Everything is on. This is the new streaming setup, derek g what’s going on carbon cage? Is here ben t all right? How is it going? Um? Can you guys hear me okay before we get started? What do you think of the new stream setup uh put this together today got some lights uh over there and i got the iron man all lit up down there, um there’s a sound okay. I got the mic just off camera let’s get this thing started today, we’re going to be talking about drones, i’ve been going to so many meetings today, guys and all i could think about – was getting off getting online and talking to you guys about. Where do we go and fly fpv had a really good response to the poll this week over 400 of you responded on where you fly, drones don’t, forget poll every saturday to be discussed on the live stream. So if you want to get in and participate in the process be sure to vote every saturday and we’re going to cover the topic. So the topic today is where to fly and we asked you guys where you’re all flying most frequently and i’m, also going to include some tips for you on some places. Maybe you haven’t thought of. Maybe you have um um. Is that what i call this is not white claw, this is toppo chico, guys step it up. This white claw wishes. It was this.

This is a refreshing toppo, chico seltzer, but let’s cover today’s sponsor of today’s. Video is mida, lena coffee, that’s, right, midalina, artisan coffee. They make coffee in k, cups in bags or in grounds fresh brewed. They’Ve got you covered. My favorite flavor is golden pecan link in the description below if you’d like to get some of this coffee for yourself. But you know what’s on my mind, right now, guys it ain’t the coffee. In my k, cups, it’s all the quadcopters in my garage, and where am i going to fly them that’s right? You know whenever you finally get your quads together when you get them all fixed, when you get them all built, when you get them all, bought and bound up and you’re ready to go, fly it’s like. Where can you actually fly it and you find a couple of places and you just keep going there over and over and over and over again and sooner or later it starts to get a bit boring you need to mix it up. You need to find new places, and that is the best thing to do now. A lot of people are saying park and that just happens to be one of the most popular answers. Let’S go ahead and share with you guys the poll results number one though, unsurprisingly was the park. I was a little bit surprised, though, on the overall results here here we go, let’s go down them very quickly, so in and around your house whether you’re whooping, whether you’re microwaving from your driveway from your backyard 21 of you guys voted here, parks and fields, parks And recreation, anything and all of the above, the great outdoors 63 of you guys, are applying they’re, almost two thirds the vast majority buildings and bandos.

Now i expected a bit more of you: guys were going to be urban building divers and not really, though only four percent, the smallest representative group. I also expected a little bit more racers out there, but only six percent of you guys said that you spend the majority of your time racing now. That is where i actually spend the majority of my time: uh flying fpv i’m, going to talk to you a little bit about why, whether you are a racer or not. You should at least try to come out to a racing event, just as a chance to meet other people, a lot of freestylers come to our events. You can become a better freestyle by racing and you can become a better racer by going to freestyle. So everyone should mix it up a bit and then cruising long rage. The hills are alive, diving down those mountains or sketchily long, ranging in the city. I know none of you guys actually do that. Six percent of you guys uh there as well again, thanks to everyone who participated in the poll over 400 people, uh voted here. So let’s talk a bit about all of the different selections that you have to choose from when you go to fly and how do you mix it up? You know i’ve been spending quite a bit of time, racing um quite a bit of time racing, but you know what, as i review more and more of this stuff that’s up there behind me, a lot of freestyle stuff is popular that i cover.

So i got ta get my freestyle game up. I got ta find the places around town to go freestyle and let me tell you the freestyler struggle is real. When you’re a racer, you show up to a planned event. You fly the track all day. We’Ll literally sit there for six seven hours sometimes, and i will leave that place having flown 30 40 on a really nice day where the heats are moving smoothly, i might fly 50 packs in a day and i’ll. Tell you what guys going to try to find some nice place to freestyle when you got your gopro strapped on when you got your batteries charged um, it can be kind of difficult, because even when you find a good spot or two, you fly a few packs. You see what you can see, you nail the power loop that you were trying to now and then you want to go somewhere else. Then you want to go to the next spot and you got to repeat the process all over again and having forbid you get to the spot, you plan to go to and all of a sudden there’s a family of 15 having a giant picnic there. Then what do you do guys? Then? What do you do? That’S, the worst mk mo’s here: hey moe, how’s it going thanks for letting me know, uh that you saw my uh post on the joshua barwell channel last night uh. Let me turn this off right here.

So jeff is here: he chases ducks and geese duck duck goose. Oh my gosh, i can’t get that thing to be quiet. Brandon uh sometimes drives around for a spot too long. You know that’s what i discovered when i really started to go on a bit more freestyling. Lately i discovered just how real that freestyler struggle is it’s not just like coming up to a race event where everything’s planned for you, where you can fly over and over again or like us, when we show up to the night spot to race and we sit There racing pack after pack after pack after pack uh it ain’t like that you got ta, find a fresh spot and so many times you end up, leaving in disappointment, because a gate is blocked, a fence is closed. There’S too many people, there’s dogs wandering around or what have you and bubba is here how’s it going man. I do have the protect 35 uh thanks bubba for letting me check this out. I flew it at the night spot last night, we’re gon na talk a little bit more about this and some other exciting things from iflight coming up next um. So here are a couple of tips on places to go. Fly that you might not have thought of. Churches are always good, except sunday or if it’s, a synagogue. Saturday, um schools are generally good nights and weekends there’s. Nobody there, unless there’s been somebody that misbehaved particularly badly there’s some crazy detention going on other than that they’re generally empty and a lot of times, at least in texas.

