with a with the rc pro, you cant really show your work on this itd be kind of weird to show your. I guess you could but be kind of weird to do that so thats. My reasoning for selling the rc pro hope you enjoyed this video hope you got some value out of it. If you did give me a thumbs up, if you havent done so, i make a lot of videos like this about drones, tutorials and tech reviews im going to make a lot more about the mavic 3 because, as i said, i went out to nevada and utah Flew it a lot. So if you want to see more of that, please subscribe to my channel and i also am expanding my channel mixing in some photography and filmmaking videos as well, but the primary focus is drones, so thats something youre interested consider subscribing.