Ever since the mini se was released because it looks a lot like the original mavic mini, but its got some of the features and functions of the mini 2., so people are asking, should i buy the mini se? Should i still try to find a mavic mini, or should i even go for the mini 2 and it can be a little confusing but ill spend some time today talking primarily about these two drones and the differences between them, because theyre similar but theres, some really Important differences between them, i wont spend too much time on the mavic mini, because, if youve watched the websites, the mavic midi, has slowly disappeared from a lot of the websites out there and really theres no reason to buy a brand new mavic mini when the mini Se is on the market because its a whole lot less expensive. Now, if youre already flying the mavic mini, keep flying it dont stop flying it theres no reason to upgrade to the mini se because its a great drone and it flies really well. But if you havent bought a drone, yet what im trying to do in this clip is explain which of these two might fit your budget might fit your needs for flying. So before i get too deep into it, i thought id give you a little bit of a history lesson of where these drones came from and why djis released the three drones so way.

Back in november of 2019, dji decided were going to build a drone thats under 250 grams, because that number is really important in certain parts of the world. If you have a drone thats under 250 grams, you dont have to worry about registration and testing and regulations and all the other things that heavier drones have to deal with. So when you bought this drone under 250 grams in most of the countries outside of the us, you could fly it. You didnt have to register it. Didnt have onerous insurance requirements, it was just a fun drone to fly, but what dji did, which i thought was brilliant – is they took most of the functionality of their larger drones and somehow, with a shrink machine stuck it into a frame that was under 250 grams? So when this drone first came out, it completely blew my mind because i put it up in the air thinking theres no way. This drone is going to fly like my bigger drones, but it did and it did really well, it could fly far. It had great video, it had great stabilization up there in the sky. The drone itself could shoot both 2.7k video at 30 frames. A second and 1080p at 60 frames. A second had a three axis: stabilized gimbal. It used enhanced wi, fi technology between the controller and the drone, so i could fly this thing on paper anyway, four kilometers away. I found that ive got about fifteen hundred two thousand feet out of it with great reliability.

The only downside to this one was that it wasnt great in really strong winds, so it could handle a level four wind. But if you got it up to two or three hundred feet and the wind really kicked up, it had to fight a lot to stay with the wind and its. The only drone that i can honestly say. I had a couple of instances where i almost had a flyaway where im watching the video and im thinking the drones going this way and all of a sudden it starts to go this way. So if that ever happens to you, the first thing you want to do is dont panic. Take a breath lower the drone down, get down to 50 or 60 feet. Certainly flip the camera down below you to see whats below you but come down to 50 or 60 feet and get you out of the turbulence that are up. There are those higher heights, and then you can fly back home and thats exactly what i did. But anyway, all that aside, you shouldnt be flying a drone. This small and those heavier winds anyway. So shame on me, but the drone was fantastic. The other thing that was interesting about it is dji decided to go with a lithium lithium ion battery, which was the first for them most of their drones, use a lithium polymer battery, so it was the first time they used the lithium ion battery and me again Thinking through it as an engineer, thats part of the reason that the drone had trouble with the wind, because the primary difference between lithium ion lithium polymer is that this has more punch to it.

So when you require more current from that battery, it can deliver it. This one is great at holding the current for a long period of time, but sort of delivering it in a very orderly fashion. It doesnt like big, bursts of draw of current from it, so i think when they move to the mini 2 by using lithium polymer. This one is way more stable in the wind. It can actually handle a level 5 wind. So if youre flying on windy days – and you get up to 2 300 feet, this one can handle those kind of winds. Im not saying you can fly it a hurricane because obviously none of these drones are going to survive. That but youll be a little safer with this one, all right so november, 2019 november 2020 they released the mini 2.. Now what they did with the mini 2 number one is: they dropped the mavic moniker its no longer called the mavic mini 2, its just the mini 2, but they improved a lot of things about it. So, for example, this one can shoot 4k. Video at 30 frames a second 2.7 and 1080p at 60 frames a second. It also can transfer that information from the sensor up front back to the processor 100 megabits. A second 40 megabits, a second over here, so its a much more capable drone for processing that video and capturing more of that video, its a fantastic airframe to actually capture pictures and video out there.

