I have the i don’t know the mental focus to actually press record, so i want to talk about who the dji fpv drone is for and who it’s not for. I think there’s a lot of confusion on this drone and some misconceptions, even though this thing’s been leaked to hell. Yes, i have flown it. If you watch ken herron’s stream, he sort of outed, both him and i for having flown it, which i was sort of shocked that he did that but it’s ken so it’s to be expected. But at this point this drone has been out there and so many people have leaked it. I don’t think it really matters so there’s, nothing to be uptight about or upset about, dji up this release, so they’re, just gon na have to roll with this. So let’s let’s get started Music, what’s, good everybody, ken here, you’re watching original dobo. So if this is your first time on my channel, so if you go back and look at my channel from a long standing period of time, i started out flying gps drones back in may of 2020. During the pandemic. I decided i wanted to take the plunge down fpv route and i wanted to learn everything i could about fpv. I started flying analog and i flew analog for about two and a half months before switching over to digital full time. In that time i learned a lot about tuning. I learned a lot about building quads soldering, all the little idiosyncrasies that go into the hobby what’s interesting about fpv.

Is that it’s not just fpv as a hobby, there’s, all these little sub hobbies that you have to learn about to enter uh fpv? You have to learn about soldering, which, if you’ve never soldered before you have to learn how to do that. You have to learn about ham radios. If you want to have a ham radio license, you have to learn about radio frequencies, so you don’t knock your fellow pilots out of the air. You have to learn about rc controls and configuring. An rc and these rcs are widely used on other types of aircrafts and even you know, radio controlled vehicles. So you have to learn how to set it up for a drone specifically, and then you have to learn how to program your drone and what makes it fly the best it possibly could so there’s a lot of information to really take in, and i know it Sounds complicated but once you start doing it, it’s it’s, really not, but the vast majority of people that want to fly fpv don’t want all that they want the easiest route to enter fpv and for the most part there really hasn’t been a company that’s been able To really make a ready to fly, you just take it out of the box and you’re good to go there’s, some that have come close, but it still isn’t, quite user intuitive to the point that somebody who is flying a gps drone would want to cross over.

So that’s, where the dji fpv drone is really going to come into play, it’s familiar enough for somebody who is flying a mavic or a phantom to where they would be curious enough to purchase this drone and be able to get it up in the air and Start flying almost immediately, but with that being said, this drone is very much a dji at heart and because it’s, a dji at heart, there’s going to be certain things that are built into this drone. That would prevent pilots like myself from ultimately wanting to buy this, but we’ll talk more on that in a moment. So with that being said, there are safeguards built into the dji drone that are going to one prevent a new pilot from crashing it there’s stability mode, there’s, return to home. There is a home point set in the goggles so that way, when you are flying, you will always be able to see where you actually took off from which is actually pretty cool and there’s also a way to keep it where it is hitting from you. The acro mode, so that way you don’t actually accidentally flip it into acro and then totally freak out and crash the drone. So those are things that are nice about this. The other thing that’s really nice about the fpb drone for a new pilot is the fact that the batteries are super safe. They aren’t lipo batteries like what we use on our quads today, where, if you, you know, start charging it, you have to be in the room while those batteries charge.

Otherwise there could be a risk of a fire if they are overcharged past their cell count. With these batteries they are 6s batteries and well they are super safe. Just like plugging in your mavic battery you’re not going to have any specific issues with these batteries overcharging or running the risk of fire or burning down your house. So from a beginner standpoint, the batteries are really safe and you get incredible flight times out of an fpv drone. The other thing that’s really nice about this is the way it lands. You can land it just like a mavic which is fantastic. So, from a beginner perspective, it’s super super intuitive and dji walks you through all of that information, which is nice, you’re, not sort of left in the dark, trying to figure out how to use this. The fpv goggles, the version two goggles are gon na work. With this drone – and they have a new battery for it now so again, you’re not having to worry about plugging in a lipo which, for a beginner you’re, probably not gon na, have a battery charger. You’Re, just gon na wan na figure out how to use it. But with that said, flying the fpv drone, the dji fpv drone is not is not, i will repeat, is not like an fpv drone. This is an fpv drone, something that you can take off land and totally control 110. The dji drone is not like this.

You will learn bad habits by flying the dji fpv drone. I promise you. It is not like this at all no it’s not, and i will tell you from experience. I thought it flew like this and trying to fly it. I was sadly mistaking and i sort of felt like i was going. I was regressing in my my piloting skills when i stepped behind those sticks. So would it be different if i started flying that before this yeah? Probably i would probably you know, pick up bad habits and then it would make it a little bit more difficult to pick up this. So if you’re truly serious as a pilot of wanting to understand fpv, i would probably start with something like this build something understand it and appreciate it. So you have like that. I don’t know i don’t want to say skill set, but the mental understanding of how an fpv drone actually flies. This is an fpv drone and i’m, not saying that the dji fpb drone is is terrible because it’s it’s, not it has a place such as long range long range, is something that you know: we’ve all longed for with fpv and we’ve all longed for digital long Range and most of the digital units, you can go about two two and a half miles, but you have to be at an incredibly high altitude in order to maintain signal and after a period of time, you’re going to lose that signal and when you lose signal On a you know: digital fpv drone, it just completely blacks out it’s, not like analog, where you can sort of fight your way through the breakup it’s a lot different and that difference is sometimes dangerous.

