We did a video there before it’s called clown state beach and, as the name gives it away, it is a very popular spot for clowns to be hanging out, but the thing is guys these clowns have been making their way north all the way up. The coastline – and i didn’t even know about this until i got here – you guys know that we were literally just in arizona and we went to arizona to get away from the clowns that have been absolutely taking over toronto and all of canada. Only to find out that the clowns have been making their way south into the us guys, we’ve lost arizona, guys it’s, totally overrun it’s clown territory, there’s clowns running around everywhere over there, and so we actually decided to get the hell out of there and make the Move over to los angeles, only to then find out that the clowns are coming in on the beach guys in boats. Kayaks jet skis all sorts of ways, and you guys know that venice beach is actually a pretty popular spot for tourists, which makes it an extremely attractive place for clowns to go to. They have a huge selection of people to choose from it’s like an all. You can eat buffet for the clowns guys and they also like the fact that the tourists are not familiar with the dangers in this area. It’S only the locals that know about the clowns. So, while tourists are just out there, obliviously enjoying the beach thinking, it’s all sunshine and lollipops, the clowns are out there, scouting guys searching for their next victims, guys with all this danger coming to venice beach.

I could not do this alone. We got my boycott what’s going on guys. We also got yana in the back and we go guys. I would sit here and roast them like. I do in every single video but i’m i’m feeling like a nicey today, i’m gon na be nice and it’s like dangerous outside dude. The amount of clowns are literally there right now, like it’s bad yeah dude. That had nothing to do with what i was just saying right now that was a total change of topic. Okay, i said i wouldn’t roast them. I said i wouldn’t roast them like. Can i do one roast andre just a little winter, the little ribs it’s, not the egyptian. I hate the egyptians how about how about andre powder with the glasses now we’re coming back i’ll spare your life yeah? Please, because you roast me in literally every single video you guys know it’s just because you’re so roastable like it just okay, i’m, joking i’m, not gon na start i’m, not gon na start and dk man you’re, looking like a blueberry with that height, so it was First, the pumpkin now blueberry yeah how come you’re a new fruit in every single video what’s, the next one, you’re gon na wear a yellow one, you’re gon na be a banana. You just make those up whatever color i’m wearing guys hashtag blueberry down below. In the comments hashtag blueberry on dk’s posts and on his channel absolutely ruin him guys be like the clowns invading the beach go invade in the comments section, and let him know that he’s, a freaking blueberry guys but stronger squad to get more serious, because this is Very serious right: this is no laughing matter clowns, aren’t laughing.

So neither should we do. You know clown state beach, the video we filmed. You know it’s only like an hour away from here, really so yeah all the clowns from the clown state. Beach could have just all came here to be honest, yeah, dude, they’re, literally invading everywhere guys. You know we’ve seen them on all sorts of vehicle types and i’m, not doubting that we’re going to soon start to see them on freaking fighter jets, tanks and even freaking rocket ships. Guys like can you imagine, imagine a clown it’s, a bunch of clowns astronauts they’re. Just taking oh, my god like like and then they’re rocket ships like a bunch of like clown, colors yeah like invading the iss, i would not be surprised at this point. I mean we’ve seen that on literally everything, so yeah, literally yeah it’s, actually insane clowns on mars and stuff like and on the moon and like they’re, just floating in space holy crap. That would be freaking insane, okay, but strongly squad. Basically a bunch of the locals. In the area have been claiming that they’ve actually seen clowns on venice beach, specifically guys riding scooters tanning on the beach literally tanning clowns, yeah even know i don’t know. Maybe after like a hard day’s work of like hunting for humans yeah, they want to just go. Relax – and you know just like anybody have a day on the beach, but along with that guys, we’ve heard about them playing basketball in which we’ve actually seen we’ve actually taken them all and even guys skateboarding, like literally clowns skateboarding.