They also upgrade the controller. This is a brand new style of controller im, calling this the gen one. This is the gen 2 controller whats other. The other difference between these two right here is that this worked on enhanced wi fi, which is great, but this works on ocusync, which is a much more reliable technology, its more powerful, and it actually gives you better synchronicity between the controller and the drone. So this one can fly 10 kilometers on paper now, im not saying you should fly it 10 kilometers because again in the us i say this every time we have a visual line of sight requirement where you cant fly it further. You can see it in the sky so for me, thats about 2 000 feet out with a beacon on it, but its rock solid. At that distance. This one is as well, unless i get into a really crowded area, with a lot of wi fi interference or, if im flying in a heavily wooded area, because the trees, if you drop down behind a tree, ive talked about this before trees, have a huge water Content and radio signals have a hard time penetrating water and thats why submarines have to surface and put an antenna up to actually transmit out to the outside world? If you duck down behind a tree, thats got a lot of water in it most trees do its its almost like a faraday cage where its going to block that signal.

So both of these work really well. This one is a little sketchier around trees and high wi fi interference. This one is rock solid, so really the fundamental difference between these two was better in the wind: further transmission distance, better quality, video a little longer flight time, 31 minutes versus 30 minutes, but it was a lot more expensive. It was a hundred and fifty dollars more expensive when it was released, so this one hit the market and again these are available, fly more combinations, but the basic drone with the controller or battery and some accessories was 3.99. This one was 549 originally and they dropped it down to 4.99, so ‘9 499 between these two. If people ask me which should i go with, if you have the budget, i always recommend the mini 2.. If you didnt, have the budget go with the mini one or the mavic mini now, where it gets complicated, is they just released? The mini se and people thought well thats going to be an upgrade to the mini 2. Its really not it sort of fits im going to do a little bit of a shake here. It sort of fits between these two, so the mat, the mini 2 – has got ocusync technology. You can record 4k. This one has lithium polymer batteries, just like the mini 2, but it cant fly as far because its using enhanced wifi, so its very similar. In that respect to the mini one, which means youll get about four kilometers of distance out of it now ive been flying this like crazy over the last week and a half, and i love it.

Ive had no issues whatsoever with signal breakup, video breakup delays, any of that nonsense, its just been working really well and it uses the same controller as the original mavic mini. The other thing that i like about this, which is something theyve definitely enhanced, is if you look closely the props on this. One have those white tips on them: theyre standard props when they come out with the mini too. They came out with these high efficiency props that are a little bit quieter. So when youre flying these two side by side this one, you can hear at 100 feet, this one is almost silent at 100 feet in the air theyre using the same props on the mini sc, which is a big improvement, and then i thought well. Let me look at the motors because the motors here look very similar, so my suspicion is youve got an airframe that looks like the mavic mini, but youve got the motors, the props and, i believe the escs from the mini 2 in the mini sc. The other thing is the midi sc can handle a level 5 win. So i put this one up in the wind had a bit of a fly away start brought it down. Put this one up to the same height, exactly at the same place, i was flying. Had no issues with the wind so whatsoever, so its a much more robust quad when youre flying in heavy wind conditions and again dont take these things out in gale force winds because you cant beat the wind.

It can only fly about 15 meters, a second. So if the winds whipping more than that, the drones going to be a slave to the wind, its going to fly, whichever the winds blowing it. But if you get into those situations, drop it down again to 50 feet and fly back home. And you should be okay, all right. The other big difference between them is theyve changed the architecture a little bit, so the frame size is different on these two. So if you own accessories to mini one and for whatever reason you decide to go to the mini sc, a lot of the accessories wont fit like the landing gears are different. A few other things are different, so its much more like the mini 2, but where im going with this, i guess is this: guy is pretty much done at this point, so if you own it flight its a great quad, these two are the active quads that Are in the market today, so your choice is really between the mini sc and the mini two. So when people ask me which of these two, should i go with this ones around 499, in that ballpark 299 for this one? So if youre, just starting out the hobby, this is a fantastic drone at that price point because youre getting three axis stabilized gimbal youre, getting four kilometers of transmission distance youre getting live stream 720p feeding back to your phone. So you can see what the drone sees.

