I have too many drones more drones that i can really use in this video im going to go into what drones im going to be, keeping what drones im going to be selling and why i have so many different drones. So, first off, why do i have so many drones here, and this looks a little bit crazy and it does look like you know. I have a bit of a drone buying problem. I have more of a gear buying problem i love buying. Here i love having gear, but you know, as weve talked about in some of the other videos before, if the gear is not making you money, if gear is not helping you in your business, if youre doing a video production business, then you shouldnt have and you Shouldnt be investing in it and sometimes we make mistakes and we invest in the wrong things. But we try to have educated decisions, and we do that and part of my reasons for doing a lot of my videos on youtube is to help with that and give a bit of my experience and my two cents on different thoughts. That way. So the reasoning for all these different drones – they all – are used in a little bit different ways. Okay, so so what i have here is my inspire 2 and my mavic 2 pro. I did a video a few years back on comparing these two, where you know ill be using both these things.

Ive used this a bunch im, probably going to be keeping this, even though i dont use it that often anymore, but theres. Some other reasons im going to go into later on, while i might be keeping this for a bit the mavic 2 pro. This was something that i had for a bunch of years. Its been very well used, um only reason i still have. That is that i was keeping it as a backup drone i like to have when i go on jobs um, if im shooting on the inspire or im shooting on a mini or im shooting on something else. I always like to have at least one other drone with me as a backup in case something happened in case theres, some issues um. So that was what i was using this with, for i really havent flown this for geez, probably over well over a year since i got the air 2s down here, but the reasons i kept. This is because just of a backup drone – but you know this was a great drone, um big step up for the mavic 1 pro that i had as well, which i sold image quality. This was much better, but what i moved to from this, so i had originally just inspired two and this drone. I had two drums and then i moved to and the reasons for that i wanted something with a bit better technology, a bit other other things.

The 60p, the air 2s drone – and this has actually been probably my number one – using drone for the last year and a bit since 2001. I i pretty much use this for 90 of my jobs, maybe using the inspire 2 for some of them, but the air 2s, and i really love this drone. I am going to sell this drone im not going to keep this one but im going to go into why. I think this drone is, if i could only have one drone on this table, why i would probably keep this one im going to go into that. A little bit later, the next one here is the mavic 3 pro cine. So i got this just right when it came out um and i had a bunch of issues, so i got this in december 2001 um started using it on jobs in january february. Of this year, 2002, the first model that i got the first one that i had had a really strange issue where it would disconnect from the controller. I had the smart controller and it would disconnect from it, and it would only do it sometimes. So it was always testing we had to do eventually it was sent back uh to dji and they did replace the drone or replace the controller or something kind of weird that happened with it. So i actually havent used this as much as i was planning to. As of yet, i will be using this a ton more this year and i will do more of a review on this camera later after ive spent some more time with and compare some stuff now i can say this and what i was using when – and i Was having problems with the mavic 3 pro cine, when i was having problems with it, i had my air 2s with me as my backup, and i got to do some more testing, i mean obviously the prores on this is a better image.

There is some cooler things you can do with it, but i really love the air 2s and i love the way it flies. I love to be able to do crop into the uh 4k 60 and it just crops it in the sensor a bit. But these two, you know im going to be keeping the mavic 3 cine as kind of one of my main cameras, uh kind of main main working cameras going forward and i will be selling the air 2s going into the next one. Here is the mavic mini 2., so the mavic mini 2. Why i have this? Why i bought this was for some specific jobs. There were some jobs where we were maybe sometimes getting to locations where i didnt have time or didnt know that i might be in a controlled airspace or somewhere, where we need different things. A drone thats small enough to fly in a controlled air zone because of its weight class. So for that you know, the big selling point of this drone is its size, the 249 grams. So the reason i bought this was just for that one job so, and really all these drones here, besides for the mavic 3, because i havent had it long enough and my fpv drones, because i dont know how to fly them well enough. Yet all the rest of them have paid themselves off many times over uh used on different jobs, so these are all been working.

Drones, not just drones that, because i wanted to have them and have toys and stuff, these are all been tools that ive been using. So this one i mean basically paid itself off in that one shoot, because i was able to fly and do stuff for the cost of it and im always shocked at one. How well this tiny little drone flies and how decent the image is off of it. Like ive shot some pretty cool stuff with this beautiful stuff, with this yeah, you dont have the same control. You dont have the same bit depth as some other things, but i would say this definitely flies better than the original mavic, the mavic 1.. I would also say that the image on it is equal or better than the original mavic 1., so ive been very happy with the stuff i can get on this. This is something that will be a very backup drone for me as well. That will always be in my production van that will always be on me on jobs when im doing drone work um, even if im shooting the inspire or im shooting the mavic 3. I will have this with me as a backup, its so small, its so easy to put into a case that way just to have with you and again it can get some great images a lot of times. You know when were using drone shots in our videos were maybe using that drone shot as an establishing shot, maybe were using it as something to help show the scenery tell a story that way, but typically not holding on drone shots.

