This looks super scary right now. What the hell! Where are they taking us? I can’t see anything. Oh my gosh! What the hell is that it’s bread right, they’re, giving us bread to eat what the heck? Yes, that’s your meal for three days. What no you guys are gon na regret. This listen. We have human friends they’re coming for you, your castle is gon na be under attack. If you don’t release our prisoner and let us go under attack stand up. Let me search you i’m, not standing up i’m, not no i’m, not moving. What is this? Is it what’s this? Where did you find this? What did you find? What are you doing? I don’t know like what is that, but it had it on me. I had it on me jeez we found it who gave it to you who gave this to you, uh, no mommy, no one who wan na drag him. Oh my god. Let me see, let me see that is keys. What do you think that could be used for? I don’t know bro that could be like access to like all the doors in this castle. Maybe dude, okay, let’s keep that on us for safekeeping. Where did you find this? Where did you find me? You know what forget it. The clown king will deal with both of you, what’s, the god, the clown king dude. No way we need to find a way to get to the Music dungeon Applause.

I need answers. I need to know what they know their plans. What they’re going to do do what you need to do to get those answers lie to them. If that means we’ll get answers, they’ll set them free, sir Music. Music was prisoners downstairs in the dungeon. Something big is happening right now. We need to get to the bottom of this right now. That’S got ta mean that there’s more than just yana, okay, okay, i know this is the way to the dungeons. I have the disguise bro. Let me go first: okay, okay, guys we’re making our way to the dungeons right now. We think that kyle and justin could be in there right now. We got ta, keep an eye out for guards, so we got ta be quick. Did you hear them? They said they were gon na, do something exactly, but we need to find our way quick. I don’t see anything we got ta keep exactly. That means that they could be hiding. Who knows, do you think they might have booby traps here? Do you think this is just a trap in general to get us wait let’s see if there’s any guards? Okay, it seems to be clear: let’s go let’s, go let’s, go these winding corridors are not good it’s. Just me hey. What are you doing over here? I am in the area protecting the prisoners. You’Re supposed to watch in front of me. Take him out. Take him out, oh Music.

After that last fight i’m freaking exhausted, i don’t think i can take another one. Bro, probably we’re gon na have to just we’re gon na have to social engineer our way through here. Okay, hey you, what’s are. What are you doing over here? I am on. Are you on dungeon duty? I am on dungeon duty. I am escorting this prisoner right here. Please get me out. Let’S bring snow over here, yes, silence, prisoner i’m. Sorry, you may go through. Thank you. Thank you. The clown king demands your presence upstairs as well. Oh, am i in trouble? No, you must go and see him right now. Okay, yes, i’m! On my way, bro, i can’t believe that keeps working uh. Oh dude, i’m, getting here, e5 yo. Do you hear that’s it bro? Is this it? Oh, my god, yo go hide. Go ahead! Go ahead! I have to go check it out. I’Ll go higher dude, we failed the freaking mission. What are we gon na? Do i don’t know bro. I don’t feel good bro, please yeah we’re expected to eat bread. You like we’re, not gon na, be able to survive. Dude there’s got ta be a way out of this freaking dungeon dude start checking for ways out of the dungeon too dude there’s got ta, be something like a trapdoor dude. What the heck! Where did this lead? Uh? Yes, yes, what is this there’s? Some questions that need answering okay, the clown king demands information.

What the hell, the clown king we’re, not giving you information. What kind of information does he even want? He wants to know how you guys knew about our high dog we’re, not telling you nothing all right. What makes you think, we’re gon na tell you information when you have us trapped here in your dungeon. Look around buddy you’re, not going nowhere until you say something how about this? How about you set us free, then we’ll give you information recruit the clown king demands. Your presence at once, um am i in trouble, go upstairs and i will take care of the person blocked away right away. No, please! No, please don’t. Do anything! Please don’t hurt us! Please guys it’s me alex yo guys. How did you find this? Oh you guys get taken after the dinner. I have no clue what that was going on. I came down here disguised. I can’t wait to come, get you guys, bro, we got ta, go get it before we leave. You know the way out of here. Oh, i think, it’s over there bro it came from some creepy dungeon yo where’s candy where’s, canada boy’s, hiding from where, where where there’s danny you came down here too, you guys came to rescue us. What are we gon na do? Of course we came to rescue you guys, hey yo, now that we’re rescued we still need to rescue yana. Exactly no i’m following you, let’s get out of here.

