This is because it doesnt work – and i have ive – been kind of tinkering with this for the last few months, without any progress on on the performance of this so im, basically giving up on this build im going to be moving on to some other builds that Have been in the queue, i know a lot of uh people have been sending me parts and are like well wheres this so and so build, and i usually try and finish one before i move on to the next one, but in this case im unable to So my my goal was to sort of see how this new dead cat style v2 frame compared to the original um x, uh style frame on the v1, and i did move a few with parts over like the gps and the antenna um. But you can see here, i use the uh beast. This is all i fight parts here. So the flight controller is a beast. F1 uh version one and i was trying to use these um 1504 motors 3100 kv. Apparently, this combination, this flight controller and this motor does not seem to like each other. I have tried every combination of firmware betaflight firmware emu flight firmware, uh, different combinations of uh esc firmware, so these are bl heli secs ive tried um stock firmware, so ive tried the beal heli the jazz maverick firmware the blem firmware. The blue j firmware ive tried all different combinations of settings, motor timings, uh, dmacc compensation, all sorts of pin, tuning changes, filter changes, etc.

No matter what ive done this it doesnt seem like theres anything physically wrong with the board or the motors. They all look fine, but i go fly and anywhere between 10 seconds into the flight to say up to about a minute i can fly around for about a minute and then all of a sudden they get a desync and you basically the d sync and one Of the motors desyncs and you get the uh, you know death spiral and you crash, and you know, ive changed multiple amounts of settings and have not been able to get this to work. All kinds of different firmware and the the board seems fine. The motorcycle, nothing seems burned or or damaged, but its strange that on the bench all the motors spin, fine uh, they dont theres. Nothing seem to be any kind of like weird shorts or anything anywhere that i can see um no, no strange behavior and then once i fly for some amount of time. Up to about a minute, i havent been able to be able to fly longer than a minute it just desyncs and so im not really sure what the problem is. It could be that the flight controller esc theres something actually some physically wrong with it. I just its something that is not im not able to see um, but the board looks fine now granted when uh iflight sent me these parts the board and the motors uh, they sent me the v1 and since then they have uh.

I think there have been two revisions as a version 1.1 and a 1.2, possibly a third, and this is kind of like why im titling this video and why im saying that um building is kind of becoming very difficult. These days so ive been building quads for many years now, probably like five years now, ive built thousands of quads and it seems as time goes on as we have a more um ecosystem of more variety of parts. Things seem to get more complicated and more difficult. So thats why my builds are taking longer now you know putting slapping together a bunch of parts soldering them together. Doesnt take long at all i mean i can build a quad in probably 30 minutes to an hour im pretty fast. Now getting it to fly properly. Is a completely different story and it has a lot to do with um compatibility of different parts settings where the proper settings, which ones will work whether or not youll get a part, thats working or not, or might have some sort of missed a flaw in it. So these days you know, i get a lot of questions on my videos. Oh, do you recommend so and so part or that part or how? How will so and so motor work with so and so esc and oftentimes? I dont have an a good answer because theres just so many parts out there and theres more often not having tried a wide variety of them out there.

So i would say you know, out of the parts that are available. Currently, ive probably only tried a handful of them in a small percentage, like, i would say less than 10 of stuff thats available, and this kind of you know it makes things difficult in terms of making recommendations on what kinds of things will work. Well, together, i mean you can kind of make recommendations on what things will work, but how well they will work and how well the performance will be theres no way to know until you actually fly the stuff yourself and these days, its almost impossible. So this is why im kind of im kind of leaning towards you know, instead of taking a quad and or trying to build a quad from scratch with every every individual part separately. I think the the better approach these days is to build or us to actually buy a bind and fly of a well known model that a lot of people have recommended and everyone knows works, and if your beginner dont know how to build or repair stuff, i Think buying a buying and fly and then learning to repair that buying to fly its going to be easier. Coming from that, up from that, basically from that approach from that angle, instead of trying to build completely from scratch, so i think now nowadays trying to build something from scratch, is just so challenging because theres so many different parts and i think theres more and more Of these sort of compatibility issues that seem to be coming up now and for that reason i think buying some a well known, binding fly that everyone knows works fairly well and then, if you need to make repairs, then at that point you can learn to make Repairs so typically um, you know like on on a quad.

