You know what i’m saying, like i literally don’t know where i am. This is so crazy it’s, because we don’t yana. This is literally insane guys as the videos go on. We just get further and further away from civilization, but strongly squad right. Now we got the whole squad with us. We obviously got dk what’s going on guys. We got ube what’s up guys. We got y’all, hello and diego, you know the vibes. Unfortunately, the reason we are here guys like come on let’s be real here. You know and i’m never just gon na pick up the camera. For no reason, what are we doing? A scenic drive? No, the reason we are out here in the sand. Lands is because you guys know how we have actually been hunting. The boss clowns the generals that command the clown armies in many different towns, cities, states and countries across the globe. These boss clowns are responsible for all the havoc that the clowns have been causing they’re the ones telling the clowns what to do and who to attack, and so with that being said, they’re the ones that we have to eliminate and guys. We recently got word that there was actually not only a clown headquarters, but a clown military base guys. This is where all the clown fighters hang out. It’S actually supposed to be. Just to my left over here actually past the camera, dude look right over there somebody’s gone, you guys can see like a little building and what looks to be like barracks over there hidden up behind the mountains.

Now i know stormy squad. It doesn’t look like much from here and we’re. Definitely not gon na go in there on the truck and risk coming into contact with these freaking clowns and so that’s. Why strawberry squad we are going to take the freaking drone up there. Yo look look at this. Look, it literally says gunship and helicopters warning aerial, shooting so yo. This is probably a good place to park the truck and fly the drone from there’s no way i’m going in there just on foot right now we got to see what’s in there. First, like a hundred percent yeah, we got ta scout it out, so somebody squad we’re gon na park. The truck right here fly the drone up and call of duty style scout out this clown military base and see what’s happening in there. Maybe we can unravel some of the secrets guys the clown battle plans see what secret weapons the clowns are developing to use against the humans and ultimately get one step closer to beating these clowns in this huge war between the clowns and the humans yo, but dude. The only thing is about taking the drone off and around the military base is what, if the clowns start like shooting it down, you know if they see it like we’re, definitely done for yeah dk you’re gon na have to keep that thing up. High dude, not only that but like i would assume a military base has like technology to detect drones flying over it.

So what if it gets shot down, are we gon na lose the footage, then too, or no? Oh yeah? Oh dude? No! No! No! It saves my phone, oh even if we can get it in there and they shoot it down like if we can just get a quick glimpse. That would be good enough. Okay, yeah 100 let’s. Do it let’s? Do it comedy squad, thank god, for this freaking truck, because we literally had to hike through tim buck in order to get here, wait was that winston pulling up yeah, oh yo, it is, it is what the hell yo winston you decided to meet us at the Spot yes, so bro, where are we we’re out in the middle of the freaking desert, where the clown military base is supposed to be yo? This is freaking crazy, bad feeling about this dude me too man dude. I just feel like we’re in clown territory. Right now yo imagine we took the drone in and we saw clowns on like gunships or helicopters, tanks – dude, oh, my god that would be freaking that’s too crazy, that’s too crazy i’m losing my mouth no way, they’re going to be on tanks bro. That is like literally where it crosses the line. Guys like we’ve, been joking about the fact that we might see clowns on tanks and attack helicopters, for i don’t know how long now and based on the pattern of the recent videos we’ve been doing.

I don’t know guys i just feel like we’re, going to see clowns on tanks. Okay, yo bring it over here, bring it over here, hold the camera. Oh my god, yeah on the back of the truck here come over here come over here. Yo we got ta be quick because yo sooner or later, these clown army guys might hatch on to us and they might send somebody over here to take care of us, and we don’t want that. Okay, guys, we are launching it right. Fricking now and we have liftoff what i’m having? What are you guys doing? What do you mean what you guys are gon na be in the car? Oh, my god, freaking chickens, dude, okay, anyways guys. We got the drone in the air here. Take the camera. Okay, yo we’re gon na fly it over there right now: okay, yo. We are approaching this base right now, strawberry squad – oh my god, yo look at it looks crazy. This is freaking insane it’s, pretty big yo. I don’t see any clowns anywhere. Wait! No! No wait! I think i see one at the front. Oh yeah look look one right there at the front and then one up on the mountain see they’re guarding them. Yo. You see the tanks, look there’s little tanks there’s. Actually, the base dude there’s tanks in there yeah dude i’m, literally seeing two tanks inside of there. Oh, my god, sorry squad, okay, let’s recon uav around this military base and see where the weak points are where it would be best to like try to sneak in from and try to gather intel.