Let’S go go! Oh dude! This place is insane. Oh, my god, dude look at this bro dude. This deliciousness i’m crazy yo, you guys just traveled through all this downtime, this entire tunnel didn’t see anything. Oh my god. Oh my god. No, i remember getting dragged through all this holy crap. Which way do we go? Do we just keep going? We just got ta keep going straight. Okay, all right, let’s go let’s, go strawberry squad, yo justin! You go in front, you have the weapons dude, you have the weapons, oh my god guys. This is freaking insane we’re escaping out of the freaking dungeon right now. Well, the amount of guards that were here when we were traveling through bro was absolutely insane they’re, not even here anymore. We literally put their bodies on the floor and they’re gone. Oh, my god, they’re, probably warning the king about us that we’re escaping good job, good job, good job. Oh my god, keep going, keep going holy crap! Oh my god, be stairs right here, yeah right there, okay yo! That should lead us to the top. Where yana is go, let’s go let’s, go hurry up! Oh my god! When we get up here, you guys need to stay quiet all right. Dude. We saw the clown king up here bro. He said he had the prisoners in the dungeon. He said he was making plans for the prisoner of stairs. He was talking about like some master plan or something okay.

Okay, yo! Should we head upstairs? What are your noises upstairs? Okay, okay, let’s? Go up here. Wait shhh, oh my god. Okay! That means he’s somewhere up here. Maybe we can take him out up here dude. If we take out the clown king, while we save jana, then we get rid of the threat of clowns for good, exactly bro it’s gon na be the end of it all. Oh, my god, you look at this dude. Oh, my god, this place is no freaking joke. This definitely looks like the clown headquarters. If i was a clown, i would definitely pick this place today. Dude this place looks insane. The coast is clear: nobody’s up here: okay, okay: where did we hear the noise, though the screams were coming from somewhere? Was it from this way or was it from this way dude? Which way do we go? I know this whole place echoes bro dude. I never saw the clown king walk one way or the other we were so nervous. Oh, this place is so big, okay, what’s your place to hide. Okay, everyone do not say a word. Don’T say this potion can harm the clown king bro, that’s that’s. What we mean bro that’s, definitely worth checking out. Okay, here let’s try to open it. Oh it’s, open it’s open what the hell dude – oh my god, yo. What the hell is this room? Dude? What is this look? Oh, my god. It says: dude it’s, like battle plans, look attack plan arm all guards protect king at all costs; toronto.

Oh, my god, dude they’re playing attack toronto they’re planning to attack toronto dude, okay, yo we’re, looking for a potion somewhere there’s got to be a potion in this room. Everyone start looking around start. Looking yo what’s up here, what’s up here, what the heck, what the hell dude! What the hell is this? What what you find something right here, it’s right here? What what? Where should bro where’s right? Next, oh, my god, giant diamond yo grab the bro let’s grab the diamond. What dude, where no dude right there jenny, never mind the freaking diamond dude we’re, not here for a diamond we’re here to save yana and to end the clown. King’S rule. Wait. That note said that this potion it just destroys it kills the clown the king clouds yeah. Maybe we could use it on him in some way. That’S put the potion in your pocket. Keep it safe, keep it safe. Okay, come come, come no i’m. Taking these plans to take in these plans, we’re gon na show it to the humans. The clowns could be anywhere. Okay, let’s continue going. This way go, go hurry all right! Let’S go! Oh my god! Yo there’s got to be something here or maybe down there dude. I have no idea here: let’s go down this hallway let’s go bro, you don’t want to be quick, quick, quick. We can probably go up here. This leads upstairs wait, there’s a night right there there’s a night there’s a night right.

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