We have like these crazy awning type things in the front of our schools, that you can really do some gnarly power loops off of just make sure if you ever go to a place like that always pick up after yourself. Don’T make yourself a nuisance. If there is people there go somewhere else, don’t bother anyone and uh. This is a good time as any to say: uh just cover a little bit of ground rules, guys because there’s something i’ve been noticing lately and actually i was talking to bot grinder last night or was it this morning and he was saying how he had been Noticing a lot of people doing some particularly sketchy stuff with the new dji drone, and i think that that sketchy flying is not just a dji drone user thing. I think that’s just a new pilot thing, but please know it doesn’t matter whether you’re flying uh. Your first drone you’re an experienced pilot. It doesn’t matter. If you have a drone like the dji pv drone with auto level features don’t fly over anything that you would not want to crash onto you never know when something could hit your drone unexpectedly, you never know when a ghost branch is going to appear out of Nowhere you never know when your battery is just going to run out. A random component is going to fail. Um, it happens guys. It happens i’m telling you it’s, pretty rare. If you set your stuff up right, but anything could always be happening.

You always have to be prepared for anything. You always have to be prepared to disarm, so don’t fly over roads, don’t fly over people or pets and pro tip don’t fly over water unless you want to try to find it like three years later, in a lake like zorro did take a page out of His book, but funnily enough, he just crashed his quad into a lake. Again. I guess he didn’t learn his lesson. Come on now. Zoro um, adam salabota says that he went and got a few packs at the local church. Nice one ng said he seems a lot of nudes flying over freeways and crowds they’re loony, yes, don’t. Do that guys, there’s plenty of places to fly find an open field somewhere, especially if you’re practicing, whenever i’m doing a maiden flight of any quad. I always try to find somewhere with a lot of space, not too many trees, uh and a lot of grass, because you know you let one of these things down on grass you’re, probably gon na be okay, doc. Murdock says ken herron had a bat hit. His drone mid flight yeah, you never know you never know. What’S gon na happen, ken aaron, that crazy guy um adam, says he’s a very new pilot and have been sticking to the open space. Uh that’s the perfect way to fly the perfect way to get the flight feel it’s all about getting that stick time in guys you got to get the stick time, uh get it on the simulator, get it in real life don’t go too crazy.

Trying to do too many tricks too fast, get the stick time i’m telling you uh, carmen’s cave says by the time you learn to fly 99. You know better that’s right, you do know better uh. Oh bull says that he put two in the pond last month. Oh, that stings man i’ll tell you what the first quad that i built back in 2016. 2017 was a long time ago. I spent so many hours. I watched that uav futures 99 build. I know a lot of us got started there. I assembled a bunch of parts from banggood, i didn’t even know there was u.s shops. I don’t know if there was at the time. I assembled all my parts. You know it took four or five weeks for them to all arrive. I shoddily soldered all the components up. I did a terrible job, it looked hideous, but it flew that first moment when you take the first hover in the air of something that you built with your own hands it’s such an indescribable feeling of achievement. It feels like you’re, you know at one with the wright brothers achieving the miracle of flight, something that you have just born into existence with thine own hands and thine own ts 100. Only for myself to get overconfident too, quick too fast. I flew over a pond. Just a mile away from my house and when that thing browned out there was no osd back in those years.

So when i ran out of juice because i was having too much fun and i just heard a plunk, it was gone. That was my first quad that i built i spent days hours hours hours, going all around that whole area, trying to find that quad i’d never found it guys. I never found it that almost put me out of the hobby altogether. I had so much fun, but only about a day or two’s worth before i sunk it and i had to wait another six weeks to get parts again and rebuild everything. So don’t fly over anything that you don’t want to land over i’m. Fortunate, though, that in my early lessons all i was out was a lost quad because i foolishly flew over water. Thankfully i didn’t fly over people or crash onto a car or anything like that. So just always safety first guys greg is here: gregory carr how’s. It going medrone is liking the casual poetic stream. Yes, it’s got to be that toppo chico kicking in uh, zero says that he has four and still have time to build, but no time oh still have to build. Yes, you got ta get building man. Uh medron has drowned three quads put in the comments below if you’ve ever lost a drone. Was it to water or some other thing. Did you have a fly away? Don’T forget if you’re a new pilot here in the stream. One of the first things you do before taking off is set up your fail safe.

