I know there was successive administration, not just about the administration um. It gives reasons like flood intelligence and faulty targeting and little accountability since the president signed on these drone attacks. Does that mean that the white house is looking into reviewing the decision itself in parallel what the pentagon is doing, and i have another question: yeah thats a great question. I know the pentagon is doing a review, as you noted, and i would certainly point you to them. I can certainly talk to our national security team and see if theres anything. In addition, obviously the pentagon is part of the administration, as you well know, but i will see if theres anything in addition and on iran um. The iranians said that theyre not going back to the talks. Does that mean that economic sanction is inevitable? Now you still hope that theres another before the end of the year yeah another great question nadia i mean, as weve said, um because of the the the way that the iranians approached and participated uh in the last round of talks, we, the president uh we did Take a num asked us, the national security team to be prepared in the event that diplomacy fails and to take a look at other options, and that has been work that has been ongoing, including in consultation with a range of partners around the world. In terms of what next steps it looks like, i dont think i have anything at this point to preview, for you go ahead.