You know what that is. What does that mean? Do i i dont know bro. I have no idea yeah. I dont know what that means either. What the freaking heck show me squad. This is super weird, okay. Right now guys we got like a bunch of people working on the house, theyre actually going to make the house a whole lot nicer, but i guess it was jana and andre that walked out and saw these weird symbols on her kind of like yo anytime. Anything like this happens, we know when somethings going on like were being targeted. What do you think it is wait guys what whos that who wheres the construction? Guys? No, no, no theres, someone there across the street. Do you think hes the one that well, i dont know the symbols hes waving at us and hes in like a suit and hes holding like a hes holding something hes holding like a briefcase. I see that what the heck hes literally waving at us, hey man, what do you want yo hes walking over whats he holding yo. You guys know anything about this. Did you see who who drew the symbols here? No hes literally just walking in like its nothing. Hey man: did you draw these symbols on our front, porch hows it going hi hi greetings. Would you guys like to play a game? I saw your beautiful property here and, by the looks of it, you guys have been selected selected selected for what lets talk more inside more inside.

What do you have in that briefcase yeah? What is that this box, its part of the game, part of the? What game all right man just come inside come inside whats this about dude it doesnt. Look too harmless. I mean hes not trying to cover his face or his identity. Here, close the door close the door close the door. Wait! Dude did you who who drew those symbols on her on her front porch. You guys have been selected selected for what to play a game. The game is rock paper scissors. Have you guys ever played wait rock yeah, i mean everyones playing rock paper scissors. What so youre telling me were gon na play rock paper dude. We dont want to play rock paper scissors, no wait! So what? If you win? If you win, you ask yo what wait? Wait whats in there dude wait, wait yeah, yeah, dude thats a lot of money. How much money is that when we get that, how do we win for every time you beat me, you win one hundred dollars a hundred dollars hundred dollars. I mean duh theres, no catch, no cash. Okay! Well, here, yeah ill go first ready to play whos going first, so i win 100. If i beat you in rock paper scissors as easy as that all right lets, do it all right rock paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot, oh damn. So that means that you owe me one hundred dollars wait, but do you have, but i dont have a hundred dollars.

In that case, you can pay with your body, wait my body. What do you mean what ill take 100 off every time? I slap wait. 100. Oh, my god ow dude. What the hell was that for. Would you like to play again? Oh wait, so i dont owe you a hundred dollars anymore. Nope andre you try you just slap him as much as you want: okay ill! Try that yeah yeah right! Okay, um, okay, rock paper scissors dude, you just lost again, so you have 100. No, i dont what the heck janna you try. Maybe you have better luck. Okay, rock paper. Scissors shoot! Oh youre good! You want me to you owe her you as simple as that. Thank you. Would you like to play again? I love this game yeah. I want to play again wait. This is an infinite money. Glitch okay, rock paper, scissors shoot. Oh, i won congratulations no way! Oh! This is so freaking epic, if you like winning money, this easily theres a way that you can earn way more way more. What do you mean how much more, what wait? What is this thats? My phone number give me a call: if you want to play, you can earn big money. Big money, wait, thats the same symbols as on the porch, so you did you videos. As i said, you were selected selected and theres a number on the back. Well, let me know if you guys want to play, wait, wait: where are you going wait? What what? What are you doing? Dude hell? He left us his car though, and he really did give us the money.

Yeah wait. Should we call it here hold this. I mean yeah, why not lets just see what its all about? Okay, okay, ready wait, but he said, like you could win a lot more okay! This is a weird number. He said: eight six, five, zero, four, four: four: zero: zero: six: zero; two: five: zero thats, not a normal number; yeah thats such a weird number; okay, im, calling it right now: okay, okay, its on speaker, hello, yeah, hello, calling for the squid game; uh, yeah uh. We just had the guy come to our house and he gave us his card. Our workers will be there shortly. Okay, do you even know my address? They just hung up what they said. Theyre going to be here right now. What what do we do? We said them too, like like multiple people. What does that mean the squid game dude? What even is that yo lets go. Warn everyone else in the house, yo guys guys yo. We need everybody here, yo yo. Maybe we should go get the drone up just in case to see whos trying to come. Yeah, okay, okay, yo, go get everyone else in the house. Go get everyone on this house what the hell is dramatic squad. This is so freaking, weird the squid game. Ive. Never heard of anything like it: okay, okay, lets go lets, go all right, somebodys gone, we are outside in the backyard of the prime capital house right now.