Yeah look there’s a there’s a clown at the top there. Like a sniper clown, you see that yeah look there’s one there’s one at the top and look there’s one over by the gate too, and one by the tank over there. You see that there’s, three of them yeah they’re, guarding, probably yeah they’re like guarding. Oh, my god look holy. Oh my gosh yo. We don’t want him to notice the freaking drone right now and try to like shoot it down or something. You know that would be bad that’d be really bad. Oh, my god, yo look at his face yeah. He is in uniform, oh my god. These clowns do not look like they’re messing around what kind of secrets do you think they’re trying to protect inside of this party, like the plans for attacks yeah? This is like clown area 51. Basically yeah. Oh my god. Strawberry squad this place looks freaking crazy. How long do you think these clowns have been here? Well, i mean for a while, obviously yeah whole base, like obvious, like this, is freaking insane strawberry squad. I didn’t know the clowns had access to this kind of military strength. Look at this: they literally possessed tanks guys i’m, seeing a freaking tank. Oh my goodness, look at it yeah look at this guy. It looks like he’s like protecting it or something maybe that’s the guy that drives it. Are they like bosch clowns? Do you know like what do they look like? Oh, i think they’re, just like regular soldier clowns, oh my god, yeah dude.

I would not want to mess with him. Like you look at his weapon too. That looks like the real freaking deal. Do you think it would stand a chance against the 9 000 i don’t know and it’s a military base. They probably have tons more yeah, look and there’s another tank inside of that they probably have like the 9 000 themselves. Oh my god, god strongly squad. We do not want these soldiers to notice the drone and alert the rest of the base. Imagine we just heard a siren, oh yeah. They all started coming out on like those humvees with the turrets and like shooting at us. That would actually be crazy. That would be freaking insane. Yo let’s go investigate this guy at the top yo. I think he’s like a sniper guy, like he kind of keeps watching the entire baby he’s like higher up yeah but he’s, not as high as us, yeah we’re way higher he’s, not gon na notice. Us, oh, my god, look at him yeah look. He has a sniper, he has a sniper. Oh yeah holy crap strawberry squad. This is freaking insane right now we don’t want the shadow of the drone right. There let’s give it away yeah to give it away our position. Oh, my god, i feel like i’m playing call of duty right now, we’re like we’re scouting out the map. Like you know, actually, oh yo, we got a three kill streak like you know the uav yeah.

Imagine we get uav if we got all three of these clowns is that it is there just three of them in there it looks like it has to be more yeah. I think this is like the beginning base. You know like the beginning front entrance, and it probably you see how you you know how you can see the pathway go up into the mountains. Oh maybe there’s like a bigger one in the yeah yeah bigger one wait. This guy looks like he’s hearing something wait. What oh, he knows, no, no! You notice you’re doing oh you’re, always shooting at us get out of there get out of there. They’Re shooting lasers at us, yo look they’re all shooting lasers at us. Oh my god. The guy is the front gate too. Oh, my god, look you have to get out. Oh shooting, okay! Oh i got ta get the drone out yo. This is hot zone. Okay, yo, requesting immediate evac. We are getting the hell out of here. This is insane okay, yo i’m, bringing that up i’m, bringing the drone back. Oh my god, yo we alerted the freaking soldiers. Yo. Do you think they’re gon na try to come out here? You don’t think going to try to bring the tank. Do you? No? I don’t know okay yo i’m, bringing it back right now. Here it comes okay. I see it. I see it. I see it god: okay, yo, dk, yo, yo, listen here, dude, take the controller, take the controller, hey, okay, listen dude! They have a tank in there.

