These are amazing: okay, all right its in a its an awesome: okay, yeah yeah. Okay, all right! I have to play this um, but this is from. Hopefully you doctored it up, though i i did have to bleep it quite a bit uh. This is from kens stream. Last night fly whatever you want, oh here here here here you see this. How about this hotel fans? You see that see this evo 8k call the cops. Oh, my god call the cops kenny. I just busted up an ak all over the place. Arms are broken. Go yourself, oh Music. Do you think we should send it in and see if theyll fix it lets see like whats the turnaround time on getting this fixed im sure it needs an imu calibration um, oh thats thats gone yeah thats done it ripped this wire out, so its gon na Need a new gimbal uh that motor is no longer functional. Oh yeah, that motors bent this arm is busted um. This arm is busted obstacle avoidance failed. Surprisingly, it didnt crack the airframe though oh no it did. It did break the airframe jesus mariah, oh god, that was that brought me so much joy that brought me so much joy, ken yeah. Do you need a hug? No! No! What the hell was that about man. You know it was just his comments, so he theres this person that made this comment. Hes, like oh a few a few months ago, you were kissing.

Uh all tells ass like seven months ago and its not like you know we review so many products right like yeah youre doing this, you see so many different products and i get pissed because, like what people dont understand is like i buy these like theyre, not Given to me like, oh, you got a drone store, you could just take them off like no like you got to pay for that at the end, otherwise thats embezzlement, so i pay for the sh. I fly it and when something doesnt work you know its like. I start thinking about the cost involved and im like wait a second if im pissed that its cost me this much, then somebody. So i made a comment like that, and i had that 8k sitting back there, that 8k has been sitting back there, its a version, one ak – god rest it so um. It was sitting back there for two years as like a prop like a sat prop yeah. I dont have a remote for it. I think it still was functional, but it did take a dip in the water, but i mean its still powered on uh but um. I i dont know why i grabbed it. I just grabbed. It was a fit of rage. Um i prepared a list. I prepared an apology list. Oh oh, let me go get it im gon na go, get the apology list. Oh sure, yeah uh, please, please hold your viewership is important to us.

Remember at the the end of this please first pound to take a brief survey: andys back all right: okay, all right um! So do you id like to apologize to ken booth? Yes, at all tell for breaking this and then going to send it in for repair id like to apologize to kobe id. Also like this to apologize to any of my viewers last night that felt like i was a bit overly aggressive um. I hope you will come back and enjoy a cold refreshing root beer on the house with me, okay. Well, that was very heartfelt, but you know what theyre uh. You know youre, not alone ken. No, no! You know youve broken this. I have written on stream. I have been susceptible to fits of rage myself, especially when it comes to technology. It must be a ken thing somewhere and i couldnt find it. I had to smash a controller against the wall. It was like 100 streams ago, but i did find this one where i actually smashed a drone, i dont know, did you ever do any video with the levtop drone, its the worst drone thats ever been put out into the world yeah yeah, and then i took All the was, what was that one called? I think i saw them at ces one year, the worst drone ever made. I think you just looked on my channel, the worst yeah and – and that is indeed the worst one ever i poured the parts in the toilet and flushed it.

It was bad and you know what they did after. They saw that video whats that they sent me another one. I think i ran over with the car or something hey ken okay, hope all is well with you before i say anything else. I wanted to tell you that i laughed my ass off watching the uncensored member video of you trying to calibrate the compass on the swan vtol drone great stuff. It reminded me that we should always mix some fun in with our regular work. Dude all right completed incomplete. Do we do this? What do we do? What what do you want me to do you? What do you want this way? Is that what im doing here is that what im doing you sucking it doesnt it doesnt show you what it wants you to do, incomplete you suck it compass calibration, failed all right lets. Try it one more time and then im going to light this on fire. Is it this maybe ill just keep doing this is that it looks like a monkey suck it doesnt tell me: oh, i hate this sorry ass, you you and your what this way it doesnt have a direction jasons reading the directions which way does it go check? This out, damn you piece of calibrate me dont, you come pre calibrated, you so theres my rage. If anybody ever complains of of, like my f bombs ever you exceeded me, you beat me right.