You guys just saw the squid game, the guy that claims hes responsible for organizing this squid game. He gave us his card, he called the number and they said theyre gon na – be on their way right now, so we thought the entire team that we would be one step ahead of them, taking the drone up in the sky, guys just so that were ready For them, we dont know theyre, claiming that theyre going to be paying us a lot of money and the money. It sounds good, but the thing is theres, always a catch and theres no way that these guys are just handing out free money like this, like where money doesnt grow in trees. Guys hes got to be getting the money somehow, and i have a feeling its through something super illegal, so strongly squad without further ado lets. Take this drone up and see if we can see anything suspicious in the area, the squid guys people said that they were coming right now: okay, im gon na press record all right! This is about to be absolutely insane. Strawberry squad get a little closer for this too. Okay, you guys can see us all right there on the back pad whats good strawberry squad. Okay were gon na. Take it up right now and guys. We know from the movie that the squid game people they wear. These like red, like jumpsuits, so everything around here, is looking pretty green and bland, so its not going to be hard to find the squid for sure the squid people yeah and the jumpsuits are very bright and colorful too so, like we were going to be seeing Like were going to be able to see them from a mile away, okay guys, i say we just take it kind of around the surrounding neighborhood around our house, and you guys know that the prime capital house is literally famous for crazy things happening.

We dont know exactly whats gon na happen or how they even transport us to the squid games like. Is it something that takes place at our house? Is it like what exactly is the squid game? I think they might even bring us like do they just did we just swim with a bunch of squids or something like a big boss and just transport, something like blindfolded whatever it is dude i dont want to find out because thats scary dude its not like Theyre forcing it on us, like were the ones that want to play for the money were the ones that are volunteering basically for the squid games. More importantly, have we seen anything weird? Have you guys seen anything else holy crap strawberry squad? If you guys have seen anything, let us know the squid game, people they shouldnt be too hard to spot and you you can immediately identify them by the shapes they have on their face. Yeah i was gon na say why do they wear shapes and masks? I think its like rankings, almost like the ranking of the squad like the circular guys, are like the the workers. The triangular guys are like the the military people, wait, wait, theres and then the middle and then the ones with the square. Those are like the the highest ranking like the generals. Wait what the hell yo thats cricket. Are you sure theyre coming right now, dude, i dont freaking know, but it should be so easy to spot out where the hell are they saying wait? Do you think one is going to come or like the whole army, there should be a lot of them, wait so theyre going to roll up an entire squad.

Imagine we see that leader guy the leader of the squad yeah. We see the robot bro because he owns the ball. Crap. Okay, im just going to take it down the street here, because if the squid game people were coming to our house im assuming they would, you know, use the roads, yeah so well. Yeah. Maybe roads are like yeah like theyd, probably be walking or driving. I would assume at least yeah. Okay: okay, look for any suspicious vehicles; no, they just said they were going to be there soon do we know whos, organizing the squid game thing, dude, apparently its that guy in the map wait just a guy. Wait guys wait what what is that wait hold on wait? You guys see that wait. Wait that dude, i think thats the freaking people, oh for sure, hold on. Let me let me verify we got ta see if they have the shapes on their faces. Wait hold on. Do they? Have it? Wait they happen. Oh they do they dont. They have the triangles. That means these are the military guys? Okay, so what do we do? I dont know we should just wait to see what happens yo, who invited these people here. Bro dude, we did we, we, we literally called them. You know im not told them to come like a part of this yeah, but guys lets think about it. Think about it. We can make a lot of money dude only one person we participate in this.