They have two of them, so yo. So what if me and winston go into the base and try to take out the clown soldiers, uh and steal that tank that’ll be insane? Do it do it? No, we can find the drone i’ll be like a little uav. Above you, guys, i’m gon na make sure everything’s good in the air watch over me and winston okay and make sure to cover our surroundings. Okay, i got you guys all right. Okay, let’s! Do it and jana you’re gon na record your guys’s reaction? Okay, i got it go grab the 9000 grab the truck yeah it’s in the truck it’s in the truck go dk. You got to make sure you do a good job at uav, okay, dude. If anything happens to us in there, we’re screwed, like you’re gon na, be outnumbered. You can’t go in there to save us. You know what i’m saying: okay, okay, go: go, go, okay, winston let’s go let’s, go let’s, go we got ta, make our way over to the base. Dude god. This is gon na, be freaking crazy. You got ta stay low, key dude yeah. They got ta see these guys out one by one: oh, my god, we’re totally outnumbered dude. I wish we had. I wish we had like military gear because then we would camouflage in with the sand and stuff. You know what i’m saying yeah i mean we got ta work with what we have yeah.

Oh my gosh, okay, strawberries. We are making our way over to the base, but yo as we approach the gate, i would say we should go off to the side and take out that one clown that’s guarding the gate, yeah let’s, do it. He notices us. He can alert the rest of us and we’re already on high alert from seeing that drone circling around the tank it’s already getting scary, okay, so i’m gon na squad. Oh, my gosh drop a like on this video and subscribe to this channel because we are actually about to try to sneak into the clown military base. Hurry up winston on your feet. Soldier let’s go let’s, go look at him. Look at him! Look at him! You see him yeah, no, i can’t believe they’re going on foot. This is so dangerous. Yeah super freaking, dangerous, so i’m gon na get a little bit higher. You think they’re gon na come out like at them with like weapons or tanks or something i could not tell. Oh, my god. This is so insane yo where’s it dude. Look. Look it splits off into two. I think that one look that’s the gate right there. That’S the gate right over there, you see it, we can’t go in through the front gate that’s how we’re gon na get exposed. I see we go up here and just try to get higher altitude, so we can get a better view of the clown protecting the front.

All right, let’s go let’s, go let’s, go up. This way have to switch. Go winston right here right here. Right here look he’s right over there, you see him: okay, yo yo, you’re, setting it up setting up okay, okay, oh my god, strongly squad. The clown target is right. Over there we got the 9000 ready to go here winston hold on. Let me just see the clown through the scope. Let me see the clown through the scope. Oh my god, let’s see let’s see oh there. He is right there. Oh, my god, he’s literally right there. What the hell dude this is going to be a freaking risky shot right now. If we miss he’s going to alert everyone in the freaking base, winston, okay, winston, you got a clear shot. Dude, you got a clear shot. I do. Okay, are you i think they’re like trying to snipe me? Wait, do you think they’re gon na try and get him don’t? You think that’s gon na alert the other clowns. Okay on three, you ready 45 degrees, laughing dude you’re clear to take the shot. Take the shot holy, crap yo. You took him out that way. I he literally took the clown down god: okay, yo the front is clear: yo. We should make our way up this way and try to handle that sniper guy here. Take the camera real, quick. Take the camera yo right up there right up there, there’s a guy with the sniper dude, i would say our best bet – is to take him out next yo.

Look at this look at this. You can see right through here right through here. Oh, my god, look, you see him look he’s right. There dude, oh, my god, okay yo let’s get up and get a better view better view. Let’S go let’s go. I think i can take him out. I think i can take him out. You see him yeah. Three two one: oh you go yo! I got him. I got him: oh, my god, okay that’s, clear, that’s good that was freaking crazy. We saw another guy by the tank. Remember yeah, let’s move we got to get to the tank. Look there’s, one more guy right! There you see him yeah, look. You see he’s right there he’s by the tank. Oh my god, yo. Do you think that’s the last of him? Should we try to take him out, try and take him out yo but it’s risky, because if we miss he might alert the rest of the guards or even worse, get into the tank yeah? We don’t want to be freaking insane yo. Maybe you should take the shot. Yeah trust me, yeah, yeah, take this. Take this okay yo set up sit up, yo, open the things and go and prone go yo. Winston! You got ta, make sure you get this shot: good, dude, okay, okay, holy crap; okay, winston! You got the shot, you got it dude, oh, my god, yo he’s right there dude, i don’t, know okay hold on.

