Welcome back to the channel guys! Please comment on this video because we are giving away that femi very soon. We were supposed to do it around the middle of the month, but im kind of pushing it out a little bit toward the end of september, because i want to start a new giveaway coming up in the first of october. So comment subscribe and send me an email on dronecamps.com on the contacts page and youll get entered to win that awesome, femi x8 mini so yes were still giving it away. So um contest is still going on uh. Just to give you guys an update on that, but today the big story is which dks ultra light camera to go for for putting on anything from a small micro, quad um. You can put them on these little tiny. Three inch, two inch quads. These are super ultra light cameras weighing around 30 grams. Some of them sitting here weigh under 30 grams, which is super awesome. This one is a 1080p. This is an insta360, go the original go. It has a push button on the very back it charges in a little cradle, and the newer go. 2 also has a cradle that comes with it and its kind of nice on the road that you can just put it in this little cradle and it charges. Those are around 200. However, for the same amount of money or less, you can get new hawkeye firefly x, which is 4k resolution at 60 frames per.

Second, if you want the full blown gopro hero 8, you can get gap, rcs, fpv additional camera, and this one is one of the lightest in the bunch at 27 grams also comes. I believe it comes with a polarizer filter, but you can also get polarizer filters and they all have a variety of power options and theres like enough information on these cameras to make your head spin. So today, hopefully, you get an idea of whats out there and ill give you my opinion on which one of these cameras i like the best um, of course the most expensive one. Yes, is the gap rc hero 8? That is, in my opinion, probably the best. Looking camera out of the bunch also the sinistar looks great. This one is also a hero 8 and the insta 360 camera. I also like this one, but i feel like the video is not quite out to par uh with the hero eights, so um top choice would be the sinistar and the gap rc. Now, if youre on a total budget, the firefly x is not bad and thats kind of what im showcasing in this video, its kind of review for the firefly x. It has onboard wi fi the lens doesnt look quite as nice. It has a much smaller lens than something like the hero 8, and i believe this one does have nd filter options, whereas these two guys i havent seen them this one – might have some by now im sure freewell.

If you check them out freewellgear.com, they have some pretty awesome, nd filter kits. I believe they also make some for this. This one actually might be. You know this is the smo version from beta fpv on that one, but nd16 filter is usually where i start and i go from there, but i think this one is extra special because it has something the others dont have. It has a usbc port on the side and this will run an sd card up to like 512 gigabytes, which is really really good, thats bigger than some of the other ones that they allow and much more swords and youre going to get. These have internal storage and no sd card support, so these i tend to fill up quick and then you have to go back and delete videos. Also. It takes quite a bit of time to transfer these from the app to your phone. So thats. One thing you have to download these to your phone and then transfer it to your computer, whereas these have sd card. I think theyre just more convenient to pull the sd card out its an h.264 file drop it down on your video editor copy it to your hard drive and youre good to go, but the usb c port thats special, because the hawkeye firefly x. This is a light version it can plug into that usb port and its. This is super cool. I have it on the quad right here, so you can plug it into the side of this camera and it has this little board on the other end.

And what does this do? This lets you plug it straight into your battery lead and it goes from 3 to 6s. It supports up to 6s, so this is a voltage regulator that downsteps it to 5 volt for the 5 volt in on this camera. This camera can only be powered by 5 volt, which seems to be much lower, voltage support than something like the rest of these have. But you can also plug in a traditional cable and go straight to your flight controller. But i think thats the coolest thing that, because someone like me im flying multiple quads all the time i have something coming in new every day on the channel and its kind of a pain in the butt to have to take this cable. This is the traditional way that we do d cased power setup, so you plug it in here this little tiny, connectors, little tiny jst, and then you take this positive and negative, and you solder it to your flight controller. Well, thats a pain if youre flying this camera on multiple quads, so the nice thing about this little usb thing that they included in the box. This is suite you plug it in plugs into the battery, so i can move this camera to multiple quads, thats, really really cool. Also, they give you a nice little case that comes along with it is an abs molded plastic case back here on this quad, and this is the diatom roma v2.

You can see it just bolts right on its a standard gopro size mount which is awesome, its not the smaller one, so youre not limited to having on micros only you can fly it on a five inch, and this little guy is weighing in. I believe it was weighing in around uh. I think it was at 35 grams, so the gap rc hero 8 is weighing in at around 27. yeah 27 grams on the hero 8 and just double check this firefly x with the little glare filter on there. Thats 35 grams, so 35 grams, for that the smo 4k from beta fpv is weighing 32 grams. The sinistar hero8 thats, probably the heaviest 37 grams. The gopro lets see uh insta360 go to 26 grams, thats super ultra light, and this one, probably the lightest of the bunch, but only 1080p stabilized and were looking at 18 grams, wow thats, pretty cool 18 grams and wow the go to is quite a bit heavier. But um yeah 27 grams on the go too so the firefly x. The biggest thing about this one is that this camera is good. It also has wi fi on board. You can hook it up to the firefly hawkeye app and you can change the resolution from like 4k 60 frames per second down to like 2.7 at 60 frames per second 2.5 at 60 frames per second, and when you get it from the factory its set to Default at 4k at 60 frames per second.

