Whether youre here to turn your passion into profit or you simply fly for fun, were a community of learners and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness. We are hey everyone. How are you doing hope, youre doing well hope, youre deciding to look at things positively and as always, my name is paul and as always, my name is rob and uh. I dont know i im just gon na say hello. Thank you welcome. I dont know i dont know why i got caught by surprise of this particular opening, but uh as usual. We are incredibly grateful that uh, you guys spent a few minutes of your day hanging out with us. So thank you. Yes, thank you. Indeed, we do appreciate it. Weve got a question today regarding uh being best prepared for in person trainings and what type of people might find value from that we uh. We appreciate this question. We did not actually ask for this question um, but uh. If you do have a question go to askgadronyou.com, i think there are actually some cool topics we have yet to discuss as far as uh cinewops and the value that uh flying cino up or being able to fly line of sight and fpv. How important that is and how that opens up the door for you. You know we can talk about uh or if you have questions regarding nfts, if you have questions regarding kind of uh, advanced drone operations and theres, a lot of nuanced drone ops going out there.

So send in those questions askdroneyou.com as always. Thank you again for those questions. We do appreciate it hey guys. My name is ike. So, im new to the drone world ive only just started playing with maps made easy and my phantom 4 pro v2 im having a ton of fun learning from the drone. U courses online and then trying things out for myself now. My question should be an easy layup for you guys to boost your in person training sessions because im curious, who are your in person trainings geared for? Are you expecting your students to have a certain amount of experience, or could someone whos only watched some of the videos attend and really come away, knowing how to produce deliverables for clients? I guess: can you describe your ideal student? Whatever your answer is, i hope i get to attend a class soon and thank you guys in person for helping to welcome in new people to such a cool industry. Thanks guys have a good one. Thank you, ike um cool name. By the way, i wonder if thats, a nickname or or what but um so lets lets start out with what are we looking for in a student im? Actually, you know i was thinking about this show and and what to say and even kind of teed up one of the points i wanted to make uh regarding our trainings uh versus what people might find elsewhere, but you know rob im curious as to uh your Perspective on this regarding uh, just how much experience you believe someone needs to have in order to join us for an in person, training and ill just say too just so.

You understand drone you and our in person trainings. Typically, we ask people to go to flight mastery before any of our other in person trainings, because we find it so important that all the students kind of operate on the same protocols, the same systems, because it makes our classes run a lot smoother, and these systems Also make it much easier for pilots to operate with other pilots, so rob im curious as to your perspective on this. I know you normally just sit there and look at me and say well what do you think im im curious your thoughts here? Oh, do i do that too much ill start talking more anyways, no, definitely have some thoughts and fortunately weve trained um a lot, a lot, a lot of pilots, and so we have seen like specifically people come in and we get we get. This question a fair amount, actually a lot of times. People reach out to us and say: hey im really interested in this class. But do i qualify or am i ready, depending on how their perspective goes, will dictate how they ask that question but ill? Tell you this – and this is true just learning in general and the number one quality from my perspective is to be teachable, and if i may make the kid reference again its what ive taught my kids from day one you have to be teachable, you have to Know you dont know everything.

Michael jordan, didnt know everything in the last season that he played. He still had a coach and he still learned right. So you have to be teachable and thats number one if you can come in because we have had people that come into our classes, but i kind of get the sense that theyve come in to tell what they know instead of learn, i would say: thats the Exception, thankfully, but it happens, and that is not the right perspective to come into any learning situation with. So i think thats number one and i think if you have that you have the opportunity to be successful beyond that. One of the questions that we get more than any is is your mapping class, specifically for a beginner and like if i had to give a black and white answer, i would say no huh to be fair. That said, weve had many relatively new pilots, come to the mapping class and do just fine but thats, because they did the work before coming and one of the things that well say is if you really want to come to the mapping class, then do these things Before you come, one is practice flying right and then number two is go through the resources that we have in our membership. That will prepare you as sort of prerequisites for the mapping class, because its uh its a great primer for coming to the mapping class. Its going to get you the the verbiage, the specific ways that we approach things paul approaches things our other instructors approach things in terms of mapping, and if you do that, then yeah, i think you can come to the mapping class as a quote.

Unquote. Beginner. In terms of learning to fly, then you know youre going to want to start with generally, unless youve been flying a little bit on your own, probably our flight introduction class, which is a great little class and its a half day and thats, even a great primer For coming into the flight mastery class being more prepared and once youve been through the flight mastery class a full day of flight training through our exercises that are time, tested and proven, i think youre going to be golden for, for whatever those next steps are based Upon what your goals are for your business, so teachable do make sure you you approach it with sort of a progression based perspective, dont jump into the deep end without being able to swim so to and speak, think youre going to be fine, and so i think Of somebody like ike and the fact that youre asking the question and pursuing the knowledge and information prior to jumping in tells me that you would be fine, i mean thats. All i need to know probably about you. Is that youre going to be fine, but i love we love when people just reach out and say hey. This is what im interested in what path should i take, and then we will guide you because there is a path for you, yeah 100, and you know when i think of the type of people that are coming to these classes.