I don’t see any wind right now. Dude. If you missed this shot, it could literally compromise everything once again wait. They’Re, maybe gon na try to take that clown out by the time. Yeah. Oh that’s, dangerous, that’s, very risky three, two one. Oh my god, dude you missed dude winston! You freaking missed dude what the hell yo the clown’s getting in the tank, the clown’s getting in the tank dude, the clouds are getting in the tank. Oh, my god, he missed yeah. You missed you, missed and alerted the clowns. Look at this holy ghost yo, the tank. What did we do? Dude? I don’t know you freaking, missed the shot, go down, yo come this way. Come this way. Come this way, what the heck no get down here get down here. Oh my god, yo. Look! The clown’s literally getting in the freaking tank dude we freaking, missed the shot. I don’t know i don’t know. Maybe we should get back to the truck look he’s getting in it right now. Nikkei and jana still have us on the drone right now. No, i don’t think we can make it to the front gate we’re not going to be able to make it to the front gate we do. I don’t know. Maybe we should go around the other side. What go around that way? Yeah! Maybe we should go around the other way: oh, my god, those tanks moving holy crap, no, the clown’s in the freaking tank dude, we can’t even there’s another clown let’s, see the clown shoot the clown on the dock.

Oh it’s, pointing straight at us he’s putting straight at us, yo it’s about to flow yo, run, run, run, run dude, oh my god. Oh great yo look he’s pointing it out. Look he’s still pointing oh, my god. The clowns are trying to take us out with the tank holy crap there’s no pointing at us. Oh my god. What are we doing? The clown’s gon na attack? Oh my god, the other day twirling us right now, look they’re chasing him yo. This is the pursuit right now, no it’s following us, dude no it’s right behind us. Oh my god, yo look! The freaking tank is right. There, the freaking clowns are on the tank – oh my god, whoa holy Music up here up here, dude no i’m! Here winston! Oh, my god holy crap, what the hell winstead – oh my god, yo it’s, going that way. Dude it went that way. It went that way. Yo get down get down. I don’t think it’s all where we went. Oh, my god. This is insane dude yo dude. Maybe if we take the 9000 and shoot a shot right over there in those mountains, the clowns will think that we ran that way and maybe we’ll take the tank over there and then that gives us an opportunity to escape that way back at the front gate. Okay, all right let’s, do it let’s, do it? Okay, here run up this way. Let’S get a better view where we can take the shot from go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go right! Up here! Right here! Look! The tank is right.

There dude they’re, probably searching for take a shot right up there right on that mountain ready. Three two one go: yeah: okay, okay, okay, good, good, good; okay; hopefully that distracts them. Hopefully, that distracts them. Oh, my god, yo that was freaking great to go. Winston run run run. Oh my god, yo i shot the freaking tank holy crap yo wow. What the hell they destroyed it wait. Do you think kyle was there. I don’t know what he literally just shot. Then, oh, my god that was actually insane. Yo. Listen. Let’S! Go winston come come, come hurry up, dude, run let’s, get to the gate. Yo look it’s, literally coming back down the hill holy crap, no go go, go it’s! Moving it’s coming in hot dude holy crap go, go! Go! Oh my god! Oh my god! Yo it’s! Coming in so fast don’t wish, then hurry up. Yeah, okay, hold the camera drive over the hill and we can pick them up. Drive over there drop over there. Okay, go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! I’M, going okay, okay, okay, literally up there, i know i’m done. We have to save them from this tank. Yo yo is that yeah holy crap? Oh, the tank is freaking right there. Oh, my god! This is freaking insane right now, dude, what the hell yo! When you get when you get to those power lines, turn right turn right up here like right here, yeah turn right right here, dude, okay right, we can hopefully lose them quicker quickly.