If you ever lose signal, you want that drone to drop now. That may sound a little counter intuitive, but the alternative is, it will just float away forever into the stratosphere. You don’t want that you don’t you want it to drop, and that way you can go retrieve it as long as you weren’t flying over anything that you shouldn’t have been so always set up your fail safe as a matter of course richard is here. He found my acrobat in the atlantic wow richard is basically like an fpv jacques cousteau nice job on finding it in the drink. Eric toft is here he’s in the phase, where you’re breaking all that stuff well. I’M. Glad to tell you eric that phase will end someday at first, you break everything. Then you get to a point where you break almost nothing once i finally learned to fly and stay in the air, i went so long without even breaking a prop. I was like what are people who always buy so many props i’ve never even broken a prop and then i started racing. Then everything was broken right. Ah, brandon is here: he flew the dji many kilometers over uncoverable to rain, but it wasn’t mine and dji wouldn’t have held me accountable for it. Ah that’s the best loner dji quad, yes, uh adam lost the tiny hog 2 to a picnic table. Bubba drowned one in the river it’s in the gulf somewhere it’s it went out to sea.

Oh man, ng had a loss, uh flashing, the wrong version of j e s c. I had an old six in one burst into flames. Gloriously, i still can’t remember the smell: oh yeah, the smell the smell, those burnt, quad components. You know we had a a lipo fire out at the night spot. I don’t know if i can actually show you guys this. If i can share a screen from our discord, if i can, i will try to share it to you um. Let me try to pull this up, so we were racing last night, all of a sudden, i’m flying and somebody starts calling out land. Now we used to call out fire, but i told people don’t call out fire when i’m flying because, if i’m, still in the air i’m thinking you’re telling me i’m on fire, my moves are on fire i’m, going so good, uh, no say land. So we all had to land somebody’s quad somebody’s battery was on fire. T rex’s battery was on fire. If you watch the race blog that dropped yesterday, t rex was the one with those glow and the dark track moves. Go watch that um. If you haven’t seen it yet, we had a pretty good race vlog yesterday and all the sudden this was at our night spot if you’ve seen our events where we’re out there racing on an industrial park. That is where this occurred. All of a sudden we all had to run over.

I grabbed my gear. I grabbed my gimbal in order to capture the carnage of this thing going up in flames. It was pretty interesting and let me see if i can share it with you guys. Uh let’s see let’s, get it shared. Gregory carr says he had a fr sky d8 with a tarsier and the hd cam over water. Oh man yeah that d8 uh. I would not trust that over water uh not at all okay, can you guys see that there? We go all right, so here is the carnage from the night spot right there guys you see that lipo fire look at that smoky smell that delicious smoky flavor and, as i was getting some of the footage uh here, you can see another guy’s recording me and All of a sudden, it just ignites and i’m, like whoa i’m over there, with the dji ronin gimbal, getting some close up of that and it almost burned my beard off so always uh be cautious whenever you’re flying fpv guys always let’s catch up on some of These comments, bull says no quads left behind yeah. You know on my one quad that i did lose. I looked and i looked and i looked and i looked and i never could find it Applause. It was terrible. Double a says. A red tailed hawk, took my first drone and dropped it in the woods about a mile away. A neighbor found it two years later wow.

That is incredible. You know i have had some hawks and some buzzards like come at me, but never any actually try to attack one of my quads. That has got to be a scary experience, it’s scary enough as it is when you crash, i can’t imagine actually being attacked by a hawk that’s wild man, um jeff fry’s, those emacs all in ones doc. Murdock lost the stingy v2 at mid range due to a vtx baylor quarter mile out, oh man, yeah that’s things um let’s, see who else is in the chat? This is the kind of live streams that are nice thanks. Man we’re just having a good time talking about the best places to fly and the best places not to fly don’t go flying near the airport, that’s pretty obvious, but there’s. Some other places that you should not go flying don’t go flying at schools during school offers. During school hours, don’t go flying at businesses during business hours. You know it’s one thing going to fly in a parking lot, if no one’s around you’re not going to be bothering anybody. If somebody does come and ask you to leave just go somewhere else. You know don’t bother anybody with the sound of your loud drone noises. Um let’s see let’s catch up on some more of these comments. Ah, so as you’re as we’ve learned way, majority of you guys, two thirds are flying in parks and flying in fields, um, basically overgrass, which is where i actually like to fly.

If i’m freestyling, i like to race in those environments, either whenever you do crash, which you probably will it’s at least going to be cushioned by that soft pillowy grass, now, what are the quads that you guys are finding um to fly? Well, if we go to the poll from the previous week, we know that the vast majority of everyone is flying five inch. So now, through the data that we’re collecting on the live stream polls, we know that the majority of the hobby are flying in fields and parks around trees, with five inch. But don’t forget guys. You can have quite a bit of fun from your driveway. That was the next highest was in and around your house, and something like this toothpick 1s with the fpv cycle, minty green motors that’s, how minty these things are, with the ultra hard to find the z’s all in one uh. This is about as hard to get your hands on as a playstation 5.. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. I actually did not buy it through the store because those were sold out in seconds. I don’t know if we have scalpers. You know scalping all the fpv cycle, goods or what uh, but i was able to get this as a binding fly. Someone was selling it, so i got everything and then i didn’t even have to build it, so that was pretty nice. This thing is a really good, ripper there’s, going to be a full review up on this thing very soon.