So the dji fpv drone will completely take that danger out for long range, which is probably something that is the most attractive to a lot of pilots, and i know there’s just a lot of hype and fanfare around that. But i think that long range is where that is going to really succeed. All right, so let’s talk about why this would not be for you. Why would you not want to dji fpv drone well, first off and probably the most obvious, is it’s projected to be fragile, it’s it’s not going to be something that you’re going to be able to freestyle like this is completely made out of carbon fiber. This is the apex frame and this thing can take an absolute beating, i’ve smashed this into trees, buildings, you name it and it’s come out unscathed, and maybe you just got to replace a prop, possibly a motor, but for the most part this is really easy to Work on the dji drone has got a lot of parts and components that are all custom built for that unit, specifically, which means that dji themselves will probably technically have to repair that, even though they do say that there is going to be some form of usable Repair it’s nowhere near nowhere near the the capability that you have when you build a drone like this there just isn’t it doesn’t compare, and i don’t give a what anybody says because it’s not going to be easily repairable like this.

So if you don’t want to be at the mercy of a manufacturer, don’t buy it. The second thing is the camera. The camera on this drone you’re completely locked in there is one camera on this drone. Now, what does one camera do to an fpv drone? Well, if anybody is familiar with split cams it’s going to introduce a bit of latency, because you now have a camera that is trying to simultaneously record while transmit a video signal back to your goggles. That in itself will emit some form of latency. Is it going to be a noticeable user latency that you can actually feel that’s that’s debatable that’s, definitely debatable if it’s, something that you’re going to actually be able to feel if you’re erasing yes, definitely going to be able to feel that latency and and see that Latency in the goggles freestyle – maybe not so much but again, this drone isn’t going to be something that you’re going to want to freestyle because it’s not going to be able to sustain really tough and hard hits, and then the third issue with that one singular camera Is you cannot mount an additional camera to this drone? The overall ergonomic design of this drone just doesn’t, make it capable of doing that without throwing off the center of gravity of the fpv drone with building your own quad, you have an infinite list of cameras. Whether it is you want to use gopro whether you want to use instago whether you want to pop an osmo action on here.

You can do that and you have your list of cheap, run, cams and all the different types of gopro cameras. And if you get into the cine lifter style of cameras, you can even put a black magic camera on here. You can put you know, i’ve seen red komodos flying on on. You know fpv drones, so there’s an infinite amount of camera options that you can use with a drone like this, because it has that capability. It allows you to do this. Why dji decided to put a proprietary camera on this is beyond me. I get i sort of get it, but i don’t get it because from a future perspective, i think they could have did better in that regard, but they didn’t. So that would be my biggest reason for me not to even consider it if you are considering buying it, because the camera is built in now. The last reason would be flight restrictions. Now, why am i, including flight restrictions in here being a 107 pilot? You think i would want to advocate flying safely and correctly and for the most part, that’s that’s. The flight restriction portion is not me advocating for unsafe flight or or encouraging you to be reckless. The reality is the vast majority of us fpv. Pilots are probably some of the most safe pilots on on planet earth. We really are because most of us find it way more interesting, being 30 feet above the ground, flying in close proximity to things than flying 400 feet in the air.

As a matter of fact, if the faa said tomorrow, hey you have to stay below 200 feet. For me, as an fpv pilot, i wouldn’t be a damn bit mad whatsoever because for me i find staying low and fast in proximity to things is way more exciting than sending my quad to the moon. That’S, just me – and i know a lot of other people would probably tend to agree with me. So with flight restrictions, you are going to be restricted into certain areas where you can or can’t fly. Will that be a big deal for the fpv drone? Probably not it’s just one more step. You have to go through to make sure that it is unlocked, which also means that there is going to be an application, a companion app that is probably going to allow you to connect to this drone and lock it. And then the last bit of information would be your tuning again. This doesn’t use betaflight. I don’t understand the rate system at all on it um i don’t even know what it translates to as far as the rates go. So if you are used to let’s, say kiss emu, falco x or even betaflight, these rates don’t really allow you, the granular, fine tuning that you get with these drones. You can make this feel as loose or as tight as you want it to be, with just a couple of changes in beta flight and you’re off to the races, and you have a drone that performs exactly the way you want, but with the fpv drone you’re.

Just not going to be able to do that, so in the end, this drone is really truly truly truly geared towards that beginner that curious pilot that is wanting to cross over so um. I will definitely still be getting the fpv drone just because it’s what i do on this channel. Obviously i review things and yeah we’ll probably have to try seeing how durable it actually is because, like i said, i really don’t give a i’ll just grab another one off the shelf. If we destroy it, because we can do that, fpv drones are meant to be smashed and bashed and not flown like pretty little flying machines. So i can’t wait to see all the experts that get these in their hands and want to tell us so much about fpv him anyways all right, that’s gon na do it if you enjoyed the video, be sure to hit the like button.