Usually, i start these videos off saying that i’m doubting we’re gon na see something but guys literally it’s, every single video that we’re coming across these clowns, but it’s, mainly because guys we’re going to the spots where the highest reported clown activity is located. You guys know we’re the most savage channel on youtube and we’re freaking going to the hot spots just for you guys. So if that doesn’t deserve a like, then do you want to finish it for me, yeah yeah. That way, what did you say? I said, then, if that doesn’t deserve a like, then i don’t know what the hell does. Yeah yo. Can i get someone. I don’t know what the hell dude. I don’t know what the hell does. I don’t know what the hell does y’all know come on. I need more goofy than that. I need to go like this. I don’t know what the hell, those go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Ah! You wouldn’t give a spot. Just keep it rolling on her until she does it strawberry squad. This is awkward. Okay, again, dude again, i don’t know what the hell does. I don’t know what the hell does. No, no, no that’s, just not gon na cut it. No yep nah nah cut, cut, cut, cut, go like this. I don’t know what the hell i’m not doing that. Okay, then just give me the does just go: no okay, okay, that’s enough that’s that’s enough! Okay squad.

We got the drone right here, we’re ready to take it up in the sky and we’re gon na see. If we can actually come across some of these freaking clowns, yo kyle can i do the damage with the drone today? Absolutely not no i’m just kidding, maybe yeah, okay, all right guys and without further ado. Let’S get this show up in here. Baby. Okay, guys and we officially have liftoff dude, look at that freaking shot right now, oh dude! I almost hit the flag right off the bat dude yo. I know my god imagine guys. That would be a very quick video if we crash the drone within five seconds, yeah dude. That would be bad. Imagine it would be like okay, guys that’s it. Peace holy crap, look, you can see all of l.a dude that looks beautiful, actually guys take a good look at la before it gets totally overrun by clowns guys. We should actually just fly it over the city and just enjoy it for what it is before it becomes clown angelus with a little flag on it. Just beware of clowns, everyone evacuate or yo imagine. It was called los angeles because we literally lost it to the clowns. Would that be crazy? Oh my god, but yo. That would be a good idea, like literally get a drone with like a freaking. Oh my god. Look at that shot! Yeah that’s crazy! I can’t! Imagine clowns, it looks kind of creepy.

No, you want to trust me. They can be anywhere yeah. I think then again, clowns are very attracted to this, like beautiful scenery, because you know they’re they’re me they’re a lot like us in many ways and that’s right. This reminds me of clown state beach, like exactly literally except about the cliffs, but like yo. As i was saying like guys, we should take the drone around with, like a speaker on it like warning everyone to evacuate. The area look see the skate park, dude that’s, apparently, where a lot of the locals have been saying that they’ve seen clowns like skateboarding dudes like skateboarding yeah. Can you imagine, like they’re the ones skateboarding like doing kick, flick, kick flips and stuff like a tony, no way i shot yeah tony hawk clown yo. You should even take it over the ocean and try to see if you can yeah try to see. If you see any like boats or kayaks jet skis, anything like that would indicate clowns like breaching the ocean, you know what i’m saying beautiful. Do you think they come in on big ships too, like they like pack, like 800 of them in there dude? I don’t know but yo the thing is i’m, not seeing any ships, and we haven’t heard about any like massive ships like that, but yo. You know what i’m starting to think. What? Where are all these clowns coming from no one’s seeing them come up the coastline? Maybe they’re coming out maybe they’re coming in on submarines: oh dude! That would actually be insane i’m over the ocean.

Oh my god! Dude do not crash it, because if the drone goes down here, that’s it we’re never going forward. Oh my god! Look at that shot! Yo fly it to the sun: go up to the sun all the way to the sun. How long would it take the drone to get to the sun? Probably like a couple hours – maybe yeah – maybe a few minutes. Yeah 40 minutes yeah, maybe like that yeah. I would say instead of like ‘ minutes before i am out: oh my god, yo imagine, we just saw like a huge whale or something or a shark shark yeah that’d be so that would be freaking crazy, there’s one in the car. What well there’s one in the car and he’s flying the drone? Oh my god, that’s mean andre yo, don’t whoa you dude you’re, getting close to the water. Oh my god: relax, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we’re good. What? If a shark just came out of the water and just bit the drone and took it in and we got the phone actually insane, never mind the clowns dude that would be freaking viral enough to post. Oh, my god, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa what’s up in the water, oh, that was actually insane dude you’re freaking, risking that’s cool dk you’re, a savage yo. Maybe just take the drone like down the beach and try to see if you cannotice anything we go.