Uh most police stations and military facilities are restricted. Airplay airspace, yeah uh. Yes, i would not recommend don’t co fly next to the police station. I mean uh yeah. That seemed definitely like a bad idea. Jeff says a cop stopped to watch me fly. I freaked till i gave you the thumbs up yeah. You know what we regularly have uh cops coming by our races, especially out at battleground. If you’ve ever seen my channel the races we have on that grassy area, aka, ghost branch, town, there’s, tons of ghost branches everywhere they’ll come out and chill with us. We always give them ride. Alongs uh, we always make sure again. The the golden rules of flying fpv, anywhere of being a good ambassador of fpb, is to always pick up after yourself. Never leave a mess, never make too much. Noise, never bother anybody, and so we always do that. So the cops are quiet. Uh friendly with us, they’re, really cool um, that same field that we use. You know there’s a guy that goes out and hits golf balls all day in that field. There’S people that come out and let their dogs run around, so we all share the field and uh. You know we give each other space and it’s really awesome, so you can always hopefully get along with people that share the field. As long as you treat it with respect, they will treat you with respect, hopefully, unless there’s some karen’s out there, but you know don’t sit there and argue with the karen just go somewhere else.

It ain’t worth it. Man double a says. Everything was okay. With his thing, except, the motors were rusted up, oof uh brandon says when i went to want to freestyle the tadpole three inch. I go to the 400 meter long range field. Oh nice rip it there that’s a pretty good one. Uh eric says that he’d let one of the local cops watch through a spare set of goggles people, love to watch that’s right that’s. Why every time i go fly anywhere. In my case, i always keep a couple of field monitors with me so that i can hand them off to people one time we were having a race. We had a family come out, it looked like some grandparents, some parents and then two or three grandkids, and they all just came and were kind of hanging off to the side. I went over there and just kind of said hello um answered any questions that they had any. They seemed interested uh. One of the teenagers that was one of the grandkids was like. Oh man, he’s got the dji system because he saw i was racing with the dji goggles. So i went. I got them a couple of analog field monitors. I have because uh most of the other people were racing on analog and i just let them have it for the next. You know, however long they wanted to stay there. 20 30 minutes, so they could watch the races and really get an immersive experience know what fpv is all about, so always keep one of those field monitors in case you ever get that opportunity to share uh what it’s like what it looks like what it’s all About get somebody’s heart pumping with fpv like that uh let’s, see ng, says newbie drone has some 1s packs in stock.

If anybody’s looking yeah, they do have really good nitro nectar packs. I do like those uh jeff has said he’s getting the armatan tadpole soon. Yes, there is the tadpole hd. If you are in that hd flavor uh want to do a dji build or the original tunnel uh original tadpole uh, especially the three inch variety is such you can get a really nice light. Three inch analog setup too, and if you put the right motors on it 1204 or larger, you can easily carry that new insta360 go very comfortably. Can we get a quick? Oh brandon is asking for a wristwatch check. Well, if you don’t know, one of my other hobbies is watches. I used to have a facebook group, i guess it’s, probably still there it’s got about 2500 people in it called the spring bar. This is actually the hamilton khaki king on a bond. Nato strap uh. This is hamilton’s field watch, uh choice; it has a lovely 20 millimeter lug width, along with these handsome um date, complication as the day and date at the 12 o’clock position. This is also the watch that house wears at least some of those seasons. Of of that. I really had been wanting a field watch for a long time, so the missus gifted this to me uh several years ago and it’s a really nice casual watch. I usually keep it on a nato strap. I believe it came on a leather strap, but i usually wear the leather on my speedy pro and just use this for, if it’s hot, if it’s too hot for leather, i like to go with the nato strap like this.

So this is a great walk around watch back to the fpb stuff. Uh jeff dropped the throttle in half and knew the couple’s cool it. Uh yeah yeah, always uh, be nice and cool uh with the cops so we’re gon na do a little bit more in about 15, more minutes, we’ll switch to just totally q a format. So if you have any questions about fpv or life in general, if you need some advice, uncle john will give it to you so start. Thinking of those questions to ask now let’s talk about some other things that are coming up on the channel had some really cool, um center whoop options that are coming on the channel. This is iflight’s new little micro, two inch cinewoop, and i have reviewed several of these um. I actually have this little thing too that’s coming up very soon, my goodness, these things are just piling up. I actually have this one already shot. I think this one’s already shot. I need to do some editing, but i can’t edit because i’m too busy talking to you guys no i’m just kidding. This is really really good. I believe it’s called the c85, and this is the first um micro cine whoop. I will say micro because it’s only two inch, it weighs less than 100 grams dry and uh. It actually could carry that insta 360. Go to perfectly. It really did an amazing job at flying this around the house, so stay tuned for that it’s.

Coming up. Very, very soon, speaking of cinewoops, though sometimes the insta 360 series just isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes you need something with a little bit more power, something with a little bit more prop size and iflight has been really cooking up some crazy stuff. Ifly. Has this the pro tec 35? This is not the amateur tech it’s, the pro tec, so stay tuned for that um. This carries the weight of this gopro hero9, as if it were nothing. It is rather loud, though so stay tuned for this uh i’ve been really wanting to get my hands on this. So thanks to bubba for letting me check his out double a says, i’m excited to hear about the nasa experience. Yes, full nasa employment review story reveal at 50 000 subscribers so be sure and make sure that you are subscribed. You know what else i’m really excited to tell you guys about that’s coming on the channel very soon the houston crew, myself included, are going to be test users for z, tag, that’s, right, z, tag, the drone laser tag system, where you strap this unit onto your Drone you can have laser tag. Dog fights with your quads meet up with your buddies. Now you don’t just have to have the option of freestyle or race. You can also z tag so stay tuned for that i just distributed um the test units out to the testers of our houston crew and they’re, going to be um installing it we’re going to be making some prints for a couple of the frames that we fly To be able to attach this ztag laser tag system to i’m, pretty excited to see how that goes so stay tuned.