If you crash the most common thing that will happen, is youll break an arm or a beaker murder, and then you just have to learn how to resolder a motor or replace an arm thats. The most common thing and then the second most common uh thing is uh replacing a camera. So you know, if you guys, want to see videos on how to do that, like common repairs for binding flight drones, i could probably do something like that. Let me know in the comments, but um yeah. I think you know if you guys, are looking for more build videos on like um random parts. I think thats im gon na, i think im, basically gon na start im gon na start pairing those down. I have a bunch of them still in the queue that i have like. I guess a bunch of random parts and like oh lets, lets put them together and see if they work and, as you can see, uh lately uh those those uh videos have been slow and coming because ive been having a lot of difficulties. Getting everything to work together properly, so i think im going to be basically cutting that off and im going to come from the other angle and make videos on how to repair like popular binifly drones. I think thats going to be more useful for for beginners. I think a lot of more beginners are also into binding uh buying binding fly drones and then learning how to fix those um from like things that will typically break.

I think thats going to be more useful than trying to make a build video and, like oh, follow these parts together and then like try and learn how to build everything one by one granted. Yes, it is useful to learn that way to learn how to put a quad together, but i think the other problem is once you put everything together. You know most people have have successfully been able to do that. You know in terms of the soldering, you know you know basically soldering on the motors and soldering the stuff, the flight controller, thats all fairly cut and dry. I think the the step after that, the configuration firmware flashing, all that stuff is quite a bit more challenging. These days, and which, in case you know, if you buy a binding fly from a well known company, like i flight or diatone, theyve, already done the uh. Basically the testing already. They already know that these parts work and they have pids and firmware already flashed everything, and you generally, you want to get something. Thats been um well generally popular, and you know that most people consider it a a good working model, and in that case i think youll have a pretty good rate of success in terms of being able to spend more time flying versus crashing and repairing stuff. All the time, so i think thats basically my point of this video. You know these days or is it now september, uh 2021.

. This is kind of the situation now and um yeah. I think thats, probably the right approach. I know let me know what you guys think in the comments below about your experiences. Oh also, if anyone out there has the this specific combination of the the beast f1 v1 with the 1504, these are the 1504 motors from iflight these. This specific combination, if youve gotten it to work, let me know in the comments. I would really interested be interested to hear about your experiences um. Regarding this specific build and this murder uh the weight, i theyre, actually the its actually weighs a little bit less than the the the original version. I think it was like maybe like five grams of weight savings, because i did go to the all in one board and i like didnt use screws for the vista, etc. So it wasnt a huge weight savings, but the motors are much heavier than the 1404 motors. So if you look at the motor size in terms of comparison, the motor, the 1504 motor doesnt, look that much bigger, but in terms of weight, its like eight and a half grams for the 1404 motor and then uh its like about 12 grams. For the 1504 motor, so the power difference is probably going to be that noticeably different uh granted. I didnt get to fully test this motor. I might move it over to something else later to see if it was just the flight controller board.

I just dont have the timer to to actually fully vet this motor out but im thinking because of the additional weight and not the huge some size increase in the motor in terms of the stator volume youre, not really seeing. I dont think theres not much of an advantage in going from 1404 to 1504. So if you guys are wondering about that, i think thats. My conclusion on that i may have to do some more additional testing later. When i have more time but yeah, i think thats going to do for this one anyway just wanted to share my thoughts on this one. This was kind of you know. You uh, i think when you dont succeed, when you have failures, you do tend to learn a lot and i just wanted to share my uh. You know findings from this little experience on this particular build project that im going to actually move away from and move on to other stuff. But at least you guys have uh well have a video on this uh camira v2 and a conclusion about whats going on with that im im either going to uh. Take all these parts out and move into something else or i may try and just move over the the parts from the x frame over to the dead cat rings. I know these. Obviously this works and this will take a 20 by 20 stack. So i can just move these over here and fly this frame if i want again later on five times.