The second thing is as youre looking at deals when you see them from traditional retailers like walmart or costco, or amazon, or places like that oftentimes. They are kind of bundled in a way that actually arent a good deal. But there are two pretty solid deals out there right now ill talk about that next and lastly, i will talk about something a lot of people. Ask me which is hey. Can i can i buy it used? Can i buy it secondhand? Can i buy it refurbished? So i will be talking about that. Last and again, my goal here is to share with you where to find the best deal on a drone and ill be honest im also in the market for a drone right now i really want the mavic air 2s. I thought i wanted the pre the three pro, but i realized e. That might not be the drone for me anyway. Lets dive into deals, because this one is all about answering your questions, and i want to talk about things to look out for, because i dont want you to get tricked into thinking youre getting the deal when youre not thats like the worst right and make sure You add your tips in the comments below the first. One deals from dji are awful right now, at least and ive been watching them for the last, while they are trying to like throw in free gifts. But the free gifts are literally things like stickers or badges to buy a 1 000 plus drone, which is not very exciting, so i would say in the realm of buying direct from dji its going to be harder to find a good deal.

One thing i would anticipate seeing from them is them discounting the drones that are going away. The mavic air 2 is a drone that is going away. Given the air 2s is the new drone. The mavic mini is a drone that is going away. Given the map that mavic mini 2 and the mavic mini se, replace it and lets dive into that, because that is whats currently on sale right now, probably the best deal ive seen on amazon, so lets talk about deals from traditional retailers. Amazon right now has two deals going on: one is their black friday deal for the mavic mini combo, which is normally 500 and thats, giving you the drone, plus all the accessories that you might need, and its currently discounted at 300 ill. Add a link in the description below thats a really great deal, its a really great drone, but there are downsides to getting the mini one versus the mini 2 again its an older drone. It does not do a fraction of what the mini 2 does like. I really wouldnt recommend that drone for anyone, unless you just want a camera that flies. That was my first drone. I love it to death, but it has insane limitations if you ever want to take the next step with your drone, you just want selfies with your friends and fam on vacay. Are you good, but if you want to do more with a drone, when i say more im talking about fun, quick shots or like really great 4k footage or like, i want to frame that photo that i took that youre going to need the mini 2 or A different drone, the second deal that they have going on right now is the drone that i bought.

I bought this one for 12.99 thirteen hundred dollars and i bought the dji fpv right now. That same package is on sale for 9.99. If you ever considered flying fpv, it is a fantastic intro drone to getting into flying fpv, which is a very, very difficult thing to do to fly a manual drone. Basically, you would consider this drone. If you want to do acrobatics fly through things. Do 360s flip your drone do more interesting, cinematic things. One thing about this i will just say flying a drone is like driving a car flying. The fpv drone is like driving a rocket its, not anything at all like flying a regular drone. I recently had nine drone pilots sit down with me, put on my goggles and just try out the simulator and not a single one could get the drone flying, and so these are experienced drone pilots who could not fly fpv thats, just an fyi around what its Like flying this drone its for a different and a specific purpose, so just consider that before you look into that, just looking out for you, okay lets talk about other um perceptions that that retailers will often use yo in the chat. Hi josh one thing – and this is my experience because i used to be a buyer, a merchandiser for amazon and walmart. If you looked at my linkedin, i worked for these companies for many years selling everyday people like myself everyday products and there will be a perception of bundles.

This is really huge in the gaming industry as well, where its like, okay, like well, throw in things that seem like a deal accessories and stuff like that that you dont actually need. But it seems like oh but its on sale and its this bundle, and i get all of this stuff that you dont actually need, and so, when it comes down to needing accessories for your drone, it really comes down to you need the spare batteries. You need. The charger that will charge all of your batteries at once, maybe maybe you need the bag that holds your drone again. My drone case that i bought on my own on amazon was 13, so dont think that these things need to be rocket science in terms of being very expensive accessories, and so what i encourage you to do is, if you find an amazing, seemingly amazing deal, that Is a bundle that is discounted, really look at the accessories and ask yourself: are these things i truly need and if yes awesome go for it and if no, then it might just be a perceived discount on something thats really just a bunch of thrown in random Accessories, okay, the last thing so many people ask me is, can i can i buy it used or can i buy it refurbished and my answer to be honest is absolutely yes, and this is how i might consider buying my mavic air2s and especially with the mavic 3, coming out a lot of people who currently fly the air 2s might want to jump over to that pro drone, which is a totally fantastic drone it just i want to fly within the dji fly app.

The other one is a totally different app, and so one of the things to consider when youre looking at used drones its really about the quality of the camera and the how how well the camera was taken. Care of. In other words, if theres any problems with the camera on the drone, then you should not buy that drone used if it flies and the camera is in great condition. You are so good to go and find it used, and it really just comes down to knowing what qualities or sorry what features you want that drone to have which quick shots. Do you want to be able to do? Do you want those vertical panoramics that i always shoot with the mavic air 2? Do you want it to be able to do horizontal panoramics? Do you want the specific asteroid, quick shot? If you do different drones, do different things. I have a full playlist around what each drone does, so you can better understand that plus a video around stories from pilots where they bought drones and theyre. Like oh man, i love my drone because of this, but i didnt realize it didnt do that and so ive made these types of videos to help. You think, through the right questions for yourself as youre thinking about buying your drone so buying a used drone, whether youre going straight up on craigslist facebook marketplace. Wherever is right for you um. I totally encourage people to look for used drones, especially as people level up right.

People get into the mavic mini two mavic mini ones, probably gon na be all over on used sales or as holidays come in and people buy tons of drones and they are selling. You know the mavic air 2 because they got the mavic air 2s. Youll likely see a lot of that, so just make sure the quality of the camera is good and nothing is wrong when you fly the drone. One other tip around that dont forget to make sure, except for the mavic, mini that if you buy a used drone from someone, you are registering it into your name: youre, taking the registration out of their name, just like a car right and then go register in Your name uh, unless you want to go, fly illegally, a ton, then you know theyre on the hook, for that just kidding. Dont. Do that all right. Add your tip below add your deal if you find one below and if i find more deals, youre going to see it in the description of this video as i keep it updated because i got my eye out for both me and you all and im here. Every friday going live answering your questions.