I guess most people watching this are in the hobby. They know that, as far as a regulator is concerned, theyre both drones, but i think most of us would agree. This is a drone. This is an rc model plane and there is a very real distinction from our perspective. Unfortunately, the regulators dont make that distinction. They think theyre both identical craft. They cannot get their heads around the fact that well, drones have a different risk profile to a 250 gram, foam fixed wing model being flown in the park, and i think this is the core. This is the heart of the problem. Were facing right now with this ridiculously overreaching regulation, thats, crippling the hobby and i think its down to ignorance, now im going to go out in a few days onto the streets and im going to ask the same question of members of the public general public people Who dont fly? Probably dont fly drones, probably dont fly model aircraft im going to ask them to you know tell me which one of these is a drone and im im betting im im betting im, not a bidding man, but i would bet the vast majority will say. This is a drone thats, not a drone, no, its, not thats a model plane. This is a drone. They will therefore be under the impression that the drone regulations that are being rolled out are not going to be affecting the people who fly these and, of course, thats wrong its absolutely wrong.

The rules that affect these also affect these because theres no distinction drawn by the regulator, so we need to change that. I think this is the way we can protect the future of the hobby. We need to educate the public because most of the public still see flying a toy plane in the park. You could find a toy play in the park, its a wholesome great outdoor activity, maybe the first step on a run to a ladder to a career in aviation or who knows what its a great thing, its a positive thing. In fact, if we go back a few decades, this is footage from the black and white era and in the usa we had major car companies, major auto manufacturers queuing up to sponsor model aircraft events, because the hobby was seen as positive and wholesome and family friendly And great outdoor stuff – and they were queuing up to be associated with this fantastically positive hobby, and so we need to restore that and my goal is to educate the public, so the public go whoa. Why are we regulating? Why do kids have to get a registration to fly? Their toy plane theyll, probably be quite outraged when they realize just how many restrictions are falling on the users of these things. Why do they have to put a remote id thing on here? We dont want our kids endangered because theyre flying a toy plane and some pervert comes along and knows exactly where theyre standing thats not good enough um.

So we need to use this tech, i think, to educate the public, and also, i think you would find the media is equally unaware. They dont know the reporters are just regular people. They probably dont know that there is no distinction at all between the rules that that control these and the rules that control those they will likely be horrified to learn that toy planes are being regulated the same way as peavy camera drones. So we need to enlighten them on that as well, and then there are the politicians. Remember. Most of the changes were seeing now remote id that sort of thing registration. These are dictats that have been handed down to the regulator from the government of the day. The the were sometimes were a little unfair on the regulators like f.i.a.c.a.a, kazar and so forth, because we blame them for these ridiculous rules. Sometimes they have no option but to create these ridiculous rules because theyve been told by governments. You must do this, so the reauthorization act in the usa told the faa to go out and do remote id. Basically, they didnt have a choice. They had to do it. They were directed to do it, of course, that doesnt leave them totally blameless, because, although theyve been told what to do, they werent told how to do it, so they could have implemented it in a much better way. In my opinion, and also the faa could be a whole lot more honest about what theyre doing what the end game is and what things mean, as you saw in my my comments on the interview with kevin morris, i think the faa is being very disingenuous with Its responses to questions and when you examine things closely, what they say is certainly not what they mean and thats not good enough.

The regulator should be open, honest and transparent, with the people, its regulating so as to create a culture where they are respected, because if the regulator is respected, then they will get compliance theyll get very little compliance if they dont gain the respect of the community that They are trying to regulate theyre, going to learn that theyre learning. That already, i think they say they cant reach the hardcore fpv community, of course, not because they have no respect for you, but they can fix that now. As i say, if we educate the politicians, i suspect a lot of the politicians arent even aware that the draconian regulations theyre demanding for these things are killing the hobby of kids flying these things, and once they learn that and once they learn that the public has Learned that once they see that the media has learned that and is reporting that kids are being, you know regulated out of parks with their toys. I think we may see a change in direction for regulation of the traditional hobby and the key to this is defining what is a radio controlled flying model and what is a drone and its its its not that hard, but i think regulators have just thrown them All in the one basket, because but theyre, not the brightest knives in the drawer, not the sharpest knives in the drawer, not the brightest bulbs in the socket its just easier. Now, if youre a bureaucrat you dont want to do any more work than you absolutely have to to keep your job.