We could make a lot of money. That is true, that is true, yeah im, pretty sure only one person can win, though well its going to be me im, sorry guys with me: if im going to lose if they stop in front of our house, i think we all know what we got ourselves Into no no! No! No! No! No! No! Look at this! Oh my god, theyre all about to stop in front of our house theyre wearing the uniforms too, what the hell they did wait. Why are they just stopping in front of our house theyre? Not even trying to come in this is, unlike anything ive ever seen before. Literally the squid game is in front of our house guys but wheres, the leader yeah, and why are they just getting in there like that? Oh, my god, yo, look at those faces. Look at their faces: where are they? People are just staring at them: freaking, crazy, strawberry squad. Are you guys, freaking, seeing this yo theres five of them too? Well, at least we outnumber them yeah, but dude theres, like 10 of us, in like five of them dangerous, but we know we know. This is like five of like 400 of them, that there is theres theres literally hundreds of these squid game workers, yeah im trying to get the hell out of here – yo, okay, guys theyre at the front of our house. Should we go check it out? Yeah theyre the ones with the freaking triangles so theyre, like military people, theyre the dangerous ones hold on wait.

Okay, hold on guys im gon na hide, but im gon na hide behind the house. Right now. I dont want them to see us holy crap. You were there, i mean theyve already seen me, but like oh holy crap, this is freaking crazy, oh theyre, coming in theyre coming in yo, guys guys guys go everyone come here come here. We need to hold the line. Oh my god, zombie squad. What the heck is going on right now, look at this. How are they all doing standing in a line like that? But what are they standing in line for bro? Do we have any weapons out here? What do you mean? What should we do? Theyre freaking staring at us, i dont want to play anymore. We backed ourselves in a corner, theyre, really creepy man. We got to go, bro, wait, whoa audrey. What are you doing? Oh, my god? Okay, prime capital guys hold the line guys. What do you want? What are you in our backyard for wait? Theyre walking like that theyre walking, theyre walking towards us back up back up guys back up back up back up holy crap stay back andre, come here, dude dont underestimate them dude the squid game. People are dangerous, oh my god, holy crap squad. This cant be good right. Now, stay back stay back, wait. Why is he looking at me? Yo theyre, not saying anything? Are they android theyre, not saying? Are they even real people? I dont know dude.

Who knows, nobody knows whats under the squid masks, but all we know is that they never reveal their identity. Yo, listen all right. I know we played the squid game, but like were not 100 locked in right, like we can still back out. I dont want to play. I never even agreed to it yeah i dont want to play. I mean i mean we kind of did it. You did i didnt. That is true, but yo. I want that money dude. You can have it bro, but i dont want to play. Okay, listen, uh! How much money do we win if we play the leader will be here to discuss that confidential information with you for the leader? What do you mean the leader he hes gon na? Tell us how much money we win. We do not carry the authority to disclose the amount one in the game. You guys are telling me theres, theres, more people coming apparently hes, saying theres a leader. Yes, the leader will be here momentarily once you guys accept the game. Yes, i know we agreed to play the squid game, but we just want to know what were up against before we actually like officially confirm youre the one that called us volunteering to play. The game dude, i dont, think thats how its gon na work dude Music. However, if a majority dont want to play, you can forfeit the game hes saying if the majority of us dont want to play, then we can always back out.