That long and a lot of things were doing, especially a lot of documentary work. So a lot of times it comes down to convenience and whats going to help you get things done quicker image. Quality is important. Yes, but if an image quality and a camera thats bigger and something like the inspire 2 takes too long to set up – and you miss the shot that way, then its not beneficial to have a better image quality, its better just to get that shot and thats. More in the documentary style filming world and in film and television in productions like that, where you do set up the time to get a shot, you do all those things, then its very different, its a different mentality, different way of shooting, but the style of stuff. Im doing i need to be able to move quickly, and sometimes that is a bigger factor and a lot of times its a bigger factor over image quality. What i can use to capture something right away right then, and get up and going and the air 2s or sorry the air 2s is here. The mini 2 im also very excited to see about the mini three, the bit of rumors coming out about it. What bit rates going to be on a bigger sensor on it, some better flight times on it? When that comes out, i will likely buy that and sell this, and to have that as my kind of travel drone as my backup drone and drone, i use in some situations where i am and maybe in a bit of a controlled airspace, and things are a Bit sensitive, where were flying big difference over flying, something like this and people noticing and flying something like this huge difference.

Okay, now getting over here, we have my fpv drones. I actually have one more that i didnt bring out here. This is a cinewoop vom x, hover. They do these bind and flies or ready to fly items. So you dont need to build them. Theyre ready to fly. They have the goggles everything ready, you can go and do it theyve already been tuned. I havent had the time or the patience or really the ability to do all that other training and technical stuff that people really need to do that have been flying. Fpv drones for a long time, but theres more and more companies coming out with the ready to fly. Drones are ready to fly, fpv drones and this has been awesome ill, be using this a bit more and just doing some more practicing with it and get my flying skills better, but i also have which i love actually is the uh, the dji one. You can see here on both of these. I have a bunch of like this is all from grass im getting on it. This is for me, you know, i need to clean these off and stuff, but this is from learning to fly not landing properly starting off. In longer grass trimming through things thats, what all these kind of pieces of looks like its a lawnmower the backside of a lawnmower here. What i love about this fpv drone and i really havent, used that ive used it for one paid job, but we didnt use any of the shots that i got on it.

I need to get my confidence more up with this. What i do love about this one is that you can switch from it being fully manual to being having your gps positioning having that stuff and putting your brakes on and stopping it mid flight and just doing some safeties that way. Yep theres some more control ability and some other cool things. I can do with a cinewood person with that, but this is completely manual. So if you im sure watched other videos of people talking about how to fly an fpv drone, there could be a lot of challenges with that um. Also knowing your flight time. Looking at your voltage all those things, fpv dji drone, if you just want to start an fpv, i think its a great way to go and just kind of get into it and do some things and yeah. If you want to get some very specific shots, maybe thats not the drone youre going to be using, but im going to be doing some more fun with this and have some more flying with this and get my fpv skills of flying back up with this, and Using my cine whip, so these two ill be keeping these two just as a practicing and a means for me to get better at that before. I can go and use that on jobs and doing some of my own spec work before im, offering that as a service to other people on fpv drone work.

I would not be doing that as of yet for sure im, not that good. Yet so thats kind of the overview of these drones and and to go more into which ones im going to be keeping so im, definitely going to be keeping now that ive had it fixed or they gave me a new one, and i have no issues with It the mavic 3 pro cine ill, be keeping this. This will be my probably my main camera using for a lot of stuff, a lot of things that im shooting um. I am going to be doing some testing with a friend who has the mavic pro not cine, im not totally sold that the cine is that much better like the prores is worth getting and gives that much more of an image. There is some other things on it, but there is some limitations theres, a great video done by philip bloom that goes really in depth into this camera. So on this drone. Sorry! So if you want to watch that ill be linking to that in the description and up here on the video as well, but that goes into some of the limitations or some of the different funny quirks with this camera, especially with the ssd on it. For the extra cost to be able to do prores and to do yeah prores onto it, into the ssd over the cine over the not cine, im, not totally sold if its needed or for me for the work im doing if its needed and if its making Stuff really that much better um again, if i was to get rid of everything, if i only could have one drone, i would stay with the air 2s.