We know that clowns have vibrant clothing like they wear yeah like you, can really spot them from a distance, exactly dude. What if you just saw a clown on his bathing suit, just chilling on the beach right now relax dude? I would definitely go take the drone above him and annoy him and like ruin his day because yo. If the clowns are going to be ruining our days, then we can go ruin theirs. You know what i’m saying yeah 100 dude! Oh my god, follow this biker guy or even if we saw a clown on a bike like just going down. Venice dude that’d be insane dude holy crap. Do you think they know how to ride bikes dude? I have no idea. I know clowns are pretty dumb, though, but they’re very strong, that’s the thing their their strongness makes up for their dumbness. The drones are flying right. Now, though, like you’re taking it really yeah yeah yeah dude, oh look, that’s police right there, you think he’s there for, like the clowns dude. I have no idea, maybe he’s, like keeping watch and protecting people from clowns or warning people. Look at all these palm trees. That being said, would you do if you saw clowns like what, if they were all hiding up inside the palm trees and they come down at night? Oh, my gosh. That would be freaking insane. Oh, my god holy crap, guys dude i’m, trying to get like super close down.

Dude there’s. So many people out here, though, that it would be kind of hard to like even come across a clown yeah you’re, getting really long, yeah, yeah, dude, you’re, really clown or anything yeah what’s that guy doing he’s just staring at the freaking. I don’t know, oh my god. Well, look at that person tanning dude you’re, going fast what if they were hiding in those little blue house things right, towers, yeah, oh my god, yo yeah get near the skate park, see if you can see any of them like skateboarding or something that would be Freaking crazy, do you think the clowns are good at skateboarding? I don’t know maybe but there’s a lot of people here. If the clowns were to even come, i think they’d be outnumbered by the humans hundred percent. Oh yeah, so they probably wouldn’t try to attack yeah. You know clowns like they like to be strategic about when they’re going to attack going down, maybe lord a little okay, okay, okay, i’m lowering i’m lowering. Where are all these people on the way yo yo wait? What did you see that yeah yeah dude they’re wearing vibrant clothing, they have like orange, hair and stuff get a little bit closer, get a little bit closer, maybe check around them where there’s one there’s more whoa there’s another one. Oh my god! How many are there? Dude there’s, two of them there’s, two of them with skateboards. Where would they come from dude, i don’t know maybe the beach or something it looks like they were heading from no there’s, a third one.

Is there actually yeah right there? How many of them are there? How do you know there’s three? Oh my god, it looks like we actually just spotted three clowns on venice beach, exactly where the locals have been saying that clowns have been coming in from dude dude look they’re all going towards each other. If they’re like planning to do something like they’re having fun, look at them, they’re like jumping around yeah, maybe they’re planning to do something. Whoa look he’s like throwing a skateboard up in the air. Are they going to the skatepark yeah probably to take over probably to take over and like kick? They want to kick all the humans out. Oh my god! Oh my god. Getting so close! Oh look! Look. It almost looks like they’re throwing sand at us or something already, i think, there’s no way they noticed a drone already dude. I have no idea, but just keep it up in the air. Well, that one’s like throwing a skateboard watch out dude because they might try to throw the skateboard up at the camera. Yeah dude the purple guy looks mean bro. Oh my god drama squad. Look at this. We literally spotted three clowns on the beach guys. They’Re definitely heading to the skatepark they’re walking that way it looks like they’re having such a good time like look at them, yeah dude they’re. Really, this is actually insane dude, oh my god, what the hell, what the hell yo just keep following them.

