I have the dji mini se and the dji mini 2 and the reason im doing the clip is ive had so many people ask me which of these two drones would i recommend for a new flyer and thats an impossibly tough question to answer, because it really Depends on your budget and what youre going to do with the drone when you put it up in the air, so i thought id do a side by side comparison just to show you the differences between the two to help you make that decision. So, for starters, your price is probably one of the gating factors on which of the drones youre going to buy. This one starts at 299, and this one starts at 449 and theres a fly more package that includes a lot of extra accessories, thats even more expensive. So, right away, you know that youve got a 150 difference between the two, but that may be something you can justify going to the mini 2 based on the specifications. So let me give you some of the basic specs. Both drones are under 250 grams, which means theyre considered an ultralight drone, and that means you dont have to register them with the faa in the united states. You still have to respect nfcs, so you cant fly them near prisons or power plants or airports or other restricted areas, but really 95 to 98 of the airspace in the u.s is wide open for flying.

So when you power up the drone and the application comes up itll, let you know because it has gps and glowing ass built into both of them. It knows exactly where youre standing and itll, let you know if youre standing in a no fly zone or not itll, tell you sure you can fly or know you cant fly. If you get to know you, cant fly just move a couple of miles away and you can probably fire your drone so just respect those nfcs. The big difference between them is the technology built into them. So, from a transmission perspective, this uses enhanced wi fi between the drone and the controller thats. A really strong type of technology, thats enhanced by dji to sort of keep track of what frequencies are on and jump between frequencies to keep that binding together between the drone and the controller. The challenge with wi fi is its got limitations. As far as how far you can actually fly the drone, but even still you can fly this 2.5 kilometers away now. I wouldnt recommend flying it that far because thats kind of the edge of your visual line of sight and in the u.s there are requirements to keep the drone in your visual site when youre flying it. But 2.5 kilometers means youre going to get plenty of distance out of it. The mini 2 uses ocusync 2 technology, which is a patented dji technology that enhances that relationship between the drone and the controller.

So because of that its occusync 2. Actually, because of that, this one can fly 10 kilometers away what 10 kilometers. I know it sounds crazy. Again. You cant fly 10 kilometers, because theres no way youre going to see this tiny drone 10 kilometers away. But what it means is youre going to have a stronger signal, even in close when youre around noisy wi, fi areas or youre flying near buildings or around trees. Youre going to have a rock solid signal, almost no matter what kind of interference youre, seeing so better reception, better transmission technologies. The next thing youre going to wonder about is how long can the drone fly? This is going to blow your mind. 30 minutes 31 minutes on a single battery charge, thats almost unheard of in drones of this size, most drones, this size and even a little larger. If i get 15 or 20 minutes out of a battery thats a really good day, so having a drone that can stay in the air for almost 30 minutes or 31 minutes on a fully charged battery means im spending more time flying and less time charging my Batteries and thats a wonderful thing, because i love exploring the grounds around me from the sky, so 31 minutes of flight time is pretty incredible. All right. The next thing youre going to consider is the camera package between them. They both use a 1 over 2.3 inch sensor, but the difference is this: one can record 2.

4 2.7 k video at 30 frames a second 1080p at higher frame rates. This one can record 4k at 30 frames, a second 2.7 at 60 1080 at higher frame rate. So its a better camera package, better video, because its 4k video, which is ultra high definition. This is just high definition video. So if youre a new flyer starting out 299, you get pretty much everything you need in this package to get it up in the air and capture some amazing footage and some great pictures if youre serious about flying. Maybe you start here, and you jump to this later on and sell this as a secondhand drone or if youve got the budget for it. The mini 2 is probably the perfect answer, because youre going to capture 4k footage youre going to be able to fly it longer, youre going to have a better connection technology between the two. So something to consider both of these drones, as i mentioned – use gps and glonass positioning. So they know exactly where they are when you put them up in the air and if you take your thumbs off the joystick its going to stay right where you left it. So its not going to fly away like a lot of the less expensive drones tend to do where theyll drift into a tree these. When you take your thumbs off theyre, going to stay right, where you left them, this one can fight pretty heavy winds, its not great in really heavy winds, but theyve really built it to be pretty stable in a moderate wind.

This one can handle a level 5 wind now im, not suggesting you take a 250 gram drone out on the beach with a level 5 wind because the gusting could be higher, but everywhere i go to fly on a regular day. This one can handle the wind just fine, just like a lot of my medium sized drones, so dont, let the size fool you its incredibly good in the air. Both of these drones use the dji fly application, which has a ton of automated features and sophistication built into it. Where its got templates you can use. There are ways you can automate flight patterns like, for example, in this one theres four different flight modes. Helix circle circle, droney and rocket, which you push a button, and it does all kinds of magical things in the air and automated patterns to keep you in the center of the frame flying around you in circles or flying away from you and up this one adds Another feature called boomerang, which is an incredibly cool mode where it comes close to the beginning. That swings way out behind you and comes close to you in the front, so literally within a few minutes of powering up the drones and putting them up in the air. You can hit a button and have it capture some amazing footage, so theres, not a big learning curve on either of these one. Other thing i wanted to mention is that all the skills you develop on either one of these drones getting better on the sticks and learning how to fly.

It are completely transferable to larger drones. So a lot of people that are starting out in the hobby will start with an sc or start with a mini 2, get really good at flying that and then they find their bit by the drone bug and they really want to get a bigger drone. All the skills you develop on these, you can easily transfer to larger drones matter of fact, if you stick with dji, most of the bigger drones use the exact same controller or at least the same style of controller, so its an easy transition between different styles of Drones and thats pretty much all i wanted to talk about so my recommendation again. Is it comes down to budget and what youre going to use the drone for if youre, a casual flyer youre going to vacation youve got a couple of kids with you, your wife. They all want to learn how to fly a drone. The mini se is the perfect package, its inexpensive comparatively, and it gives you a ton of features that you normally only find on really sophisticated high end drones if instead youre going to be doing any kind of commercial work, or you really care that youre getting 4k Footage – and you want to have the strongest signal possible. The mini 2 is the investment you want to make and again. This drone probably covers 60 percent of what i need to do when im flying, even if im taking pictures for clients or im working with my family that want to get a shot of the house or whatever.

This drone is perfect for that. So again, it comes down to your budget. What youre going to use the drone for? But you cant go wrong with either of these two drones, because djis had a long history of building drones for decade and and they just build some incredibly good stuff, thats, reliable and its going to fly well and its going to behave when you put it up.