We have to decide right now. Please make a decision on whether you want to play the game or not. Okay sing. Apparently we have to decide you are you sure we want to do this because we shouldnt do it. I dont want a lot of money, bro its a lot of money. How much money? Listen? I dont i dont we dont know yet, but he said the leader guys gon na tell us. If we accept, should we do it, go no! No im out dude! Im! Im not doing this bro yeah, no bro im not doing this. Why not? I dont know i only cut it out im kind of dying to do it really. Why not hey raise your hand if we want to do it and raise your hand if you dont want to do it? Please make your decision quickly. I guess we dont want to do it anymore, see you later well, not so fast. Perhaps this can change your mind. What the hell is, he going to say hes going to go, get something, but this is not going to change our mind, theres, nothing that can make us playing this squid game unless he gets a freaking weapon. What if he comes back with like uh, something to hurt us im, seeing like a big weapon dude, look at that wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, guys, guys hes coming back wait. He has like a briefcase Music.

Oh, my god wait. Is that real? How much is that we cannot disclose the amount? What so, if we just play one game thats how much we can win correct guys? Should we change? Do we want to play oh yeah im playing yeah guys? Who knows that? Could be a lot of money and thats just for one game. He said we could play multiple games yeah, we dont know whats gon na happen. If we lose the game exactly how about we dont lose the game, what happens if we get eliminated the fine eliminated? Well, just like a regular game, you would be out just like a regular game. We just were out thats it its a little fishy, theyre, all mashed up like its fishy. So do you want to play, or not? Oh, my god: okay, uh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, we get it, we get it. We understand. We will not waste our time anymore guys. I think we should freaking play this. Okay, raise your hand if you want to play, i want to play too thats majority bro, thats majority okay were playing were playing, were playing well, follow us to meet the leader, then theyre saying come: oh my god we have to go with them. I mean we did agree. Okay lets go lets go. This is definitely not. Smart were definitely going to regret something here. Im telling you bro the fact that theyre messed up and were going to play a game for money like bro when you play something for money, its always always illegal.

That happens. This seems super sketchy. I dont have a good feeling about this bro at all. This cannot end well bro. Are we allowed to change our minds? I didnt want to play. I do i do want to win the movie, but this is kind of sketchy. Oh, my god, yo theyre, bringing us into our own house who said they can come in our house what the heck wait theyre all over here – oh my god, okay, so wheres the leader we want to meet the leader. The front man will be here soon: the boss, man, is gon na, be here what what like right now correct. Oh guys, hes saying the boss, man is gon na come here and hes. The one thats apparently gon na, take us to the game. Is that a good thing dude i mean yeah, but it means that we have sold our souls. What are you talking about dude? I just want to play no im not doing that. So i opted out of this. You already verbally agreed to play: okay, okay. Okay, all right all right, all right, hes here: what are they looking at yo? What are they all? Looking at wait, whos that yo whos that holy crap? Oh my god, oh my god, what the freaking step aside workers! Oh my god, wait! No, who are you? I am the boss man. I am here to guide you on the next steps: thats, the boss, man.

I hear you all want to play the squid game. Oh yeah were here to play uh. How does this work exactly? First, we will start with this holy crap. Do you consent yeah? Absolutely you want us to sign up, find the paper. We have to sign our lives away guys. I dont want to do this bro. You absolutely must proceed now. He said we have to. We have no choice: okay, okay, okay, heck, okay, guys! All right, sorry squad. Apparently we have to sign this thing to play the squid game all right. So where do we sign just like right right there? Okay, what our signature? Okay! Just like that! Okay, okay, okay! I guess everyone has to sign holy crap. What are we doing right now? Are you sure, oh my god, this kind of looks scary were literally all signing away. Wait so, after this were gon na get a chance to play the game. What exactly is the game like? What are we playing, unfortunately, until ready to play the game is confidential? What the game is confidential but like? How are we supposed to even know what were signing up for if we dont know anything about it, strawberry squad? There is something fishy about this, so whats. Next yeah yeah, i see it yeah, we can see we all science see. We will see you all at the game. What are you guys doing to us? This wasnt part of the agreement transport, these ones to the playing field, move quickly.