Maybe maybe they’re going to like a boat that’s going to take them out of here back to where they came from he’s. Looking at us, oh my god, whoa whoa, look he just tried doing an escape route. He’S chasing us, dude watch out dude bring the drone high yeah. I am. I am yeah. We can’t risk this right now we can’t risk freaking, no wait losing a drone. This early escape, oh yeah, they’re, definitely going on the skate park yo, but there’s a lot of people there. What do you think the people are gon na react like if they see these clowns coming in dude? I have no idea. Maybe the clowns are just there. Not to bother anyone they’re there to just skateboard and that’s it, or maybe the humans don’t see them like. I don’t know dude how they’re literally right there look look he’s, putting his board down ready to go. Maybe they’re gon na like compete with each other and try to prove who’s the best clown at skateboarding. Oh that one’s about to go going. Oh, oh! Oh! Look at him! He’S! Actually pretty good dude! Oh my god! They’Re all going they’re! Actually good! Oh my god! What the hell look follow them dude dude, i am i am – i have them – are going, oh, that third, one yeah, the third one yeah he sucks dude, he almost like, fell dude. What the heck, which clown do you think’s the best one i don’t know skateboarding.

The purple one looks sick, looks crazy, i’m, just questioning. Why is there so many people here and why are they not doing anything about the fact that there’s clowns, i think, they’re on the skate park? I think they just like, i think, it’s just normal battling each other, like by skating. You know what i’m saying yeah dude, what the hell – oh dude, the red one, just landed. That did you see that dude they’re really freaking they’re out here? Really they know how to skateboard, probably even better than the humans yeah yeah they’re normal too right. Oh, my god, it’s really easy to tell which ones the clowns and which ones the humans, because they’re they’re, very vibrant. Oh my god, this is actually insane dude. Do not crash the drone, because the red one yeah whoa, look at that god don’t don’t crash the drone dude i don’t want to go into that skate park to try to retrieve it. Maybe the clowns knew that we were trying to film them or something yeah. Dude, absolutely not maybe the clowns know. Oh did you see that you just got an ollie yeah dude? That was actually crazy. Maybe the clowns know that we’re filming them on the drone right now like that’s, why they’re, showing off yeah they were trying to show off to the humans, maybe prove that they’re better at skateboarding than us than us dude? How are they good, well, they’re, actually really good, like they’re, ripping those skateboards yeah they’re freaking good? Do you think they could do like kick flips in like 360s and stuff? Oh that one kind of that one kind of almost fell right.

There yeah, oh my god, which clown do you think, is the best, the purple, the purple one for the rainbow or the red one. I see the red, the red yeah. I think the purple one’s the best, the purple one just did an ollie yeah. Look at him look see the purple one’s going down again. He hasn’t crashed yet i don’t think holy crap. I think the other two have, though, so why do you think they’re there yeah? I have no idea, maybe to like observe, like casually observe the humans like pretending, like they’re, just a part of them yeah, maybe they’re trying to be like nonchalant. But why is no one reacting i’m, so confused? She used to care yeah, maybe it’s, just like a normal thing like the people. Oh he’s dripping the bowls. Now, oh my god, look at him. Look at the purple one whoa dude, crap, that’s insane guys yeah, keep it high dude. We don’t want yo what, if one of the clowns just like was able to use their strength and ollie the skateboard so high, like jump up so high on it that he grabbed the drone. Like you just you know what i’m saying you know, maybe that’s what he’s trying to do right now. Maybe we don’t know i’m gon na get enough momentum to do it now. That’S stupid, that’s stupid. Oh my god, dk you, oh you’re, really moving in this drone. Dude yeah i’m trying to get all the shots you’re getting a little bit comfortable yo.

What would you do if you saw the clowns like they got surfboards and they went surfing in the on the ocean. That would actually be insane dude holy crap dude. What the heck i can’t believe, we’ve, actually seen clowns skateboarding, guys it’s literally exactly as the locals have been saying, wait what the hell yo, what the hell, yo they’re, all gathering! Now all the clowns yeah wait there’s like people walking up to them. Maybe the people are actually gon na, confront the clowns and let them know that they can’t be skateboarding in human territory like this. Do you think that that’s, what they’re doing i don’t know, look look look they’re they’re hold on they’re confronting each other? Oh my god. Maybe they’re going to fight or something there’s, three people and three clowns. I don’t know why all the other people standing around aren’t getting involved in this they’re all running out. Wait where are they going you’re running from them? Dude look! Oh my god. People are following them: oh my god. Look they’re having like a fight. What oh, my god holy crap. It looks like the humans got mad, that the clowns were in their territory. This is insane, oh, my god, sucker punchline, oh my god, they’re. Actually, fighting they’re actually kind of like this is hard to yeah. Oh, my god, i’m surprised that the humans are winning. Maybe these are stupid. Clowns wait. One clown went down. Yeah he’s like no.

