Would you want to get and a lot of you have chosen the iphone 13 pro max, followed by the 13 pro i get it theyre the pro models, theyre, the better phones. I have the iphone 12 pro its a great phone, its just too big and very uncomfortable, which is why im trading it in to get the iphone 13 mini. This is what drives us to create the best iphone possible with industry leading performance and the worlds most advanced camera system. Today we are thrilled to introduce our next generation of iphone. This is iphone 13., so many iphone 13 videos out right now. So many and im gon na make another one all right, so im not gon na do a deep dive into the specs of the iphone 13 or any of the iphone 13 models. To be honest, there are other creators that do a far better job than i ever will, but im just going to share my reasons why i want to trade my iphone 12 pro to get the 13 mini all right so, like i said before, i want to Get the iphone 13 mini, mainly because of its size, like, i think, all the other features that are in the new iphones. I think theyre great. But a couple months ago i bought my wi fi, iphone 12 mini and when i held it in my hand, i was like, oh my gosh. This feels right. This feels really right.

So since then, i just knew that i would trade in my iphone 12 pro to get the upcoming iphone 13 mini, which is what im gon na do so im gon na be honest, i i feel like i fell victim to the marketing of last years. Apple event, when the iphone 12s came out, like i remember after the presentation, i was like. Oh my gosh im gon na just film content all the time. If i had the iphone 12 pro boom pre order. Well, ive had the iphone 12 pro for about a year now and as much as i love this phone, i think its a great phone. I kind of regret it because well its too big, its too big and too uncomfortable. And if you remember, i made a video talking about why i was gon na sell my sonys ev1 to get the iphone 12 pro and then a month or so later realized. I made a mistake and bought the zv1 again yeah its fun wasting money anyway. I didnt really use iphone 12 pro to create as much content as i thought it would in my head, but i mainly just use my iphone to do iphone things like take pictures of my family check. Emails go on social media things like that, and i have used my iphone to vlog, with especially in situations where i couldnt really bring my main camera, or i forgot to bring my camera, but i dont know if i really consider myself to be a power user In the sense of creating content all the time with a phone most of the content that i create is with the sony a7 s3, and there are some times where i did vlog with my iphone, when i didnt have my camera at hand, so ive definitely used This phone a lot to film videos and take photos and even have like really cool accessories like the uh.

The polar pro light chaser kit like check this out, get this really cool case, got the wireless grip and got an nd filter that you can just snap onto the case like look how badass that is so in terms of like creating content. Overall, i think the iphone 12 pro is fantastic, but since i use my phone all the time – and i carry it with me everywhere – i go – i always notice how uncomfortable it is to hold my hands or even put in my pocket, and i like using cases Too, like i never use my phone naked naked, like i always have to have some sort of case on my phone, because im very accident prone and me and gravity like we dont get along its a very, and so this is my setup right here. This is my phone in my case and its its kind of thick, but i really like it because i i get to easily attach these accessories whenever i do need to to film content with my phone like again like look how cool that is, but i just Dont know if i consider myself to be a power user when it comes to creating content on a phone like most times, i use my phone to run. My life check. Emails go on social media. Take photos of my family run certain apps to control my camera gear, like my sony a7s3, like the vast majority of time thats what i use my iphone for its just a little bit too big for me, like already my hands kind of cramping up now, the Features in the iphone 13 pro models are really cool.

Not gon na lie like the ability to shoot in pro res, like thats thats, pretty awesome, 120 hertz refresh rate like thats gon na be really cool, especially like to play games, but i just dont know if i want to pay more money to to get those Features like theyre great features, i think theyre awesome, but i just i just want a smaller phone whats. Really cool, though, is that some features in the pro models are also in the iphone 13 mini and iphone 13 features like deep fusion night mode. Of course, cinematic mode, and even though the iphone 13 mini and the iphone 13 dont have that third telephoto lens featured on the pro models im totally okay with it, because i barely use the telephoto lens on the iphone 12 pro anyway, like i mainly use ultra Wide lens and chances are ill, probably use ultra wide lens on the iphone 13 mini. Also whats really cool is that the iphone 13 mini and the iphone 13 will adopt the same sensor from the iphone 12 pro max and so yeah. That should be. That should be interesting, i think i hope well see. But again, the main reason for me is is the comfort factor like i just i just want a smaller phone thats. All oh look at that looks like polar pro, has a new light chaser for the iphone 13., very cool, definitely gon na. Get that all right. Well, thats it for me, thanks for watching.

Let me know in the comments below, if you think my decision is a good one or if youre like no bro, you should totally get the pro and pro max in fact buy me a phone.