So, instead of coming up with a a way to distinguish between this – and this theyve simply said, theyre all the same if it flies and its remotely controlled its a drone thats a very lazy cop out in my book, i dont – i dont, accept that i mean You could do something really really simple: wouldnt be particularly accurate, but you could say if its got gps, its drone and that would bring in the people who fly long range fpv where have returned to home or whatever flight controllers and your wings and that sort of Thing but then again, if you think about it, long range isnt legal anyway, so i guess its hard to mount a case to protect them from the excesses of the regulator. But i would say that we need to draw that distinction. We need to draw that distinction, because if that simple distinction align would mean that even freestyling racing quads would no longer be considered drones, but they would be considered radio control model aircraft and that would free up a lot of the hobby from the onerous regulation. Thats. Currently being used to try and combat a tiny, tiny number of people who use these things for bad purposes, and it is a tiny number of people, i i get very annoyed when i hear about all you know all these drone things. If you do a per capita analysis, there are more complaints and more incidents involving manned aviation than unmanned aviation, and so we are a more responsible community, even taking into account the fact that there are a few loonies out there who just go down to warm up.

Buy these and try and film airliners um, we are still a far more responsible and safety focused community than manned aviation. That shows in the death toll that shows in the death toll, so i think thats, the tech we have to take and im going to try and do that im. You know i can bang my head against the wall by holding the faas feet to the flames for as long as i like, but they dont have to care. They have omnipotence, they can do whatever the hell. They want. Theyre authorized by congress and the regulators here are authorized by governments to do whatever the hell theyre told to do so. We cant make a difference we could submit for a month or sundays and it makes no difference as we saw with remote id bill in the usa, the remote id nprm. We made all sorts of submissions, but one of the most ridiculous aspects of that rule. The fact that you endanger the drone operator by forcing them to broadcast their position while flying it wasnt changed. So nobody listened. Nobody listened to that really crucial part of the rule, which was unacceptable. So we just need to take a step back and say well that tax not going to pay much in the way of dividends. We need to go further up the food chain to the politicians. Now politicians will listen to us. Perhaps maybe i dont know they will certainly listen to the people and theyll certainly listen to the media, so well get to the politicians through the people and through the media.

We will go there and say: look this long. Standing innocent, healthy outdoor, wholesome hobby is being threatened by bad regulation, because regulators are too stupid to work out that this does not equal this and well have to embarrass them in that way, and, of course, that politicians dont want bad press. I dont remind the public and the media that the politicians are driving these regulatory reforms, so its its. The ball stops with them, and so they dont want to be the guy looking bad. They will change things. They will change things if we do this properly. The politicians will back down and theyll direct the regulators to say well, we should not be penalizing the hobby, because most of the regulators around the world have admitted on a number of occasions that this hobby is not a threat to aviation. This hobby is safe, its wholesome it doesnt endanger people in the way that these allegedly do so. We can use that against them. There. You go tell me what you think tell me what you think go down to the comedy bit. What percentage of people in the general public will say? This is a drone. How many do you think im picking its going to be less than 10, but i could be wrong and thats another reason i want to do this little survey, because ive learned in the past its dangerous to assume you know what other people think and ive just Said ive told you what i think other people think, but before i go ahead, im just going to make sure im right, youve got to make sure youre right got to deal with facts.

Youve got to do your research, so im going to research im going to do my survey and find out just how many people think that this is a drone. Now, when you think its a model aircraft, because then you can take those numbers to the media, you can take those numbers to the politicians and say: did you realize that 90 of the public are unaware that your drone rules are killing this hobby because they apply To models as well weve got to think smart on this one. This is my strategy at this point. Tell me if you agree tell me if you disagree and wouldnt you love it. If we, the traditional hobby and the people who fly freestyle and racing drones, werent lumped in with the tiny, tiny number of idiots who take their phantoms and their mavics and go and try and film airliners, i dont think we should be. I think that distinction should be clearly drawn there. You go thanks for watching, as i say, to the comments, if you like, the video, give it a thumbs up if you dont like it, give it a thumbs down, and you know i dont care its all engagement, its supposed to be good for youtube figures. I have no idea but thats it thanks for watching. Thank you to my patreon supporters. You make this all possible. I couldnt do it without your support and hopefully well make a difference.