Now everybody theres no time to spare yo guys. Can you hear me hi everyone yo, you guys good yo yo, you guys all right what the hells happening yo. Where are we what the heck? Oh, my god, what the hell is happening were just we we wait. Did they did they like they put us to sleep? How did they do that? All i remember is we were in there. We signed those forums and the boss, man was there and the squid made. Was this all like a big dream or whats happening, and then they smoked us and then we woke up here. You have numbers bro. What what oh wait? Im number one wait. What number are you two three four were all in line. Seven were all in order. Dude, why what the heck is going on wait guys. I remember something we were supposed to play a game right, the squid game. Yeah. Do you think this is what it is? This is part of the squid game. What do these numbers have to do with anything? Does it mean, like the order were playing in like what game do you think were going to be playing? I dont know oh dude. I have no freaking really creepy yo dude im last, like what does that mean dude? I have no idea im right before you. Dude, this makes no sense. How do guys, guys guys everyone relax all right? Listen, we remember theres a cash prize all right, so we need to.

We need to focus. Maybe if we all win together, we can split the money. You know what happens? What happens if we all lose together, then? What happened lets get out of here? I voted. No, no, it doesnt matter. Everyone else voted. Yes, i voted. No two lets just run guys. Listen! This is not. How were gon na win. Teamwork makes the dream work. We need to plan a strategy and be prepared for whatever game they force us with yo. What guys? Oh my god, oh my god, our help, yo thats the squid guys wait what the heck wait! Theyre walking towards us, wait what the hell does that mean? Wait were not going to be like like battling them or anything. Are we? Oh, my god, yo theyre getting closer? Oh look, thats the guy with the briefcase. The guy saw that came up to the front door, hes the one that started this whole thing. No, we cant leave. We cant were already too deep into it, Music. What the freaking heck is going on. What is this guys hold the line? Hey guys. What is this greetings? Players? You can see that you have been numbered one through nine, welcome to the playing field. Okay, yeah. We get that, but like what game are we going to be playing? You guys are a whole lot of talk. No, but no answers. We need answers. We need to know what were playing here, im sure youre, all familiar with red light, green light, red light, green light, thats, the kids game.

We played that when i was like four, the doll over there will be able to detect. If you move that door wait. So what happens if were caught moving, then you will be eliminated eliminated, i know, but what does that mean? You shall find out bring over the cash price? Oh my god, sorry squad. This is freaking crazy. Is that the money there can only be one winner holy crap? That is a lot of money. Okay, guys were definitely playing this. We can win this all right. Okay, okay, okay, pay attention to the rules and good luck, youll! Need it wait. When does it start? Wait yeah: when does it start get in your positions? Okay, okay, okay, hes! Getting our positions were playing red light. Green light apparently show me squad. This does not seem right. There is something super fishy about this. I guarantee theres a catch here and we dont even know what it means to be eliminated. Yet please stand behind the white line and await further green instructions. You are allowed to move forward when it shouts out green light. Stop when it shouts red light. If your movement is detected afterwards, you will be eliminated. Those players across the finish line without being eliminated within the five minute play time, will pass this round with that. Let the game begin: Music, Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music, oh Music, Music, no, Music, wait! Does that mean i won the money? What the heck? All my friends are dead.

What the hell is going on right now, sorry school, what the heck you guys killed. My friends, you didnt tell me that by eliminating people you were gon na kill them. What the hell is happening, wait is this the money yeah, but what am i gon na do with this money? I already lost all my friends id rather have my friends back those guys this isnt anything to celebrate dude. What are you? What is this? This is some sort of sick game. Congratulations on being the finalist, no, its, not its, not cool yo. Take the money back, just give it my friends back. You have won the cash. This is absolutely insane. You literally made us play red light d line. The entire prime capital team is done, stop clapping this isnt funny the moneys, probably not even in here holy crap. It doesnt matter. You guys take this. I dont want it. I want my friends back wait. What are you doing? What are you doing? Wait? No! No! No! No! No dont! Take me! Why are you taking me? No, no sorry squad guys, Music Applause squad. Our prime capital team merch is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and well reply back to you as much as possible. Also, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the strongbody channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team.

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