For that z tag is be going to be coming up very soon, jeff. Yes, this is 4s um. This is a small 1050 milliamp 4s, but i also flew it with a 1500 4s and it handled it just fine, so 1500. If you want a little bit more flight time, i actually took this on the track at the night spot, so stay tuned. For that i got some chase footage with my buddy sam uh, so i haven’t checked it out yet because i was just doing that late last night, but i’ll be that’ll, be coming up in the review of this thing very soon, uh jeff, that is for yes, Forest, the pro tech’s, getting a lot of praise. I want to see black bog log of it personally yeah. You know it’s it’s going to be a tough one uh. So i still have the sin explorer right behind me right there, so i’m gon na and then um quad standard labs is gon na, be sending me one of their custom builds of a shin drone, squirt 6s version, so we’re going to have a cinewoop shootout between Uh this two inch: the protec 35, the fpv cycle sentence floor and a custom built shindrone, squirt and we’re gon na see which one of these is the best uh out there so stay tuned for that. Make sure that you are ready to see which of these cinewoops or should you just get them all um brandon says wasn’t there.

Another tag thing that rotor riot featured yeah there’s been a couple of folks to try it. I really like this option so far. I wired one up um just to see i like that the game starts immediately as you plug it in um. I like that this option just receives power from a balance lead, so you don’t actually have to solder anything to a flight controller. The system has a series of lights on it that you put in your camera’s view, so that you can keep track and keep score that way, so that is pretty pretty cool. What are some other secret places that you guys like to fly um and what is the craziest or coolest place that you have ever gotten to fly? I’Ll tell you a couple of quick stories about the two coolest places i’ve been able to fly. One of them was an indoor soccer stadium that’s right several years ago, there’s a video on my channel of the racing event that we call drone wars. We held an indoor soccer stadium racing event. Somebody was able to do the talking and get us in the door at this place, so we paid an entry fee and we all got to race on the um actual field. Now that was turned out to be a multi packing nightmare, because the building was essentially like one of those aluminum uh. You know shed warehouse type things, so the the multi path they get.

There was terrible. The video feed for everyone, even people, that had like clear view ground stations, were all struggling severely, but that was really really cool. In fact, i actually took uh my wife along with me at that time. That was one of the few events she got to come see some of the young racing prodigies that we have in our community and it was kind of fun just to check it out and see some of the people i’m. Always talking about all the same people that you guys get to see in the race vlogs of the houston crew, if you haven’t, checked out those race blogs, go check them out, there’s, a new one that just dropped yesterday about freedom, spec, the latest flavor of spec Racing that is hitting the racing scene and if you don’t know what that is, that is a spec where you buy a certain set of motors. The heads up motors that happen to be the most popular motors on the market now and you build up a light. Quad it’s got to be around 260 grams or less, and then you fly it on a 3s battery right. So it gives everyone the opportunity to kind of still see everybody. You can fly at that lower speed, you’ll break less, but you still have premium motors. So they’re reusable on any other size. In previous years, the spec racing formula was to fly really old components, but that was kind of lame because you’d end up building a quad that you couldn’t use for anything else.

The freedom spec you do have to get the heads up motors. You do have to get the heads up props, i believe, but the rest of the spec is just a weight limit. So you have a quad that you can race for freedom spec, but you can totally race it or you can take all the components off um. You could race it on 6s, no problem, because those are the latest components or you could take it all off and build a totally gnarly freestyle quad with it. So i do like that part of it i’m hoping to get my hands on some of those motors. Uh pretty soon do you do much long range jeff asks. No, i really don’t um just because i had such a terrible experience losing my first quad like i was talking about earlier i’m, just always paranoid to fly any farther. Then i can see it and i don’t get that much exercise, so i don’t ever want to have to do a walk of shame longer than i’m comfortable, with actually going for a walk for so i’m, not trying to walk um. You know two miles to go. Retrieve a quad and two miles back that’s just too much so the most i ever really fly is maybe two 300 yards. You know comfortably comfortable range. You know i do test all the antennas but that’s, just how i do it. Rc ritter is here. Uh jeff flies in the trails in the woods on an island whoa.