Oh, my god. He doesn’t look good it’s, wait! It’S three versus one! You got nate wrong, oh they’re, all down dude wait the clown crossed yeah he’s, nate, robinson dude. They just got nate robinson. Oh, my god guys. Look. The humans won walking away dude. I i have no idea. Wait. Look! Oh oh they’re finishing them off. This is brutal. Oh my god. I can’t believe that no one else is getting involved like where’s the police. During all this. Oh maybe they went to the war. Oh my god, yo the clowns do not look. Okay, they’re all on the ground, that’s what they get for invading human territory. They should have just stayed where they came from look at them, clowns in training, maybe that’s. Why they’re? Not that strong yeah, maybe like dumb clowns, are like teenager clowns or something that’s? Why they’re skating and stuff they’re, not like teenager clowns? That makes sense that one does not look? Okay, oh my god. None of them look good guys! Yeah yo bring it back to us we’re about to lose drone battery. Oh my god, dude. What the hell! Oh! My god, somebody squat okay, we’re, bringing the drone back right now that was insane guys. We literally saw clowns on the beach. Then they tried attacking our drone, throwing sand at us throwing their skateboards at us. Then they went over to the skate park and they were skateboarding around and nobody was even saying anything.

It was weird up until these three guys went up to them and just started fighting them. That was actually insane, but they actually took over the clowns. They actually won yeah i’m, so surprised to have seen humans win. I definitely think it’s, because they’re teenager clowns that’s why they were skateboarding. They must have been like kid clowns or something because they look kind of like skinnier and just a little bit dumber like they didn’t know what they were doing, yeah and maybe, like i think adult clowns, know the difference between danger and and when it’s safe for Clowns to actually go in, you know: yeah dude, it doesn’t seem like these ones knew what was going on yeah, oh, my god, okay strumming squad. This was absolutely insane guys and it’s only going to get worse. The clowns are growing in numbers, as we speak, guys. We’Re going to stay tuned into the local news of los angeles for updates on these clowns moving into the city. If it gets worse, we might even have to leave north america guys and go to like europe or asia, or something guys an island somewhere where we can actually safely get away from these clowns, i’m gon na make sure to update and document every single part of Our battle with the clowns for you guys and it’s weird, because we literally just took out clown headquarters back in canada, the clown king like he was. We got rid of him guys, but maybe there’s like a clown headquarters for every single country.

Maybe we dealt with the clowns in canada, but we still have to deal with them in the us. I don’t know guys it’s all crazy to me dude. If that happened here in venice beach. Imagine what’s going on in clown state beach, like the actual clown state, beach, it’s, probably it’s, probably totally overrun. There yeah do a hundred percent, because this is happening here. Dupont, state beach must be ten times worse, yeah no i’m, just actually so surprised to have seen like humans win, like those guys actually took the clowns down like that’s nuts that’s insane. I never see that i don’t have a good feeling about this. I feel like more clowns are going to be coming like way more way, more for sure, yeah guys. This is definitely our cue. This is definitely our cue to get the hell out of here guys. I don’t want to be anywhere near these freaking clowns right now. We should literally go like to the police and warn them about all the clowns in the area and that everyone on the beach has to evacuate comedy squad. Make sure you drop a like on this video for us, putting ourselves at risk being so close to these clouds drop a like subscribe to my channel as well as dk’s, channel donna’s, channel and andre’s channel down below in the description strong squad that’s going to wrap It up until next time, strawberry squad, our prime capital team merch, is available using the link in the description send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible.

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