You know its funny. I always think of flight mastery first as its kind of our most comprehensive flight training uh as a whole, but i mean when i think of whos the right person to go to that. The right person to go to that is someone who understands the basic motions on the sticks. They understand pitch roll yaw and elevation right and then, as long as you have that basic understanding of the remote, whether youre brand new or super advanced weve, been able to help build confidence and systems across the board yeah. I think its just like. If you are absolutely brand new and youve never touched the remote before flight, mastery might not be for you, but i mean weve had students whove had like four or five flight hours on their birds come in and crush it, and i think, like you, said, rob You know if you are a member and you are familiar with some of our classes like the dont crash course and the operations class. Specifically, you know you can pair that with um. What is it called? You compare that with our drills and exercise classes and then come into flight mastery and you know just crush it, and i will say you know there are some people whove uh weve had students, whove gone to other trainings and come to us and i love hearing Their feedback because theyre, like man, every detail that you teach in these exercises.

I see now why its so important – and i see why you say these things on the show and on the podcast, but when you actually come out here and fly them it like makes sense um. You know, for example, the way that we instruct people to go through uh the box drill at the beginning of the day of really, you know, um teaching them the the idea of consistent, slow motions on the sticks, learning the active break to really gauge and have A perception of true line of sight flight, because once you have that depth perception in understanding the active brake and then slowly pushing the envelope, it really helps pilots better discern where they are in the airspace. And we have very specific means of doing that. But were also the only flight school for drones that teaches not only line of sight, flight techniques but fpv flight techniques, and then we have literal exercises within the exercises that teach people the operating differences between flying, fpv and line of sight and how orientation perception really Changes depending on how youre flying so um, you know. In all honesty, i would say that im not just saying this, to try to get everyone to come to flight mastery um. But i will say that whether youre super advanced ill help you build better systems to fly safer and more consistently, every single time. If youre newer, i will help you build those same systems but also teach you the right foundation to continue growing in your flight motions.

Your capability, your ability to fly close proximity, fly in tunnels. Uh. You know your ability to get nice smooth, cinematic shots. In all honesty, rob i mean. I know we have some uh enterprise clients, some props clients coming up for some uh some training, and i will say i know some of these trainings are fight mastery plus an extra day, because some of these people have spent time with us theyre like yeah. We love flight mastery, but we want to do one more day with the advanced flight mastery stuff, the optional exercises and operational examples, because the confidence that you gain from that is just i thats one of the things that really makes me happy as an instructor is Really seeing people grasp and retain material practice it and learn it and then realize, once you implement these systems its a lot easier to have super safe flights and its a lot easier to have really killer skill yeah. Absolutely they come in timid, often times not always yeah, but almost always for those that do come in a little timid. They leave feeling like they can do this yeah and thats super cool. The only other thing i think i would add, with respect to the mapping class, specifically in terms of who its built, for i mean i want to be careful here, but it youre going to have a much better experience if you have a reasonably good grasp of Computing and getting around a computer right sounds basic and you uh, you think, well its 2022.

Why are you even saying that? Well, youd be surprised and so um. If youre thinking about it just make sure youve got a pretty good sense and you spend some time making sure you know how to get around a computer yeah in, for example, file systems and where, where files go, and just things like that, its uh its gon Na help yeah a hundred percent yeah that that basic um technology skills really makes a huge difference, so it does um. It really does and as far as you know, what drones to bring, we have students that come in with mavics phantoms, more advanced stuff, m300s. M600S. While our course is built for a certain class of drones, we often still offer our burner drones to allow students to push the envelope without pushing their own envelopes, because oftentimes, you know fear, is one of those things can that can inhibit us from doing what were Truly capable of – and our goal is to build that confidence to overcome that fear, because one of the things that we always teach at these trainings is that you do not have the luxury when you are taking flight of thinking about what ifs. What, if i hit this, what if i fly over that? What? If i do this, what if i do that you dont have time for that. You know why, because as soon as youre distracted as soon as youre thinking about these, what ifs that its going to happen, because now youre distracted from doing exactly what youre supposed to be doing.

So i will say that not only is our flight training, you know geared, for you know almost absolute beginners to advance, but were also going to instill a mindset of being a pilot and ultimately responsible, and i think a lot of people value that as well and Find it you know critical to their success yeah so absolutely well like. I hope that answers your question and as always, we love follow up questions so feel free, yeah. We sure do, and i will just say it. You know im very excited for our plans for in person trainings and in our move up north to colorado, and i i really hope it works out because uh, if our plan ends up working out the way that we would like it to, we would have a Whole new means of in person, training, uh, imagine a permanent fly in, but thats all. I have to tease you with today um. If you want to join us for an in person training. There are a few things i can guarantee. One youll have more confidence, two youll have more skill and three. You will have a much different perspective about how you go about flying and operations as a whole. If youd like to join me, join matt join pj join kevin, then you will definitely uh be youll. Definitely not only have fun but learn a whole lot and take away a whole lot as well. So i hope you join us.

Thank you for the question again, not one we asked for, but we really appreciate it, because it gives us an opportunity to explain how we are different, and i think that, if you came to in person flight training, you would very quickly realize just how different we Are but um thats gon na do it for us today my name is paul.