What island is that you know i’ve always wanted to buy a private island off the coast of costa rica and maybe do some crazy science. There uh that’s one thing: i’ve always wanted to do. That would be a sweet place to do fpv like sort of a fpv jurassic park, island uh yeah, i think uh you guys, would all probably want to come along to that. Brandon says my most epic spot is a long range deep in a ravine in a canyon back up behind my town, i have to hike up to this point on a cliff to get the range wow. That sounds pretty cool. What state is that in i mean that sounds like uh. I don’t know why, but that just reminds me of the movie tremors, with kevin bacon uh. That was such a classic movie. You remember how reba mcintyre was in that movie randomly. She was married to that gun, toting guy, they were like shooting the tremors monster uh. What a classic smalls is here. He got lost flying at the beach, the scariest fpv moment. I’Ve ever had yeah, the beach is sketchy uh. The ocean is full of undiscovered mysteries and dangers, uh some discovered and undiscovered known or unknown to man and so that’s why? I have no desire to fly fpv at any beach anywhere if i’m on a beach. I want to be relaxing on a little chair with a little hat and a nice cold refreshing drink that’s.

What i like to do at a beach not go flying, but i do appreciate seeing the beautiful footage that some of you guys collect. So if you do have that beach footage posted below and the link, so we can all watch it. Uh brandon says i need to get that recon five inch and uh they on your recommendation and be able to send that thing again. Oh and northern cali, no cal uh, yes, the recon it’s uh it’s up here, somewhere, yeah it’s right there uh, i mean it’s a little out of focus, but yeah sand is definitely bad for boaters. But you know some people just want to get that want to get those gnarly waves, those tasty waves, guys that’s what people like to do fly on the beach uh. You know i like to do other things on the beach. Perhaps so what other fpv questions? Do you guys have what are you guys flying these days and i think maybe the next poll that we might have i’m trying to formulate these polls ahead of time? I want to create a narrative. We i want to create a stream of data going week by week, so that we can really discover more about the community. We can really learn together and optimize our time and experience. So now we know most people fly five inch. Most people fly in parks, i’m. Curious to know next, i think – and this may be – the next poll is: how long do people fly now – it’s – really not um quantifiable in time.

So i think i’m gon na do more like how many packs do you fly in a session? Do you fly three packs? Do you fly 10 packs? Do you fly 50 packs? Do you bring some method of charging um i’m a little spoiled now, because in the race community we have probably have five or six people that own generators? Now so anytime we go out for an event. We can just charge, so we can fly over and over and over and over it’s, basically like our own little piece of fpv, heaven it’s, like the fpv sandlot. When you go to one of these race, fun flies and we’re doing more fun flies these days, guys competitive racing where you actually get a rank, and everything is nice, but we prefer fun fly style. Why? Because you get more packs that way we just keep rotating the rounds over and over and over and over, and we kind of keep score like we’ll, usually have a timing system, so you can at least benchmark yourself against your buddies to see who’s putting in the Fastest laps, but we do it in more of an informal capacity so that we can maximize the flight time flight time b. Moore says he likes that beach footage uh yeah it. It does definitely look. Um smalls has a video out there with some nice beach footage called life’s a beach, true, true um mats res. I don’t know if you’re talking to me but i’m down in texas uh.

You know now a lot of my guys uh that i fly with on the race vlogs they’re, all going to be heading up to dallas this weekend for the mayhem team race, the big mayhem team race. I wish i was going, but uh i mean i just can’t commit a whole weekend of travel for that kind of thing, plus i wasn’t invited on any of the teams, but that’s. Okay, these guys are fast. You know how fast they are. My two buddies that were in the race vlog this past week, yvonne and neil they’re, currently ranked 10th and 19th on the global worldwide leaderboards they’re, teaming up with van over and several other really fast, texas, pilots uh for the don’t mess with texas team participating. So we’re gon na all cheer them on king, james and hungry shark that were formerly from our houston crew. They moved up to northern texas they’re coming down to participate on that team. So that’s going to be some really awesome. Uh team racing we’ll see if they can defeat heart of america and velostrone. I believe those are the two teams to beat those are some really really fast guys. Yvonne says they’re like robots which to us he’s kind of a robot uh let’s, see marcellus says he tries to do four to six packs. If he can. I fly uh jeff flies right by the house, six packs at a time and then go get more uh.

Yeah, you know packs are pretty pricey these days, especially if you’re on success. You know you can buy a budget pack for 20 bucks and it does pretty well, but if you want to start competing or you want to carry a gopro and get the best flat flight time, you’re easily paying 35 to 40 dollars a pack, you know the Best pack on the market right now, i think, is the tattoo v4. Although they’re it’s, really like almost debatable on, if that pack actually exists, does the tattoo b4 actually exist because you can’t actually buy one, but if you could buy one it’s, probably the best pack on the market but it’s 40. So you know i try to always have 10 to 12 packs at a time that i can go, fly uh i’ve. Let my pack uh my pack reservoir kind of get depleted, though because i’m, spoiled by the ability to field charge because of all the generators that we have in town so uh. I do have quite a few packs of other sizes, but six s five inch packs, which are your 1300s. Your 1400s. I only have like probably four really good packs and then, like maybe six decent packs, that i could still practice a freestyle with and then maybe two or three like really shitty ones that are about to get thrown out. Matt is in victoria. He recently purchased the dji pb and is looking to get another journal practice with uh, okay, yeah yeah for sure um.