So if you know anything about flying, fpv and recording videos, you know that you want 60 frames per second weve been recording in 30 frames per second for years, but you know what this is nice to be able to do 60 frames per second, because it doesnt Have as much lag in the video so and some people even shoot in like 120 frames per second just depends on how much money you want to spend on the camera. Now you can turn it on by the power button on the side here. It also has a record button if you momentarily press that youll see a light light up there. If you momentarily press the power button, youll see a blue light show up, and then that will turn on the wi. Fi youll see firefly in your wi fi settings and its worth mentioning that i wasnt able to get the wi fi to connect on my iphone uh iphone 10. So thats interesting to me. It did connect to my android but for some reason, hawkeyes app wasnt connecting so maybe they need to update that for the firefly series. But mine was not connecting on the iphone on the android phone. It was fine and then you can switch resolution but its interesting. They have a tiny little spot right there for the wi fi light and it turns up blue and if you press it again, it will record again press it again to stop sd card support on the side there, and this camera feels cheaper in my hands.

But then again i mean 4k at 60 frames per second and you know were doing mp4 format, which is great and 159 for that camera versus 500, around 400 and 500 for this so 200 for these little guys, but the mounts are kind of uh kind of Hard to find on these, you kind of have to have a 3d printer or find someone who can print you a go to mount specifically for your quad. So i think this is cool that it comes with this mount and the nice thing about this mount. I have to move these out of the way and show you is that when you slide this in to the mount just like this, its so easy to take it on and off the quad and its there its done and it hides the sd card. So if you crash, which youre going to do the sd card is not likely to pop out and lose it, some of the other ones have the sd card exposed on the side. So they have a little hatch here. You can pull that hatch open and close um. The sinistar has it totally open there on the side for for that camera and the beta fpd smo 4k has a little hatch as well and thats. You know very standard, but it almost seems like they have the same case here, its its made out of the same type of plastic both of these but um yeah.

My my choice at the end of the day would definitely be this hero8. If you can swing the money ill show you video on both of these cameras and if i can find some footage ill show you some hero go to go to is from insist, 360.. So a little bit of variety today on the channel and enjoy the flight test of the firefly x light and some hero 8 stabilized footage as well. This one has hyper smooth this one does not so youre going to see some variation from light adjustment thats. The other thing about having a cheap sensor on board youre, going to see some dark to light transitions with this type of camera, but then again ive seen it do the same thing on the hero8, but the hero 8 also has a setting that you can get That to go away, so there is some information on the internet about that out there so but yeah. If you pay 500, you want to have some control over what youre doing, and this one is also running wi fi, so um top camera and budget choice right. There lets go ahead and check out the firefly x lite. Here we go Music, so Music, oh Music, up; Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, uh, Music, oh um, Music, Laughter, Music, Laughter, Music, so Music, so Music. So she Music all right guys welcome back from the flight tests.

So i just wanted to show you this a little close up, so you can get an idea of how this works. This little board is your step down regulator, and it has negative here positive there um whats confusing about this. Is they also have a positive here and a negative down here? I dont know if you can see that on the camera, i guess you can but its all about this pin out right here. So when you plug this into your battery, go by the ones that are over here that are the farthest and closest away um, and that way you dont reverse polarity, but i think it it might have some type of polarity protection. So youre going to start out on this negative side over here and just plug this in just like so and press your power button, and you are now on so you see the green light there. It has no sd card in there, so its going to beep, you can long press it again and turn it off or you can momentarily press it and turn on the wi fi its a stupid, simple camera. So the other thing about it is is that it does have an option for you, flip this mount upside down and do a smaller size mount. You see that right there thats for your micro, size, quad, so man they have it all figured out with this mount. It has multiple attachment points, so um thats, freaking, rad, so run on your small quad or your gopro mount either way you go.

Youve got like a setup for pretty much any quad in your fleet, so um. I think for the the weight of this one and the fact that it comes with this step down regulator, this is a freaking awesome buy. So you can check this one out in the link down below if you want to grab my favorite, of course, by all means, please support the channel and purchase yours at my links, uh. That will greatly benefit my family and yeah. Keep on keeping on guys – and i appreciate you guys flying with me every day here on the channel and hopefully um – we have some awesome stuff coming up.