Oh my god, somebody squad, the clowns are freaking on to us right now. This is absolutely insane yeah quick go in here. Go in here, okay, yo turn around turn around yo. Hopefully he goes past us. Hopefully he goes past us. I don’t think he’s seen where we went. I don’t think you see where we went no holy crap dude. He just went past us quick 3k you’re gon na need to bang your? U turn because if he turns around we’re, literally screwed yo yeah, quick, quick, quick, bang! The? U turn! Oh, my god, yo what the hell dude the tank literally just went right past us it’s all the way up here. Dude, look! It literally went all the way up here. Keep going keep going yeah. I am. I am dude. This freaking tank is freaking insane dude. The clowns just got in it and they started freaking following us. Yo just hold on wait. Let me see where the tank’s going. Okay, okay, yo. I think it’s banging a! U turn real quick! Oh my gosh. Look at that! Look at the freaking clowns on the tank right now. This is insane right now. I cannot believe what’s freaking happening yo, dk, no dude. What yo it’s turning around! Is it it’s turning around no way? Oh, my god, actually yeah dude it’s, literally turning around what the hell dude. If it starts coming down this way, we got ta book it to the road again: okay, okay, okay, oh my god! Is it turning around yeah dude get ready to gun it, get ready to gun it? Okay, yo tell me when to go dude yo dude it’s coming down again.

Oh my god, wait hold on wait. Not yet not yet. Oh my god! This is insane. Oh dude, they’re right there look look, go, go, go. Can you see him? Oh, my god, yo look. The tank is literally right. There i’m going i’m going quick, oh my god hold on i can’t dude. Where do i go? Dude go on to the main road. Go to the main road squad, we’re being chased by a freaking tank right now. This is absolutely insane guys. Oh, my god, you’ll hurry up dk go go i’m going on go up on it step on it. This is absolutely ludicrous right now. I cannot believe what’s freaking happening, go right or left right or left dude right right right right. Oh my god, yo, quick, quick, quick go up! Go up, pull up, pull up, yo it’s still moving! I don’t know if they know which way we went holy crap. Oh, my god, yo look at them. Look at the freaking clowns dude. This is absolutely insane. Wait. Look they’re like signaling to each other. What are they doing? Look it looks like they’re getting out they’re getting out yeah they’re, literally getting out of the freaking tank. Oh, my god, i have no idea: oh dude yo, what if we took the tank from them, what yeah dude? That would be absolutely insane let’s. Do it let’s? Do it dude? We have to wait to see how we gon na take the tank when they’re, literally on top of it right now.

We need to wait for them to get off. Are they getting off or what are they doing dude? I have no idea what they’re doing it looks like it looks like they’re gon na get out and go on foot. Maybe this is the end of the clown base. Yo dude, if they’re getting off, we can definitely take yeah 100. We would just need them to go off into the desert a little bit. Oh, my god. Yeah look they’re getting off they’re getting off what the hell. This is freaking crazy! Oh, my god, yo look they’re getting off so they’re, actually getting off right now, yeah! Dude! Look they’re literally going out on foot. It was a perfect time to go. Take the tank from them. What the hell wait! We just got ta wait to see what they’re gon na do. What are they trying to do? It looks like they’re like talking to each other or something. What does it look like? I have no idea look they’re like looking for us. Oh my god. I don’t think they know where we went holy. Crap wait. Yo, look they’re like going into the desert. They are yeah, perfect time. Let’S go, take it yeah. Should we should we yeah yeah, yeah, okay, okay, let’s get out let’s go let’s, get up! Okay, okay, let’s! Go let’s, go let’s, go all right! You guys! This is absolutely freaking in dude, yo, we’re, literally about to steal the clown’s freaking tank.

This is insane right now, no guys this is crazy. They’Re still looking inside of the desert, okay, okay, let’s! Take it let’s! Take it! Oh, my god, strawberry squad. Look at this thing, this thing is freaking insane: hey, yo let’s get up on it, quick before the clowns come back. Okay, yo i’m! Getting up right now, hurry up, dk get on get on, get out pass the drone controller. Okay, you good you good i’m good, you’re good! You got it! Yeah go quick, quick get in here! Dude. Do you even know how to drive this thing? Oh, my god: okay yo i’m gon na get up on the other side, i’m going up on the other side. Oh my god, yo dk, look at this yo look inside of it. This is insane. This is literally what they were using to attack us. Actually, okay. Okay: i’m gon na step down inside dude. I think you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re driving driving, okay, okay, you want to turn it on don’t, look don’t! You see that button right there yeah. It says power on try clicking that! Try! Okay, oh oh! You got it dk yeah, yeah, starting it yeah. Oh, my god! Yo we got it. We got it. We are in the freaking tank, guys holy crap. The soldiers are coming back. Oh my god guys holy crap they’re chasing. I know this isn’t sage dramedy, make sure you drop a like and subscribe for more videos like this.

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