I am a documentary filmmaker based here in seoul south korea and i am fpv drone amateur. So basically i have the pro tech 35 here, the pro tec, 25 and the nazgul evoke this one i just got. I got this one because its a lot more maneuverable than this 25 and 35.. I really like these protects, but yeah they were feeling like being able to do. Freestyle stuff is just not it didnt feel like. I thought it was going to be, and it made me also realize if im going to be flying with these more, you crash them so much and have to fix them so much that its really useful. If you can to have another drone, so i decided to get this nazgul, because i wanted something more powerful and something i can maneuver around in the sky a little bit more and do more acrobatic kind of stuff. Also, i want to be able to fly in the wind more. I took these to chejudo a couple weeks ago and it was super windy out there. The pro tec 35 could handle it more or less, but the wind would take it. It would push it quite. A lot, but the 25 really couldnt make it it couldnt it crashed once because i assume it was just because the wind was too strong and uh. I think thats when one of those motors burned out um and it just crashed just hit the ground.

Quite from quite high, so this guy was out of commission for a little while, but yeah so also for flying outside. I think this nozzle is going to be the trick to be able to do that and the more i see online. These protects really are for more indoor views, so this is what ive got my protac 25 for to be able to do more indoor kind of fpv stuff where theres no wind and this protect 35. Just i guess also to i mean this guy ill fly outdoors, probably quite a bit, but it is really nice to have these safety guards just in case youre, flying around people or products. So this last guy will be for more kind of outdoors, maybe flying around cars stuff like that thing and doing more acrobatic kind of stuff, so anyways i took these out for a spin, and this is what it was like. First off i took the protect 35 up. I do have to tune it a little bit because it was, i dont, know much about pid tuning, but im learning about it and i do need to tune this guy up because uh its it is a little wobbly. Sometimes not not that wobbly, but when i start doing a little bit more acrobatic stuff – and you can hear it in the motors as well, but it was great flying. It was awesome like i expected before. Cant do as much acrobatic kind of things, but it felt sturdy in the sky and yeah.

It was easy to fly around smooth was able to fly through things around trees and stuff. Then i took up the 25. The 25 was also amazing to fly. I felt a lot more comfortable to fly through smaller spaces as well, and thankfully it wasnt a windy day out. So then i took up the nas ghoul and it is completely different flying it theres, so much more power, its so much more maneuverable. You can like bank really quickly, you know, do really sharp turns go upside down. It was like everything i was actually hoping for in fpv from the very beginning, but i just didnt know because well i dont know a lot about fpv drones, so, starting with the protect 35 yeah, i suddenly realized. Now. This is really the one. If you want to do acrobatic kind of stuff, not not the pro tec, 35 or 25., this thing flies a million times better than the protect 35 and protect 25. So freaking cool, anyways im really glad i got it and i think its definitely a worth it purchase. If you want to do more acrobatic kind of filmmaking and you can still do the cinematic stuff even flying straight, it felt so smooth. I dont know i felt it felt so smooth. I have so much easier to fly than the 35 and 25. I think the only thing thats scary is that it doesnt have guards around it. So if you did hit something or hit someone, it could get hurt and when i did crash it immediately, i crashed it once it was fine and then the second time i crashed it yeah the prop got totally bent this ones bent as well.

I need to change that one as well. Yeah im really really happy with the nozzle its so fun to fly so easy to fly. I feel like and yeah.