Finally, before we start, please make sure to click the like and subscribe button and press the bell icon for regular updates. What is driving the dji mini 3 anticipation? The last drone in djis mini series came out back in 2020. It was the dji mini 2 and it was an instant hit among drone enthusiasts people praised it for its small form factor and sub 250 gram weight. The weight was necessary because many countries dont require users to have a license to fly a drone. If the drone weighs under 250 grams – and this is the exact sweet spot, the dji mini 2 was hitting a smaller form. Factor meant that you could close the drone and put it in your pocket, but the main attracting factor for the dji mini 2 was that it came with a half point 3 inch semo sensor that could support 4k video. This feature was a significant upgrade from the original dji mobik mini as it only offered 2.7 k. Video capture 4k video support for such a small drone was groundbreaking for the time people have high expectations from the dji mini 3.. Everyone is jumping on the hype train because they think dji will be bringing massive new upgrades to the dji mini platform with the dji mini 3.. Dji has brought new features to their drones. Like ocusync 3.0. A significant upgrade over ocusync 2.0 ocusync 3.0 can transmit higher bit rate videos with a minimal delay with more bandwidth and reduced latency.

Many drone experts also think that the dji mini 3 will have other premium features like active track and obstacle avoidance. These features were previously limited to djis more expensive drones like the mavic series. Dji mini 2 has been a fan favorite ever since it hit the markets in november 2020, and now people are anxiously waiting to see what dji brings to the mini game with their next dji mini drone, the dji mini 3.. What is djis competition doing in the sub 250 gram space? Just because dji has been so secretive about their dji mini 3? It doesnt mean the competition for the sub 250 gram. Drone has stopped. Companies like autel and hubsan saw the overwhelmingly positive response that dji mini 2 received and they decided to make their mini sub 250 gram drones as well evo. Nano is a sub 250 gram. Mini drone by autel robotics weighs about 249 grams. It comes with things like three way: obstacle avoidance with binocular vision, sensors, the avo nano has two different variants: the evo nano and the evo nano plus the regular evo nano has a 1 12 inch cmos camera sensor. While the plus edition has a larger one. 1.28. Cmos camera sensor, the cmos sensor on the evo nano plus allows it to take 50 megapixel pictures. Not only that, but the sensor also has a pretty large aperture that reduces picture noise and gives great picture results even in low light conditions. Evo, nano plus has a taff and seatif autofocus system to track subjects with great precision.

On the other hand, the regular evo nano can take 48 megapixel pictures and record videos at 4k 30fps. Putting an obstacle avoidance system is a significant upgrade. The dji mini 2 didnt have any obstacle avoidance. This is why most people expect that dji will now be forced to compete and the dji mini 3 will have a complete obstacle avoidance system. The avo nano series is priced a little higher than the pricing for dji mini series. The evo nano will set you back 650 and the evo nano plus will cost you 799. These prices are significantly higher than what dji mini series is usually cost at launch. The dji mini 2 cost about 449 dollars. The price is another. Recent people cant wait for dji to release the dji mini 3.. Not only will it offer extra features, dji is known for like ocusync, but it will also be cheaper than other alternatives. Other mini drone that has gotten popular is the hubs and xenomini pro and hubs and mini se. Both are sub 250 gram drones with 4k 30fps capabilities, just like the dji mini 2. They are cheaper than autels nano series. The xeno mini pro will cost about 499 and the xenomini se is just 349.. What are some of the features we can expect from the dji mini 3? This is the main competition dji mini 3 will be facing when it comes out. Many leaks suggest that we get 4k 60fps with the dji mini 3.

, since dji mini 2 already did 4k 30 fpps dji would be looking to upgrade to make the dji mini 3 more attractive to buyers. Other expected features are ocusync 3.0 support, active tracking, missing from dji mini 2 and an improved obstacle avoidance system with ocusync 3.0 support. Drone enthusiasts are expecting the dji mini 3 will be able to do a 1080p live video stream to your phone, and the bandwidth from the ocusync 3.0 means that the dji mini 3 will be supported by dji, fpv googles, 2.0 and even other advanced fpv googles. When can we expect dji to release the dji mini 3.? Dji is the market leader for drones. They are the trendsetters in the drone space. Every other company follows in their shadow trying to catch up, so we can expect dji to come out with some new technology or features when they release dji mini 3.. Dji is always working on, futuristic technologies that further expand the drone industry. Other companies like autel and hubsan are always catching up, so many people are excited to see what futuristic technology dji comes up with for their dji mini 3.. There is no set date for the release of the dji mini 3.. Dji spokespersons have been denying all the rumors about dji mini 3 and have not released official details, but most industry experts are expecting dji to release the dji mini 3 in february or march of 2022. That is just a few months away now.

So if you were looking to buy a mini drone, it would be a good idea to wait for the dji mini 3 to release because it is sure to blow everything away when it comes out.