The reason for that is just the really quality i can get off. This is awesome. The 60 frames per second 4k, the 5k resolution – the photos on it, the size of it, how small it packs down to how well it flies um. All those things make this a great great drone for me, and and really i use this a ton, i will be selling it because i dont really need that in this and a mini, especially when the new mini 3 comes out. So i will be selling this, but if i could only buy one, this would be the the drone. The only thing, the only thing i do not like about this drone is the aperture is a fixed aperture, its a 2.8. You cannot adjust the aperture, so you have to be playing a lot with nd filters and thats just kind of a pain, and sometimes i have to adjust my shutter speed mid shot. I have to light changes which is changing more things that i dont would rather not be playing with my shutter speed id rather be playing with my aperture um. I love that you know on stuff, like the mavic 3, the mavic 2, you can adjust your aperture and a lot of times. You mean im shooting a drone shot. I dont care, if im at f10 or f11 or whatever, because really everything i want to shoot is going to be in focus theres very few times where i want that shallow depth of field with a drone more that faster, f stop, would be something to help When im shooting low light issues when im shooting at night, when im shooting some things that way, the reasoning for keeping the inspire 2 for now, um theres a couple things.

I love the ability to change some of the lenses on, even though i can zoom on this, but i love the ability to be able to put like the 45 mil on there and the type of shots i can get with that um. The other thing is, i am looking at im going to rent and do another video on that as well and toying with the idea of selling my fx9 and buying a uh, the ronin, 4d camera and gimbal, and it uses the same batteries. So these batteries sell for about 150 u.s each people arent getting a lot of money for these used anymore, the uh inspire 3 or start the inspire 2. um. So, im probably going to hold on just because im gon na have the batteries and it might not be worth me selling it to have to go and sell with batteries and get new batteries and and what i can get for it so im on the fence. If im keeping this or not, i think that theres going to be a inspire 3 coming out and i think its going to be very different than this. I think youre still gon na be able to control the camera um. You know independently with another controller, but i dont think its gon na be the same. Look as this and theres been some rumors coming out about that um, the. If i have the rodent 4d – and i have that camera and stuff on it, itll likely be the same camera that would go on this.

So a you know a lot much larger sensor than a micro, four thirds sensor. So then, maybe later on, would i be buying a inspire three? Who knows, i had the inspire one before um ive had a bunch of other phantoms before these cameras, so im usually kind of going through getting the newest ones and selling ones that im not using anymore. But right now i just ended up with a whole whack load of these um and theres tons of different options out there. Now i mean five six years ago, depending on the level you could either go. You know inspire two or inspire one or you could go a phantom and then when they started coming out with the mavic series and then theres different models of the mavic series. Now you have a lot more different options, so really guys just for this video. Hopefully, it gives you a bit of insight to what drone might be the best for you and and really this is the same as cameras and other equipment. Whatever piece of equipment is the one that helps you create content, helps you do your job and helps you make money is actually profitable for you. That is the best piece of gear for you, theres, not one best drone here its whatever is the one that works for you and your style of business and the way youre doing things and whatever one is making you money, and if you have something you buy Something and its no longer making you money or it didnt turn out that its needed.

For me, it might almost be for the cost of this thing: the mavic 3, as i said, i might have been able to go with not the cine, and you know, majority of the stuff not really making a difference and saving myself a few grand that way. I try not to buy things super right away. I like to test things before, but because i had the other mavics before i had the mavic 2. I had the mavic 1 and i used them a ton. I just like jumped on it and said: okay, i need the mavic 3 cine without looking at some of the issues around it. If i had watched some of those other videos before i bought, i bought on the first day of philip blooms, video talking about the ssd, the issues that way, i might not have bought it right away or i might have maybe bought the the the non cine Model, so let me know guys in the comments below what is your favorite drone? What drone are you using the most? What drone makes you money? Are you guys, learning fpv stuff uh helping to share some resources with each other on you know, where do you go to learn your information about stuff? Where do you go to do your training for fpv flying? What do you think is going to be the best camera drone coming out, or what do you think is the best for your business model? Let us know in the comments below, if theres something else youd like to see if theres some things youd like to see and learn about the inspire or sorry, the mavic 3 pro theres too many names on the table here.

Let me know in the comments below i im going to do a video more specific on this and again some testing against the cine and the non cine version. Um yeah guys. Let me know in the comments below what we would like to see, and even just in general and future videos what you would like to see me produce and get stuff out for you guys. I love having these conversations. I love just kind of sharing knowledge and having people interact with that, so hopefully this helped you guys out in some way. If you liked the video, please give me a thumbs up. If you didnt, like the video, you can give me a thumbs down, please think of subscribing to the channel and giving that notification bell.