If you’re ever in the houston area definitely come fly with us, you can always uh find us on the houston, discord or any of the houston fpv facebook groups, the guys in houston. We may i don’t know i’m curious to know if there’s any other city that flies more uh. As far as like racing events or meetups uh between like regular fun, flies, meetups racing events, these guys get together and fly probably 12 to 15 times a month. I mean a lot uh i’m lucky. If i can get out there and fly maybe i’ll race three times a month and then go burn, some packs. You know on a lunch break, maybe another three or four times a month, but some of these guys are flying 10 to 15 times a month and when i say fly these guys go fly for like six seven, eight hours a day, so they’re putting in some Serious packs that’s why we do have two of the top 20 uh folks in town. The entire town has been leveling up for a while, but that’s how you get good guys. The stick time that’s why i can’t catch up to them, because i just can’t get the equivalent stick time: uh ng. This is why i whoop yes, whoop packs are the best value for your money. You can get like 30, you know or 10 woot packs for like 30 40 bucks, it’s crazy, mid drone says he goes and he flies eight to 12 packs, that’s right and so that really kind of goes in um.

That really kind of goes into. You know what size do you fly, because a battery for this two inch is gon na, be cheaper than a battery for this three and a half inch, which is going to be cheaper than a battery for any of those five inch behind me and all those Are going to be cheaper or more expensive than a battery for this 1s toothpick, which is still going to be more expensive than a battery for a whoop? So you know if you want to get the most mileage. The woop packs, though do team do die faster. Even though they are the cheapest, so really the best bang for the buck might be like a tooth. Like a 2s toothpick like a diatom cube or something like that, okay let’s go about 10 minutes. More who’s got the questions. What do you guys want to know? What do you guys want to know um? What do you you know? What else can we talk about fpv like what’s coming out lately? What are the trends you know? Freedom, spec is really um, causing a rejuvenation in the popularity of lightweight quads and i’m really excited about that. My buddy matt built up a five inch racer um using the open, racer frame um. You could see a little bit of that frame in yesterday’s. Race blog. Go check that out i’m gon na have a full review of the open racer. Very soon here is the hd pod of the open racer that i printed on my prusa for the review so i’m going to be using this for the review.

This is for the open, racer matt built up a frame with the analog version of this pod, with the heads up 2207 motors with strap props antenna, everything at 246 grams 246 grams for a freedom, spec racing quad that you could still easily go fly on a Regular race course for reals that’s, crazy, 246 grams. I mean i’ve been racing dji for well over a year now exclusively and 246 grams, though that’s making me want to build another analog race, quad guys i might have to get on on this. I got me a couple of freedoms back packs. They were cheap, 20 bucks a pop and those are the expensive tattoo version. They are 2 300 3s for that freedom. Spec let’s check up on these comments. Uh jt says 12 packs on a two and a half inch and three inch quad that’s a good number. I really like the 12 pack number that’s kind of what i would like to that’s kind of what i used to always try to aim to have about 12 packs it’s, a good number. You could spend an hour a couple hours depending on you know how hard you’re ripping it. I, like that jt jeff says i bet beast and x class are crazy money yeah, you know the batteries for those things are crazy money because a lot of times they’d be running like a pair of like 6 000 milliamp uh success, packs to make them and Each of those uh packs is, like you know, 150 200.

So just for, like one flight, you know you’re you’re, you’re flying you know: 300 batteries. You know maybe 400 that’s, crazy and and like when those x class things crash. I mean it ain’t, like a five inch that thing’s just gon na be obliterated. You know there’s chunks of things flying everywhere, it’s crazy, eric says he likes to pan the pyro baron infinity 6 says yeah. I have a couple of those uh 1100 infinity packs. I think i might have a 1300 it’s, a pretty good pack. I, like those two marcelo, says that’s, why i three inch half a dozen two inch or two s packs and a few 3s, and you can fly them all in acidic yeah. You know that is the best bang for the buck, and i do like that that sort of toothpick ish size is also very quiet. Doesn’T bother people it’s, very lightweight. You can easily with a battery if you’re on analog, you know be really close to about 100 grams. All up so i mean that’s not enough to really do any kind of damage, so it’s it’s, a really nice freeing size, uh we’ve been trying to get the weight on some of these hd ones. The vista unit does add a little bit of weight, so it’s harder to get that that weight down. But i i have been enjoying the tadpole three inch. Hd it’s not quite that light, but it is probably around 160 grams, maybe with the battery ish, which is still pretty dang light and it’s super fun to fly.

Danny r says i’m new to flying i’m, hitting 5s packs uh five packs of 4s, and i want to switch to 6s yeah. You know if you only have 4s. If you only have a couple of 4s packs, it probably is worth it to go ahead and switch uh you’re, not gon. Na get super. You know you can still get good flight time on forest if you’re not flying fast. Once you start flying fast once your 4s packs can no longer take you two to three minutes that’s when it’s about time to switch. But if you can still fly a 4s pack for five six, seven minutes, you know you’re, probably all right, but if you’re gon na have to buy anyway, you might as well go ahead and buy 6s packs what’s the average 4s for a four inch uh. So for four inch, um you’re going to want to run a 650 or an 850 most times. My favorite pack, though, for four inch is this right here: the tattoo 1050 milliamp 4s. This is a cheap pack it’s about 18 to 20 bucks. It only weighs about 125 grams, so it is a little bit heavier than your 650 and 850, but if you’re running a really healthy size, 4 inch it’s gon na be able to carry this extra 20 grams or so and you’re gon na get a lot better Flight times, and also because the c rating on this tattoo is actually pretty good, you’re gon na get real juice, so that’s.