You can record 2.7k 30 frames 1080p at 60 frames, its a fantastic package for 2.99, its gps and glonass positioning control. So if you put it up in the air – and you take your thumbs off the joystick its going to stay right, where you left it, whereas a lot of the drones that are in that ballpark from other manufacturers have a ton of drift. And i tell you when you put them up, if you, if you put the drone up its going to start flowing this way or flowing that way, youve got to fiddle around with it to sort of lock it in position. This is just a fantastic drone. Now the difference between them, the choice i should between them is: if youre not going to shoot, really professional videos youre not concerned about 4k video, this ones perfectly fine, if you need the ocusync technology, this one provides to give you a little stronger signal, because maybe Youre flying it a little further youve got better eyes than i do, and you can fly it a little further out. Then the ocusync is a much more reliable technology between the two, but essentially the only difference between these two drones is the fact that they both can fly in a level. Five wind 4k video over here 1080p over here or 2.7 k over here, gen 2 controller, occu, sync technology, wi, fi or enhanced wi fi technology over here, but again for the difference in price.

Its totally up to you, which of those two makes sense. To be honest with you, when people ask me that are starting in the hobby, which drone should they go with, if you have the budget go with this one, but if youre just getting started 300 is a lot of money to put a toy up in the Air and pray that its not going to fly off on you, but this one will stay right where you put it its not going to fly off on you and whats cool about it. Is you can start with something like this at 299 and if you really fall in love with the hobby, which i did a lot of people, do you can always upgrade to something bigger later on or if you decide, i got ta start recording 4k video because Ive got to get that better quality of picture. You can probably sell the second hand, get most of your money back and upgrade to a mini 2 or a mavic mini. I mean a mavic pro or mavic zoom, whatever larger quad that you want to look at. I dont know towel or an offi whatever you want to fly, but you can start here and all of your stick controls and all the things you learn on flying this drone. You can definitely apply to other drones out there and a lot of my viewers have said to me: they started off with the mavic mini and they loved it so much that they bought a larger drone and then had their son or their daughter or their wife.

Flying this one when they went out for an afternoon – and i love that kind of stuff, because when im out there flying alone, its a lot of fun but its a whole lot more foam and the familys coming along or my buddies are coming along. And we can all fly together and hey lets, go! Take a look at that end of the lake or hey, look theres! Something over here. Fly your drone over and take a look at it. Its just a whole lot more fun to be out there with the family and the beautiful sunshine and that fresh air. So anyway, you can start here for 2.99. This one, i think, is around five 500 around 4.99. At this point, so you know maybe maybe 449, but about a about a 50 uplifting cost for this one. My recommendation again at the end of the day is start here. You can always upgrade to this later on. If you want to – or maybe start here an upgrade to a bigger drone down the road, but anyway thats all i had for today, i hope you found this clip helpful. I love flying anytime. I can talk about technology to help you make better decisions if youre going to get into the hobby im happy to do that. If you have any questions about anything ive covered today drop those in the comments below. I promise to get back to you as quickly as i can im also out flying a lot.

We got a little bit of summer left and i love putting drones up in the air, so anything i can get outside where its sunny im out there flying if its raining ill, be sitting down. Answering questions but ill do my best to get back to you. If you need any accessories for these quads uh, we have a website. I talk about it occasionally on the channel. We make accessories for all the drones that are out there, in particular the the mini series of drones, both the mavic mini the mini sc and the mini 2, so theres, a link below you can check out the website. In case you need something and if you make a decision to go with these drones, ive got a link below to amazon, where you can go and check them out for yourself and compare them against each other. If you use that link, we get a little contribution from amazon. So if you want to help out the channel thats a great way to go, and the last thing ill mention is that i cant say what it is or when its coming. But there are other drones coming that were going to be reviewing very soon were going to be signing some mbas on a couple of things so just to keep you interested theres a lot of really cool stuff coming on the channel. So if you havent subscribed to drone valley, what are you waiting for hit that little icon down there and join the drone valley family? Because youre not going to want to miss all the reviews were doing on drones and all the other high tech stuff that were going to be exploring over the next couple of weeks and thats pretty much it for me today.

So thank you so much for watching.