What i’m gon na be using i’m doing. Another four inch build right. Now i keep showing it and i haven’t made any progress. So i apologize on that, but this one hanging right here – let me grab it this one hanging on right here is the apex four inch, the apex four inch i’m going to be building this up, i’ve already started wiring the stack up i’m, probably going to put The motors on tomorrow, so hopefully by the weekend, i’ll, be able to get some packs on this review on this coming up very soon, and this apex 4 inch. I have high hopes. The arms are quite thick. It is really sturdy. So i’m gon na put the largest motor i’ve ever put on a four inch on this thing and we’re gon na send this freaking thing as hard as i can i’m gon na. Do some full size freestyle. If you know what i mean so stay tuned for that danny just picked up the qavs sensei five inch uh yeah. That sounds like a good one. Oh, i got ta catch up on some of these comments. Oh man, you guys are commenting like crazy. It looks like a blue little headless piggy, jarvis, that’s, hilarious, princess fpb. Drones says that hey first time seeing you live, hey, prince thanks for coming by be more visuals, says what’s all the obsession with weight like in pennsylvania. I don’t think the cops even know the difference between a drone and a toaster that’s hilarious yeah, i mean you know.

Um weight is a thing that we really got stuck on in years past, in racing like when the first floss frame came out, um was a was close to the time i was starting to race and i was like oh yeah. I want the weight down like it makes sense right weight down speed up weight down, speed up, you know so, like i was like yeah, i was a big time weight watcher. Like i mean i was like leaving off connectors because i wanted to save like 0.0002 grams. You know, but you know in the end, it really doesn’t make any sense. Um just build it. Tough and like this thing, um lemon, who is designing this open, racer canopy, there is a lot of material here. So this thing is super protective, um that’s. Why i like to fly his designs for my dji racing drones, because there’s no way even a full strength? Uh speed gate, you’re gon na have little chance of breaking that dji camera or air unit, or a vista. Rather in there so yeah i mean be more visuals you’re, pretty much right. A texas 4s for life jeff says i consider 1s disposable yeah. I mean that’s kind of a good way to see it. Um sean stokes says any idea when the tadpole hd release will release yes um. So i talked to armatan uh. At the end of last week. They said that they’ve sent it off to production.

They were happy with the feedback that they saw on my video. So thanks all you guys for watching leaving your comments um, we have made several changes prior to that, so they’ve sent off to manufacturing. It should be available in the next uh. They said three to four weeks that was about you know five or six days ago, so probably two and a half to three and a half weeks and you’ll be able to get your hands on that tadpole hd, so stay tuned uh. For that one let’s see what analog cameras do. People like me, drone ask uh if you’re talking about racing people like the predator and the run cam racer 3 are probably the two most popular. If you’re talking about uh freestyle, a lot of people are on like the toothless right now. The cat is very, very good, and the t rex is also supposed to be a superb image. So any of those, if you are on analog, i also like the phoenix varieties, are very good as well uh yeah ng says those are perfect for wings. The 1050 yeah for sure um rc ritter, says he just got some gmb. 4S. 1100. I hope to use those with the recon 5. yeah. I do really want to get some of those gmb 1100, as well i’m, probably going to order next time. I get some from one of the shops that has it uh, so that pretty much covers most of what we wanted to talk about today.

So as you’re out there flying guys always be aware of your surrounding don’t. Fly too close to anybody, be a good ambassador of fpv, make sure and keep those analog field monitors with you, guys um carbon glass man says that the t rex is a fantastic image. The cat 3 is good in daylight and awesome at night yeah. I have the cat um in the fr7 that i built and it’s. You know it’s pretty good it’s, not as good as dji, which i’m more used to flying, but you know um in a pinch, i do like how big that lens is speaking of lenses for the life of me. I could not find the lens cap for the the normal lens that i shoot uh my channel with, but for the live stream. I decided to bust out this helios lens. This is an old russian zeiss copy, um and it’s a really awesome lens. You can see the book on here. Look at the creamy bokeh that nice uh creamy depth of field behind me is all nice um yeah. So i decided to use that lens, but i could not find the lens cap for this thing, but i found a uh print on thingiverse and check this thing out. Dude, like the little tabs actually work. Can you see that? Can you see that like so? It actually is a functioning lens cap that you print out in one piece and it really works uh that’s such a really cool thing.

I can’t believe the things that you can have that you can do with a 3d printer. I was about to spend like 15 bucks on a replacement lens cap for this zeiss lens that i normally shoot with, and i was able to print one out for about 18 cents uh in about an hour. That’S, crazy uh marcellus picked up a toothless nano starlight from race day, quads yeah the cat 3 looks awesome. It does. It does. Yarb says that lens make the wall drones appear way further than they are it’s dope, yeah yeah. I do like this helios lens. You know i bought it several years ago and i hadn’t really found a use for it and i was like ooh. Maybe the live stream will give me that cool vintagey uh, you know, really bring the background out.